Carolina Rig vs Football Jig: Which is More Effective? | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and I'm here with Hank Parker with another addition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank, this question is a good one It comes from Hunter Croak from Owensville, Indiana And he wants to know when it comes to deepwater fishing, Carolina rig or football jig, which do you prefer? Hank: I heard Scott Martin tell me the other day, he said, "You know, I just about quit using a Carolina rig when I started football jig, and I just found it to be so much more effective, and I can catch those same fish, and I feel like I have a little bit more control Well, I found myself a little bit shocked by that answer But then I started examining my own self

I used to fish a Carolina rig just about all summer long When I fished long, flat points, I preferred a Carolina rig Now I find myself almost always throwing a football jig So I think a Carolina rig can still be very, very effective And I think in real, real, clear water, you can use a little bit more transparent worm than you can come up with a jig

So I think they're applications that both work well But I find myself personally fishing a football jig more than I do a Carolina rig Glenn: Great answer I hope that answers your question, Hunter Thanks a lot for submitting it

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Learning which Spring Flies to use on the Poudre River Colorado (Slam Part 1)

hey everyone my name is CJ and I believe that everyone can catch trophy fish in Colorado I'm still learning how to fly fish but I hope that it'll be encouraging to other beginners to see my progress at fly fishing so today I'm challenging myself to a fly-fishing slam where I hope to catch fish on three different patterns of fly I got bites on a prince nymph so I went out and bought three different patterns of prince nymphs and I'll show nice pictures of them later but here's a box I've got three different patterns and that's the goal is to catch a fish on each one of those patterns so let's get to it I'm gonna start in this spot which has been the most productive for me so far and then we're going to move on and explore other spots Ooh this water is cold! I did it! All right, beautiful brown trout there he is, look at those colors! Wow Wow alright dude I'm gonna let you go don't worry Oh that was awesome, that was awesome! Got him on that psycho Prince Nymph that's awesome one part of the slam is complete all right I'm tied up now

Next fly that we're gonna use is a Double beaded Prince nymph so I'm excited because I did catch a fish on this fly the other day, so it should be easy right? Alright, let's get to it Nice, got one, oh he's coming towards me No! Aww he looked pretty big, he got off

Wow that's okay nice got one on, go one on its taking me for a trip Nice! Nice, nice, nice! oh oh that's a good one Wow, Wow! Come here dude, get your head up Get your head up, yeah I know come on I know yes nice brown trout! my heart is beating so fast oh my goodness why do they have to scare me like that? Look at that nice brown trout double bead prince nymph right there Alright bro, I'm gonna let you go Mr

Brown, Mr brown trout nice colors look at that nice fish let's let him go there he goes whoo and he's off Yes! Two out of three of the slam complete I missed a pretty good one earlier but that's okay I need to take a break and let my hands warm up because the water is freakin freezing We did it! looking good looking good very nice spots beautiful young brown trout There he goes, see ya dude

alright completed the slam that was awesome I'm gonna get out of the water a little bit it's still very early it's like 9 o'clock I have until 2:00 today so it's awesome that I completed this slam so early But my feet are very cold so I need to take a break I don't know whether my waders are leaking or not I think they are but it's hard to tell, so let's get out of the water and I'm probably gonna keep fishing hopefully if my waders are not leaking I just need to take a break that's all