How to Make a Catfish Lure

so today I'm going to show you how to make a catfish lure these lures come in many different styles and you can customize them to make noise or vibrate using beads blades or special made rattles there are several manufacturers that make catfish lures and usually they will run between five to seven dollars for a pack of two so for step one to making a catfish lure you're gonna need a circle hook I recommend using a three to a five on circle hook for channel catfish and if you're going for big blue cats or flat heads using a seven to a night on nine the next step you're gonna need some twenty to forty pound mono line anything less than twenty and your lures probably not gonna hold up very well especially if it bangs across rocks and and brush and things like that and anything greater than forty pound mono is really it's kind of stiff to manipulate and just difficult not to say that you can't make one with greater than forty pound mono it's just it's a lot more difficult not we're gonna need a tie it's gonna be a what we call a knotless knot so if you never tied a knot let's not before that's okay it's very simple you just run your line through the front of the eyelet hold the line to the back of the spine of the hook and then wrap it five to eight times three four five six I'm doing six okay anything less than five is really too too few anything greater than eight it's just a little excessive next thing you want to do is take the end of your your line and run it through the back of the eyelet and just pull it down snug your finished result should look like this next thing you want to do is cut the tagging off so you don't have an excessive amount of tagging hanging off the edge of your hook and in the third step we're going to start by placing a bead on our line followed by our float followed by our second bead if you want you can add blades more beads or even rattles at this point it's it's compiling up to you in the final step we are going to attach a swivel to the end except we're going to give it enough room to so that the floats and the beads can slide up and down and make some noise and the terminal not we're going to use is is a nod of your choice so I'm personally going to tie this with a polymer or not just feel it simple okay but you can use an uni or or a prove clincher or whatever you want to use once you tired the terminal out of your choice snip the tag in off and your bait is complete and that's it it's pretty simple if you like this video if you wouldn't mind dropping alike if you have not subscribed to my channel I would greatly appreciate it if you did subscribe we'll see you next time you

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Saltwater Fishing: This Lure Hack will catch you more fish!

Woah! Two at a time! What's up everyone? Today we are in southern Maryland fishing with the Inshore Mystery Tackle Box Yeahh! Alright, let's take a look at this box, so at first I was a little bit iffy if I should get the inshore box or not because I didn't know if if the the lures would work for my target species but when I opened it everything in here is like, perfect size, and like, they would- it would all work very well, and, uh, this is the September box, they've got some good stuff in here like, like this Yozuri pencil pop– it's like a– this is a topwater right here, and Yozuri is one of my favorite brands

They're a little bit pricey but they've got it in here so I'm hoping to catch one on this today Look at that So what I've done with this one, I've replaced the back hook so instead of a treble it's just a single inline hook, this is great, especially when you're in one of those rockfish boils, or a fish boil, and you're catching one fish after another and you don't want to have to hassle with, you know, taking out the trebles out of their mouth So this is– this is good for easy release, quick release and you can just keep catching fish *birds squawking* Ah! They're swarming around Brendon! (Brendon) Whoo! Fish on! Got another one! (Oh my god!) (This is crazy!) Oh, they're still here

Oh, they're still here On, on, on! Whoo! Oh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!! Yeahhh babyyy! Ough! Yes! And another one! This Yozuri lure is the $#@!!!^ thank you Mystery Tackle Box! Yeah, this is my first time doing salt water kayak fishing, and um, that was freaking crazy! To be able to go out into the middle of that– that bird tornado! and then cast my lures into that bird vortex?! Whoo!! I'm still– my adrenaline is still going really hard right now, so, if I'm obnoxious it's because of that *Erin giggling* (Erin) It doesn't really get /much better than that /It doesn't get much better than that! Unless the fish were a little bigger! They're busting out there, we gotta follow them! Come on! *grunting* Fish on! Whoo-hoo! Quick release with this little single hook! This is why I love the Yozuri ones I've always got so much confidence in it Whoo! Fish on! Oh my god! This is f@#$% crazy! Whoo! Woah!!! Two at a time! That was crazy! (Got it) *Pppbt* Whoo!! One second they're here, next second they're gone This lure is the $#!@ ! This Yozuri Man It just works so well Mystery Tackle Box! Thank you for putting stuff like this in here! I mean, the Yozuri– this is one of my favorite brands of–of lures, and it's just got such great quality

