Sunday, 20 June 2021
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Catch Release and Barbless Hooks

Sometimes things do not go according to the plan Hi, it's Anni from Kajanaclub

com fly fishing community On this video we talk about barbless hooks and I show you how to de-barb your fishing hook This helps if you need to release the fish, for example, if it's a small one Like on today's vlog you'll see it in action later on this video Watch until the end of the video I have something really useful for you if you would love to learn fly fishing

So when you catch a fist you want to release it's way easier when you have a fly with barbless hook And some places even have fishing regulations that you can only use barbless hooks But you don't need to buy or make all your flies with barbless hooks Really easy fix is to just clip in the barb from your existing flies and you can use clippers for that or pliers There You've now learned how to make your fly into a barbless one If you want to learn fly fishing I have something really useful for you

Go ahead and download your FREE fly fishing Cheat Sheet there's a download link below this video it's totally free Now let's get back to my fly fishing vlog and on this episode my cousin catches her first ever fish on a fly My cousin Sohvi, first timer is visiting from the capital city and she wanted to go fishing so we have one Saturday booked for that

But the morning went as it did for several different reasons and we got lost when we try to pick her up from the cottage where she staying so nothing went according to the plan and although the whole Saturday was booked suddenly it's quite late we haven't eaten I'm so hungry and tired I borrowed my waders to my cousins so he's comfortable I'm using my old ones and I forgot how much they can actually leak I think I have about 1 liter in both feet so The highlights of today were when I caught a fish It was very exciting and when we were very deep in the water and we did this what's this? Overhead cast

yes yes I was nice I caught a mini grayling My cousin caught about 30 centimeter grayling First fish on a fly so good job and we found some mushrooms Not so much fish with excellent mushrooms and as I'm thinking of the day right now I realized I I think I didn't do much filming so as an entertainment for this vlog episode you can see how much these waders leak I think we can call these waders old

And I will erase them from the existence That's pretty cool how she caught her first ever fish on a fly That's fly fishing at its best If you want to catch your dream fish or learn about fly fishing check out Fly School with Anni It's a 6 week internet course where you learn fly-fishing basics together online You can attend from anywhere as long as you have internet connection I will link that one below as well in the description box If you liked this video click the like button, share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video and now you get out there

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