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A Louisiana Saltwater Marsh Adventure

(gentle piano music) (music swells to upbeat orchestration) (funky blues guitar music) – [Voiceover] Venice, Louisiana, redfish capital of the world Wade and some of the Cabela's pro-staff have wrapped up the Cabela's Partnership Summit, and now we're takin' the few extra days to fish the bountiful marshes of Louisiana

– [Man] Louisiana marshes are a great favorite a great passion of mine, a great destination for me every year I love to get down there And when I have an opportunity to go sight-fishing or somewhat sight-casting for reds, I absolutely get so excited And that's why when I'm running in the marshes or I'm casting and looking in the marshes, every turn of the head, every direction I look I expect to see one floatin' there And when you're doin' this sight-fishing techniques in and around Venice, you know a lot of times you're looking for shadows, you're looking for shapes, you're looking for color changes and stuff

It's not always the prototypical tailing scenario that you see here that you're dreaming of It's just targeting a spot or movements or things that look like that redfish And there's so many different ways to do that when it comes to being a fisherman Whether you're throwing, you know, soft plastics, whether you're throwing spoons, whether you're tossin' top-water baits, whatever it may be out in front of 'em When you get one to turn on it it's an instantaneous strike and reaction that leaves your mind boggled and excited and always lookin' for the next one

– Ohhh yes! (laughter) – That's a big 'un there (chuckles heartily) – Now that's a big 'un, you want me to net him? (laughs) – How am I gonna get him if I never get him up? (upbeat jazzy music) – How pretty is that? – Ow – Awesome – Man That'll catch you off-guard when you just

We're kinda up here looking for 'em in shallow water And I was lookin' up there on the bank, just threw kinda out in the middle of that grass and reeled us some spinner bait through there and I mean, Hey Chris will you get the pliers? – Yep – Get this grass off him

Man, what a beautiful fish (underwater sounds) – Whew! Time for another one – Let's get this done – Turn me into a caravan, that one there was so pretty I couldn't resist gettin' some shots a him – [Jeff] That was a pretty one there

I mean that big ol' orange color, it never gets old I love that color of those – You know the only problem with that? – What's that? – You'll probably be in trouble cause that was a keeper – Oh, was it really? (laughing) – Oh, he is going to be mad at me (laughing) – No deer camp food

– [Jeff] You know one of the greatest things about going to Louisiana is the ability to catch keepers and fill your freezer, in my opinion That's one of the things I look forward to The summer-time aspect of it is going on down there and catching those keeper-sized reds Typically you're going to be catching those inside the marsh and we're taking 'em back and we'll cook 'em at deer camp, right in the middle of deer season You know, be out deer-hunting and come in great fish-fry after some cool deer-hunts right there at the camp

So, anytime I get a chance to head to Louisiana and look at fillin' my freezer, I'm always excited about that You know when you get in a shallow-water fishing situation and you're trying to spot the fish, you're trying to look for holes in the grass, you're trying to look for targets and things along those lines When it's cloudy it makes it very difficult to be able to find success to be able to see those fish So you know, you're trying to get that sun at the perfect angle, you're trying to block some of that wind while you're looking and while it is hunting in it's purest form sometimes it can also be frustrating – So I mean you got like, 30-seconds to look then the sun goes behind the clouds

– Well the wind is hurtin' it too It's as bad, in sight-fishing you got wind like this make's it real tough – [Jeff] Yep – Thing about it is you know there's several hundred swimmin around out there It's just a matter of spotting one and gettin him in front of you

– [Jeff] Yep – There's so many marshes in Louisiana All over it can be we go fish and do this, you don't have to have the biggest boat in the world, that's where some of the aluminums play a big factor – [Voiceover] And when we return we'll see the newest Ranger aluminum boat in action All that and more on the Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook

– [Voiceover] The fisherman's handbook is brought to you in part by Cabela's, it's in your nature Yamaha Marine, reliability starts here And by Ranger Boats, still building legends, one at a time (soft rock music) – [Voiceover] Wade and the Cabela's pro staff are out here fishing in the shallow marshes of Louisiana Jeff Reynolds and Clark Wendlandt have decided to go out in a Ranger aluminum boat to see how it handles these shallow waters

– We're in Venice, Louisiana with my great friend Jeff Reynolds Just a couple of bass fishermen coming down here to see if we can catch some redfish Oughta be fun – Oh man is this place not off the chart? I mean, just all kinds of fish there's bass down here, redfish, flounder There's no telling what we might catch, but I don't think we care

– We don't care We're gonna catch whatever we can We're gonna haul 'em in, we're gonna eat 'em But the thing about it is, we're just bass fishermen and what we're here to see if we can do is, is use more or less bass techniques and see if we can figure out how to catch redfish – Absolutely

