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கடலில் கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்ட 5 மர்ம உயிரினங்கள் | English subtitle | 5 unbelievable Deep sea creatures

Generally peculiar sea organisms live deep inside the seaLet us have a look at 5 such organisms

The Blob fish which can grow upto 30cms won the worlds most disgusting organism survey in 2013 This lives 3900ft deep inside the seas of New Zealand and AustraliaThe pressure is 120 times than that of the surface Though this looks disgusting outside water, it looks like a majestic fish inside the sea due to pressure deep inside With this, it protects itself from its enemies These Barrel fishes which live in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans have been gifted a power naturally

Its head is transparent and its insides have a liquid It has its nose externally Its eyes are present below the greeny thing Since its eyes can rotate 360 degree and its head is transparent, it can see anywhere without moving its bodyIt can also see in darkness The greenish thing above its eyes protect it from sunlight Most of us know that the deepest sea is the Mariana Trench In 2014, researchers who went to research Mariana Trench, found the worlds first organism snail fish, 27000ft deep

At such a depth, light, food and oxygen are scarcely available the pressure there is 1000 times than that in the surface It is surprising that how this organism alone can survive in such conditions Most of the whales in the world reflect sound and find prey using it and hunt them using its huge teeth But Baleen whale which lives 2000ft deep inside the sea has flesh instead of tooth and follow different method of hunting Tubercle organ present in these whales show them where the prey isHence it swallows all the organisms present Then small fishes, algae, water etc are filtered and sent out through the flesh It is to be noted that the worlds largest whales also hunt in this method If the most disgusting organisms are listed, then angler fishes will definitely get a good place This organism lives 13,000 feet deep inside the sea

It attracts its prey using an organ on its head Especially male fishes live in a different mannerThat is, after some days of birth they find female fishes using smell Then bites it and lives on it as a parasite for the rest of its life Female fishes are huge and several male fishes live on a single female fish Like, share and comment on this video And subscribe to Kollywood Talk channel Thank You

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