Saturday, 27 November 2021
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Costurando Fronha De Travesseiro #comofazer

Hello everyone okay welcome dressmaking continuous video here with Paulo Martins and that video will be making a pillowcase in a twill here I'm going by the steps for you to see here you're taking the amount of a pillowcase that you rightly convinced in the correct rule you have a pillow case and you type the measurement of the part that has the elastane dust so that process here i will be right to take these tissue works remember that this pillowcase will be cutting it up not to leave the pillow is leaving the piece here has a cut here on the side if you want to do it have a cut but i will make tarry court will take Burr here in the game and next step here see here that the pillow case is the dust she has cut here that did not want so i will get this process here O put're opening on his side're going to do it and sewn on all sides do you see the cut here so I will cut and direct because there was a dust Another tip cut the dust straight then open I'm out of dust to stay here cool I'm going to go if you want to go on iron right Give a past the other party also has this part of the dust here I'll cut a shadow tissue yes i'll make him share type spend so you just see her can be enough after almost to the middle of the part or maybe less to be left here with sweet huh center it will pass that right thing put you cushion case she did not get out of the game right I'll fix the pillow and do not look out of the pillow cases here that there's a lot of here I'll cut you can leave a shade since dust is because I get the dust right here I do the fabric most out of this part here it will always be here connect it here because if you get the third in right he is not dropped now we will do the machine doing the machine to adjust his camera to keep cool the Creating a piece of the process allows you to customize it here too, okay this part you can Before you work you go to a nice embroidery in the piece, right here stay here you see that a piece of cloth here O enjoy here I'm going to do is get inside right I'll make a small fold'll around the piece Naviraí and now we add sewing here to stay here cool down this part can sew it with line point 50 is a thicker line right if you create for hospital clothes right hospital supplies there you can add a difference in the part and the line quality okay because the hospital gown requires its chemicals right then here it will not be so happy that a part and will now make the change part here o to get something really cool that part i will join this part if you want to place someone the piece that you can belocar piece here okay cool of velocar time I'm just showing how to do that his daddy in his wife then asked me to buy where i said i would buy anything i would create a few pieces really cool and make sure it happens right here i can count a seam here ed add will be the plague here i regulate the party is here o you here see is right right right observed the part wars side you see the piece spandex that part that spandex shares and here o i do not i will be a dobrinha But never makes us because after i pull on it a force in her and she will give me a different attitude because it's time the piece will be there love right piece will be laceando and in that mouth of the bag

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