Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Approaching a new water | Danny Fairbrass | Free DVD 2018

One of the questions I get asked at shows probably more than any other is: “I'm going on a new lake, where do I start?” Whilst it's very difficult to answer that question at a show, what I hope to do over the next few sessions is show you how I fish a new lake This 45-acre pit behind me is in Broom, in Bedfordshire

I've been here a couple of times before I've got limited information about what's swimming around in here, so I really am starting from scratch The first bit of advice I can give you is let the carp tell you where to fish People think there's a magic answer with tackle and bait that means you're suddenly going to start catching them That is simply not true

You've got to get there early, you've got to do laps of the lake until you actually find them This place is an open lake, it's really affected by the wind The fish are quite young and they're not really affected that much by angling pressure, so they move around a hell of a lot and often they're on the wind, but not today We've got a northerly wind blowing, it's very, very cold and on my laps around the lake I saw from the other side of the lake, I saw a fish show off this point and then it showed again So that is the obvious place to start

Always try and get there early if you can They're going to show in the first couple of hours of daylight if they show at all If you turn up at one o'clock in the afternoon, you're just walking around with really nothing to go at So my first tip is get there at first light When I first arrive at a new venue, it's fish activity that really dictates how I should fish

So if all the fish are in a quiet bay and they're showing, there's heads coming out one after the other, then I'll literally plop three rods out, really light leads on, helicopter rigs so you can fish over any kind of lake bed with a pop-up on, and see if I can get a quick bite If the fish are out in open water, maybe they're not showing that much I've had the odd sign, then I would perhaps try and find an area out in open water near where I've seen the fish, establish a bit of a baited area, but still be prepared to move if that doesn't spark up So in this situation I'd cast around with a marker float and then with a bare lead just to make sure the area's clean enough I'd put 20 spombs of bait out, that's crumbed-up boilie and sweet corn, two brilliant baits for this time of the year

I'm using corn in my mix in this session because I know there's hardly any nuisance fish in this lake There's no real bream, there's a few tench, but they're not really a problem Carp absolutely love corn and if you're trying to go on somewhere new and get a feeding response out of fish you don't know a lot about, if you can get away with corn it is a massive edge I'm mixing it with crumbed boilie, just crushing that up in the crusher Again there's not a fish swimming that won't eat crumbed boilie

You put the two together, it gives a nice carpet on the bottom There's a bit of Canadian pond weed out there, so some of it will disappear into the weed, some of it will sit on top and it's a brilliant combination for this time of the year I've started the session with 20 medium Spombs and you would think it would take quite a long time to get my first bite, but to counteract that I'm fishing three high attract pop-ups over the top of it And what I've found in the past is once you put out bits and pieces, you can attract the fish in and if you've got something bright sitting over the top like a cherry on top of the cake, you can get a bite before they've eaten any of the loose feed at all So just because I've put that amount of bait out doesn't mean to say I wouldn't get a quick bite

Well, that didn't take long About an hour after putting the bait in and the left-hand rod is away Got the old Red Baron up there doing loop-the-loops behind us I didn't think I was going to get a bite as quickly as this to be perfectly honest, but it just shows you how the fish are responding to bait at this time of the year The water's well above ten degrees now

It's a mirror I'm just using past experiences The fish responded to bait on the previous session Daytime is such a good time in the spring for a bite The fish are so temperature controlled at this time of the year and as the water's warming up, they're starting to feed

As I've got that bite, the fish has charged across in front of the other rods and picked up one of the other lines So what I've done is just undone the bail arm, taken the line out of the buzzer so it's not constantly going off Having that slack line just enables me to get the fish in without a problem You can easily pull the hook out if you've got another line attached So it's a good little tip

If you're fishing on your own, you pick up one of your other lines, just open the bail arm, hopefully you'll be able to play it in, untangle the line once the fish is in the net Come on, in you come Get in that net Bosh! Got him Wicked! I always leave the fish in the net and get the rod back out as quickly as possible because you never know how long the feeding spell's going to last

It was definitely the right thing to do as the second bite came only minutes after the recast on exactly the same rod as the first I didn't rebait after the first bite and I think this definitely helped the second bite happen even faster The skill is reading the situation on each session and then deciding if more bait's needed or not What a way to start A 17-pounder, absolute stunner

The other one was 14 and it just goes to show, you put the effort in first thing in the morning, find the fish and you can make a big lake like this seem pretty small Proof of the pudding, they are responding to the bait The faster you notice patterns emerging on your lake, the quicker you're going to be onto the fish as they move around and what I've noticed here so far, I think because it's shallow you get action really quickly, find the fish first of all, get on them, get out reasonably quietly, put a bit of bait out maybe I’ve had a couple of bites really quickly on the last couple of sessions and then it’s gone dead Then the fish have turned up in a completely different area, nowhere near where they should be and I think they’ve moved off the angling pressure

So it’s worth really thinking about why you’re not getting action as much as why are you getting action Now it’s getting later in the day, I haven’t seen anything out in front of me I’ve been watching like a hawk all afternoon, haven’t seen anything in front of me so it’s probably time to bring the rods in, go up to the other end of the lake where I’ve seen them before and just see if they’ve moved up there quietly and if they’re happy up there, showing and stuff and then I can move on to them and maybe nick another bite The major advantage of fishing off the barrow is that you can move so quickly If the first thing up is your bivvy, then you’re sort of welded to that swim, and if fish start showing elsewhere you’re probably not going to move

But doing what I’ve done today and just having everything on top of the barrow ready to go, means that if they do start showing elsewhere, and at this time of the year the fish are highly nomadic, it means you can chase them around and get on them straight away I decided not to fish that night so my rods were ready to go at first light If I’d had rods in the water, maybe over bait, I’d be less inclined to wind in and cast at a showing fish This way meant that I made the absolute most of every show and when bites are hard to come by it can be the difference between a blank and a fish in the net The left rod went short where I’d seen the fish the evening before and the other two went long after seeing a fish just after first light, which is the best time to spot them

It’s really important to carry a different range of lead sizes because you never know the fishing you’re going to be doing, especially on a new water I can be dinking it out like 20 yards amongst loads of fish in shallow water or whacking it out, 120, 130, to fish showing out in the middle And having the Heli-Safe on makes the whole thing so versatile, you can take the lead on and off so easily, and it just means that you can get out a distance if you want to, or be really quiet in the corners at the same time It’s been out there about an hour now Pretty bleak conditions today and not a lot of fish activity as a result

One of the rods cast out, probably 110, and I’m wading out at least ten, has produced the first action from this end of the lake It just shows you how important it is to keep your eyes peeled and put rods where the fish are Get in that net Bosh! Got him! 16lb 8oz fighting machine and I’ve just left him in the sling for a little while just to recover It’s a good idea to do that when you’ve had an epic battle, just let them recover a bit in the sling and then let them go

And while this fish has been waiting, I’ve seen a fish show behind me on that bank where the wind’s blowing into, which is no surprise The fish on these big pits do seem to follow the wind really quickly Even though I’ve had a bite out of this swim, it’s time to move and make the most of the last few hours As usual the gear stays in the car when I got here at first light this morning Did a circuit round the lake, saw three fish in completely different areas of the lake, all off the back of the wind, but most importantly, one was off the point that we call Hippo’s Point now, that I started fishing at the beginning of the last session where you saw me

And what’s happened in between times, I’ve been back twice more One time it was bitterly cold even though it was well into spring We had minus temperatures at night, everything was frozen solid I’d chased the fish around for two days and managed to scratch one fish on a single right up the other end and then last time I came, the weather had improved dramatically and again the fish showed off that point, but more on this side of the lake where we are now I started off just fishing singles and then basically put some bait out to where I thought the wind was going to be blowing

It was a slow start but it just got better and better and for the first time the fish really responded to the bait and I think I had four takes in the first couple of days and then on the final morning, I had 12 bites I managed to snare three 30s in that session as well, which was amazing One of them I had to photograph on the mat because my camera had run out of battery and it really came alive and the fish really responded to the bait So even though I haven’t seen fish in front of this swim, this is where I finished the last session I’m fishing at exactly the same range, so it’s 80 yards off the bank

I’m wading out basically four rod lengths, so it’s 16 rod lengths I’m casting from here It’s just pretty nondescript out there, pretty flat, there’s a little bit of weed coming up in places but it’s fishable pretty much everywhere because I’m using that helicopter rig with the hook link sliding up so it comes to rest on top of whatever’s out there And I’ve started off with bait again because in the past, chasing fish around has produced bites, it’s a very labour-intensive kind of fishing, but I’ve not really built any sort of hit and that last session, the fish really responded to the bait, wading out, putting more bait out with a throwing stick and the bites are coming an hour later and it just built and built and unfortunately I ran out of time and I had to come home But with the wind blowing this way, it’s another northerly that’s sort of north-easterly at the moment, the same as it was last time I was here It’s still really cold for the time of year, but I would imagine although they’ve showed off that point first thing this morning, they tend to move on the wind especially as the day warms up

And of course in the spring it’s getting warmer and warmer all the time and they end up out in front of here So I’ve set my stall out, put a bit of bait out I put three rods out about the same range, two at 16, one at 17 rod lengths The furthest rod is the one most downwind, so basically the other two rods are shorter so that that rod can pick up fish as well, the other rod’s not cutting it off I’ve sprayed a couple of hundred baits over the top of it

