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Catch and Cook Overnight fishing trip Andy Fisher man EP.342

Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip

Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip I am fishing with my Hearty Rise jigging rods As you can see it looks like rain, it is meant to be clear We will just go with what the weather gives us

I have a night light for some squid later too A patch of fish in the middle of nowhere About 35m deep I will use the Hearty Rise 120g rod first About 35m deep

I will use the Hearty Rise 120g rod first Using the Finnor reel and my last home made jigs Let it go all the way to the bottom We can contemplate life while it sinks Here are some Dolphins, coming right towards the boat

Look at that, how cool is that Dolphins so close is really cool I will show you my camping gear My sleeping gear is in the left and my fishing and camera gear is in the right I will stay over night

I am much closer to the islands now Only 8 meters deep here Oh, yes a good one, a Coral Trout A little under sized Legal size is 38cm in QLD now

I would like a bigger trout for my dinner Something just jumped over there Oh, yep, big Trevally This rod is better here Here he comes, yes, he's got it! Ate it right at the boat

A GT or trevally Small fish still fight hard We will try to catch bigger ones soon There we go, nice Just lift the fish in

Beautiful I don't eat these fish These fish grow to 100kg Release Mr GT or Giant Trevally There he goes

This is the popper I used A Lively Lures Surface Skipper I use a single hook for big GT And some wire for Mackerel I will put my sun gloves on

I like to cover up instead of using sunscreen I can still feel what's in my hands Two fish in the boat already Time for a Banana snack Some more slow jigging, but then some big jigging

Wind is up a little, but not too bad yet No rain yet either I am changing to a bought jig Also a longer leader too This is a good spot here

Many fish on the fish finder Yes, a fish Finally caught one It could be a reef fish Where is it? Oh, a Finger Mark, nice

I didn't expect to catch that here Caught him That's too big to cook tonight Snapper are very good eating A nice big fish

He is 53 centimeters long Also called Golden Snapper Let you have a look this fish I have already dispatched him I want a smaller fish for my dinner

Another fish straight away This one will test my line and rod Get out of the reef A much bigger fish Pump and wind, is how you do it

I see it's a Finny Scad with 3 Monster GT after it! Look at the 3 huge Giant Trevally chasing my fish I will try big jigging now Have a look at this fish The big GT's tried to eat my fish Almost torn him in half

That would have been the mouth I might eat this one for my dinner Keep the GT's hungry too I'll use the big Hearty Rise rod now Set the drag to very hard

It's about 35 meters deep All the way to the bottom Oh, that was 2 big GT's!! Oh, that was a Oh, another! 2 good hits there Come back It's 1

30pm and I am tired I lost my first big jig, so put one on that is more natural I will keep trying to catch the big fish I will fish here for a long time The day has turned very nice

I will try to find some fresh water later for a swim This is hard work many casts with nothing I am very tired now Yes, that is a good fish This is a good fish I had given up on that cast

He is a heavy fish I am wining now So much fun catching these fish It is a nice GT That could be a shark

I can just see it He is using the current This is a much smaller GT than the ones before Come on in fish Rod behind the head

He is a good 5 kilos This spot has fished well today A nice 65 cm GT I will release this fish There he goes

I really like exploring Mountains and water, great I love exploring I don't need to fish all day See what I can see

Find some fresh water for a swim Also find a nice camping spot for the night It will be a nice night It is very shallow in here I will try to catch squid tonight

Very shallow Tide is still falling for 2 more hours Here is a nice beach I have to be careful anchoring the boat Anchor on this big rock

Make a fire below the high water mark So the fire is very safe The I will sleep on the boat I have a rear line And a front line to hold the boat

Pull the line in to get on shore With fish in hand I will eat the attacked fish It has very red meat I like to explore where I am

Yes I am carrying the fish Almost fell over! The reward is always good A bit of jungle on the top I will leave the fish here Stay there fish

Climb up here A bad foot hold, but we are up I can see some fish past my feet Fish feeding in the shallows They look like Parrot fish

I thought I saw a shark out further too He wants that! How nice is this scenery What is that there? Probably a shark A nice big wave Yes, it is a Black Tip Shark

Black Tip Reef Shark in the shallows Shark out in the open Lets get some fire wood A nice hard piece We only burn what we need

These will make good kindling That burns really well Some kindling and we have a fire I need some more wood This water is a bit strange here

That is nice fresh water Lets see if there is more here No water here Must be the last of it down there Just a bit of good water

I can have a small shower Very dry up there, but some clean water down here Not much but enough to shower This is so nice, to get clean

You don't ned to see me naked see you later! That little wash is so nice Feels so good

No rain and fire is just about right I will fillet the fish And cook it over the fire The fire is good now Clean the knife a bit

This is where he was almost eaten A little scratch here Scad have very hard Tail flukes Very wide And very hard

Not my favorite fish at all The fluke is very hard There is an easy way and a hard way Nice fillet of fish Skin it and cook it

We will use natures cutting board, this tree Do half a fillet at a time I ate a sand fly! We might cut the red stuff off The crabs can eat that Wash him in a clean puddle

I found a tree fork And soaked it in water Then cook it like that I don't recommend eating sand flies The sun is almost down and my fish is ready

Tastes a lot like tuna Like canned smokey lemon tuna! That fish is very nice I will use the fly rod tomorrow I will also try the big jigging tomorrow too I have to rescue the boat soon

The tide is down a meter I under estimated that fish Maybe a camp fire and a nice spot Tasty, ok, lets go Boat is still floating, lets get out of here Somewhere away from the sand flies Maybe I will see you tonight It is 9pm, but I didn't get any squid

They were too small My bed is all set up ready for sleeping Pillow, mattress, and sheet Two anchors out to hold the boat A very nice night tonight

No sand flies out here, good night Sun is about to rise I'm not having a banana for breakfast I am having 2 banana's for breakfast I lost 2 jigs yesterday

We will keep trying Lets get into fishing First drop of the day and a new Jig It is getting expensive losing jigs this trip The sounder isn't showing much fish

We will try anyway I will try the fly rod with a prawn fly The big GT are not here today Out of my range there Did he eat it

yes, it's a Tuna Yes, a bluefin tuna

I have 200m of backing That is 100m of line out already I heard him splash behind me Ok, we will chase him He has slowed down No, still going

Probably an 8kg fish That is 150m of line, and still swimming Oh, he is coming at me Did I lose him? Bugger, I lost him Here is the fly line

Maybe the hook fell out or he snapped the line Bugger! Try that again I need to go home early I need to edit this video Yes, got him

Only the second cast after the last fish There he goes I think a Scad fish Yes, a Finny Scad We will bleed this fish very well

On the surface and in the net We will bleed this fish This fish can grunt A nice looking fish Cut his blood vessel here Cut at the base of the gills

He will bleed out now His heart will pump the blood out That might attract sharks, the blood Here are 2 sharks, hello! What are you guys doing? That is it for me today I used big jig and small jig

I need to go home and edit this for tonight I will see you on the water

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