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Fishing with Yuri Petrash Hello friends, today we again urban fishing catching a predator from the shore and again amsterdam my first fishing was held she was very lucky I caught a few walruses and there were such individuals and decent size well, I caught every perch free minute now I want it here Today I chose the other shore rivers here either the bifurcation of the river some channel is flowing now we Let's start fishing and try here something to catch the bait that I will use is the one that showed yourself is best on previous fishing it was their words the eighth color by 10 grams here it seemed to me that the weight of 10 gram Well, probably the most universal to start trying the terrain and to look for fish but now we will start to catch earlier in all their programs of previous programs on catching a spinning from the shore I'm here always paid attention to the fact that when We catch somewhere off the coast, we dissolve in nature we go where there is no wow biting was where there are no people here everything is completely reversed about which there is a lot of people here many people on bicycles constantly there is a kind of water transport and this is like not something that does not annoy it's so cool well, maybe because I'm in this country in this city for the first time, well, that's the number of bites Now the first cast was bite Unfortunately, I have not been dissolved

could sweat but that amount of bites which gave me a last fishing here's this mix with a lot of people with beautiful city ​​is such a special pleasure very interesting I chose the first place for catching such a shore with a rocky fence and now after several casts To break off at the bottom are to me Now I will not change my snap from classic articulation and I'll do the montage that picks up last time The big turns on the success it installation which is called g crack for This we will need baits bites need all the hooks in This case this hook will be number 1 series 3312 and you need a sinker means For jig rig are used different forms loaded but here is the most passable it sinker that is used for a friend for drop shot in my case it's here shipped the form she has this form and she as if that's better than others passes underwater obstacles now I will assemble all this installation and we will try with using such equipment but more comfortable catching then we dress the offset hook look where he should go here is our offset hook and now attention as it is equipped in the final Finally we take the clasp dress on her Weights and here we dress separately hook and all this business button up and we here we get the montage that looks like it as follows, such mounting is better other passes any to me any hooks Well, we can so editing tempt fish or not, we can now make sure now after two casts has become it is quite obvious that but here very evil Here I am 100% sure that here a classic jack head or classical hinged mounting I would again stuck here though with obstacles but we pass easy therefore the choice of mounting in this case was very successful now I'm not too sophisticated with wiring do classic short step ladder Of course, a little bit differently in the water leads along with the bait well look for fish decline sticks out The first fish of today's fishing is micro about ponies and it is slightly larger than ours bait here and so 2 fishing with us open perch and how mega small but nevertheless he could not miss our bait sticks out but I persuaded another minke The first one I caught on X-Larva and then there were idle pokes well their glory can not just how would you say not to peck at her, that is, it was a small fish so I decreased to 4 grams of staged here is a 16 "dagger" this bait which collects even a peaceful fish such a mattress from the first cast immediately deeply swallowed so guys when the little fish well any fish here you put here's a 16 "dagger Despite its simplicity, here it is collects all the living things here is such a feeling that he makes a peck and a dead fish so if here's the bait middle size you have there are some single bites and you conclude that the fish does not large-scale immediately without thinking we come to this bait and she collects now I'll try to catch one more when I pulled this perch after him there was a second and that's it I want to catch now perch pecked at me not far away therefore so I do not waste time casting here a decent depth and 4 let's say so it is enough long therefore there is no sense to do distant casting fish in the legs especially as you see here is a stone beach that speaks of that some single stones are at the bottom and that's it places always likes and ships a clear perch but in this case, pike-perch while here no, because my they fame but the small perch responded and at ah-ah hurried I hurried this was blower that's right ear calls and when you call I repeat I repeat that here in spite of his habit after casting, I kind of let go of the cord for that the lure is vertically faster I went down and then start posting otherwise after straight stretched cord bait can be directly under shore then as for the wiring here here I am doing this very short and very sharp step that is length steps are about half a turn or can even a third of the coil revolution but here's another kid could not could not miss a small and could not so arranged that whatever size of fish especially when you catch in a new place is very interesting to find a fish to persuade her and when she lives on in another language, it's doubly nice there in my story begins our daughters line up let's go come on, come on, let's go now the main thing is not to hurry up, that is necessary quietly come on now we here he pulled a scoundrel here now we use that cunning wiring about which I told in several programs that is, the trick is that we will just quietly pull on with a few stops and when the most important thing will not go to hurry with cutting pull out of the jaws and it's straight for her more Quickly eaten up, you can see by the tip of us continue continuing get him out of his way come on, come on, come on so he caught up this is a record I can not even understand perch this is perhaps the record of our fishing here but nevertheless we made him eat our daguerre collect fish from each cast This is a special pleasure even small but we are now a little over harness exercise we will enjoy the bites from the implementation of bites and then We will go further and look on the embankment the fish are larger and while a little frolic with a local twinkle one more sailor a now bites went with every cast and I I'll put the bait a little larger will larva two inches and try in this stand to catch a bigger fish here say that we cook among people this nothing to say I do not know the tulip I can get to the ship and the most an interesting fish is not frightened now I will put their glory to two inches

