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漁樂爽報 (Fishing Fun News) 第一集 鼻頭角狙擊巨毛

Today came to the northeast corner fishing ground in northern Taiwan~! This is a first-class theater Look at me behind Digging ~~~ Is it very lively? Tell everyone today about a good player in our field

We welcome Jie Ge~!! Cheers ~~~~ Jie Ge It’s a little dangerous to do fishing here today! Today’s winds are quite big If you do fishing here Really pay attention to safety Because of the fishing area of ​​the nose More special If he is too big, it is very dangerous Because he has the so-called swell ~ (mad dog wave) Probably a few levels of waves~ Wind ~ or weather More suitable for fishing here? Is it less dangerous? In fact, Wenglu’s words If the wind and wave conditions are below 15M for fishing, Relatively safe Meteorological report Under the gust of 56

8 It’s safer to do fishing If at If you go up, you have to be careful! Because this crazy dog ​​is Untimed~ When do you really want to pay attention? Because of the swell Is the topography of his seabed~ there is a fault When the waves arrive there Will suddenly hit up~ and so Sometimes you may see no waves But it suddenly hits a big wave So what I just said is just a reference In fact, when we go to the fishing spot Still have to look at the situation at the scene and make a decision If there is no way to catch, we still don’t want to fish We try not to fish! So can today's wave conditions be fishing? Today, this wave is a bit big~ But I see the weather~ I seem to wait for it to be repaired

Have a little repair If you do fishing today~ Maybe we have to pay special attention to it Might need Fishing for fish species What is fishing for fish? When the wind is too big, we may Limited implementation of the Antarctic shrimp bait fishing method Because the waves are too big, the fish will not be able to resist ~! Because the waves will hit and hit ~ You don't know where your bait flows and so Like this weather~! Like I often fish here Recommended algae fishing Algae fishing Keelung northeast horn algae fishing is very famous Looks like you are not a few years old I don’t think you have research on algae fishing Just love fishing~ hahaha Then I have to ask you about it today What kind of dish (seaweed) is prepared for today? Today, I am just right

This season happens to belong to the cabbage The season of growth, and the favorite of white hair So today, you may use your feet to make cabbage Is the cabbage prepared? No need~ We can pull out directly from our local area~~ fresh That's because it can be used for fishing time~about 3~4 hours Then we hurry to grasp the golden time to do fishing Ok~ go~! Jie Ge, these are what you just said The seaweed used by our algae fishing is right Is that going to help us introduce the types of these algae? If the seaweed is the most growing in the sea, It is big leaf green, which is universal type~ It’s probably all year round, but in summer Usually grow in water When the winter arrives, the shore There is a place where the first wave hits Usually grow up with green leaves, quite a lot When I came today, it’s really a lot, I saw it along the way

This is the most common ~ right The words of this ~ should be Carrageen – everyone look ~ grows very much like the deer's horn It's like a coral ㄟ~ but it's very Q It looks like it’s delicious I know this This is the moss that catches the Wu Guoyu This is moss~ but it is the moss that belongs to the sea This is edible This is also the staple food of black hair Algae fishing – every fish actually likes his food It's not the same~ Black hair prefers this~ White hair will also ~ Because it is like a buffet The beach is a big buffet and everything has it But you go to a buffet It must be the favorite to start eating is the concept What is this Le? This is the foot cabbage This is quite special Is this a place with fixed growth? Because I see some places don’t seem to be Like this season As long as it grows at the beginning, it will be in the first place

Very dangerous~ the first wave of places Very long on the stone~ This is also the main thing that is mainly white hair So if there are these You go to this fishing ground Have these algae That is the first choice if the target fish is white hair What about staghorn and big leaf? This is for fish species~ For white hair So today's target fish is big white hair So of course it is to pick the one that it likes best~ How do you hook this? To pick a slightly longer length Probably 2~3 leaves 2~3 leaves overlap it Put one leaf and one leaf After putting it together, after overlapping We use hooks Put it at the front end of the head Fold it in half~ Probably present this way after folding After a slight half turn, he was tight You will think that he is tight Then we push the hook back Pass him through the hard place After going through Will show that the food hook is very tight Tight words Start pushing the dishes up Push to the side of the hook Put the hook under the water to make the dish look natural

