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漁樂爽報(Fishing Fun News)第四集 夏日瘋釣蝦 後傳 看片送釣組

I am running a shrimp competitionㄟ Ke Jie~ We don’t know if we don’t know right~ So you are going now Start hosting this shrimp competition? Correct I should have been there Time is up So the time of a game is probably What team is on my right hand side? What team is on my left hand side? Let’s take a look at each team’s team call

Ake, this is the owner of our crazy fishing shrimp boss Wang Hello, Wang Ge Wow~ Wang Da Ge, you are crazy about fishing shrimp Because he is also famous in the cooking industry~ So we made a special trip to ask him to come to the store to help us make Thai shrimp dishes~ With all kinds of hot stir-fry~ So will someone Don't fish for a special trip to eat here? There are some ~ many are dedicated to the name ~ Dedicated to mad fishing shrimp~ dining here So fishing shrimp is also a labor-intensive job? It’s okay? Because I just saw below that everyone has been pulling Then I’m hungry~ just come up Have a fine shrimp dish~~ Ah, then they are after fishing~ Just use our oven Then or ask our kitchen to make a variety of special shrimp dishes~ Is there Azhego~ What kind of shrimp dishes are these? Generally speaking~ We went to the shrimp farm~ I just ate it~ Very common is pepper shrimp Otherwise, it is like the shrimp in the carbon roast that our brother Wang just said~ Like ours~ The difference is ours~ Because this may be eaten outside~ but the taste must be different~ Why is it called Jinsha Shrimp~ Because of the relationship between salted egg yolk~ Salted egg yolks have to be steamed over and then chopped with a conditioning machine Go down and fry~ In fact, the content of this work~ I know what you mean~ What you mean is~ Ok, then I have to give it a try~ Don't be polite~ You don't move chopsticks like this~ Then let me try this golden sand shrimp first~ The smell of the whole egg yolk spread out from the mouth~ Is there a novel like Qiong Yao? Hey~ Is Ack saying this? This road should be ~ hackers like it~ Then I will try to see this garlic shrimp

Is it as good as Wang Da Ge said? Like I usually don't dare to eat garlic~ Just have this dish~ I dare to eat~ Ah~ Yes, because most people are afraid of this taste~ I dare not eat it~ Wow, this big prawn is really amazing~ Wow~ show it to everyone~ Full of shrimp paste~ It’s the smell of the shrimp paste~ it’s so much that people can’t stand it~ I am eating first Wow, this shrimp paste is really a lot~ So the average person is pursuing the shrimp paste of the crab~ Especially this is the big male shrimp~ its meat is also very elastic~ So do this garlic Thai shrimp~ The shrimp public has a way to do it~ right This is our chef's most confident ~ the best Not grabbing Green Island~ It’s here! It’s right to cook garlic and shrimp This is the big branch of the big one~ It turned out to be like this~ it turned out to be like this~ That look is also very powerful~ This is when I was an apprentice when I was young~ Stealing the master's effort~ You can try it~ Because this is generally the so-called Thai shrimp ~ It’s just that people have already deployed well~ Thai sauce goes down~ Ready-made~ right But we want ~ Can have such a sauce~ So this Thai cuisine of Thai shrimp~ Not ready-made~ Not not~ This is not ready-made at all~ you can try it~ I will know if I eat it~ because I am also a fan of food~ Because when I just ate it, the feeling was ~ That taste is really from ~ Its spicy ~ stamina ~ will come out ~ So this one likes to be a bit spicy~ a friend with a bit of acid is very suitable~ Very suitable ~ because this is more suitable for girls~ Then can I ask a question? Mai An pinch a total of Mai An pinch ~ In fact, girls like it most~ You are welcome, eat and eat~ 斗ㄟㄟ阿~ See our master Azhe~ Laughing so proudly~ You will know~ These hand dishes ~ definitely not so simple~ Come to this crazy fishing shrimp ~ fishing shrimp farm ~ in addition to the must-try shrimp dishes ~ These are also recommended by Master Azhe~ After a full meal~ It’s time to take care of it~ the shrimp situation in the shrimp competition~ Wang Ge~ I found out~ Yes~ we are always trying to promote this part~ So we were designing this pool~ there is also Design this for the situation to be contested Yes~ Because it is like the venue of this Wu Guoyu competition~ Did you see the red line in the middle? That is for the competition to set up ~ Preventing fishing through the world~ What team are you in Taichung~ Come ~ left hand side~

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