it is slightly larger than a little bit larger and I hope that with her help I will succeed To persuade a perch is slightly larger if it is there he will definitely bite because he does not pecking at their glory but it's impossible look how she looks and so here we make the cast drop the bait release and starts to go off the cord until bait does not touch the bottom only it touched on we close the shackle and wait bite but in my larger it's something that I spoke here it would seem a little bit larger what a handsome man immediately handsome it would seem pieces of 10 in a row I caught and all were well very You put a little more large bait dos paws and immediately that's such a fighter we have in hand Here and so friends remember there is such here is the technique I used to use it on competitions if you fall for a good The bite of the perch is immediately increasing bait in half and half and almost always succeeds with this pack to gather the most large specimens abandoned release the cord the bait has reached the bottom and begin here Micro braces do literally there on 10 centimeters to 15 centimeters that's me it seemed like this wiring works a little better than just dragging that is here permutation of the bait here at 10-15 centimeters Here's another one yet another one and again not as small as it was on dager by less than the previous but nevertheless when we were fishing for a daguer of this size was not here you x-larva two inches now I want to put their fame is three inches but while I have courage is not enough because with each throwing a bite on the bite it free adrenaline which like me always saying it's impossible to buy you look what's happening you look what is happening what a kunya went simply bass guys I I can not anymore I'm more I can not put their fame three inches if now my courage will be important rewarded I will say to myself well done so we put a hook S57 at 4 grams Well, friends risk their glory 3 inches and see if it was done correctly our decision now I will show for scale difference between one larva and the second look how bold it is that bait such a feeling that 3 times more and so guys what happened on the lawn on their fame three inches I caught a little the perch got a bite and then went down on the Dagger 16 "began as a machine gun to catch perch moved to their glory two inches and after that the perch went much and now I want to put large in the ditch and I hope even bigger perch I catch oh good so we do the cast before us A cord and only then we cast an arch When the bait fell to the bottom and literally short suspenders to not picking up a load of high 1 that's trying from as if along the bottom of it along the bottom pull and wait and wait and wait for a long time I could not catch even thought the fish was gone and I decided to switch to classical larva two and a half inches and from the second cast a small okunek but caught the place here is interesting I can not for himself yet fully understand it is worth it or he migrates I got on his path because here such an interesting turn the bridge one river flows into another or some kind of channel, that is very It seems that there is a trail along the which he walks and maybe this one period break it is connected with the fact that well just a flock has shifted now we picked up a key not to a large perch and if here is the previous fishing with us it turned out that the key was x larva 3 sizes when catching pikeperch here with this bait we have no way was formed in the form of coins after all here walrus therefore the favorite was x larva two inches and now when it's clear how to catch this perch this place is enough for us there pleased we with this working set larva and two inch and 4 grams weight will go through shore along the shore and try to collect perch Of course it's very pleasant to study coastal fishing when around such beauty and the most interesting thing is that time from time glue a fish interesting observation spoke about him in in each country their own laws about fishing that's why it's good to fish Dutch you once paid 55 euros and can you whole year almost where I want to fish, but I'll admit once was in the hangar then there straight on the river is marked with areas where you can catch on spinning where you can catch Only overlapping and there are sites where you can not catch completely here in this plan can be said democratically now the most important thing is not to catch a duck The most important thing is not to catch the duck and not Catch something worthwhile height such that fish do not lift well, we will fight with problems as they were received was bite I think this perch Well, most likely it was a perch now we come up with such an interesting place now will probably miss some the boat opens the gate it can be be even a micro-gateway here at the opening of the gate we said good okunka good but why is it because we picked up the weight bait and wiring and can not perch not despite the fact that he is a foreigner give up your bait swim i I guess, that larva of the dragonfly which mimics our bait is really loved delicacy worldwide for such fish as experience sticks out here sticks out and this is ours a glass that is not can miss out on their fame does not matter what size x larva has the value of what size pike-perch Zander can never miss it their glory, no matter how he was like this or this one without a chance every time you come to a new the place is of course you and in anticipation of this exactly the point on which there is a fish well, before you go around unfamiliar places it is very important that you already there was such a set with which you sure this is how it relates harmoniously selected fishing rods cord Well, of course, what's hanging on that end cord