If you go to the white hair, you will suck directly from the middle This is very similar to Lua’s hairy hook Lu Ya's method of binding the hook of the bait fishing method In fact, you see ~ whole dish He is like this on the water If the whole falls, He also shows this state in the water So the white hair will feel that the whole dish is falling off and then going to eat So let the tail go down So it’s after the dish is laid down by the waves The state in which he floats in the water Have you seen digging well? Jie Ge Then I have a question like we used to fish for Antarctic shrimp

He needs to hit the ASA bait Does the algae fishing need? In fact, it is also If you have some vegetables If it passes by If he sees the dish~! He will slowly catch up with the dish to the shore So you need to lure the fish in a tempting way How do you choose the seaweed for the bait? actually, I If you have personal experience, you will find the nearest shore It has the most variety of seaweed When doing fishing I will tear slowly on the shore Drop it to the sea to lure fish Then I will cut some seaweed to catch

To cut it into small pieces Then throw it down Sprinkle into the sea Let it be in a state of attraction The same as the Antarctic shrimp, the Antarctic shrimp is broken into small pieces But big fish may pick the biggest food when they come Go attack Then know how to use it, we can start fishing Ok OK Jie Ge~Opened Hu and opened the Hu Antarctic shrimp Is your dish yet? Hahaha Is the dish really useful? This kind of weather is really true Will definitely bite in the end I really bite when this kind of wave is big

That except the Antarctic shrimp, which is a universal bait I hope this dish can also play its role Waiting for you to see your performance~ Good to cheer and cheer! Jie Ge is like this venue Can you use Abo? Yes~ But for algae fishing Apo may be the side of the hook (seaweed) He is visually or There may be no way to float when the stream is in the belt So what kind of buoy do we want to use? I have a long label, I have a belt~! Is this ok? This is not good~ If we catch white hair, Usually under the white wave Too light This standard is very sensitive~ Why not? Because we need a little buoyancy in the Bailang District The buoyancy is a little bigger!! What kind of standard is more suitable Like this kind of comparison, this kind of standard This is a black mark

His weight is heavier Fishing is better when the waves are smaller Digging so rough, this buoyancy should be great Yep What about this? Dig this more rough ~ 吼 There is another standard called sugarcane buoy So these three kinds of Gege are long labels Corresponding to algae fishing What choice is there? Actually, it’s watching the fishing ground Wave The bigger the wave, the bigger the buoy is of course

It is heavier when it is standing still Its buoyancy is also relatively large So he presented the state when the waves were big Visuality will be clearer So it’s the choice of the venue to be fishing at the time If the wave is smaller, you can of course choose a more sensitive buoy If it is a middle wave, it may be this one So there is a bit of a wave like today

You can choose this buoy This kind of standard is more suitable Understand ~ Buoyancy is relatively large Hey~ Jie Ge's oversized white hair Cool and unpleasant? Cool and cool for a long time without such a HIGH~! Really awkward Jie Ge this size Is it OK here? Big? There are often bigger monsters here How old is it? I have seen 5~6 pounds at present Right? Right? It should be that I have no scale but it is bigger than the net I saw that there is no such network that is almost 50CM I just missed it several times over there

Why? Because the net is too small So if you come, remember to dip the net to bring a bigger one I was worried about you when I was in you How many numbers does your subline use? My sub-line has been disconnected with the 2nd Later changed to No

3 Change No 3~!! So If the white hair is really biting, is it not picking the line? Don't take the line for him That's just the weather today It’s just a bit of a cold weather It happens to be the favorite weather of White Hair And you look at his teeth Very profitable No wonder some people use white wire for white hair

But is it better to not bite? Because the bait is not so natural~! But using carbon fiber directly is of course more dangerous Pay attention to the fish So it’s just right to get to the lips It’s just not broken by it Good luck, good luck Are you using Antarctic shrimp? No

I am using cabbage Now this season is just the ground with cabbage Just take it beautifully, he will bite it So when I was playing bait, did you know what he was doing? He is pulling the dish next to him Then throw it directly into the sea In fact, it means the same as bait ~! I am very happy today, please come to Jiege to come here Tell us about the fishing ground of the northeast foot It’s cool~!吼? There are ~!

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