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Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation Off Shore Fishing Port O Connor

– [Narrator] From CarecoTV, one of the longest running outdoor programs on television today Exploring the country, and the coast in search of adventure

From the mountains of the great north west to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean This is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin This week we're gonna take a closer look at the Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation, also known as Bass for Salt We're headed up to the Yamaha Midwest Media Event in Bay Harbor, Michigan to join Americana Outdoors Wade Middleton, who takes the pledge to support Bass for Salt program Now it's been said that America's sportsmen are the original conservationists

Anglers have a special connection to nature that requires us to respect our natural resources and fight for their conservation But we also have an obligation to other anglers on the water to practice safe boating habits Likewise we should always be an example to the community by making sure we have the proper credentials to participate in our sport And by getting involved in the policy discussions that affect recreational anglers – This is an amazing initiative that we're doing to get the word out to just normal Americans of what they can do to support and defend their right to fish

Well what you do with the website is, there's some great issues on there that you can read about, if you want to just quickly make a difference, you can click on send a letter and that will bring up a pre-written letter, you can enter your information, read that letter off and then just hit submit Boom, it will send right over to your representatives You know really, everyone who's an angler is part of a brotherhood of people who fish, and it's so important that we help each other out If something's going on in their body of water we should be there for them and maybe they'll be there for us Also you don't tend to think about it but saltwater actually affects everyone

Here in the Midwest where we are right now is where we make our props So, if they're not allowed to fish, that actually impacts jobs all over the nation – [Narrator] After bass season is over, Bassmaster Elite Series, Jeff Kriet, who also is a long time supporter of Bass for Salt, meets up with his good friends Derick Kuyrkendall and Jeff Welch at Port O'Connor, Texas for an off-shore fishing trip (upbeat music) – You know we're here at probably my favurite place in the world, everybody talks about man caves and stuff A couple of buddies of mine and I built this place and you see we like to fish in the saltwater, so when we're down here this is the getaway, it's the getaway from fishing the tour and all the other stuff

So when we come here, this is our happy place (upbeat music) This is the bottom dropping tamping ship of the world is what this is You've got Derick, you got the Port O'Connor full time guy so if we don't catch anything, it's all on him – So what happens when I win this? – If you win this, you become, you win the title of ultimate bottom dropper for the day – For the day? (laughter) – Over maybe the past 20 years, I've had saltwater boats and they keep getting a little bigger and a little bigger and a little bigger and a little bigger and now we have that boat, you know, which is powered by four Yamaha 300 horsepowers and I keep wanting to go a little farther out and a little further

And we kinda went back to old school with a couple of my best friends and we ran out, and we ran out about maybe you know, 60 miles and fished some old numbers we used to fish, trying to catch what would ever be, you know that's what was fun about it, we didn't really care – How many points are blue runners? – [Jeff] Blue runners, no points no points Hey, here's the deal, every blue – No points on bait – Every blue runner means something big What we're doing right now, we're stopping on the up current side of these rigs and we're trying to catch what we call blue runners or hardtails

And we'll go out to these wrecks and rocks that we fish and drop that down and the group or everything eats a blue runner They're real tough, they're real hardy, they're just really great bait (upbeat music) – Perfect I'll be completely honest with you, the funnest thing to catch is bait It pulls just hard enough to be fun, but not so hard that you don't want to catch another one

Look at her, oh gosh Alright, we got some bait now, we're gonna head out to the shelf and see what we can catch So the beauty of it is, I'm gonna go right back there, I'm gonna hit navigate to, go to, I'm gonna engage that autopilot and I'm gonna let it drive me right to it, because I can promise you it'll save me probably five miles as zig-zaggy as I'd be – [Narrator] Log onto bassforsaltcom and find out what you can do to defend our right to participate in the sport we love

– Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin is brought to you by Garmin Fight your fish, not your fish finder Cabela's it's in your nature Ranger Boats, still building legends, one at a time And by Yamaha Marine, reliability starts here

(upbeat music) Hey, welcome back to Americana Outdoors We're 60 miles away from the shore of Port O'Connor, Texas Jeff Kreit, a professional bass angler and a longtime supporter of Bass for Salt, gets together with his friends for a fun offshore fishing down on the gulf – Yamaha wrapped the big boat and as you can see it says Bass Angler for Saltwater Conservation And people get kind of confused about that out here saltwater fishing, people ask me all the time

Basically, it is for the rights of the fishermen, the recreational fishermen It is your voice to be heard to protect your rights to fish It's simple, go to bassforsaltcom, you put your name on there, your email address and you click, basically send and there is a letter already written for you by the organization What it does is it targets important things that you as a recreational fisherman would never hear about

So you will get the letter, you can read about it or whatever And then you just hit send, boom, that letter's going to your representative Otherwise, he has no idea even what it is So it's your voice as a recreational fisherman, there is no reason not to log on and be proactive on this, it's just too easy (upbeat music) We're out here in about 320 foot of water

