I just got this baitcaster for Christmas it's really nice I've never used a baitcaster before so I've just been doing a lot of practice throwing it around that's the first challenge is just learning how to use it and then the big challenge is gonna be catching our first fish on the bait caster, so that's what I'm trying to do today hopefully it'll go well, if not no big deal I got a lot of useful tips on how to use a baitcaster from YouTube so if you're also a beginner I'll leave a link to those videos that I watched somewhere over there and yeah let me know if you have any comments or tips on the baitcaster well no luck with the bass or bluegill at this pond but Easter is coming soon and I want to make an Easter basket full of fishing stuff for my sister's boyfriend Terrence and we're gonna go fishing together later too, so I wanna make a cool fishing themed Easter basket for Terrence so we're gonna go to Scheel's and then Walmart and pick up the stuff we need and then I'm gonna make a full video about the Easter basket that you'll see on Friday The goal is to make this Easter basket less than ten dollars total because this is a budget show and ten dollars is a lot for me right now Scheel' s has a lot of really good cheap stuff sometimes so let's go see what we can find I hope you're enjoying the footage of catching crappie and shad that was cool the lighting was really bad so I didn't film an outro yesterday I'm actually filming this outro the next day I'm trying to pretend like it's the same day but I doubt that I'm fooling anybody anyway just go along - just go along with it Still haven't been able to catch bass so that is definitely what's on our mind going forward So the video of the Easter gift basket will be out this week and then next week hopefully there will be some bass fishing hopefully we're successful so subscribe if you haven't And I'll see you then, thanks bye!