Sunday, 28 November 2021
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Cod Fishing Portsmouth – Pully Rig And Fish

hello fishing along southsea castle come along with aron and gavin have a little fish and hopeing for a big bass a nice double be my first double show you what im baiting up with im using squid whole squid and mackreal this is how i use squid i dont tend to take the backbone out i dont think fish have michalin star food so i put the first hook through pull it straight through the body and out the tail of the squid pull it back around and put the hook straight through his eye there and pull the line tight then get the 2nd hook and i pull that hook down and just wrap wrap around along like that and make sur the hook point is in opersit directions i got one hook at the bottom and one hook at the top then what i do is get a bit of elastic dont want to mummyfy it on there just a little bit around so it stays on during casting and presents well just as simple as that i just do a loop pull it tight and snap that sits straight into the lead link we ha earlyier pulls in and thats the rig baited up thats how i bait up a whole squid the other bait what im using is mackreal this is what i do with a mackreal its quite easy i make a cut straight through the body through his head, can you see that take that and you got the guts there , thats one bait then i snip the tail off and i slice straight down the body and have too fillets show you how i bait up with the head just snip him straight through the nose there and pull ooo pull that back through and turn the hook backwards and pull the hook up so its there pull that tight so the hook is facing away so that the hook point is clear and pull and then i slide the other hook down imjust going to wrap with the line and do the exactly the same as i did with the squid straight through the mackreals nose and oy thats how i tend to fish a mackreal same again littl bit of bait elastic just pull him along make sure the hook points are clear thats how i fish a mackreal head and guts show you with the fillet in a bit when i got a rig spare just had this pout on this mackream bait cracking little pout really

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