Friday, 18 June 2021
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Fly Fishing – Fly Line Backing Why to Use

Captain Chris Myers Central Florida Sight fishing charters I'd like to show you today about putting backing on your fly reel what is backing?backing is usually micron, Dacron, gel spun line

its line that we put on our spool first before we put the fly line on On this one you can see that the bright green backing is on here I don't have a fly line on this one yet A lot of fly shops will put this on there for you, but you can buy your own and here I have a box of KastKing backcast you get 200 yards of 20-pound backing less than ten dollars So it's really inexpensive compared to what you're going to be spending on the rest of your outfit And the reason I want this is twofold one if I get to the end of my hundred foot fly line I don't want to have to try to be running after the fish to catch it if it's big enough to pull that much out I Have 200 yards now, I can stand still and the fish is rarely never happened to me where it's ran 200 yards plus my entire fly line and gotten away the Other advantages you can see how it fills up the arbor fills up the spool So now as I turn this handle it picks up more inches per handle turn and if I didn't have any backing on here So you can get 20 or 30 pound backing the fly line Is gonna be between 20 and 30 pounds something in my leader needs to be lighter than that so if big fish surged or if it did get to the end the thing that should break first is my leader Lose my fly line and all my backing The way you want to attach this is with a loop to loop connection There's a loop in the end of my fly line Come comes made like that

I want to put a loop in My backing I've done so using a spider hitch Which is right here and you can see I've made this loop big enough that the reel fits through it You're gonna see why in a second When I stick my fly line Through here, which is before I ever take it off the spool , I'm gonna attach the fly line to the backing Line still on the spool I'm gonna stick this loop up through my fly line loop Now I have to do one of two things I either have to stick this entire Fly line through the loop or I have to put the reel through if I didn't do that My loop was really small So if you only tied a little tiny small loop say your loop was only that big And you're gonna have to peel all this fly line off and feed it through this loop in order to get the loop two Loops joined so if I make a big loop then all I have to do is take my fly line Stick it through there or if my fly line wasn't on a spool I only have to stick my reel through there Before I pull this tight, I want to make sure it's nice and even And I pull it down slow

So it looks like it's joining hands There's my loop to loop connection and just as easy as it went together It'll come apart now I can put a pencil or screwdriver or something through the hole in here and I can reel that line up onto my spool So get you some backing Before put your fly line on here That way you don't have to peel all your fly line off and put the backing on get it as soon as you buy your reel Put you some on here smaller reels need less The bigger the reel the more backing you're gonna put on here for a light tackle saltwater I put it 200 yards on for offshore, you might want 4 or 500 yards, for inshore streams you might only need 50 yards So get you an appropriate amount of backing on your reel then put your fly line on You

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