Travis: Here we go Guys, what is up? Travis here with Lucky Tackle Box Barely hooked him And today we're using the Rage Tail Cut-R Worm by Strike King Lures Yes, great little bait We're gonna rig it a bunch of different ways Imma show you three ways to rig it so you can fish the wide variety of different types of habitat these fish are gonna be hiding in Summer bassthey roam all over the place They use grass, docks, rocks They go deep, shallow So you need a nice, versatile bait and you need to know how to rig it a bunch of different ways so that you can target those fish So guys, let's break down this killer summer technique with the great Cut-R Rage Tail Worm starting with rigging Yes Hey guys During the summer, I really have three different ways I like to rig this First one I've gotthe Rage rig and I've got a nail-weighted rig and then I've just got the regular, old-fashioned Texas rig and that one is pegged So first I’m talk about the Rage rig This is just a twist-lock, belly-weighted hook, and I like this because you canit's weedless and that bait falls more at a horizontal angle there and that tail just kinda flaps on the way down Then we've got the nail weight here This one, I go from threea one-sixteenths all the way up to a three-sixteenths weight So there's a nail up in the head of this right here Then I put a little O-ring, a little 1/0or a size one drop-shot hook right underneath that O-ring As I'm working this, you can't really work around grass because you got that exposed hook But any kind of chunk rock or any kind of gravel bottom, cast that out there and you just shake this and that little bait will dance right along the bottom Another good rig for the summertime And then the good old-fashioned Texas rig This is a three-sixteenth ounce, Tungsten bullet weight I peg it I'll go up to theall the way up to a half ounce if I want to, and this can be thrown anywhere! This can be thrown around corners of docks It can be thrown into treesa lot of different places to throw this bait It's weedless so you can really can't go wrong And as that bait's falling, that tail just thumps, thumps, thumps, thumps and it really draws aggressive strikes Last thing, especially during the summer, we got a lot of juvenile Bluegill a lot of juvenile or bait fish I will dip the tail of this into some kind of dye, like JJ's Magic here and what you'll get is you'll get a little chartreuse tail and really good at mimicking those Bluegill that those bass are really honing into right now There we go Oh, man! We saw that go down This bait was falling So I've got a, you know, Texas-rig pegs here and it was falling right by thoseright by that tree and all of a sudden the line just took off, and obviously it was a hot little bass This fish has some attitude! All right guys, retrieval The Rage rig, what I do is I cast up shallow or cast up on any grass lines and I just want to bring this bait out A lot of times you'll be able to feel it If you got this thing really dialed in, you'll be able to feel it kind of ticking along the grass, and it'll kinda get hung up every once in a while That grass will get stuck on there, and when you pop free, that's when you want to let that bait sit because it will just slowly swim down So it looks like bait just popped out into a hole or something, drops down, that trigger strikes Long castanytime you got grass or some brush piles or stuff up shallow, such a great bait to bring right over that and let it fall right in front There we go There it is! Right out of the tree When you get bit swimming away, reel down until that rod load sets up the hook and you're gonna get right in that nice little top of the nose there That's exactly that's the hardest spot of the fish That is not gonna get away All right, guys, with the nail weight, Imma let this bait sink all the way to the bottom and I'm gonna kinda just shake it on the slack line, because I want it on the bottom and I want it I don't want it laying on the bottom, I want it nose-down the bottom Looks like a little feeding Bluegill or some kinda little bait fish So as I'm shaking it I know it I'm hopping along the bottom Then every once in a while, I give it some slack and make sure that it's all the way down on the bottom, because I don't want to be just doing this, you know, a few feet off the water I want that bait really just edging along there There we go There it is Nice! There we go We did it So we just threw right up onto this tree here and just worked it down each little branch, hopped it down, hopped it down Finally got to the very end I was about done with my cast and I went to reel up and the line was actually swimming out to deep water, and that fish just inhaled it I always want to make sure people don't get intimidated by a worm being a little big I know a lot of, you know, beginning anglers, they want to use smallthose finesse-type baits I mean, this fish, just an