Three little Mystic Spice pop-ups, that’s how we’re going to start, and if we see fish showing elsewhere, obviously I’ll move on to them When going on to a new venue, I recommend you stick with a bait that you’ve caught loads of fish on before In this situation I’m using a prototype bait that I’ve used for the last couple of years It’s a new one by Mainline, basically it’s suited to cold water but fishes really well all through the year The worst thing you can do is go onto a new lake with a new bait, never caught a fish on it before and when you’re not catching then the doubts start coming in – is it the bait, is it the spot, is it the rig? So when you’re starting somewhere new, go in with complete confidence

Yes! Come on Get in that net, get in that net! Bosh, got him! Even though I’ve had a bite, it’s still sharp so I’m not going to change it The beauty of this rig is I can put another bait on really easily and get it back out there again

I’ve just transferred the fish into the sling in the water That will stay out there until I get the rod back in position I won’t put any more bait out for the time being There’s enough out there to get another bite, but it’s all about now getting the rod back out onto the spot as quickly as you possibly can with minimum disturbance There he is

Rod’s back out on the money This one goes 20lb on the button Really good to get off the mark quickly and it looks good for more, the wind’s still pumping in here I’ve not seen any fish show, but this is all the indication I need that they are in this area Certain waters definitely suit certain kinds of bait application

I’ve tried spombing on here, crumb boilie and corn, a brilliant combination especially in the early spring, and I’ve caught over it and caught quickly, but I’ve not managed to build a hit of fish and I’ve often found that after a couple of quick bites the fish have moved off to another part of the lake, sometimes against the wind, and it just felt like I wasn’t getting it dead right In the last session the fish really responded to the same bait, the new bait from Mainline, the fibrous winter bait They were definitely liking that bait, but I was applying it with a throwing stick rather than the Spomb and it seemed like the results got better and better Being able to wade out 20 yards and throwing stick the baits out, I’m only having to go sort of 65, 70 yards then I can get four or five baits in the Eazi-Stik at one time, basically leaning into them

Because I’m out in the water and there’s a tendency to sky the baits where you’re trying to avoid hitting the water with a stick, so you notice my body is actually leaning forwards and I’m trying to throw them forwards as well as up and that’s keeping them quite low against the wind and stopping them coming back in my face Regarding amounts of bait, well, that’s really dictated by how many fish are in the lake So this is pretty unknown, this one I would say at least 100 fish, maybe as many as 150 I’ve been putting out probably a kilo at the start, and then another 100 or so baits after each two or three fish

But bear in mind, in a shallow lake like this, the bait makes as much disturbance as a cast and sometimes it’s better to wait and see if you can get two or three bites over a big spread of bait, which is what the throwing stick creates, rather than putting bait out after every single fish And also the time of year can make a big difference When the fish have spawned and they’re really hungry, the height of summer when the water’s warm, if conditions are good, there’s a good blow on, you can get away with loads of bait Springtime, it’s blowing a northerly, it’s not brilliant weather conditions and as a result you just need to hang back on the bait because you can definitely put too much in So it’s also worth keeping an eye on the birds

If you’ve got ducks diving in your swim they’re picking loads of baits up, it’s obviously still there, there’s no need to put more in If you’re getting loads of takes and the takes dry up, maybe it’s time to add a bit more So it’s a case of reading the situation, using the stock of fish to dictate how much you use and choosing a baiting approach that suits the water that you’re on Completely out of the blue, another bite A duck’s just flying over the top of the line there, just praying this one doesn’t come off

I had a bite pretty soon after that early bite and there was loads of weed on the line and the fish just came off When you’ve lost one, the next one you really need to get in Come on, big fella, in you come Yes! Get in! Yeah, what a pristine fish 26lb 8oz, big thick wrist to the tail, shoulders on him as well

I’m sure he’ll be really big one day And I’ve got the rod back out on the spot already while this one was in the sling and no bait is going out and that is absolutely key at the moment I put bait out after losing the fish earlier on and nothing happened until this one came along, sort of five or six hours later And it’s been all daytime bites, so I reckon I’ve probably scared the fish away in the middle of the day So three rods are back out again, no bait’s going in the swim and we’ll see if we can nick a few more bites on those rods before it gets dark

The Kurv Shank hook basically comes from a fly hook that my fishing mates and I were using probably about 20 years ago now and the reason we liked it was because it had a straight point and a really aggressively curved shank and an in-turned eye The problem at the time, they were bronze because they were fly hooks They had a round cross section so they weren’t flat forged, which basically means they’re squashed on two faces and I like that because I think it stops the hook from twisting inside its own hole Basically it butts up against the flat edge and I think it stays put better So when we brought them out, obviously we made them flat forged, and we kept the shape almost exactly the same

We improved the point, made the barb even smaller than it was already on the fly hooks and obviously gave them a very low reflective finish, which is very, very smooth, a PTFE finish, which penetrates really easily The situations I use them in, well, pretty much anywhere, to be honest The spinner rig that I’ve been using over the last sort of 12 to 24 months suits it perfectly and hooks it so well in that situation, sits up pretty much upright, but it’s just cocked over like a claw ready to grab the flesh I normally use a size 4 with probably a 14mm pop-up in that situation I’ve used it on various other pop-up rigs as well

If you’re just using a coated hook link and you strip a bit away near the hook and just have a soft hair, that’s worked really well for me with a little tiny bit of shrink tube just off the eye of the hook to flip it over and help it catch hold And then when fishing with bottom baits, I tend to use it either with IQ straight through, and the IQ D-Rig really centres around that hook, and then if it’s really snaggy, I move over to materials like the Hybrid Stiff, which is much more robust because it’s got a braided core I fish that D-Rig style again, tie my favourite whipping knot onto the hook first, then a tiny little swivel goes on, a Micro Rig Swivel, and then you’d simply tie on the knotless knot, making sure you go out the eye of the hook on the point side That is so important, that helps the hook flip over and catch hold And more recently, rather than using shrink tube to finish it off and help it catch hold even more, I’ve gone onto using the Kickers and obviously I use the one that slides most easily over the eye of the hook

I use size 2s a lot of the time when I’m fishing with slow-sinking bottom baits I like a big hook, I think it snags faster in the fish’s mouth, and the big hooks nowadays are still so sharp there’s no real disadvantage to using them and I think they don’t know it’s a big hook until it’s actually in their mouth And then with pop-ups I tend to use one slightly smaller, but still probably on the large side of the spectrum, so a size 4 most of the time, and again because it’s hidden underneath the bait where it’s popped up, I don’t think it’s as visible to the fish and if they’re seeing the pop-up before they’re seeing the hook, you’re snaring them So the situations I probably wouldn’t use a Kurv Shank in, if it’s hellishly snaggy or hellishly weedy I wouldn’t use a standard Kurv Shank There I might go up to the Kurv Shank XX, but for me personally I like a beak-pointed hook in that situation, so probably a Wide Gape X would be the one I’d go to, but for most other situations, I would use a Kurv Shank as my first choice

The wind completely died overnight and no bites came The weather man said it was going to blow up the other end today and that was enough motivation to pack up and get ahead of them Approaching a new water is always exciting I really enjoy the learning process and the getting to the point where you know you can catch every single time you go And the lead up to that point is so, so interesting, the learning curve is so steep, and to be honest when I get to a point where I think I’m going to catch one, I know I’m going to cast at that tree at that distance and I’m going to get a bite, then really the magic’s gone for me and I’m sort of going through the motions

So that building a picture of how the lake lives and breathes, where the fish show on certain conditions, and sort of second guessing them and getting ahead of them, that’s a real massive buzz for me Lovely There’s two big ‘uns just done that across the spot Just throw a bit more crumb in I can see there’s probably, must be 10 or 12 decent fish just out slightly further, but I suspect they’ll be back in on this really quickly

I’ve changed the rig from what I was casting out there basically because I think when the fish are in the edge, having a pop-up on is a little bit too blatant, the water’s very clear here I’m throwing in big bits of crumb, not little tiny bits of crumb, but bigger bits of crumb boilie; halves, three-quarters, quarters I’ve got a chopped-down white wafter on, which is a nice, just slightly different colour to what I’m feeding and that’s got the Buttercorn Goo soaked into it and I’ve moved over to a COG lead, so you’re picking the lead up from the centre of gravity, so very, very efficient hooker of fish I’ve still got the spinner rig on with a Boom hook link, probably about five inches long There’s putty in the middle of that to hold everything flat down on the bottom, no tubing because I’m just swinging it out, and a couple of bits of putty on the line just to hold everything flat to the bottom

When the fish are in close like this they’re very, very jumpy, and you want to pin everything to the bottom, use plenty of putty, and think about your hook bait If it’s too buoyant and it’s wafting about too much, they can just leave it We’ve seen that from the Underwater films But I’ve put a little bit of lead wire in it just to hold it that little bit closer to the bottom, trimmed it off so it looks like one of the chops, so it’s not just a round boilie, and we’re going to stick with that Hopefully manage to get bait out without the swans coming in and seeing it being thrown out, so hopefully we’ll leave the fish sort of unbothered and we’ll get a chance

Gotcha! Looks like he’s nailed as well Come on, get in that net Get in that net Bosh! Got him! Yes, success! Just under 12lb, this one A proper young fish, loads of growing in it, great shape and again success on that rig