We're real close to the shelf, we can catch marlin and everything out here but drop some piggy perch and some spoons and just see what we can catch What you got? – Bottom – Bottom? – Really enjoyed doing that, especially after the bass season's over, fishing season because we're gonna get a lot of bites, we're gonna get our arms wore out, everybody in the boat's gonna catch fish, it's a bunch of good friends And bottom line is we're gonna have something to eat, and we're gonna have a good time – What you fishing for Welch? What you trying to catch today? – What's the highest point? – The highest point is a Warsaw

– Definitely a Warsaw – I'll lose the three points if he'll find a big Warsaw – You know the deal is, Welch, I don't know if anybody's ever seen it, if y'all have ever watched those strongman competitions where they, he's a crossfit world champion (laughter) These guys are throwing live bait, I'm throwing artificial, I'm a bass fishing guy, tournament guy, so I don't use live bait – unless they start to bite them better I'm switching fast (laughter) You know I see one little old speck down there, it's a little, it's a, I can tell by the way he showed up, it was a single Yellowedge grouper

Welch is hooked up – Welch is on – What you on the bottom? – No, man I'm going snappy snap – [Jeff] You need me to get you like a granola bar, a power bar or anything? – I need something – [Jeff] You need a wet towel? – I may here in a minute

– Do you think there's a chance it can be an endangered red snapper? – There's a high chance – [Jeff] I tell you on thing, you can see those muscles bulging right now – Are my muscles twitching a little bit? – [Jeff] Yeah you got to see them Think he's gonna blow his shirt up I see color, man, maybe

– [Derick] Red snapper – [Jeff] Maybe it's a groupie grouper – Oh it's a jammer red snapper Man – [Derick] Well, you just lost some points on that one, that's a dud

– We're gonna let this fella go – [Welch] Yeah – There he goes – Here's the deal, I know you couldn't keep that snapper, and I know you'd love to put him in the oven wouldn't you – [Welch] Favorite eating fish there is

– My favorite eating fish there is But we can't, because there's not enough of them – [Welch] There's a shortage of red snappers – There's a shortage of red snappers so we have to release them into the wild – Let me rephrase that, there's a shortage of red snapper for the recreational angler

– There's plenty red snapper for the commercial people – There's sarcasm going on right now, we're being all a little sarcastic I apologize, but it was fun wasn't it – [Welch] It was great – Well, treading hazard of minus one – Hang on, when we left the dock is was plus one

– Yeah you're right – [Derick] Left the dock with what? – Snappers were one – Oh I said he got – [Welch] Yeah yeah you're not the captain – Just see how he does, if he catches another one it's a judge

– We'll have to change these rules – [Narrator] A fun fishing day turned into a mini championship tournament, we'll be right back Stay tuned Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, is brought to you by, Big Bite Baits, designed to bring the big bite to your line Gill, respect the elements

And by Sawyer products, Sawyer, we keep you outdoors (rock music) Welcome back to Americana Outdoors Well today we're joining Jeff Kreit, Derick Kuyrkendall and Jeff Welch for offshore fishing, about 60 miles from Port O'Connor, Texas (rock music) – It's almost a mini competition every time we go fishing, any time we do anything if we go to the store it's a competition so it's fun out here, it's relaxed but the competitive nature's still there The biggest thing I like about offshore is that you get away

I mean, you may see a boat, you may not, it adds a little risk, extra risk to it, but we kind of mitigate that by the redundancy in the boat and EPIRBs and life rafts and extra life jackets but just, you're out there by yourself And this boat that we currently have is, it's powered by quad 300, quad 300 Yamahas We've got the helm master on and it's a beast – I mean they've got it loaded with killer electronics on there I mean it's safe as you can be, you can have no worries really when you go out there, you have motors, back ups, electronics, you have radar, autopilot, the whole nine yards

Incredible boat (rock music) – Hooked up – [Jeff] What does it feel like? – A fish (laughter) – Did he get it? He got him – Fish is bloated up, he's coming up

Come on be a grouper It's a large red snapper, it definitely is red snapper Wires, do you need 'em? – [Jeff] I don't think so – [Derick] Welch got one? – Yeah he's been fighting one for about 45 minutes – You say four or five minutes? (laughter) Beautiful American red snapper

– Come on you guys catch something that we want to eat, or something really big so I can make fun of you while you fight it – And it's a red snapper – [Jeff] Big one or little one? – Perfect eating size – Someone come and unhook the head on this or I'm gonna go right through the little meat right behind his head there Right below the dorsal fin

We're going for a big one here with big perch – Oh another one, Welch is on Oh we got a double hook up – [Welch] Red snapper Good eating fish, I'm up at least

– [Derick] Three points – 19 snapper, Kreit has none, Derick has one, so I'm gonna say I'm up 18 – [Derick] It can't count either Why you crying over there Kreit? – I'm not crying yet I don't have a snapper

Hey give me a ball buster dude Come on man – Hey suddenly we're buddies Two minutes ago we weren't friends, now all of a sudden we're buddies? Hey Kreit – Just give me a gimbal I hear you

