Thursday, 14 January 2021
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Fly Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys

Tim: Awe, he broke my line Awe

He ate it Broke my line Freakin 80 lb test Agony of defeat Broke it off man, 80 lb

Jeremy: Smacked it pretty good? Tim: Hammered it Tim: Power Pole me up Talan Oh wait! Stop, stop, stop! Power Pole down! AWE he broke me off again!! That was a big one Ah What happened? Talan: You're so funny dad

Tim: What happened? I don't understand Unless I'm into my tippit line I betcha that's what it is Oh my gosh that was a 40 lber I can barely keep from shaking man

Talan: Why? Tim: Cause man its freakin exciting! I mean he did you see that? Did you see him come after it? I have a feeling I know what happened on those last two Jeremy: What was that? Tim: I think my

when the last time it broke my 80 lb was gone I was in the 40 lb Why didn't I pick up on that? I should've known when I tied the knot that it tied to easy

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