average-sized bass right there and it actually it swallowed the entire worm So do not fool yourself This is a big, you know bigger baits will generate bigger fish, but at the same time you'll still catch just as many medium and small-sized fish as well All right now When I got the Texas rig, this is weedless There's really an endless amount of places I can throw this But when you're coming around these boat docks, you know, that arethis one's about 20 feet of water off the edge A lot of times these fish during the summer, they'll hang out in that shade way off the shore here and having this big ball right if front of you - I got that thumping tail - it could be a great way to pull them out from those docks So as I cast up, I want to watch my line, because I know that bait is really thumping on its way down So I'm watching that line If that line jumps, I'm gonna reel down and set into it Man: Same size Man: Good one Travis: There we go Oh, man! Just probing this around docks Kinds of little lay downs and stuff You just work this Texas rig and every time you hop that bait, that tail's gonna be thumping and it's gonna trigger these bass Buddy? Last, we're gonna talk about location In the summer, fish spread out In the early morning, in the evening, that low light, cooler conditions, they're gonna move around a lot But as that sun comes up, those fish are gonna look for cover or deeper water That means you've really got to study the shade You gotta look for any kind of shade you can find, whether it's docks, trees, or just going out to deep water and throwing out at points But when you fish a structure you're looking for those fish that are in the shade, you gotta make sure you take into account the position of the sun If the sun's on one side of the dock, the opposite side of that dock is gonna cast the bigger shadow and that's where those fish are gonna be hiding You don't wanna fish the sunny side of cover, because that's gonna be right out in the open You wanna fish that shadier area where those fish are hunkered down And believe me, when you find one fish there, there's usually gonna be more Use that as a good spot, because these fish, they go out and they're not feeding out there They're not competing with each other They go out and hang out their best little hangout position Like you go to the beach and hang out for the day or you wanna go to the busy beach with all those people around, so do the bass They go to that busy little dock, the tree in the water, whatever it is, they all hang out there Then as they go into feeding-mode in evening or morning, then they'll cruise back up shallow and do their thing So, once again, if you capture a fish, make sure you keep fishing that area a little bit more thoroughly And as you're working these shadows from different cover and structure, you wanna switch back and forth between these three different baits That nail-weighted bait is really good for that shallow, skipping it under docks and really working it where there's not too much grass and things like that But if you are casting shallow and there is grass or brush piles and stuff, that Rage rig's perfect to fire up and slowly drag off there and let it fall down in front of those kind of things Lastly, that Texas rig That can be thrown everywhere into the thickest stuff Out in front of docks is one of my favorite things to do this time of year A lot of people don't realize those fish will go out and they'll suspend in 30, 40 feet of water As long as there's a dock over them, they'll be 5, 10 feet below that in the shade You throw a Rage rig or you throw the Texas rig up in there and as it comes by, they can't resist it Your line will just start swimming off Reel down, set it hard There we go Here we go! More fish on the Cut-R Worm, baby! That's multiple fish out of the same little area right here in these little trees and stuff, guys, because once you find an area that's got fish in it, a lot of times they like to hang out in the same spots, because a good area, could hold a lot of fish Don't just keep moving down the bank Oh, and that's gonna be a way to end the video! Right out of that tree Nice, happy little bass Guys, the Cut-R Worm or the Rage part of the Rage Tail Seriesgot that great kicking action that you always can get from the Rage Tail Series by Strike King Just rig it up a bunch of different ways, because I know you guys all haveyou know, we live all over the country You got different conditions you're gonna fish All our lakes, ponds look different The fish do different things throughout the day and throughout the week and month, so you got to be able to adapt to those with different rigs and things So anyway, guys, I'm Travis with Lucky Tackle Box Throw us a thumbs up Comment in the section below, I always make sure to respond to all those And I will see you on the next video

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