Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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Florida Travel: Destin, The Best in Florida Fishing

– Hey guys, I'm Brandon Shuler Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world

And if that capital has a headquarters, it's right here in Destin, Florida Today, we're on the Backdown2 And we're gonna go out and catch some american red snapper, and spend some time with some great friends – Fishing in Destin is awesome, every type of fish you wanna catch out of Destin You can do bill fish, inshore fishin', bottom fishin'

– So Destin, when you really look at fishing in the US, is a hub It's one of the most important destinations in the fishing lexicon And captain Phillip of the Backdown2, he knows a lot about this – It's always been successful and it's proven, Destin is a city built on fishing It's been a long time heritage here in Destin

Yeah, I believe fishin' is part of our American culture And I believe I am part of it It's good to continue the heritage of fishin' and keep it goin' I mean it's a sport, people love to do it, it'll never get old – The fishery was opened in the early 1800's, the mid 1800's

It's home to one of the, if not the oldest and largest, recreational fleets in the world And this is where people come to, either commercial fish or recreational fish – (Phillip) I grew up fishin' with my father a lot as a younger kid and I just remember the excitement, the joy, catching fish It just brings a lot of joy to me to take people fishin' and show 'em a good time, and make memories – So wherever I got fishin' in Florida with my buddies, they always ask me the same thing, "Brandon, are we gonna catch fish today?" And my answer is always the same, "I don't know

"Maybe? "We might?" But when I come to Destin, the odds are in my favor that I'm gonna come back to the dock with a fish in hand

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