I mean this is gonna be fun It's heavy-line, the way both me and you both like to fish Power-fishing you know, throwin' spinner baits or swim baits, or something like that Braided line, big rods, force 'em out That's gonna be fun

– Let's do it The opportunity to go fishing with Jeff in Venice, to me, I mean, I knew it was gonna be perfect Put on top of that we're in the Ranger aluminum and that boat drafts really shallow I've had an opportunity to fish it a little bit in Texas in saltwater, and I love that boat It runs rough water really well

It gets really, really shallow – You know the aluminum line of boats that Ranger, just, I mean, unbelievable How shallow they float, the way they're built, the storage they have in them We have plenty of room for our tackle, our rod and reels, our cooler We had all the room we needed

It's just a great-built boat You'll see on the show, some of the water we were getting into, gets down to real skinny water, rows of cane everywhere, grass everywhere And to float that boat around in there and catch some of them reds, I mean, what a blast – There's a bull right there – Oh man

– You got it – There he is (laughs) – Dude, he knocked slack in that thing and missed it and then came back and got it (laughing) – He hit it so hard – Jeff swings his spinner bait up there, shallow cane I mean perfect, and one just smokes that spinner bait

I mean, smokes it And when I say smoke it, when he bit it he moved so far, Jeff thought he missed the bait and he's sitting there reeling trying to catch up with him – I mean you're kinda at their mercy when you hook into one of these – Hey, it's a good one Aww

(laughs) (soft rock music) – You know Clark, I mean you could come down here with any type of tackle and do this Bass tackle and your rod and reels works fine But it does make a difference to be equipped right To fight these big suckers, cause they, you've got to have a reel that's got the good drag on it And a rod that can handle it

Look at that, it'nt that pretty? (chuckles) – That's a start – Ow! Did you see him bite me? – Best get yourself a pair of pliers too cause you will use 'em a bunch – Look at that That's awesome man – That's a good way to start the day

– It's a perfect way – Hey, when you been out here for 10 minutes and you catch one like that you kinda know it's gonna be a good day – Oh yeah (laughter) – He gonna be over – Agh

– We're gonna have to let him go – That's hardly the case, for me, is catching them to big but, hey, it's still fun Mr Red, I appreciate it buddy He still had plenty a fight left in him

Usually these things fight so hard they wear theirself out because it may take you five or ten minutes to get one in It just depends on how hard they want to fight But a lot of times what you wanna do when you put 'em in the water, grab 'em by the tail and just like let 'em swim around a little bit help 'em swim around a little bit till they get going and they'll take off theirself like you seen him do He just I didn't fight him long enough – You know these baits I've cut these last couple on is just a big-bite baits is what they are and it's just the small king-thumper and I mean they get tore-up pretty good but, the thing is they're so soft they have a lot of action And I never mind sacrificing baits, to catch fish It's just the price you gotta pay for soft baits

You go through a lot of them, but, they catch fish That's pretty much it Throw it out there and reel it in and hang on – Alright, I'm ready for another one – Let's do it

– [Voiceover] More action from the marshes of Louisiana when we return, here on the Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook The Fisherman's Handbook is brought to you in part by Garmin, fight your fish, not your fish-finder Bradley Smoker, food smoking made easy Engel Coolers, a legend in reliability Sawyer products, we keep you outdoors

(rock music) – [Wade] You know one of the most awesome things about fishing in Venice, Louisiana area is basically, frankly anywhere in Louisiana, is the opportunity to get in those marshes and catch keeper-size redfish I mean those marshes, when you right pond, are absolutely teeming with them And what we do with them is basically we're trying to get a few keepers to put in the freezer and bring back for hunting season when we'll have some giant fish-frys out around the deer camp That's a big passion of ours and it's something we look forward to doing fishing-wise in August and then enjoying them come November and December So Jeff and I literally are trying to get out into the marshes as well as David and Clark and fill the freezer on this type of a fishing trip

– Uh oh, fish on! – Get him on that line – Must be a bass – No that's a good red – Good red, dinnertime red – Can I net him for you? – Yeah, he's a good one

I can get him Jeff – Sure? – Yeah Lot on the boat's slip and go This is where we got our bites the other day Come here marsh redfish, oh look at that

That's awesome Come here buddy, ah yeah, look at that – Good one! – Oh it's so fun down here in the marsh That is very enjoyable right there I like to catch them bulls and I like to catch 'em in the marsh

Thank you Mr Redfish – Catch him on spinner-bait? – Yep, on spinner-bait Just lettin' it pause down there, fallin' down in there and he cracked it Twenty-four, bout perfect eatin' size right there