So we’re going to put some more chops out, put the rod back out again and see if we can snare one of them big ones because there are bigger fish milling about at the back of the area In particular I love big lakes and this one at Broom is the perfect example of that It just feels wilder, you feel like you’re more out in nature and a big windswept pit, big white horses running down the lake, the big waves coming down You’re standing out in the water waiting to cast and getting blown all over the place, I just love all that Little lakes, I do it but I always feel like every time I tread on a twig or crunch on a bit of gravel, I’m just scaring them all away and every mis-cast is pushing them up the other end

Small lake fish seem to be very, very moody and very aware of human activity, whereas on big lakes you seem to be able to get away with more And it’s not like I had to fish out at long distance all the time, some of the spots here I’m swinging it in, literally, it’s under the rod tip and there are spots here that are 30 yards out, 70 yards out, 120 yards out So massive variants in the style of fishing that you’re doing, which I really enjoy I don’t like that sort of one-dimensional, I’m definitely going to be doing this and that only As my fishing’s evolved, I’ve enjoyed that I can do loads of different kinds of fishing on the same lake and it always keeps you guessing

Is that one? That was one just off the back of the spot, come on! That is going to go, that left-hand rod Also on places like this, obviously because it’s not really been fished properly, you never know what it’s going to be and I’ve had all shapes and sizes of fish It’s great for the future of the fishery because you’ve got fish from 3lb up to 33lb, so you’ve got loads of different year classes

Maybe there’s no 40-pounders in here at the moment, but for the future, this place is going to be 40 and 50-pounders and to be around here at the start is pretty special That show over the left-hand area was obviously at least one feeding fish getting on the bait and it wasn’t long before that rod was away Shows over baited spots on big open lakes are often a precursor to getting a bite Come on, get in that net, get in that net! Bosh! Got him! Come on! When you go onto a new water, mapping out the contours of all the swims is absolutely key, so you know exactly how many rod lengths it is to the bite spots I write absolutely everything down so if I come back on here six months later, I know exactly where to cast without having to put the marker float through the swim when the fish are about

And being able to cast a marker a long way is absolutely key I see a lot of people with marker float setups The rod’s too soft, the reel’s not very good, the marker braid’s too thick so it won’t cast a long way and it limits you so much So my setup is really balanced and it means I can cast a Drop Zone Marker Float 130, 140 yards into the wind So first of all the rod, it’s a Longbow DF X45 Spod n Marker

That’s coupled with a Basia reel which casts absolutely miles It’s loaded up with Marker Braid which is super, super thin, and to take the force of the cast I’m using a 50lb Arma-Kord leader and being that little bit thicker as well, it stops the marker float from tangling in the air There’s nothing worse than finding a great spot, you try and let the float up and it’s tangled and you have to start all over again The shape of the float is also absolutely key and you’ll notice the Drop Zone Marker Floats are actually fatter at the bottom than they are at the top and that makes them really, really stable in the air They’re also very, very buoyant, so when you cast a long way, it’s still actually pulling that braid as you’re taking it off the reel

The flight on the top is also key Very, very visible, you can take them off and change them for other colours So if the light conditions change you can always see the top of the float, but it’s the visibility that really makes it stand out from other floats Lead-wise, I normally use probably a 3oz lead going up to a 4 or 45oz lead if I’m casting into the wind long distances, and I’ll swap between either a Probe lead or the new Marker leads with the prongs on

What I’m finding on this particular lake is there’s very little clean bottom, so if you’ve got the Marker lead with the prongs on it’s immediately locked up and when you wind in there’s loads of dead Canadian all around it If you find a clear area, and that one with the prongs on actually slides, you know it is super clear and that’s a brilliant place to mark down in your little log so that you know when you go back into that swim exactly where the clear spots are If you’re trying to bump the lead through weed, I’d go over to a Probe lead Again, it’s uncoated so you feel a lot as you drag it back, but you can actually bump it through the weed and it not get so caught up, so it’s a case of changing the marker lead depending on the situation that you’re faced with And then baiting up-wise, I’ve got a Longbow Infinity DF Spod Rod, which is even heavier, even more powerful than the Spod n Marker

That'll put a Spomb out as far as I can get a marker float, and that’s coupled with an Emblem Spod Reel, which is loaded with Spod Braid which is just as thin as the Marker Braid It’s bright green in colour and that’s basically so you can put it out, leave it on the surface and if you’ve got seagulls diving on your area, you can sometimes put the spod out, and then throwing stick over the top and the actual brightness of it actually keeps the seagulls away I use a 30lb Arma-Kord leader in that situation, again tied with a four turn water knot so it’s a really, really small knot, and that together just flies off that rod, and like I say, I can get it 130, 140 yards even into the wind So if you’re looking to move onto a big water like Broom, you need to have a balanced setup so that you can map the swim and bait up at long distance It was another gorgeous spring morning at Broom and it looked set to be another scorcher of a day, so I baited the long area with a few more boilies because I expected the fish to start feeding again as the sun warmed the shallow water

It’s also a good time to wind in one of the long rods and put it back on the short spot to the left because the fish here seemed to be coming in closer during the day than they did at night For the first time this spring I started to get action on the long areas at night, which says to me fish are responding more and more to the bait, as the water temperature increases running up to spawning time Night bites are a great indicator that you can use more bait in the warmer water The fish here come in all shapes and sizes just like this upper-20 ghost mirror I never get bored of catching such gorgeous fish

Off you go Yes! By mid-morning the south-easterly had sprung up again and it looked absolutely smack on for more action I’d worked out that by walking well left I could steer the fish away from the other rods It really is such a buzz when you start to suss out a new water and you just know it’s going to happen Gotcha! This is a spinner rig

It’s the one that’s been catching all the fish for me on these particular sessions at Broom, and basically you can cast it onto any lake bed It doesn’t tangle and it’s very, very aggressive at hooking the fish As I’m moving around here sometimes I’m casting into maybe 3ft of water onto gravel and I’m moving into another swim and it’s 6ft deep and there’s a bit of weed on the bottom, and this will basically present over all those different situations So starting off with the hook link and the hook in particular, it’s a size 4 Kurv, my favourite pattern, very sharp straight point, sweeping bend, in-turned eye and coupled with this rig it makes it turn over and catch hold really aggressively And the essence of the rig is the Quick Change Ring Swivel that it’s attached to

All I’ve done there is opened up that little crook on the ring swivel, slid the hook on and then covered it up with a medium-sized Kicker Because that’s got an in-turned eye effect, it makes the hook flip over and catch hold even quicker To stop the bait coming off the hook I’ve got one of the Hook Beads and then the bait is basically tied onto a Micro Ring Swivel, so like a size probably 25 swivel just pulls into there just neatly I use a bit of bait floss, basically pull that through the bait and then tie a succession of overhand granny knots around the hair stop at the top and you can cast that miles and it won’t come off And then going down the hook link, it’s basically crimped on

This material is called Boom because it creates a boom section It’s fluorocarbon, tinted, so it’s almost invisible in the water, and then basically it’s crimped at either end So the crimps are double barrelled You go through one barrel, around the ring swivel through the other barrel, pull it up really tight into the jaws of the crimp tool and then just squeeze it down and that’s it, done And the secret of crimping is the material you put through the crimp must be as close to the size of the crimp as possible

So it should only just fit through and these are 06mm crimps and the material is 055mm diameter, so it’s the perfect fit for this situation And then at the other end, again it’s crimped onto a size 11 ring swivel and that is sliding up and down the leadcore Now before we get onto the lead system, how the pop-up sinks is really, really important to me

So you’ve got quite a lot of Dark Matter putty, mould it round that top crimp and I want my pop-up sinking fast And the reason for that is, one, I don’t want them swaying around as the fish come into feed If the pop-up’s very, very light, they can come up off the bottom and look really unnatural, so I want them pinned to the deck And the other thing is, if it sinks really quickly it’s much more likely to find its way through the fronds of weed and down to the bottom rather than getting hung up maybe three or four inches off the bottom, and looking really out of place So always overweight them with this rig

And then going on to the lead system, it’s a very short leadcore leader This one’s probably only about 25ft long and at one end I’ve got the Heli-Safe System That’s really, really key in this situation You’ve got big fish in really shallow water that are fighting absolutely like demons – you need to be dumping the lead

If the lead was staying on, especially while I’m fishing at long range, it creates a horrible angle, gets caught in the weed and that could end up pulling the hook out So the Heli-Safe in this situation is fished to dump the lead If there was no weed or snags or anything out there at all, then I would consider keeping it on and there’s a little collar to put into that to stop the whole thing compressing and that keeps the lead on But in this situation, when the fishing is tough and it really matters, it’s worth dumping the lead Lead size, I’m using anything between 2

5oz, if I’m just dinking it in, flicking it out, maybe 20, 30 yards, the lightest lead I can get away with to minimise the disturbance, and then I’m just moving up to a heavier and heavier lead depending on how far I’m fishing So when I’m fishing 70 yards, I’ve got a Helicopter lead on there of 3oz That’s nice and flat on the bottom, so feeding the lead down is really, really key in my fishing I need to know that maybe there’s some weed out there or it’s clear, but it’s not too weedy, and with a lead like that, it just tells you that little bit more If I’m going for real distance, then I’ll go for a 3