– You're not gonna have any more kids – I know – I'm calling this Camp Grouper, I loaded up with little bit smaller perch on there Oh it's looking like a red snapper – It's not a giant

– There he is – That's a three pointer boys – [Derick] Oh amberjack's probably about as mean as I'll get honestly, and that's a little guy – Three points – Alright here he goes

– I came over those fish just a second ago and they weren't there, and I guess catching that fish brought 'em all up There's a bunch right there we should get bit – Whatever I've got is big I might need the ball buster (laughter) [Derick] Come on be brown

– It's not an AJ It's a grouper We got some meat, it's a big guy – Five points – Alright

– Five points to Welchy, that is fine bittles right there – Get old Kreiter in here – You know what that is, that's good eating right there That's fine table fare – That is bittles, that is some fine bittles right there

– Into the ice – Hey hey hey Oh it's a big one – You want it to be a snapper? – [Jeff] You know those fish out there, they're so strong I guess because they're always, for one, having to move, they're having to move with the bait, they're always moving and there's always something bigger out there that will eat them I guess They're just mean and now you put that fish three or four hundred feet down on the bottom, it makes it twice as hard

So if you've never been you have to go I could never explain to somebody how hard something feels They have to see it for themselves and I can't imagine anybody not wanting to go out there at least one time Now if you get sick, at least you did it once But I guess I love it too much to get sick

Every time I get a little on him he runs all my drag off Look at all that – Seriously? – He broke me off – [Narrator] Americana Outdoors will be right back, after these messages Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by, Bubba Blade, the ultimate sportsmans knife

Power-pole, swift, silent, secure And by, Spro, sports professionals – Got a bite? – [Narrator] Welcome back to Americana Outdoors, Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservations mission is to bring all anglers together, regardless of where they fish or what they fish for To defend our right to participate in the sport we love – Thing we represent right now is that Bass for Salt, Yamaha initiative along with some other partners but nice thing about it is they're watching for us

Us working guy that love to come out and do this whether it's fresh water, salt water They're watching the issues, the access issues, the fishing issues, the limit issues And it's a real quick deal, bassforsaltcom It's our voice being heard in the US Senate

And it allows us to come out and do this, what we look forward to, it's what keeps us going during the week, catch fish just like that, allows us angler to come out here, and gives us that right, just one other tool that lets the fishermen's voice be heard – In case you've never been offshore, don't stick your hand in the mouth of a red snapper You see those teeth hanging on there? They will tear you up – Well we're running two 7616's which are 16 inch screens, right now I've got my navigation chart on this side and I'm running, big group of fish right there on the bottom, big group, and then we're running just our sonar here We also run Garmin Open Array Radar, Garmin Auto Pilot, everything is all linked together

And really, out here, you have to have good electronics otherwise it's a pretty big area so to be able to drive straight to your spot and look at your graph and see your fish is a good thing and the Garmin does it – Goin' AJ boys – Nice, is that the biggest one of the day? – I think so – No – Yeah definitely

– Sure, yeah biggest one by far You're whooping us all Here, your weight Hold your weight – Are you being sarcastic or do you realize you're getting your butt kicked? – I've been driving this sucker all day

I've made about five drops and I've got hooked up every time So let's not go there too much (laughter) – Was that in the rules earlier? – Well I can either fish or I can drive, it's up to you – Alright I'm gonna hold you on a drift – Okay

– Here you go – That's fine – Kreit, he doesn't like to lose So we're gonna give him an opportunity to redeem himself, I'm gonna say he's gonna get a one point fish, probably a little snapper about like that Then he's gonna blame, watch this, he's gonna blame it on me for the line

– Please be a grouper That's the big one of the day though – [Welch] That's what I said about mine – No but it really is the biggest one of the day – [Welch] As I said, everything's a competition, so, the nice thing about having the camera there is that we got the pre-tournament meeting, so then we could see the tournament, have the post-tournament

Because the rules as you saw kind of changed throughout the day, but the camera's gonna vindicate that I won and pretty handily, I think I even took about a two hour break at the end there – According to Welch he won, according to Big D Ol' Derick, he won, according to me, I think for time spent fishing I won So in my mind I was the champion of the day for sure I mean I could have finished third, but I did drive the boat all day Getting to go fish with two of my best friends and go out with no pressure, absolutely no really no targeted species, it didn't matter and to just go out there and talk the smack and just get out to that blue water

I love getting out to that blue water, I mean it's my favorite place to be I've always told these guys, if something happens to me, you guys take me to the furthest floating rig out there, go tuna fishing and then on your way in just kick me over, dump my ashes out there by one of those platforms There's no other place I'd rather be than 100, 200 miles offshore – [Narrator] Find out how you can support Bass for Salt and let your representatives know what you think about the sport you love Go to bassforsalt

com For any additional information on this show, or any previous shows, visit americanaoutdoorscom (dramatic music) Americana Outdoors is a CarceoTV production

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