Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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Fishing Alaska – A 7 Day Story

(music) It's 5 in the morning and we're headed to Alaska (music) (engine) (music) Day 1 we're going fishing, ready to do it morning i'm getting excited man that's a big whale, right there yeah never mind that one spit it out too okay don't don't rush if you can get the net over here yeah that's ok actually shut the boat off first there you go nice you know, you just go out and give it a 110% and what ever happens happens, oh yeah (music) (whistle) (music) okay crab pot coming in excelent crab i think we'll keep it i will win this battle little feller i will win that is the elusive dungeness crab one of the finest eating meats, my favorite meat of the world He's poking the heck out of me right now you can't get me oh George! i don't know if he's a legal size crab, but he's quite the vicious fighter he's trying to get me bad yeah i think he's legal put the tip, right there, that one right there, yeah, there you go that's alright over there you gotta go on the inside of that bad boy oh, there you go close enough (mumbling) this one only has about four hunks of that salmon belly in it alright, i can't see what you're doing but you can cut that out of the video yeah i don't know if this is videoing, explain what were doing there big feller we're pulling up our crab pots we got 7 crabs yesterday, and and only one so far, this could be the game changer crab pot, how heavy is it jake? not heavy enough there's some big crabs in there though, oh that aint bad that aint bad oh yeah explain, explain how this is a boy this is a boy because this little breast plate is really narrow the females will have a really wide breast plate and we just got to make sure that they're wide enough this one is not wide enough, okay unfortunately, it has to go overboard excelent that one wasn't wide enough, this one probably isn't either this one is wide enough, excelent that goes into a keeper too small want to test it? (laughing) fishing has been really slow but we're gonna change the pace today absolutely, we got them secret weapons secret weapons we're hoping for at least one limit (engine) nice (water noises) (engine) (music) we're gonna call in an eagle (whistle) (music) that's a fine specimin do we eat it or not? George She just walks outside, they know, and he just comes down and she throws it (music) we just got a king salmon haha king salmon woo baby remains of an old ship that came up into this cove here in Alaska and got himself plumb stuck it's an old GM Deisel engine We're heading home today it's the last day here in Ketchikan Alaska uh, fishing for a week we had a great time and the weather is beautiful today and we ended up with about one box of fish uh per person

so we came out right around a hundred pounds of fish which is great but not that great not the best fishing, it was pretty slow this week uh, but we'll take it, we had a great time it's beautiful weather all week and hope you enjoyed our fishing trip

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