Saturday, 31 July 2021
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BREAKING NEWS !!! The YesOJO Projector is Perfectly Suited For Camping and Fishing Trips

the yesOJO is a high-tech portable projector that is designed to be carried around with consummate eaves thanks to its low-profile and slim form factor this portable projector weighs less than 2 pounds and measures in at three point three five x six point six nine x three point two seven inches making it exceptionally easy to haul with you wherever you're going as far as its projection capabilities are concerned the yesOJO projector is embedded with the MDL IDI projection technologies which allow it to project images with resolutions up to 85 4 X 480 pixels and a brightness level of 1200 lumens the projector offers high quality sound thanks to a pair of stereo speakers and you also have the option of using headphones built into the projector is a battery with enough capacity to give you around 4 hours of play time with a twenty thousand four hundred ma built-in rechargeable battery OJO supports up to four hours of projection and can be doubled as a power bank for your other digital devices as well that's correct audio can support all of your devices via HDMI cable as mentioned the yesOJO is available for three hundred sixty million dollars it's a good deal for a portable projector that works with all your devices and that also ships with a USBC adapter in the box

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