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DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH FISHING? (Pike Fishing) | Team Galant

I will be fishing with Marcus Grip who's a sportfishing student at Älvdalens Gymnasium And we'll be fishing for pike in a small rowing boat, just like many teens pursue their fishing with

There! My goal is to become a fishing guide Today I'm actually back at school, sort of I'm located at Älvdalens Gymnasium and I'll be fishing with Marcus Grip who's been a loyal follower to Team Galant for a long time Comments on all our videos and so on

Marcus is 18 years old, currently in second grade, specialized in sport fishing After graduation he'd like to become a pike fishing guide pike fisherman's true dream

After all, it's weekend right now and I'll be joining Marcus when fishing for pike On his sparetime

And since plenty of young people are following us I'll provide you with tips and experiences on how to become successful in the fishing industry Marcus, what's ur take on the fishing today? Hyped? I am extremely hyped, so let's go get them

After a 5 minute drive we've arrived to the local lake a place where students usually fish at Great pike fishing

Today we'll be fishing quite old school, as many students does A rowing boat – getting to the spots by rowing I started out fishing like this when I was younger I know Marcus has had successful test fishing before I arrived how did the fishing went? When test fishing I managed to catch some meter pikes and I think we'll have a good day, so let's go

Pretty calm water, wind has ceased however, we'll manage some fish despite the weather – I think so

Let's go The pros of bringing someone younger with you is convincing them to row meanwhile I can relax and drink my nocco

We've arrived to the spot This is the spot where he had great post spawn fishing last times Like 3 or 5 above one meter However, it's sunny and Motoroil was the color for the day So I'll start out with Hooligan Roach motoroil

This bait has delivered great fishing since it's paddle is quite big which makes it noticeable

However, it's around 1 meter of depth here Currently it's rigged with a 7 gram Flexhead so I'll be swapping it with a shallow screw

which allows me to fish this shallow without getting snagged I'll start out with a Flatnose Dragontail Since it's clear weather and quite shallow, I think the pikes prefer a more slow retrieved bait

So I'll go with this It has become quite hot so I'll remove my jacket Probably a lovely day at the lake Now we're ready to fish, let's catch a pig! There! Lovely Tobbe! What a strike The wind increased, which resulted in a sick strike

From nowhere After seeing some fish we got our first contact we know they're here so time to continue

Here's the first pike Pretty fat – and it's post spawn fishing Time to release here and continue fishing we know the fish is here so time to put in time and effort What happened Marcus? – I felt a nibble and then a strike Strong Small but a nice strike Seems like a good place

– Yes Hooked pretty bad Pike number two for today There we go – time to release her Exciting! After our first drift at this bay we've managed to catch two pikes

Also noticed some hunting and plenty of dirt clouds at the bottom of scared fish So, what we'll do is to repeat the same thing Marcus time to row again while I enjoy the day – child labor

Let's do this Yes! After the some time, suddenly I caught a pike Pretty fat, biggest for today Hooked bad – Don't lose it

Here she is Lovely Tobbe! – Pretty fat Fun, time to release her and continue There! – Looked big! Probably like a 6 to 7 kilo pike There! We got it! I didn't nail it the first time, but it came again

We're rowing to an island Check it out Beautiful If it moves I'll get hooked – not good

Time to unhook her Here she is – unhooked, and time to get released Lovely strike – appeared to be bigger but still pretty big What are you saying Marcus? – Awesome fish Like 85 cm, perhaps 90 cm

Bye bye Lovely! There she was, in the middle of the day like 2 pm A decent fish Some contacts

Fun fishing at this place I've had plenty of requests by younger guys about working in the fishing industry

Some people say be open, curious and daring But I think the mentioned tips don't help at all My best tips is to after 30 minutes of thinking – figure out what you'd like to do in the future then follow that up with a clear goal The goal "work with fishing" is too unspecific A clear goal such as journalist, fishing guide, movie making People tend to not make a goal since they are afraid of failing making them fail all the time And, if you are like 14 – 16 years, a fishing education is a great way to get started If you'd like to become a fishing guide you must have knowledge A program for 3 years will provide you with practise, contacts and more wise I went a similar program after meeting Johan Ruhe He found my Youtube channel Team Galant and implemented each tip he gave me

After some time I asked Johan if I was able to do my internship at Kanalgratis and he knew I had improved by checking out my videos So I got my internship followed up by getting to film Perch Pro and Fly vs Jerk

Now I'm working full time creating videos to 100% What's your goal after graduation? – My goal is to become a pike fishing guide What's the best thing you've learned? – To provide your customer with value Structure and making the customer satisfied Feeling like you know what you're doing

The sun is about to go away – so we'll stop fishing pike and Marcus will row back and we'll head for the school At the school there is a place which holds plenty of brook trout

So we'll try them fishing with a dry fly Exciting, cause never caught one before Time to row back I think we'll have great fishing for brook trout today They prefer sunny and calm winds, making them feed

So, we'll catch one? – Absolutely Guaranteed? – Yes You've been home eating – you live at the internat there And now you think we'll catch some brook trout – Absolutely

Time to travel by foot for like 5 min We've arrived to the place where we're supposed to fish brooking root at We'll wait until the fish starts feeding using dry flies Now it's time to return to the internat, and I'll head home to Eksjö The day has been fantastic we started out with pike fishing in a rowing boat finished off with fishing for rooting brook And if you're interested in this education – check out out Älvdalens website

Also thumbs up this video and subscribe for more clips Take care, and what's your take on the day Marcus? Really enjoyable day – fishing for two species However now it's time to head home Tight lines and take care, bye!

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