Thursday, 22 October 2020
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E#44 | Miniature Fishing & Cooking | Pond Fresh Tiny Fish Recipe | Miniature Cooking Show

she's the only one, who hits the bloat uhhh boat using vessels bloatu is that bloat ? what ranji? bloatubloatu you said know ? hey why you forgot this? hey you may get more fan's ranji

please sing anyquick I wont expose my vocal talent to anyone then I may get a call from super singer am I playing? is that right time for playing? hey buffalo we not yet decided the place to cook, then who asked you to do this? some more please may I throw a stone to that pond? let's do it throw a big one heyyy ranji just throw this hey fool

look at here who did this? he only hey it's not me, i'm here only who did that? it's because of you guys hey, yeah, keep it away yeah, hooo ha ha ha ha take that keep like this keep that in the top time 330 now hey let's start shoot take that utensils ranji the decorative utensils are there only I don't know why he asked me to bring knife, place and scissor I'm gonna spleep you keep yawning ranji till the end what if something comes out from that bushand go to sathees brother what will you do if, that comes out and goes into your nose ? what you do if it goes into your mouth ? who said that, the pond won't suck the water? he only said hey onion not it's me he only said that he onlynoyou only said that actually you forget who said that ok, you guys keep doing that and start by 5 PM then finish it up by 10 PM

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