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Crazy DANGERS Of Deep Sea Fishing # MAN PULLED In BY FISH Chew On This

fishing television with Man pulled in by fish Hey, I'm captain finches and welcome to the steps [doesn't] you on that saltwater fishing ship? We're somewhere [cool] today We're at the penguin exhibit at Seaworld, but you know what we have our own seaworld and you saw the previews So if the amazing happens and we save our clients Into what I think I think you still get just a giant fish you want to see this episode is awesome Okay, this is what it looks like on the side [of] [her] boat right now and There's all the giant fish Look see that huge one with a huge goliath is a huge goliath I'm in loan a giant fish everywhere And that's what it looks like on our head and hummingbird [onix] with all the big station [underneath] this an old big fish So hummingbird on it eight fish and Giant fish Enjoy it right down there little pig once again That's what it looks like with all this huge fish and all the bait [ever] they are an giant fish Giant Goliath Faint fish [tank] much [greater] [need] symposium turn the camera sideways So you guys can see it's underneath our bows missile system all right, we gotta said Bonita

Hook up I? Got a feeling it's not going to make it this is their first shot here, and this is their first Bonita at this spot and She doesn't know what's about to happen to us You better get to running You better get to running a u-turn concerns when we come down [return] heater and pull back pull back boy [oh] [now] real full foam down Down down for now [he] [looks] client glad try to eat it Go faster faster faster, not impossible all kinds of sunshine Ain't it [oh] she's on the test He's on the gun We get to turn it Got turn It look look you got turn it you got a really [out] you guys keep reeling down you guys aren't really now videos I'm Gonna try to use [this] You have to drop your Rod tip and reel that bull sharks about a kitchen hole I was like sorry oh That was good, and it was [absolutely] terrible and it was terrible Now it's your turn Get hooked up [once] already slit You got to get warmed up for the big day That was incredible, right? There we go We got the whole gang looking walking on everybody's ready everybody's ready All right, I'm ask you one more time

You ready ready as were ever gonna be [ableto], okay? All right start pulling me line out with your hands pull it out like that Pull out reel up a little bit reload time start reeling start reeling start reeling start reeling start reeling real Alex I can is your shirt like a new shirt fast I think you just got eaten you just said even you can do anything [you] [gotta] go Litter up Oh My God hold it hold forth you [got] to push the side so don't get on the motor Yes, keep it push It aside So don't get on the motor I'm pushing are you [what] right right up right now right now, you [gotta] drop the Rod and reel now stop That's not lift right down You gotta get you push to the side I'm trying to keep going yeah, yep, you gotta keep off the motor okay down down down down down Good good Good good good [thing], so Right you gotta go around see those things that are in the back of the motor you got no ready to come to me Yeah, go around the swim platform gosh

There you go, okay Hey guys cooper guys go [closer] [to] [the] balls are closer Yeah, really Well I guess you gotta do better only real down to do better Everybody watches [it's] Crazy I guess one two three down Do you like you like you [like] you like this up I gotta get off the most fun You gotta get off the boat you gotta get off that sound our real? Gotta get around this plate here [go] now We're down up Down all right all right now

You got it Just [watchin] now just watch your lane fight it any fight Watch [you] just watch yeah, I see coward I see color which I don't know what just watching I just watched I can see some color clarity dirty, sir I look at that concern the foam is internal – left little [guy] sir we got calamity we got activism And from Heaven I'm having a hard time breathing because he's sucking all the acoa from Doing a good job of it nice

Fish here We come Come out here with her baby That's for swinging that bow up Awesome on the boat don't Run [Psycho] Yeah, there you go Water dripping off his nose for some reason I can't add Yeah again the author only further just raised it ah whatever, [you] keep on be followed, Airfield ah Girls, where's our cheering squad hey you left them speechless

You're speechless feel like they Way helps guys enjoy the best food so far I Don't know what you would think something crazy like that [happening] You've been awesome anyway, so your [sisters] right here is [new] [world] and [on] the way down [for] excellent down [leave] [it] Hey, make sure you hold on your head got it Well if you look over there My hat lancers [tick] summit exercise ball [like] [that] [I] guess better get another one Anyway this week last week litter for the chillness I guess for how many inches of snow quad is a 100 I will see 128 inches and you look like crazy animal ugly [animal] deep stretch lakers for example Then to set your information there to on this TV and we be judged to be rough like shirt So we're finishing up this too on this charter [I] got my boy John back

You know [loose] and Ryan's fish behind me but anyways I almost forgot to do a contest for this [roof] so I want you guys think guess what you think the total flight time is For the firemen they got pulled overboard including the pull overboard and the lot and land and everything Tell me what you think the total flight time is and you guys know whoever wins Whoever get closest to the estimated time Will win themselves [called] life shirt or salt my product so be sure to put your comments below Subscribe ring that bell We love you guys watching the show Thank you very much I Was kind [of] cool Huh? You're probably gonna happy to help [participant] I helped repel [pounds] your help Yep, so you [got] to turn the [rods] you got [to] [turn] [arad]? It's cutting yeah, I turn a rod for I Was like oh, yeah Okay, you're but now keep your butt on the Rod [A] Real real world and that Rod back in your hip like I showed you yep, there you go Let me keep it up hold on here [it's] down turn to ride back Ready nothing up nothing up that matter when it's running