5 or maybe even a 4oz, and then sometimes move over to a distance lead because they cut through the air that bit better So it makes it so easy to change because you just compress that Heli-Safe, take the lead off and slide another one on And then the other key aspect of this, up the leadcore there’s a No-Trace Bead So you’ve got a little tiny tapered collar and on that is a bead with a split in it Basically what will happen, if the fish is dragging the lead around it will pop that bead off and it means the hook link can slide up off the top of the leadcore and basically all the fish is left with is that little tiny hook link

And I think when the line goes slack, that’s when the fish can get rid of the hook So I don’t know how they do it, but basically the hook will eventually find its way out and then the fish is completely free So having a No-Trace System like that for me is absolutely mandatory You can use pretty much any pattern of hook with this rig, especially if it’s got an in-turned eye I like the Wide Gapes as well

They help fishing the pop-up really close to the lake bed and in situations where there’s a lot of food out there, the water’s very shallow and there’s not so much weed, that can be a real advantage Length-wise on the hook link, I like really short hook links, and sometimes when I’ve been fishing I’ve been fishing 3” hook links and absolutely nailing the fish In this particular session I’ve dropped a couple of fish and I’ve lengthened the hook link and got better hook holds So what you’ll find is the way the fish are feeding, the weather conditions, how pressured they feel, will all change the way they feed and sometimes you have to muck about with the length of the hook link to suit that situation So my advice is to keep loads of booms tied up and then you can swap from one to the other really, really easily, and once you’ve had a fish, you’re basically sliding that Kicker up out the way, sliding the hook off, putting another one on

Sometimes I even re-use the same bait if it’s not been out in the water too long and you are back fishing again So it’s something that really incorporates the Quick Change System, works brilliantly as a single or over bait, and you can cast it onto any lake bed If you use Heli-Safes a lot like I do, every now and again you will lose a lead when you shouldn’t and what’s basically happened is grit’s got inside it, it’s held it open, so the gate is basically unlatched and as you hit the clip, the lead just falls off It’s a very, very easy fix Take the cap off of it, pull it apart, just give it a good blow, take all the little bits of grit off of it just with your fingers, put it back together again and it will work absolutely fine

And if like me using it with leadcore, you’ll find eventually the leadcore will start to wear down as it exits the Heli-Safe Basically take it apart, cut the little tiny swivel off the end, resplice it back on again so you’re on to a fresh bit of leadcore, and it’s perfect again for the next few months It’s over there Feels big Completely different fight, this is

It’s a big ghost common Come on, get in that net, get in that net! Bosh! Got him! Yes! Come on! What a fish I think it’s a 40, you know It’s massive Yes! It is a 40-pounder

It’s a good 40 as well 4312 Amazing, amazing What a lake

Check that out What an amazing, amazing carp Just totally and utterly blown away by this fish, and if this doesn’t light your fire for fishing somewhere new, then nothing’s going to Just so, so interesting finding out about a new water and getting surprises like this along the way is just the icing on the cake If you’re going to approach a new water, the first thing I would say is use your eyes to tell you where to fish

And I know that seems obvious, but so many people jump into a swim that’s hot, or one that someone’s told them has done fish before, they’re not looking for the fish and as a consequence it makes the lake seem really difficult If you get there early in the morning and you leave your gear in the car, you lap and lap and lap the lake until you find them showing, it makes a big lake like this seem so much smaller And when you know you’re not going to get a bite, 24 hours into the session, if you know it’s not going to happen, you need to be on your toes again and you need to be moving And the more you fish, the more you get that feeling You just know it’s not going to happen and if you feel that in your gut, you’ve got to be off looking for the fish elsewhere

I really pay loads of attention to the weather as well I’ve got the weather apps on my phone, I’m going through them all the time If you look at the weather and it’s turned around to a westerly or a southerly, it’s gone low pressure, it’s going to be really mild, you know then the fish are going to be more active, maybe you take more bait with you, or you stand at the end of the wind and look for fish showing in the wind, because that’s where there’s going to be more oxygen and the water’s nice and warm All those things can really help you and I look at the weather in between sessions as well, not just when I’m there, so you can see what’s been happening in between If there’s been a really cold snap or something and not a lot’s been out, then maybe the next time you go back you just fish singles for a little while, you don’t put any bait in because the fish have sort of been knocked back a little bit, so paying attention to the weather is absolutely key

The fish here are very affected by the wind We’ve got the wind trickling in here now and it’s no surprise that I’ve had loads of action in this swim and even when the wind is cold I’ve noticed that the fish are moving on it Not all lakes are the same but that’s something to record and basically keep in the memory banks, so when you come on here again the next spring, you know exactly what the fish are going to be doing And recording what you’re finding out is so, so important My phone is absolutely full with different files for different lakes, of how many wraps it is to all the spots, what trees I’m casting at, when I’ve got the bites, day or night

What are fish like in the spring, what are fish like in the summer, the autumn, the winter? Everything’s written down so I can refer back to it and it’s amazing how much you actually forget and you read back and you think, oh, right, that swim does really well in September, I’ll keep an eye on that And that information just takes you to another level and you can basically work out a lake much quicker by recording everything that’s going on Using the Distance Sticks is an absolutely essential part of my modern-day fishing I really don’t know how I got by without them and I know our ones are probably two-and-a-half times as expensive as the average ones, but in my opinion, they’re ten times as good And I was really concerned about the retail price of them when the Product Development guys told me, but having that auger point so you can screw them into the ground with a T-bar, having the spirit level so you know you’ve got them perfectly straight, and also the grooves in them, which is Jim at JAG’s idea to stop too much line coming off, all of those features combined are just an absolute Godsend and I could never see myself going back to the original type of distance stick

You’ll see me wearing a cap and Polaroids for virtually all of my fishing, even on days like today when it’s not sunny Your vision through a set of Polaroid sunglasses is so much better than standard vision You can pick out the rig in the air better, but most importantly, you’re going to be spotting the fish better And by wearing a peaked cap, it takes the light out, just covers the glasses up that bit better Sometimes you’re better off to shield your eyes as well to stop the light coming in from the sides and a decent pair of polarised sunglasses like these are absolutely essential for me

Spotting fish, especially on big lakes like this, is the absolute key to getting bites I basically couldn’t fish without them The thing that spurs me on to keep fishing hard all the time, bearing in mind I’ve been doing it over 30 years now, is the winning, the succeeding You can never guarantee what’s going to be taking your hook bait, but the size of the fish for me is not really the primary consideration It’s getting it right on the day, working out what needs to be done in that particular session, and being consistent session after session

That’s really what pushes me to fish as hard as I can every single time I go

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Back to Basics | Neil Spooner | Free DVD 2018

Over the last few years you would have been watching the Masterclass DVD and you’d have seen lots of sections based around some really epic trips across Europe, as well as some highly detailed technical sections across the UK Now when we do the shows and things, one of the things that we are asked most of all is what about a beginner’s section? There’s a lot of you out there that are either just getting back into carp fishing, have just started, or just want to know how to get the basics right

That’s exactly what we’re here to do today I’ve actually brought my cousin along with me He was the person that first got me into fishing over 20 years ago when we were catching whatever came along on the canal that runs through Malden, but now he’s come back into the sport, wants to give carp fishing a go, so it’s my turn to help him out So for the next little while, join us We’re going to show you the basics

How to get them right and hopefully how to put a few more carp on the bank We’ve come to Peterborough on an Embryo water known as Pump House Neither of us have fished here before, so what better way to put my tactics into practice than testing them out myself So first things first Before getting the gear out of the car we need to locate the fish and get to grips with the setting of our chosen venue for the next couple of days

When locating carp, the most important piece of equipment you’ll need is a good set of polarised sunglasses Before today you’ve never had a set of polarised glasses before, had you? No, just normal sunnies Yeah, which are good for stopping the sun hurting your eyes, but for sort of seeing what’s going on in the lake they do nothing What a pair of polarised do is actually take the glare off of the water and allow you to see a bit deeper So to give you a bit of an example, probably two rod lengths out, what can you see at the minute without your glasses on? Darkness, a bit of weed, literally on the top

Yeah, right, now put your glasses on and literally two rod lengths out, you can just see a faint bit of cloud that’s come off the bottom which you wouldn’t, or obviously couldn’t see, and that is a sure sign that a carp has been feeding on something and it’s dropped down, stirred up the bottom and it’s having a bit of a root around But without them you wouldn’t know that But that on certain days can be the difference between you seeing something to fish on, or just going blind and definitely the difference between getting a bite and not So polarised sunglasses I’ve never used in the past Using them for the first time today was immense, really

It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s just being able to see the weeds that are in front of you that we wouldn’t normally see but then going a bit further than that and actually seeing what the fish are doing underneath the water and across the water as well After doing a full lap of the lake and seeing some promising areas that look like they could hold carp, we didn’t see anything to actually confirm this, whereas on the other side, it’s been a different story This could be a really good starting point, mate There’s certainly a lot more activity All the activity we’ve seen is this end

The other end looks wicked If you were to turn up and going by what the weatherman was saying, a nice warm wind blowing down to a snaggy margin, that might be where you would head, but ultimately this is where we’ve seen the fish It’s always nice to be able to see as much of the lake as possible when you’re on a new lake for the first time – So we can move if needed – You’ve got it, mate

So we’re literally here, we can see the whole lake and if they do start moving, we’re travelling light, we’re only doing days, we can up sticks, get down there within probably ten minutes and start again – Go and get some kit – Let’s do it Come on How long till you get your first bite, that’s the question

