Oeana at the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo: Testing for Mercury

Jaqueline Savitz>> Oceana came to the Alabama Deep Sea Rodeo because it was a great opportunity for us to sample a lot of different kinds of fish all in one place And it's a real win-win opportunity for us because the anglers are actually out there getting the fish for us, bringing them in to us, and we test them and we can provide the information back to them

And we're hoping to fill some data gaps here We're looking at some fish that haven't been sampled as frequently, that we don't have that much information on, and also looking at some fish that we do know a lot about that we think might be high in mercury and try to reinforce that data And once we do that, we hope that we can inform recreational anglers and fish in the gulf of mexico so that they can make informed choices about what they eat, what they feed their families, and maybe even what they go out looking for