She can't do that Only when it stops you guys [turning] Okay, real real arm over and over up Reel reel reel reel reel reel one two three Reel reel reel reel reel reel I'm sorry seaming of your program go go go go go go see mary You're spotting Yes spotting She's fine Just keep it [respond] Yes, I Go come on reel better

It's your job now Holder the piyo, huh, it's kind of like having a baby She didn't get how many credit for having a baby Did you so you need to take credit for getting your fish make it up for [Sandra] Just in case in detail Yeah? Yeah, you're doing a [knockout] for each other you [know] yeah, whenever you're ready to reel you just tell your drum work Okay G mark we got it This is the water version of [South] water I Miss you really I remember you guys

Can't talk to each other you got to drop it When you raise your real down she's good, okay, wait a good justice when I grab it now She's already serving everybody Because you guys don't give me put it Already that's what I would presumably Now fish you're not viewing I don't see color yet [way] [to] awesome job There you go People today I stay close to the edges you thought so too get off the boat get off the boat come on All right, go ahead

They told her you gotta get closer to Eddie devote doing great doing great No, no spending your final just going to pit road during [Rod] And [we're] alice respond You guys didn't suck if we got to drop the Rod faster, so she can real good [thank] you [suck] You're gonna do good Oh You gotta put me back in the workforce you forget about them use your arms straight Great boys, we don't mind is quite now Enjoy [Gonna] let you Go go Go go go go go go

[I] can't let the whole send us [two] plus one to make everyone back down another [Teamwork] girls I Feel [an] early lunch today Coming from the girl that [pitch] she's not aggressive earlier She's doing a great job for not being aggressive push that off the [lower] [one] Whoo we almost lost keep it in the back wrap She almost fell in on assistance Look at that technique She's got that technique down Wow, yeah, we did A awesome you get really good keeping here putting gear It is [the] [electromagnetic] [Stockton] [Jenner] there she goes You doing a good job now come on birthday girl See that good teamwork right there [alright] now Let's be tried muscling You tried muscle in that fishes now [get] here put your hip room there you go there you go fellas over here Tell me when you're ready It's in it then There you go good job You don't think you're doing good? Yeah Not really remember any [time] to get [smarts] quick stop really just keep your hand on the handle don't Really new to around the same pattern would you rescue the things? That [agree] [here] hand on the handle [get] when it starts turning the rock the real sideways push it, so it is attorney exactly He's not ready We're not Olivia's not aggressive

Yeah here's probably these drop like that, don't you We dropped in we did never hold Yoga just holds what you got don't even try to hurt [him] pretty good there you go That's a good teamwork right [there] Already dropped [oh] [gotcha] good job dude Okay, you got him you got a good fish here, and you're out Tell me when you're ready oh Hey, girl Forget your away Yum-yum hold on don't bring over a thousand item if you thank you oh I See that one is awesome Then you came around to hear me talking they're fighting in the back the girls are filming I'm filming we got all kind of cool stuff going on By the way, I'm [copy] [of] this camera right here, and it needs everybody at one time So if you're like thinking your nose in the product both of [you], [Lenovo], you're good You got it Let's that's the motor now for come on guys get it got to move around the motor moving around the motor Now can we go home now

God no sobbing there you go good job? Are you guys catching a fish are you dancing? You can't dance in their shoes You done a good job of it all right Linda You just watch That was one good run I mean [I] crept off now – Rafi Yeah, he's not running his mouth is you saying much either? – Look at the Big Boy over there still trying [breathing] hey you guys look the big dude over there Keiki shown on [PP] Saw him a left look at it I'm so [lonely] on that place No

I might have a bonito on here see I think you got a shark doll We just both you guys did a good job here you go? You dismiss me he just let go oh Wow, oh what he just got finished I can get [turnt] [overboard] held onto the Rod We're pulling back in and he caught it What's this [boss] [our]? superstar I'm going to make it out That was awesome a [scuffle] favorite one Okay I hope you guys [do] Leaving out pulled over more and on the process of it We called him Sporty back in it was Amazing above the pond secretary said the captain of both [office] day of my life

You [know], it's all beaten I think you could save your client from going down to Davy Jones locker Yeah, that's my fire some Caribbean reference Anyways, [you] see that big fish you pick out that day for the artificial or live bait toss it out the filament you feel them chew on the Godspeed see guys next week by the way if you wanna See more chew on neck the videos that are [coming] up at the end Click on little check it with me last week show or one of our best shows thanks a lot you

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