We'll take him home to dinner That was fun, you know when you get out here in this marsh and you get a look around back here it's like your kind of at the end of the world, it's a paradise! And it's one of my favorite paradises to go fishing when you can get in the marsh and you get to see all the wildlife and everything that goes on and come in here and just cast around and go fish Sometimes you can sight-cast 'em sometimes you're blind-casting in the cane Right now we're fishing a way outgoing tide you can actually see it on the Garmin where the tide shows you how fast it's falling You get all the grass in this area I mean, when you hit the right little hole and flood it up bait-down, nothing about it

– [Wade] I mean you never know when you're in Louisiana when you're gonna be in three-foot one minute and two hours later it may be six-inches of water when the tide falls out And if you're somebody like me that don't keep up with the tides, you can get stranded in a hurry – What we're trying to do right now literally in this marsh, is monitor what the tides do in it You can look it up at different places, we've actually got it on our Garmin so it tells us the exact date, what the tide's doing where we're at You can actually always look at it and see exactly where you are for that day's tide

And right now we're on a fallen tide which should help clear this pond up back here and you know, how this tide falling out will funnel a lot of these fish through here and clean this water up where maybe we can sight-fish as the day goes on But, you know you look at that tool of that Garmin there and being able to see exactly what the stage is, when it's gonna bottom out, when it's gonna be a high tide, is such valuable information right at your fingertips for each and every day I mean, it tells you by the minute, for lack of a better Here's where you are on the tide – [Voiceover] Let's check in with Clark Wendvendt and David Walker as they seem to have benefitted from the falling tide as well

– He sure is – There's the other one too – Yep – Now he's fixing to get mad – Oh yeah! (laughter) – Yes! – Wait a minute though

– Alright Clark Tell you what (rock music) We would be pretty excited about this one That, that is a nice one And here we are Clark, doing a little exploring, I think you picked a good spot

(laughter) well hey, it's just covering water, that's all it is That's what we do in bass-fishing I mean when we find fish people think, "Well hey, it's rocket science" But it's not, it's covering water is what it is – Keep moving in there, you get rewarded

– That one we keep, you think? – I don't know, we gotta measure him – Yeah, let's measure him, that board's right there – He's beautiful – I think he's sunburned, put a little sunblock on him – He is twenty-seven and a half

– Nah they gotta be under twenty-seven – That's what he is, twenty-seven and a half Alrighty, here we go Great looking fish right there, and we're gonna let him grow up to be one of those forty-pounders that are out there (laughs) That was kinda fun

Think I'll do that again – [Voiceover] We wrap up our trip in Louisiana when the Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook returns The Fisherman's Handbook is brought to you in part by, Arctic Ice, we put the "cool" in coolers Bubba Blade, the ultimate sportsmans knife and carving machine Spro, sports professionals

– You know sight-fishing for redfish I mean that's a huge passion of mine And if you've ever done it one time and you seen one redfish react to it it's something you'll wanna do time and time again In the marshes in and around Venice are perfectly set up and situated for that type of fishing There's gonna be areas where you're gonna find clean water, you're gonna find areas where the tide may have muddied it up or the wind may have changed it So you're kinda bobbing and weaving you're covering a lot of ground looking for the right location

But when you can find the right little pocket it might be a dead-end canal, it might be the back of a little pond, it might just be a little point in one of the big ponds there When you can find a location that's holding a lot of redfish and you can see 'em floatin out there, and you can make a cast that has one of those big reds turn and react to the bait, you're hooked for life – There's one – Get on big guy (jazzy blues guitar) – Get a net on him? – I got it, he's a small one

But I think he's a good eater – I tell you that's half the battle right now (chuckles) – Heck yeah Such a fun bite, they knock so much slack in your line when you're reeling through there – Boy they do

That is fun I'm a cane thumper Well we we're hopin' to get in here and sight-fish some of these, but as you can see it's lot a clouds, so should check around hope we can catch one – Only thing about down here you're gonna wanna hydrate every time you go out We'll take a case, case and a half of water fill it up in our cooler, throw a couple Arctic Ice in there, that's kinda the way we prepare for a full day on the water

When we go out, throw some snacks in there I got some leftover hamburgers that Angie made earlier for us That way we can make it an all-day trip and know everything's gonna be fresh and cold – I tend to always end up in Venice, Louisiana at least one time each year And there's a lot of great reasons why

It's widely regarded as the redfish capital of the world And that's a well-earned and rightfully so title because it's just an area that for whatever reason the redfish call home – [Voiceover] That'll do it for us here on Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook, we'll see ya next time (easy upbeat music) – I think they'll be back there in the back Sometimes when you're fishing with your friends you gotta take a break and let him do all the work

He's drying up the troll motor right now look at him he's getting all the grass off of it But, I'm back here enjoying a drink I kinda feel bad, but, not really

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