Now whether you’ve been fishing for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days, 30 weeks, 30 years, the first thing you do when you get to the lake should pretty much always be the same, and that is have a good look around, see if you can find the thing you actually want to catch And AJ, to be fair, he was on the lookout for carp That’s one of the best things to look out for, things jumping out of the water and luckily he saw a couple over in one of the corners so we’ve chosen a swim based on that, where we can get as close to them as possible because let’s face it, if there’s no carp in front of you, you ain’t catching squat At least this way we could get a bite very, very quickly Right, I’ll do everything, shall I? Well done, mate

Being relatively new to carp fishing, AJ first needs to put line on his reels We’re going to be using Touchdown which is a very low stretch monofilament that’s strong, supple and incredibly reliable What I do is place it into a bucket of water and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes This allows the line to absorb water which helps it go onto the reel much tighter Next we thread the line through the butt eye and tie it onto the spool using a grinner knot, ensuring it’s pulled down as tight as possible before trimming off the tag end

You then begin to wind in, ensuring that the line is held under tension between your thumb and forefinger Keep winding at a steady pace, making sure that the spool of line is spinning upright in the bucket and not over-running itself which could cause tangles Part way into this process stop winding, allow the line to go slack near the butt eye and if the line starts to twist up around it, then simply lie the spooler line in the bucket on its side and continue Stop winding when the line is level with the lip of the spool on the reel Having a correctly loaded reel will reduce friction when the line is coming off the spool during the cast, helping it to go further

AJ’s been carp fishing for a little while but he freely admitted that he had heard about feeling the donk or feeling the lead down and he didn’t know how to do it, so had never done it before and it is quite simply one of the most important things you can learn as a carp angler because until you know what you’re fishing on, you’ve got no idea really if your rig’s presented or not Just before the lead hits the surface of the water, trap the line with your finger and as you sort of hold it back you get the rod to that sort of position and you can actually feel the lead pulling the rod down through the water and when it hits the bottom, you feel the tip, you’ll feel it donk, you’ll feel that lead hitting the bottom After that you just pull the lead, you can feel it sliding along, it’s actually, it is still pulling up to weed I found a spot myself, had a good lead around, found a nice clean area of clay and showed Adrian that when you pulled it back through, the lead moved nice and smoothly which indicates it’s a clay or sandy type bottom and you know that you can present a bottom bait rig nice and effectively Once I’d found the spot and clipped it up, I handed the rod to Adrian and explained that he had to hit the clip whilst the lead was still about 6-10ft above the water, cushion the lead down and then slowly hold the rod and allow himself to almost be pulled down as the lead is going through the water and watching the tip and you can see it, and thankfully he did after a few casts, you can notice it and feel it when you get that all-important donk

Now remember, slow pull across Right, then you’ve got to try and whip it up, keep the rod up and reel high, reel high, reel, keep it like that, keep it like that Look at that! Straight away Ooh, he’s got the cast, he’s got the rod up, he’s feeling it down, he’s got the donk! Finally managing to feel that lead down, it makes so much difference You know that the lead’s solid on the ground, you know that if your bait’s laying away from the lead, bait in the water that’s actually going to catch you more fish ultimately

Right, mate, I know it feels like a long time coming, I know we’ve covered a lot already, but finally you’re ready to get your first rod out Excited? Very much – Going to do it the first time? – Yeah, no pressure Go on, then I’m going to stand back here and watch If it is wrong I will make you redo it

Okay Even though there was a small PVA bag attached to the rig, I wanted AJ to catapult out a few additional pouches of the Cell to act as an additional attractor to get the carp in the area and sniffing around But we’re not quite ready to sit back and relax just yet Right, mate I’ve let you set your rod out, I’ve let you put it on your bite alarm as you would if you were fishing currently

Now there’s a couple of, not massive changes, but certainly in this situation there’s changes I would make to that To start with, what we saw over there, we saw a couple of fish really close in, didn’t we? And there’s nothing that would make me think they wouldn’t come around close in here as well And at the moment I feel that with over half of your rod sort of sticking out over the water, that could spook them I’m not saying it would do, but it could do And secondly, you’re fishing a really, really tight line

We’re not fishing very far out, you might be 30 yards out, and at the moment you’ve got a really tight line going all the way to the lead which means you’ve got a line cutting through your swim It’s not particularly deep, we think about 5ft deep, and at the moment you’ve got a big line running right through the middle So what we’re going to do, I’m going to show you how to slacken off and I’m going to just help you move, just move everything back a little bit Other than that, the way you’ve got it pointed almost directly at the spot is brilliant for indication A straight line is always the quickest way to get any form of indication on your rod

Like I say, we’re just going to bring it back, slacken off a bit and hopefully watch that Stow fall off when you get a bite Cool, let’s do it It might seem like I’m being picky, but these little tweaks really can increase your chances of catching The right-hand rod he did all himself He found an area, he’s clipped up to it, he’s clipped on his rig and his PVA bag, absolutely nailed it

There you go That’s away, that’s away Take your time, take your time, take your time AJ, let go of the line, mate, that’s it Make sure your clutch is loose enough to let that take line off the front

Absolute disaster AJ’s had his first bite of the day Unfortunately he’s suffered a hook pull Carp are incredibly powerful creatures and if you’ve not got your clutch set absolutely perfectly, that’s what happens, they can’t take enough line and you just end up pulling the hook out of its mouth Take your time

Now this is the bit, AJ I know you’ve obviously caught quite a few carp but when a fish gets this close in, there is virtually zero stretch in the line So it’s now making sure that your clutch is set nice and loose If he does want to go, he can quite easily take the line, because otherwise if it’s too tight, well, you know what can happen, it could pull the hook straight out of its mouth But it sounds like you’ve got it absolutely bob on at the minute

Chuck the landing net my way, please – No, mate – Okay, thank you No problem Steep learning curve

Imagine if he was fishing on his own The landing net should be in the right position already, shouldn’t it, AJ? It should Just take your time It’s only just behind you, we’ve all been there Literally I’d be guilty if you lost it, but I’m still going to make you do it

– Especially now – It’s a lovely looking carp, isn’t it? That’s it, mate As long as you keep a tight line you can play it off the clutch There you go That is a banger, AJ

Wait until it’s properly over the net before you engulf it, all right? Another common mistake It gets this close, you see people throwing the net out in desperation and what you can end up doing is just knocking the fish off the hook Wait until it’s over the net cord, on its way to the spreader block, and then just engulf the whole thing Rod come in, carry on slowly over your back, put your left hand on your landing net, keep the rod, keep it, keep it, keep it, lift Yes! Get in there! Yes! Well done, mate! That is a banger, that That is an absolute banger So with the fish safely in the net and not going anywhere, it’s time to get both rods back on the money Then all we do, don’t even worry about putting your bobbin on just yet

Then we’ll keep an eye on it Your line’s gradually going to sink What will happen, where it’s sinking, your line will naturally become tight again because it’s going down We already know that spot’s a bit deeper, so if your line gets really tight, just simply pay off a little bit more line, and follow that process until your line is almost hanging straight down from the tip You then know that it’s laying flat across the bottom, it’s all the way from here to your spot, nothing to spook the fish

So fish can just ride straight over the top without getting caught up Exactly, without getting scared Buzzing My heart’s pounding So, yeah, can’t wait to get it out of the sling and in my arms

Before removing the fish from the water, we always transfer it into the Trakker retention sling The sling floats which makes the process much easier than one that doesn’t When getting into carp fishing, carp care should be a far higher priority than an expensive pod or a two-man bivvy, for example Throughout this process you must make sure that the carp’s fins are laying flat against its body, as failure to do so could cause irreparable damage to the fish The scales have already been zeroed using the wet sling, so the fish is going to be weighed correctly

If you don’t zero the scales, your fish could appear significantly heavier than it actually is 20lb 12oz, mate Well done What a first fish Let’s have one of them

It’s just over the magic 20lb barrier, lovely big scales all over it and what a brilliant way to start his session – How are you feeling, mate? – Ecstatic, and worn out Quality Is that your second ever 20-pounder? – Yes – Wicked

What a carp, mate Propolis Carp Liquid has been designed to aid fast healing Although a carp scale will grow back in a matter of weeks, if you notice damage like you can see here, it should always be treated Once you have located a spot, it’s important that you know exactly where you were fishing The last thing you want to do, get your rod all sorted, have a bite and think where did I have it from? There’s a few simple rules to make it really, really simple

First and foremost, once you’ve found the area, have a look at the horizon and look for something that’s the highest point, the lowest point and work out exactly what you’re in line with So if you are fishing at night, you will still see it because it will still be silhouetted in the night sky, but even in the day you know exactly what you’re aiming at Then secondly, using distance sticks you can mark out by counting the wraps, exactly how many rod lengths you’re fishing Once you’ve had the fish, you want to get it back out there, it’s a case of redoing it, lining the clip, clip on your bag, whatever it may be, straight back on the spot again Hitting the clip and landing the baited rig in exactly the same spot got AJ another quick bite

This is the key to multiple takes in one day Many people think we’ve got a bait and a rig they cannot use and that is our secret Well, there are no secrets, accurate fishing is the edge Once again we slip the fish into the sling before it comes out of the net to protect it as much as possible when it’s lifted out of the water We never lift it in the net as this is the easiest way to break a fin, pull off a scale or damage its mouth

