Sunday, 28 November 2021
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Carp Fishing Why Use HD-Floater Line?

For a Gardner line to be blessed with the HD name now means that it's got be something very special like the original line This one, HD-Floater is exactly that

Very specialist product designed and manufactured specifically to our requirements to give a lovely tenacity, a lovely feel without being so low stretch that you pop those small hooks out when you're playing fish It's a floater main line, it's high buoyancy, it's got great knot strength if you use a grinner or palamour and it's supplied on 250m level wound spools So that means if you reel it on weighted down in a bucket exactly the same as we demonstrate on our Gardner video for spooling up you'll end up with minimal line twist and really lovely well behaved floater line that casts well and performs in every way that you need it to It lifts cleanly off the surface because it doesn't get clogged down on the waters surface because of that extrinsic air capillary running through the monofilament It's been rigorously tested by the team and it's been performing outstandingly well as a floater main line

If you're looking for something that's a bit special to go on your floater rod kit, why not pop down your local stockist and have a look at this stuff It's the business

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