Freshwater Drum Fishing in Lake Winnebago (a.k.a. Sheepshead)

What's up, everybody It's Tiefsa

I am a place where I've never fished before even though I've lived near Behind me, that is Lake Winnebago I lived in Oshkosh during my college years, but I'm not actually in Oshkosh I'm in Fond du Lac and you see that? That's the mouth of the Fond du lac River Now there's a lot of different fish that are in the Winnebago System, but I'm not going to talk about that

I don't want to jinx myself Just wish me luck as I try to catch some fish here in Fond du Lac Let's do it Oh, I got one Got one

What do I got? Do I really have one Oh, yeah I got a fish Is this a fish? Oh, there it goes Come on buddy

What are you? Yeah! YES! Whoo, yes This is a sheepshead Yes Look at us you guys This is a sheepshead

Yes Whoo, yes This is a sheepshead Can you see this? I think I have to turn the camera around so you can see this better, but this is called a freshwater drum Now I got the sunshine So freshwater drum, I guess are all over in the Winnebago system

There, umm Not a lot of people's favorite fish because a lot of people like to catch walleye out of the Winnebago system and then they get like this really big tug, they end up with this on their line instead, a sheepshead is what they call it here but I think a lot of places call it freshwater drum This is what it is Species number 20 Yeah yeah yeah! let's let it go all right Come on buddy, you're a scaly little thing

All right There it goes So I actually have my carp rig for this freshwater drum, cuz I guess they're bottom-feeders, ooh a fish just jumped A little one So here's my weight and then I run a line and I'm on a three-way swivel, very little line to the weight

then I get a long line till my hook it's real similar to a carp rig, if you will, and then I just have a hook with some worms on it and that's what caught me a freshwater drum, See Just cast it out Let it sit there, and then when I saw the tip of my rod going to doing-a-doing a-doing, I picked it up and set the hook and yes Oh River rig strikes Ooh, this is bigger Oh Whatever this is, is bigger Oh, catfish

Yeah Whoo, catfish Look at you channel cat, that's awesome All right, wow he's feisty Look at this channel cat

yeah we're catching fish here Let's let you go channel cat Whoo, you're a feisty little guy You fought hard Good job

Oh, no ! I guess I'm going in Oh well That happens Something little Yeah! Hi, Perch Here's the Wolf River rig if you're wondering I caught a perch today and the channel catfish that made me fall over on the Wolf River rig, so here is the swivel and then it's got two lines going down, and you notice the hook is here and then you gotta keep going a long way till you get to the weight, so see how much longer that is, so here's the weight, here's the hook, and the swivels way over here

It's about two feet, two feet off the bottom and that's where the worm or your minnow or whatever sits on the Wolf River rig, so it's doesn't actually sit on the bottom, and that's where I caught my catfish and my perch on Apparently the sheephead, the freshwater drum like it all the way on the bottom, just like a carp, all right You can lip these like a bass Look at that Hey

Yeah Got another one I hear these get really big, but I'm catching the dinky dinkers I can't even tell sometimes if they're on my hook, but another drum on the bottom rig, whoo! Well it's about time for me to get out of here It's getting windy

I can't tell if I'm getting bites or not Now it's time to clean up Thanks for watching As always, click all the good buttons You know, do all the social media stuff if you can

Yeah! Species number 20, you know it Give me a number one, you're number one, YEAH! See these This is milkweed, all right Milkweed is where monarch caterpillars live They actually eat these leaves, and then when they get big enough they make chrysalis and turn into a butterfly and fly away

We actually raised them, and guess what I saw, so here's a little milkweed, these are bite marks, let's see I swear I saw one Right there Right there, that little weasel you see it That That my friend is the monarch caterpillar, and I'll be taking it home so we can raise it into a beautiful butterfly!

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