The first day ended with two fish landed, which just goes to show that these basic tips can get the rod bending, but tomorrow’s another day and we still have lots to cover Huge patches of bubbles like this directly over the spot are a great indicator that carp are feeding More uniform sets of bubbles can often be gas escaping from the lake bed, but big moving patches like these ones are almost definitely carp As I was playing it, it crossed over the second rod and my immediate fear was that it was going to tangle with the second rod, but thankfully Neil mentioned that where we had it on a slack line, it meant that it could quite nicely play over the line and meant that I could pull it back without it interfering with the other rod It’s now in the net, so we’ve got another one to weigh and have some photos with

Nice common So since recasting the right-hand rod, we’ve seen two fish show We’ve had a liner already, so we’re going to leave it where it is and see how the day pans out on that rod Because AJ is fishing on a firm clay lake bed, we’re using a simple lead clip set-up and I’m going to show you how to set it up Now first and foremost, before you thread the tubing onto your main line, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut your main line to a point because that will just ensure that the threading process is even easier

We’re going to put a short length of rig tubing on A length of about 10” is absolutely perfect Next up, you take your tail rubber and you thread the thin end onto your main line first and that’s followed by the lead clip and exactly the same, thin end first Once that’s done, we’re choosing to use ready-tied rigs today to keep it really simple It’s a Krank set-up, just utilising a seven turn knotless knot to a size 4 or a size 6, we’re sort of chopping around between the two, and that’s tied using Kamo hook link, a loop at the end, which is in turn tied to a size 8 swivel

Once you’ve tied your main line to that swivel using a five turn grinner knot, you then pull it inside the lead clip and you know you’ve got it right because you’ll hear a loud audible click as it goes in Once that’s done, you can slide your lead into place onto the lead clip, then make sure that you just moisten the top of the lead clip with some saliva, put the tail rubber on top of that and then followed by the rig tubing, which all plugs up nicely Now whilst this is an incredibly simple setup, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just for beginners Anglers the likes of Darrell Peck, Myles Gibson, that’s their go-to method A lead clip and a bit of tubing is what they use first and foremost

It will work everywhere It’s really easy to get caught up in the amount of different hook baits you can buy from a tackle shop, but here we’re keeping it uber, uber simple All we’re using is a Mainline 15mm bottom bait with a few different coloured tippers on the top, and what we’ve done, to again make it even easier, Mainline do some Cell-flavoured 10mm pink and white pop-ups You’re getting two colours in the same pot I’ve actually separated the two colours, I’ve put some Almond Goo on the pink ones to give them some extra attraction

On the white one, gone with Buttercorn Goo as well for exactly the same reason Now again there are over 20 flavours of Goo in the range You can buy whichever ones you want and have a play with, but by far the Almond one is one of the biggest sellers, it’s one of the most productive and the Buttercorn being one of the newest ones in the range has already proved itself as a firm favourite for a lot of people And finally we’ve just gone with some flavoured corn Again, loads to choose from but the yellow IB-flavoured pop-up one is by far the biggest seller, that’s a lot down to the flavour, the colour

It mimics a bit of sweetcorn and it just adds that little bit of brightness on the bottom – perfect Once we’ve got the chosen hook bait all set up on the rig, we’re then tying up some really small PVA bags, just to make sure that it remains tangle-free during the cast and to give the hook bait that added boost of attraction once on the bottom And as soon as that hits the bottom and AJ has felt the donk down, that’s when he’s putting the rod on the floor and he’s catapulting some matching Cell freebies in 15mm all the way around it – absolutely perfect, but most importantly, nice and simple We haven’t had a bite for about an hour now, so it’s going a bit quiet I must decide what to do, whether to reel in and recast again, but the right-hand rod we moved slightly when we recast from the last fish, rather than the 8

5 wraps, we went 975 because we saw more fish showing a bit further along the bank and it’s just gone off again Yes! 185 Straight after returning this lovely common, AJ is in again on the left-hand rod

Yes! So with the left-hand rod we haven’t had a bite all morning and usually I wouldn’t change bait, I’d normally keep on the same bait, but Neil advised to change from the pop-up that we were using, over to sweetcorn, so we did that to give it a bit of a different colour and now we’ve just pulled out this lovely mirror Ecstatic, it’s fantastic The change to the IB corn really made a difference and was keeping AJ well and truly busy on the left-hand rod IB corn again Yes! Right, mate, I’ve just noticed that you’re getting your rod ready to go out, which I like to see, however, what I don’t like to see is the fact you’ve got a bit of coily line going on there

Can you see that? – Yeah – Now basically what happens, when you’re playing your fish using the clutch, when the fish is taking line off the Bite n Run System in the initial part of the fight, all of that is adding twists to the line Now to be fair, it might not have any impact, but it could weaken it and you’ve also got to be checking for damaged line all the time You’ve had a few fish that have brought you in through weed, so it’s worth, when you reel in, just feeding the line between your fingers and just if you feel any slight dinks, it’s worth investigating just to make sure it’s not damaged Because it’s monofilament and when there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s incredibly strong

As soon as it’s got a little dink out of it, it can snap like cotton, so you’ve got to keep on top of it and keep looking after it But what we’re going to do, before you do that we’re going to cut your rig off, take the tubing and tail rubber, lead clip, take it all off, take off probably two rod lengths worth of line and it will be as good as new Just rethread it all and get it back out there – Sounds good – I’ll leave it with you

Thank you With the rod sorted and back on the spot, it was time to take some photographs of this lovely common Amazing I’ve got a sneaking feeling it could be another 20 In my opinion, one of the biggest game-changers in recent years of carp fishing is a set of distance sticks

To be able to get your rig back out in the exact position you’ve just had a carp from in my opinion makes such a difference to turning a one or two-fish trip into a five or six-fish trip It’s simply a case of remembering where you clipped up in the first place, by putting your lead next to the stick, marking it around, counting the wraps As long as you remember that number, remember your horizon marker, you can get it back there every time Now I’m not going to lie to you, we make a set They are very expensive because in our opinion they do exactly what they’re meant to do, but give you a load of added extras as well

Being able to screw it into any ground is a massive advancement Having the grooves in the sides so that the line can actually sit into them to stop it from pinging off is a great help as well There’s none of this big birds’ nest coming off and making you have to cut loads of line off and get rid of it But do you know what, you haven’t got to use them You’re better off using something – we’re actually using just a couple of very bog standard banksticks – as long as you mark them out exactly the same and you’re careful when you wrap them out, they will still do the same job

We’re not saying you have to use the expensive Korda ones, but by using something, you will help yourself get more fish on the bank More fish on the bank is exactly what happened with AJ yet again in on the left-hand rod – this time a lovely scaly mirror What are those? What are you doing? Yes Carp fishing equipment in the last ten years really has come on in leaps and bounds If you go back ten years, maybe 15 years and you bought a cheap carp rod, that’s exactly what you’d get, a cheap carp rod

The same goes for reels You spend less money years ago, you got a lesser performance However, the tackle that you can get today, which is reasonably priced, will still deliver you a high performance that some higher-priced stuff years ago would have given you On this session, AJ’s opted to use the Daiwa Mission rods in 35lb test curve

They’re forgiving enough when playing fish of any size, but if he turns up to a lake and he’s got to cast into a headwind, the rod’s suitable If he’s just flicking rods 50 yards down the margin, the rod’s suitable It will literally do everything that you need it to do and it’s not going to break the bank It’s a stylish sleek rod that looks the part when it’s sat on the rests and it’s delivering the performance that you need it to And similarly with the reel, he’s using a Daiwa Emblem 25 Bite n Run reel, which gives him the free spool mechanism when he needs it, but as soon as he picks up into the fish and starts to wind, it engages the front spool

Now me personally, I actually prefer a backwind facility, which the reel still offers, but Adrian’s used to using the clutch when playing a fish so it’s perfect for him as well Once again, it looks the part on the rests, it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it perfectly sits in the middle and maybe in years to come when he wants to fish extreme range he might have to upgrade, but until then it’s doing everything that he needs it to With the session drawing to a close there was still time left for one more beautiful mirror Over the last couple of days, AJ has learnt so much that he can add to his carp fishing armoury The best thing and the reason that’s happened is because he’s had such a great willingness to learn

For me, the standout highlight if I was to pinpoint one thing, it’s probably got to be the donk Throughout this session, I felt every weight go down I know that the rig is in perfect presentation and that’s been shown We’ve caught all day long and it’s been immense, so that for me has to be the highlight of this whole session As always, whenever we learn something new or learn to do something different, there’s always a few things that really stand out

Now for me, watching him over the last two days and he was a little bit nervous of holding fish of over 20lb, to now, doing everything on his own from transferring it safely into a weigh sling, checking all the fins are always flat, taking it onto the mat, making sure his water’s ready He had his Carp Care kit ready at all times He absolutely nailed it And even being able to teach somebody to do that, it’s been great for me as well and great to see the smile on his face with the wicked carp he’s caught For me the biggest memory I will take away from this session is when we were weighing in the last fish, the crew all mentioned how much I had improved as an angler

Now for me that is fantastic It proves that what Neil has taught me, I have managed to put that in place within the few hours that we’ve managed to be fishing I’ve learnt so much, we’ve caught fish I’ve had a fantastic time and I’ve got lots to go away with There’s a saying in fishing that a few of you might not have heard and it goes a little something like this

