Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Best Flounder Surprise Uncommon Pompey Relic ~ Platichthys Flesus ~ Sea Fishing

HELLO WELCOME BACK Fishing down at weevil creek Going to be a bit of a roving session Fish this mark up and over High water and as the tide is droping off , going to walk over, Fish off rats island During the summer its a great little mark along here for the mullet, eels Occasionly a flounder And Bass during the winter ,its mainly just the Bass and the flounders that we likely to catch Lets see how the session unfolds On too the 2nd mark now only had a little tiny sholey from around that little mark around there at weevil so were up hear and im feeling optimistic going to get decent fish out here get it on camera and you can see what we got here is some ragworm that i dug plenty in there to keep us going all night nice and fresh, can always tell fresh because how red it is yeah this is how im baiting up got no excuses today ive got the best bait available simple very simple just like that finisheing up here ive lost three setups for some strange reason well it aint a fish yeah honestly not having the best of times i keep loseing gear so what im going to do with the worm i got left is yeah back at mark three now just finishing off what we started last night hopefully we get something out see howit goes they do exist in portsmouth still look at that first pompey flounder of the year yeah 1 pound 13 oz yeah im really happy going to get him back hopefully get a nice shot

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