Catch and Cook Catfish in Primitive Way

we find the river we will lok for something to eat this morning maybe we can find shrimp, fish shellfish or other let's find out I saw the fish there and I will come down to catch the fish to make it easier to catch fish, I will stem the flow of the river with rocks so that fish do not escape through this river flow river flow has been dammed with stones it is time for me to go down to the water to catch fish this is the easiest way to kill catfish cut the spine in the area behind the head the catfish will immediately stop moving we can see there are banana flowers we can use to complement of our food menu this morning we will cook in the ground by digging the soil and then using the leaves to protect the food so as not to be contaminated soil After that add vegetables, fish meat and other ingredients to be cooked then cover with leaves and soil then light a fire on it

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Easy way to tie SANTEE COOPER RIG For Catfishing and Bottom Fishing

Hey, Guys Ivan here with the Missouri Agitater channel Today I'm going to show you

How to tie a Santee Rig or Santee Cooper Rig Pretty Easy rig to tie and it's a very effective rig in Catfishing and Bottom fishing What I have got is my flat no roll sinker, Bead or rubber bumper stop The rubber bumper stop works better then the bead But I am out of rubber bumper stops right now

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