Any time you visit a lake, take only memories leave only footprints, and kill only time Be lucky

Korda Thinking Tackle Online Episode 1: Danny Fairbrass & Darrell Peck | Carp Fishing 2018

Thinking Tackle is going to continue being all about the thought process behind what we do, so that you can apply it to your own fishing, put more fish in your landing net It’s early spring, my absolute favourite time of the year

This is a totally new lake for us, so Darrell and I are not rushing to set up We’ve got a huge armoury of tactics at our disposal, but it’s important to stress that we’ll let the carp’s activity tell us how we should be fishing for them As soon as you see the flowers coming up through the grass and the first green leaves on the trees, the carp are awake and that means they’re really catchable Both of us never set up in the hot swim We always leave our gear in the car and concentrate all our attention on seeing them show

If this is going to happen, it’s going to happen in the first few hours of daylight, so we always get there at first light We found the carp on the back of the wind in the heat of the morning sun Fish will often migrate to the east-facing bank overnight to take advantage of the first rays of the sun, especially on calm mornings like this In spring, single hookbaits are a killer tactic and today it’s our first line of attack With the water still cool, the fish are awake but not starving, so adding bait at the very start can often delay action or stop it altogether

Feeding creates just as much disturbance as casting, so by flicking out three singles, we make the absolute most of those early-morning shows Welcome to a brand-new series of Thinking Tackle, back by popular demand We are at Phil’s Lake in Abingdon in Oxford I’m here with my old mate, Darrell Peck, and as you can see it’s the beginning of spring, an absolutely brilliant time of year to go fishing, and we’ve got one on There he is, a bit of air in him

The first one of a new series, get in that net Come on Bosh! Got him! Oh, man, that’s wicked This fast-growing mirror is one of 300 fish stocked by Embryo over the last winter They came from three different suppliers, giving this lake an amazingly varied stock

Thank you, my darling Off you go to get bigger I thought it was a little bit late in the morning, sun beaming hot and they’d stopped showing, but pinged them out, just out where I’d seen a few this morning, and one’s picked up this pink pop-up, so it’s always nice to get off the mark, pretty little fish Get in there I just caught that fish casting towards a pylon just out here

Having caught one, there’s probably some more there, so I’m going to get it back out there as soon as possible This rig’s all ready to go, it’s got a yellow pop-up on it Let’s get it out there If I was to give anyone any advice about spring fishing, it would be to always cast to showing fish It’s not always a sign of the fish feeding necessarily, but they’re happy

A carp that’s jumping, he’s on the move, he’s got no cares in the world A carp that’s scared certainly wouldn’t be jumping out of the water So I always think it’s the tip of an iceberg There could be 30 or 40 fish out there, all moving through and if you get one bright one, why would you cast a dark one to a fish in that situation? You want a bright one, let them know it’s there, make them aware of it, give them the option to take it and more often than not, they will Yeah

– How big? – Just 10lb, mate Nice He’s going to be wicked Imagine him when he’s 35lb He’s all scarred up now

He’s got lovely scaling It’s kiting right around the margins Hopefully he’s going to come back out, otherwise I’m going to need to dive and get the waders on because he is right around there I’ve got a lovely stone in my sock Go on, pull them up

Cheers, mate Flattering! Sorry, El mate I didn’t mean to have you down there at my back end He’s a pretty little one A similar size to the other one, maybe a bit bigger

Yellow IB pop-up, Wonderberry Goo In the net If ever there was proof of getting the rod straight back out after catching a fish, then this is that I hadn’t even got the rod back into the rest, was sinking the line when it all shot tight and we’ve caught this cracker He’s had a bit of a bashing

He got stuck to a metal pole down there and we had some dramas, and to save him the trauma of coming out on the bank, we’ll just have a quick look, get him back, and get those rods sorted because there might be a few more yet Right, I’ve recast two rods closer to the island but nothing’s happened The sun’s high in the sky now, but I’m seeing fish showing on the wind over there which is no surprise These fish haven’t been in here that long They’re not really pressured by many anglers at the moment, so they’re doing what carp should be doing and they’re on the wind

It’s a nice, warm westerly, the sun’s out, so it is time to move If your bobbins aren’t moving and the fish are showing elsewhere, then you are not on them Moving is a hassle, but at this time of year, bait and wait tactics are not the one So we go with the mindset that we’ll be lapping the lake, chasing the fish around With Dan having moved and clear activity on the other side, I was getting itchy feet here

The move has paid off I’ve not even got the third rod out It took loads of line on the first take, I only hooked it 20 yards out Just keeping the rod low, I’m watching the angle of the line This fish has just come more and more around in front of me now

Yes! Location, location, location Get in that net Boom! Yeah! Come on! That’s wicked I rarely celebrate a capture immediately Bite times can be short, so priority number one is having three rods back on the money, and then you can get the prize out and do the photos

Now I’ve had bites, I’m introducing just 50 baits over all three rods, as the fish do seem in a feeding mood With just a few freebies scattered on the bottom, there’s every chance I’ll keep the fish in front of me for that little bit longer Well, check that one out Look at him, little heart-shaped tail, little withered fins Looks like an original fish, there definitely were some left in here, and with the nude patch on the side of it as well, this could well be an original, which will be an absolute result

The naked chod presentation is a rig that I’ve used a lot over the years You may have seen me use it in Masterclass Four, and it’s a brilliant rig for presenting pop-ups over relatively unknown ground Here today we’re at a lake that I’d never seen before I arrived, and it’s spring, the fish are mobile, you haven’t got much weed in the lake and it’s a great rig for presenting pop-ups over relatively clean ground You have to be able to feel it down and you have to be able to know that the weed isn’t more than four to six inches off the bottom, but anything more clear than that, whether it be gravel, silt, mud, that pop-up is always going to come to rest on top of any minor debris, be sitting pretty, available to the carp to see I set the hook section roughly one inch long and the reason for that is I don’t want the pop-up too far off the bottom

I want it to be aware of it and for it to rest on top of debris, but I don’t want it to look too alien and too far off the bottom that it’s definitely the hookbait So it’s visible, but it’s not overly visible, it’s not turning them off And the bead positioning for this rig is quite important, especially when you’re fishing it naked The bottom bead is positioned to stop the hook hitting the lead during the retrieve, and also to stop the hook and the bait being too close to the lead on the bottom I like it to be probably four to six inches away from the lead minimum, because otherwise it sort of looks a bit obvious and cumbersome

The top bead, though, that is the really important one That sets the maximum distance that the bait can be from the lead, and that affects how much weed it can sit over, how much debris it can sit over, but also how quickly it impacts the lead The fish is going to come in, see the bait, hopefully take the bait and if your top bead is two, three foot up the line, then it’s got a lot of slack line to play with before it impacts the lead and that is the bit where it gets hooked So I would recommend somewhere between 12 and 18 inches from the lead to the top bead, and that will just allow the rig to nestle on top of the weed, like I said, but also to hook the fish really quickly And one other thing worth bearing in mind is the curve of the chod rig

We all use different lengths and different sizes and different levels of aggressiveness in the curve, but if you’re fishing them short like I do, with one inch of material and a very slight curve, more towards the swivel end than the hook, and that will allow the rig to turn over in the fish’s lip and catch it as soon as it impacts the lead That’s the important bit, but the next thing to consider is keeping it on the end I’ve found from past experience, when using light leads, you don’t suffer any hook pulls, but when using big leads, three or four ounces, you’ve got a really short hooklink on, and a big heavyweight jumping around close to that hook hold, it can fall out Fortunately we can get round that now with a Heli-Safe It enables us to drop the lead every single time and land everything we hook

I’m going to have a quick wind in, quick pack up There’s a swim directly opposite me, the wind’s trickling in there I’ve seen half a dozen show over there, probably many, many more because it’s quite a long way Probably 300 metres away and if I can see them from here, I’m probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg We all know that location is the single most important thing in carp fishing and to ignore that would be absolutely criminal

They’re over there, I need to be over there and get those rods underneath them A couple of fish have been showing at those poplar trees in the corner and I was questioning why it hasn’t gone yet, but it just has and this feels a lot bigger than what we’ve caught so far It’s a mirror That is a pukka fish I reckon that’s an original

You want to see the scales on it Come on, mate, come on Come on Come on, come on, come on, come on Come on a bit more

Look at that! Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, go on The right-hand rod’s just gone off and I had quite a battle Straight away I knew it wasn’t a small one, but again I think a little bit like the last one you’ve had, possibly an original, a mirror Small fins, a little scale on its side, peachy coloured, probably I’m going to say at least 25

Yeah, man, all right, I’ll come over, we’ll do the pictures in a minute, yeah? Okay, mate, perfect – Right, what’s your guess, brother? – 32, 33 32 and a half Get in! That’s an original That is such a result, man Yeah, mate We came here not really expecting to catch anything of real size

We had no knowledge of what swam here other than the stockies, obviously, and to be catching an original 30 on the first day, that’s an absolute result My overwhelming feeling for the start of the session is being so proud that we’ve taken the lake on, got a fence around it and protected the fish, and with those two complete surprises with that 25lb common that I had and Darrell’s amazing 32lb mirror, they’re almost certainly both original fish, which, with the ones we’ve stocked in here, are now safe for ever and it just gives me a warm feeling inside that this place is now protected and is going to be somewhere really special for the future We’ll get a good night’s kip, regroup, and get at them in the morning First light is such a magical time to be up So many people are rushing around going to work they don’t notice all these things that we get to see and all the trees are bright green and the blossom’s coming out and stuff like that