Um, I'm glad that you guys have given me something like 2 or 3 of these already, um, in the past 3 boxes, you guys keep giving me Yozuris and it's really great Yeah Everything that you guys have given me works very well, um, and, uh, if you want your own Mystery Tackle Box, for yourself, I can get you guys a discount, um, just check the link below Did you have fun shooting that, Erin? Oh my gosh, yes Yes? We were surrounded by birds! Yeah, being surrounded by birds, like, in that bird vortex just every cast oh my god, that was awesome! I'm–I'm so pumped! And this is why I like lure fishing, it's– it's so adrenaline– there's so much adrenaline involved with lure fishing and Myster Tackle Box gave us this box and, um, and we're very grateful, thank you guys

There's so much adrenaline involved with lure fishing, and, Mystery Tackle Box gave us this box and um, and we're very grateful, thank you guys

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STATIC LURE FISHING Unusual Fishing Method You Don’t Know About🎣 / Unbekannte Angelmethode

This hier is fishing with a crankbait Stay tuned to learn more! Hey guys, how are you doing? Today we are going to share with you a very unusual method to catch predatory fish in a river on crankbait A bit of history first

Back in 1996 Tsetso started making his own lures that are now the Realwobbler lures, and he was fishing with them on the river And once he casted and casted but no fish was biting Eventually, he got tired and sat on the bank to have a short break He held the fishing rod and left the crankbait swimming in the swift current Suddenly and very unexpected a big catfish bit on his lure

A 30-minute fight followed and finally the catfish swam away with the crankbait But he gave a very good lesson to Tsetso He taught him a new method of catching predatory fish Tsetso started using it and was able to catch a lot of catfish, asp and chub this way We apply it today, and here's footage of how it works

– Kate, got caught! Go! – It's getting recorded! Come on! – Take the rod, I will record you – Okay, come on! – Take it out and pick it up! – Reel in! – Looks like a big one – She's not very strong – Bring her up! – Should I take her out now? – Pull her! – There – You have to go there and pull her

– I can take her out here – Don't break the rod! – I won't – She smashed it! – Should I pick her up this way or catch her by hand? – Go to the shore! – Unhook her now and release her back! – First we'll take a picture – Well done, Kate! – Good job! – Yes – Rather the lure and the rod holder did that

– Let's take a picture and return her – Come on! And back! – Hold her, do not let her go! – She's going – Nice – Well done, Kate! Is not that cool? This method is also very practical Guys, write in a comment under the video are you going to test it in your fishing? We are curious to find out

If you like the video, please give us a Thumbs up! Share it on your social networks with your fishing friends, so that they can benefit from it too Subscribe if you are new, Click the Bell to get notifications when we publish new videos! Stay tuned because new interesting videos are to come Thank you for watching, Tight Lines and until next Friday! Bye! The natural way of fishing

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HOOKED A MONSTER CATFISH on Handmade Lure/ Удар на Огромен Сом на Марица/ Riesen Waller am Haken

– Come on, Kate! – Wow! – Did he unhook? – Yes – At least he didn't tear up the line this time, right? – Yes

– He unhooked – Wow! – Such a monster again! – The hook is gone! – The one is gone, the other is upright – The ring is gone too – Wow – How big was he, Tsetse? – Very big

– Well done! – There was some action again – Come on – Let's go on Subscribe for more fishing adventures! – Come on, Kate! – I'm recording – Yes, I'm recording

– Again on this wobbler – It's the same, isn't it? – Yes – Champion wobblers – Well done! Like! Comment! Subscribe! Wels catfish 2 kg Caught on a handmade wobbler Realwobbler Retro Red Head

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How to tie a Non Slip Mono Loop Knot | Fishing Knot to attach Fly Lure or Hook

hey how's it going I'm one to show how to tie a non-slip mono loop a really easy way to touch-up fly to your line first thing you do is you want tight overhand knots keep that knot here in your left hand thread the hook with your right switch over pinch that overhand knot right there twist it around the main line three times and then pass it back through both the knot and the loop that was creative pull it tight on the tag secure the main line there you go super strong nice and easy loop a loop nut that will never fail you can trim the tag as close to you want if you find this video helpful please give it a like down below or subscribe to my channel so I'll show how to do the skin dry your overhand knot void in the right hand pass over the mainline three times come back through both loops pull tight secure off the hook turn your tags there you go hope you like it give me a like down below subscribe to my channel check out some of these other videos have it going