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Fishing Transition Banks and Flat Sided Crankbaits

This is the perfect kind of bank when I'm thinking about spring of the year; water is cold, and throwing these flat-sided baits You want a transition like this as you can see to our right there's a lot of gravel and it transitions slowly into a chunk rock or actually ledge rock type bank which actually eventually turns right into a bluff there

In highland reservoirs like this always look for those transitions in the spring where two different kinds of rock come together and eventually as they get closer to the spawn pea gravel is going to be critical because that's what the fish really like to pull up and spawn on and it doesn't matter whether you're targeting smallmouth, largemouth, or spotted bass That gravel is always critical Look at the angle of the bank, and then look at those rock transitions Put a pattern together and you can run it all over the lake Should of caught one right there

There he is! God he got it! I don't know what I got but it looks like a nice one Good keeper spot This is a perfect gravel transition right here I'm right at the mouth of a big creek and the river comes right out here and breaks from rock to gravel here I'm trying to parallel this bank because that's the big thing with this bait right here is when the water is cold like this especially put the odds in you favor

Put your boat in 12 foot of water, throw up into 4ft, and pull it right along so it's coming down that zone where the fish should be hanging the whole cast You want to keep it in the strike zone as long as possible I'm going to really experiment with the speed of my retrieve If the water is super cold definitely slow it down As the water warms up especially as it gets around 50 a lot of times they bite this bait better if you're burning it faster

Experiment with that retrieve a little bit and stop and start it a little bit If I hit something really good down there I want to stop that bait because this bait is built to almost suspend It floats up real slow and in real cold water I'll add a little weight to it and actually make it suspend So when you do reel it down and hit that perfect rock on the end of the point you can stop it or even just twitch it a little bit like a jerkbait It's deadly effective when the water is cold like that

Keeping this bait in the strike zone is really critical If you've got tough conditions you've got to keep your lure right where you think the bass is at for the most time So cast right where it's at, keep it in the zone, keep-covering water, and you'll find them sooner or later When I'm throwing this KVD 15 Flat I like to throw it on just a 7-foot medium action my own signature KVD Tour Series Crankbait Rod which is a composite rod so it has a nice soft action

You really want to use a glass rod because it allows those fish to get the bait I'm throwing it on a 5:3:1 gear ratio reel because the water is cold and you don't want to overfish the bait It's going to run about 10 foot deep on 10-pound line I like lighter line with this because I want this bait to get down and it has a fairly tight wiggle, no rattles, and it's a perfect bait when you've got tough conditions When I like to pull this out is when there is a lot of fishing pressure, after fronts or things like that, and when the water is cold like this

These flat sided baits are just dynamite when the fishing is tough There he is! Feels like a good one! Right on this little slab rock point, a little fat spot These baits really catch fish When you fish it you'll se what I'm talking about It has a great feel to it and we designed it so it's only going to run that 10-foot deep so it's perfect for that shallower zone where these fish are at in the spring of the year and it also is a great fall bait

Again, no rattle and this is one of my favorite colors The water right now is slightly stained I can see down about 4 feet but this right here is Summer Sexy Shad which is kind of that not bright white and that's what I real think about for colors with this In the spring crawdad patterns, shad patterns, and things like that If the water is dirty don't be afraid to throw these baits

Even in the dirtiest water these flat sides kick off a lot of pressure waves and those fish will find them Even when it's cold like that you can throw a red, chartreuse, or something like that, which is really visible in that dirty water Slow it down a little bit and they're deadly baits any time you have that I actually do prefer a little color in the water If it's gin clear those natural translucent colors like Ghost Minnow or things like that Ghost Sexy Shad that's the perfect colors for those scenarios

This bait just really catches a lot of fish when conditions are tough You've got to try it! I don't know what I've got, but I got one Nice one, largemouth! That right there is why you've got to stay WIred2Fish!

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