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Eastney Fishing For Flatties | Portsmouth Mid February UK

Hello guys welcome Back Yeah fishing up at Eastney today for a few hours fishing it up until high water Yeah we are inline with this mark by the gates walk out, then walk along the beach just slightly There we go just by the gates here here we go guys first fish of the day I'm using a pulley wishbone and err! yea we got the whiting the little sea rats coming out I will Get this back but I'm pretty sure we got a flattie-bhite ,, bite! developing on the other rod at the moment ",Music starts

" ;"music playing guitars, drums softly mellow rock;" continues :;, " Here we go lads a nice little dab only probably just about sizeable but! can see straight through him get him back "music continues" Alright lads i want to show you what I'm using rig wise it's a pulley wishbone some beads on there just incase their is a plaice knocking around its a bit early still middle of February but its always worth a go the bait what I'm using is rag worm, yeah the baits what I'm using are just ragworm and little bit of frozen black Lugworm that i got just keeping the baits quite small single worm sort of hobby here medium sized worm fishing it in that sort of way same as what iv'e done before what i showed ya a bit of black lug just twisting it around keeping the baits quite small, we are using a size 2 hook feed that up, thats pretty much how I'm fishing as i say its a pully wishbone rig what I'm using Alright there lads well I'm making this one my last just weigh it all up what we had out today had about four, four to five whiting about 2 of which were sizeable And a nice dab which was a bonus fish, we was after a flattie and we got a flattie, so Happy with that Well until next time be lucky and take care

edited, filmed, & presented by shaun d lewis filmed on location at Eastney Beach Portsmouth high water 1759 (404m) 16th february 2016 thanks for watching

Source: Youtube

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