Well, I just had a bite a good bite in all probability small fish because the fish did not usually sit here first fish beret very greedy, so I persuaded her that We are not very large size a5x larva two inches now I'm here weighted and use head 5 grams of okunka we let go and try to catch the next thing I'm talking about said if the tackle harmoniously assembled that the local fish bites on it just walk along the shore well, and look for parking places for fish one more okunek one more okunek well here, in principle, like everywhere else is held in small groups and there is far from everywhere because we have passed Well, perhaps somewhere in the area of ​​order kilometer was a couple of sluggish bites and all But they became in place where from the first the cast was a broomstick second cast fish third cast fish that is if the fish there is not how it will not pass by ours the words now here's the brother went points added such a small gateway and here is the place where I I'm standing here with a reason why here is cool local because here a reverse is formed try to persuade him in such conditions that is, it was just standing pond and that's literally in 3 minutes included, as it were flow I know these things are very responsive zander but how does the local perch react now we will check something after turning on the current he did not want to peck he did not want it to bite such a jet well, that a couple more casts and let's go further so the current calmed down and immediately a little from another angle pecked more one perch and bites are so bright here expressed pleasant can be said standard percussion here There are a lot of such married couples in age just enjoy resting in a place on the boat fights of course very well another one more ahs strong very strong vocals and size so good it would seem that here you walk along the canal a lot of similar places he is and somewhere there is no oh oh good baits good good my good this is for today's fishing bonus is a walrus it's just pike-perch which is also not misses when x larva just once would now here somehow stopped pecking okay and immediately followed by a powerful bite and not in spite of what their words small size is this handsome man just a beautiful fanged beautiful tooth If such a thing is now changing my father a troika may come up with a troika and I'll try to catch on purpose The walleye is certainly nice when you are already tuned to a medium-sized fish and then hop and small fish the only thing that I now probably weight 10 grams will be changed for a little less weight we will put probably gram 6 put a gram of 6 twins choke so what? sent our C grade to the same Here from the three of our worked here and our little trick worked and it's a walrus which we purposely caught on the third x lar is here and so are the friends sweet couple x larva two inches of them words to 3 inches Well today's fishing is now a successful I I will repeat two lures X-Larve two inches X-Larve 3 inches obviously this lure of the local fish to soul because I can not say that u fish high activity that is, here I am already at this point I stand 30 minutes and that's like pecking okunky and after I caught on a little their a good pike-perch as for the coastal Fishing put the top three and followed him caught another facts facts facts now here during fishing at me how would two pictures change when you just go and look for fish you admire new country new city as a new pond once get caught on a fish forget where you are there is only you and the fish you are bite-punching fight and as soon as there are 2 2-3 wiring idle you immediately you return to this beauty that is, despite the fact that in your consciousness changes picture and one and The second picture is full of nirvana and feelings of course magnificent, that is up to one nirvana is replaced by another super I have here on X-Larva 3 sizes here there were a couple of bites But this is no longer a pike perch already to a little bait I'm reluctant I'll switch to the middle version and here it goes current and probably the fish is now under stiffen so here I want to go to the middle option is that the average option is bait a 25 "dagger it that's just in my opinion is gold middle between X-Larva 2 X-Larva 3 This bait likes pike-perch of any size perch of any size Well, for now I'll change the bait I think что вот это вот временно сильное течение пройдет ну и мы продолжим ловлю вот еще один судачок то о чем я говорил поставил размерчик который подойдет и окуню из удочку и крупному окуню крупных muse fishing rod ваша палочка выручалочка dagger 2,5" прям под кустами стоит такое классическое красивое место ну и когда туда заходит приманка фанатик у рыбы шансов просто нет просто нет ой ой ой ой ё ёй в этот раз окунёк окунёк доджер как говорил тоже не пропускает вот еще один окушок нам сел то есть у нас рыбалка очень разнообразная сначала был очень мелкий окунь потом мы немного укрупнили потом нам влетел судачок половили судачка сначала покрупнее потом помельче сейчас опять окунь не рыбалка сказка так ну что ребята не думал что я это скажу надоело надоело ловить рыбу под вечер клев усилился и поймать рыбу уже не составляет труда вот мы нашли перспективное место вот и здесь но практически на каждом забросе идет поклевка как правило вот последний рыбы это были небольшие некрупный окунь не крупные судочки вот ну вот уже чувствуешь что вот как слишком избаловался сегодня у нас был прекрасный день вот он был очень разный сначала я долго не мог найти рыбу потом нашел очень маленького кулька ну и так он стал как бы в пулемет этого окуня пришлось потом откалибровать более крупной приманкой поднадоело ловить пошел ходил-ходил ходил там нашел а конь к там нашел окунька и потом среди окунька влетела уже не помню 2 или 3 ну таких как для береговой ловли хорошеньких судачка вот в общем сегодня у нас была очередная рыбалка в амстердаме она нам принесла ну максимум позитивных эмоций потому что ну ты смотришь вокруг все красиво все очень интересно люди ходят везде получают удовольствие везде много воды много пустой воды но рыбку найти можно ну рыбку найти можно и если у вас ну правильно подобрана снасть правильная приманка то вы обязательно получите удовольствие ну а с вами как всегда был Юрий Петраш до встречи следующих рыбалка рыбалка с Юрием Петрашем

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