Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Fly Fishing paradisĂ­aco – 4K

there he goes he is there so welcome to another fishing video It´s 7:30 AM I will start working soon but before the work I come here to fish for a couple of hours this is very near of my house seems kids are playing here, is normal, is summer it's a shame they left this trash here but nobody goes there is summer but the water is very cold so I am with Wadders or I get sick and I'm already a little sick I will do some Fly fishing trying some Escalos and Bogas let´s see can you see that? fish fish Can you imagine a better way to start a morning? before work another one in the lip this is a Barbless hook so is very easy to unhook very easy but this way is better to the fish there he goes he is swimming there and another one another one and another look how easy I remove the hook and another this is bigger so beautiful look the colors has always, barbless hook and release there are many I think is time to go back I think is 9:00 am time to start working, life is not only this but it should be life should be just this and he escaped catch and release what do we have here? is ok now I don´t catch the first I catch the second don´t move please so small but I fish him came to pose for the photo this is bigger very beautiful look the colors, seems a Sardine look a wall of dragonfly fish this spot was very good when I pass the first time with the best fish and continue to give the best fish now again with the biggest fish incredible so I end I got a lot of fun, is almost 10am my car is here I will just cast two or three times there because I was mad I lost lot´s of fish there all escaped my fly was bigger and that was the reason excuses

the fisherman have always excuses, is cold or is hot or is the wind, or the sun but now I fish one and I go work or I don´t catch nothing and I will go more mad was here? I think so yes, was here fish NOOO, I really want to catch this second try I said I said I would catch one here now I can go work so guys this is really the end need to go work I hope you like the video say hi to the people at home, say hi we meet in next fishing video if you like please share, subscribe and like

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