Thursday, 29 October 2020
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Alright there i honestly not got a clue,if anyone could help me classify this i dont know if its some little weever a little goby, as i say honestly at this point i have not got a clue what this is this other rods been going while this one came in , friends helping, smoke my fag because evertime i get a fish seem to have a fag in my mouth right how are you going to pickit up i can see all of you,, can you?,, yeah its recording, here we go thanks to gavin and aron , taken me up to warash today, old gavin has got me into my firt flounder of the year

aswwell and its a crackingflounder too36 cm 1 pound 3 taken the hook right down , but happy had a couple of different species todaycracking flounder look how fat he ishis huge full of roe we get him back in woahyeah we edit that, we get him back in the woammmnah we gona get him back into the water

very healthy thankyou mate really seroiously wouldnt of got it without you taken me here, go reel that fish in gav here we go letting gavin reel my other rod in the ledgend that brought me down here, hi might start tken the other line out mate and his into a good one this is isit? what a bitch, probly a double shot because that one was going for a while now what ever this is mate is big yeah just keep it pumping mate ,here we go, ooo see him kiteing of its a bass nice one for letting me do that mate well done mate jammy bastard you reeled it in, his a jammy bastard why did you say we was ment to come that side yeah why did you let me fish in your secret place for thats working out alright aint it its ebbing off now as well, do you want to measure him up? wheres your disgorger? ,in my pocket i think, thankyou are you useing kamasan super match? bass its swimming in with you, bass then int it no flounder, its a bass, yeah well done mate, thankgod for that do you want to measure him? yeah 41 well done gavin, there we go mate nice fish,got to be 42 aint it no its 41 nice one mate

your turn next, the auto focus on that one is there you probly know but there different on each one yeah babe can i have my scales please give it to shaun well done shaun mate its probly recording, i dunno, its got a red button in the corner, yeah its recording, yeah just got another flounder out, really chuffed 2nd one today, 1 pound 1 oz, what can i say, brillient,just saying just got another flounder out, another one pound 1 oz no didnt have a one pound one oz nah its not, yeah just had another flounder out, really chufffed, 2 nd one of the day taken me ages just to get the one, and been so priveleged to get two, going 33cm one pound one oz cracking littls days fishing

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