Saturday, 22 January 2022
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Bass fishing tips and Accu-Tac GAW all in one!

Yeah, I wasn't gonna go today without catching something I gotta crawdads Hey there it's that shootin guy and the shooting kid Thanks for joining us today We do appreciate it a lot and we got something special for you today We just want recently fishing and we want to take you guys along with us

It lets go Alright guys I'm going to try out these power bait It's swim bait Shad things you try not to worm Brian a cricket – as usual CRKT cuz we have been working with them for a very long time now I'm gonna use go nuts once by these guys at all It's the corn snow real stinky So, you know, I'm probably gonna catch a catfish Not that I want to We bought those bullet weights the one eighths ounces once earlier you got a few I can use loon up the old vest I haven't had this vest out in a while I do like loading up a bastion

Why? Cuz I can carry everything on me I don't need a tackle box People like seeing faces Oh Sky there you go Let's look at this guy There's the Sun That's nice That's pretty Yeah, here's a trick for you guys so I realized when I put my swimbait or my ash bullet weights on there I'll usually put them on I used to put them on this way straighten First of that way the head the bottom of it touches my bait But and I would realize that the tip would keep going through my eyelids

Here's a trick flip it around just like so Quinn stop blowing just leave it on three That way close up that way It keeps it from going up Fishing now we're steer simple Not you did one of those ones where you go around and All through the can you see all that Perfect Go one more pass There's some pretty gosh-darn big fish out here y'all so I don't want this kink cut off There you go and so yeah, that's what that looks like Okay, let's go Give it a try a Few moments later Something similar you see this thing right there most of you know that thing hurts if he pokes you All right, ready see got that dorsal fin up he's pissed All right, he showed me up today he got himself a little baby guy

Yep He's got to go back and get bigger, huh Yeah, nice one very good My snapchat oh you've been recording the whole time No, I have it Alright this is getting ridiculous Leave some for the rest of us They're shooting kid didn't ever finish was the same guy Myself Alright you get another one for the snapchatters Face chat snap book all of the above He's young yeah choked it Go Mac shut down there in the water Thrown back to catch them in more time Okay, so just as you're joking about you're not gonna catch anything with that I can't get him out Get it So that's like a little top popper thing He Called the popper No, I got water right now that was the best six dollars we spent yeah, where is it right here Let's take a look at it So this worked real well And they just caught it right here right out of the downspout so they're all right in there very cool I Just think I was gonna go home Good see how this one moved There you go guys caught me a large e I caught it right about five foot from right where I was So this is pretty good size right here So I'm pretty impressed Wow, he's a popper tooth of all things And the sun's starting to go down All the tops Walmart and one more time, okay, so evidently you don't even need to use your fishing pole You can just reach down the water and pick them out

Thanks pretty well Maybe I'll catch a minute you catch like the reeds over there What it cost is that if you You gotta read See, you know Well there you have it we caught tons of bass Catfish and crawfish and so if you guys want to see more of that stuff Comment down below Yeah and just say hey more fishing beers and we'll do that stuff We'd be happy to do that and video that stuff away We love doing it Yeah Yeah, we didn't show you Yeah, we enjoy it

We want to take you along with us if that's the kind of stuff you want to see What do you got there? We got a br for QD bipod on a cig SP 2022 ya handgun Yeah Alright pretty calm and so why we talked about this? Well, we're in the middle of a giveaway this month of July We partnered up with a cute AK and we were they were kind enough to send us a bipod for you guys one of you guys to win And so hey go watch the other video We'll put the link down below go watch it So you figure out how to win and we're not only doing a bipod giveaway We're giving out some extra maybe CRKT coupons 50% That's right Entered to win, you know, just entered the giveaway enter the giveaway and it's real simple the link is below and go to the website you fill out a form and That's all there is to it

It's the one thing to do there Now We've had a lot of people enter So if you want to improve your chances that means you know have more entries then make sure you subscribe So if you're subscribed and you enter the forum You get two entries if you take this video and use the hashtag Yes, G 2018 alkie tack you get more entry That's right So share it on Facebook That's gonna be another entry you shared on Twitter

It's gonna be another entry in Australia Instagram That's another entry will be checking yeah, well, yeah, we just will call the internet universe look for that hashtag and How you're associated with it and the form will show you how to do that So make sure you go to that point fill it out This is the last couple of days We're gonna finish this up on the 28th by the time this thing comes up It'll be the 26 list two more days But why wait two days do it now There you go Check us out on Facebook Instagram

We have some cool Instagram posts there We do sunsets guns fishing everything that you guys anything outdoors and you guys like we do it Check this out on bit you it's a new platform for us But you know It's a backup for our YouTube channel as they said that way YouTube Shuts it down We're still there for you guys, and we're still providing content and don't forget to check us on patreon Would thank you to you guys I think we are very thankful for you guys, and we're going to get something out for you guys very soon Hey, just real quick Jarhead, six Thank you very much

He was their latest patron I just alright special shout-out to that guy appreciate a lot and Yeah, go to the patreon page We've got something that's going to be coming up And if you want to be a part of that make sure you patron them Ok, what else we got? That's it That's about it So don't forget Giveaway, don't forget the fishing videos if you all want more comment down below and don't forget to just keep having fun Yes, you have fun

All right, god bless you God bless America May america blessing god see You oh My gosh, shoot me kid just got himself I'm not driving him with

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