Daffodils are out and it’s just a great place to be and half the reason we go carp fishing is to be out in the countryside So to be sitting here now looking at the fish showing is pretty special We opted not to fish last night Springtime doesn’t seem to be a brilliant time for night fishing and by not having rods in the water it makes us more versatile, more able to move quickly, and as it’s turned out, the fish are here so I’ve not had to move and just flicking three rods out amongst them should bring a bite today Try and edge away from these trees

Come on, fella, in you come It was caught around an old line that’s out there Come on Come on Bosh, got him, yes! After two quick bites it’s obvious these fish are loving the pink almond hookbaits

This has been out there about 15 minutes maximum I’ve decided after that last fish to get this rod repositioned and come off of the yellow Mystic Spice hookbaits, which is my normal favourite because I’d had lots of bites on the pink almond, I thought I would be able to put another pink type of hookbait on and this is the Squid Supreme which the bait’s gone a sort of orangey colour, but I just wanted to see if that reddy, pinky colour was working better than the yellow and this sort of proves that they definitely like it on here On places where you get plenty of bites you can experiment like this and at certain times of the year, they prefer certain smells and certain colours, and at the moment, pink or red does seem to be ruling I’m really having to move around the swim a lot with these fish They’re charging around and I’m having to basically guide them away from the marginal snags

Come on, mate, in you come You are nailed Get in that net! Bosh! Yes! I picked up a little bit of weed, fresh weed off the bottom Sometimes in spring that can be a really good sign Fresh weed, lots of natural life in it, bugs and stuff, so it’s definitely a likely spot

Let’s change the bait and get it out there Middle rod again It’s staying to the right now, which is good And the wind’s really getting up now This is a westerly banging straight in here

Proper hairy in these swims with overhanging trees both sides These are epic battles It’s right down here It’s a nice fish Just thinking about keeping it away from the other lines now if I can

It’s a lovely linear Come on, mate In you come Get in that net Bosh! Get in! Go on! There’s super snaggies down there

It’s very angry Something like a 15-pounder Two fish have just shown while I’m playing this in One right over the left-hand rod and one fairly close to the middle rod So it appears the fish are following the wind, certainly a few about

Here we go, hang on, this one’s coming in It’s caught in the other line Just Come in, Dan, come in Go ahead, brother Hello, mate I’ve just had one, 20lb linear it looks like A really nice fish, but considering the amount of activity around here and the liners I’m getting, I’m not sure what’s going on

I definitely think I should be catching more Right, well, I was thinking that myself, but I’ve just had a 23lb linear myself, so do you reckon your one’s an original or a new one? Just looking at it, it looks fairly old I’ve not had it out on the mat yet, but if it is an original and your one is, then that’s crazy, isn’t it? Yeah, no, my one’s definitely not an original, it’s a stocky, you can see, it just looks brand-new, but, mate, if I come down and do your pictures and then you come down and do mine, I’m going to leave my rod out of the water for a little while Roger that, mate, I’ll see you in five minutes What an absolute peach of a carp

This is why anglers travel from all over the country to fish in Oxford Every original is a complete surprise to us and this one at just over 21lb is set to grow bigger and be one of the lake’s target fish when the syndicate opens later this year This one had clearly been eating the Fyber freebies I’d been putting in, which tells me I need to put more bait in after every bite Well, I’ve not caught any more There are still fish topping

The liners have stopped since I’ve come in a bit closer, which would indicate either I’ve come too short or the fish are up in the water I would suggest they’re probably up in the water It’s quite deep out here, maybe 9-10’ deep and quite often at this time of the year the upper layer’s warming up with the spring sunshine and maybe they are just below the surface, so I’m going to try a zig rig I’m going to use a bit of black foam I don’t know if it mimics anything natural within their world, but it’s certainly a good starting point

Zig fishing is a very under-used method, primarily because people just can’t get their head around it But at the right time in the right situation, they certainly catch you fish that you wouldn’t have caught when using standard tactics During Masterclass Five, I started off like most and it was only towards the end of the second trip that I realised I need to be up in the water I dropped a fish earlier on, and basically I’m dumping the lead and I think the fish has not really got any resistance The lead’s coming off too easily and that’s what bumped the fish off because the hook was still perfectly sharp

So I’ve basically put back leads on all of the rods to try and keep a much, much tighter line, and although this one didn’t roar off, the line stayed tight and so far it’s still on The other advantage of the back leads is it does keep your line away, the two lines that are still fishing, it keeps them away from the fish on the end This one’s only been out there a little while, and it’s worked, so It’s blowing a lovely westerly now, a bit of sun out, the sun and wind together is a great combination any time of the year, but especially now That looks like a better one Get in that net Bosh! Wicked! This chunky common went 21lb, awesome looking creature it is, and this is one of the ones that was stocked in February this year and we would expect this one to probably be 25, 26lb by Christmas this year and who knows what the potential of this fish is It could go 45lb eventually, but lovely little heart-shaped tail, just a gorgeous, gorgeous creature

I’ll give you a kissy, let you go Get in Come on, yes! Location certainly proving its worth here

I’ve only just moved, not had the rods out long at all Quite a few fish topping We were up there hours with nothing happening, and like I say, a few minutes here and we’re into one It looks like one of the Harrow stockies Just scales along its back, fairly plain-flanked mirror

Quite pronounced different colours between the top and the bottom half Get in there, come on! Little move’s paid off It’s crazy how a day can be up and down Fish straight away this morning and then a long period of nothing while Danny caught them, and I think in hindsight rather than going up in the water, I should have moved The fish have obviously come this way

Danny was catching to his right, lots of fish topping out here I’ve had a couple really quickly and there is loads of fish out here and I’m sure there’s going to be a couple more It just goes to show, move, get on the fish, bright ones in the right spot this time of year and it’s all pretty straightforward Lovely, scaly little fish In my net! Boom! Look at that

It’s been a proper hectic second day here The fish were showing out longer when we got up this morning We weren’t fishing, so we were able to cast our single hookbaits out to where they were showing and I got a few bites straight away Every fish has been an absolute stunner and then the wind really picked up and then later on the fish came in much, much closer, I repositioned all my rods closer in, sprinkled out a little bit of bait, and to be honest, I thought I had ruined it Nothing happened for a little while and then it just went crazy

The fish obviously must have got on the free offerings I put out there and the bites were coming thick and fast So I’m going to put a little bit more bait out now, try and keep the fish in the area If the fish are in a different place tomorrow morning, maybe we’ll have to have a rethink, but for now I would say today is mission accomplished Good morning One of life’s great luxuries, a cup of tea in the morning when you’re fishing

It was flat calm when the sun came up today and the fish were showing on the far side of the lake The sun was beating over there and the fish are probably there to take advantage of the warmth of the sun but the wind is now blowing back over here If I had blanked so far I probably would have moved straight over there, but the fact that I’ve had a few and the weather’s going to be the same as it was yesterday would suggest the fish are going to come back over here So I put some bait out last night, used the marker float so I had something to aim at basically All the rods are clipped up at the same distance now, baits are on, and as soon as the fish start showing on this side, the rods are going to go back out

Oh, hello Oh, yes Get in there! People always say to me what am I looking for when I first arrive to a lake? And it’s always fish, whether you know the lake or not You’re walking around looking for factual, actual signs, fish topping Ideally you’ll see them crashing out the water and many times of the year they do this, particularly in the mornings

The mornings are a great time to see fish But if you’re not seeing them jumping out, there’s other signs you can be looking for You could see fish cruising just below the surface, black shapes You could see them swimming along the margins near the reeds You could see them bubbling

But always, always looking for actual physical signs If you can’t see physical signs, then I generally pick a big, open water swim, a room with a view as such If you’ve got a lot of water in front of you and a lot of scope to be looking, you can put your rods out with the aim being, yeah, I’ll start here, but if I see them somewhere else I’m ready to move and I’m always trying to put my rigs underneath fish Oh, yeah, this one’s going crazy bonkers, mate It’s going to be some place, mate, in years to come, isn’t it? When these are all big, like proper big

Yeah, you give them five years, put a few battle scars on them – and double in size – About 10lb, yeah In the net you come What about that? Just nearly had the rod dragged in I only just cast it out here

I don’t think these boots are waterproof up to my knees It’s a nice one Come on, you You booty man, yes! Bosh! Worth getting wet for! The rig I’ve used for this entire session is my favourite pop-up rig It’s called the Spinner rig and it suits springtime so well because the fish have just woken up

They’re cold-blooded, so they’re moving around a bit slower at the moment because the water’s colder Their eyesight’s not as good in cold water as well, so a little tiny bright pop-up close to the bottom with a really aggressive rig like this really suits the situation It’s had loads of press It’s called the Ronnie rig as well, and basically it all centres around a quick change ring swivel So the hook is effectively clipped onto a quick change ring swivel rather than being tied on

The thing people get wrong with it the most is crimping So basically we’re crimping a very stiff fluorocarbon material called Boom and the one I’m using is 25lb breaking strain It’s 055 diameter, so it’s really thick, really robust, and basically you put it through one of our double-barrel crimps, then through the quick change ring swivel, then back through the other side of the crimp and then you have to line the crimp up in the jaws of the crimp tool so it’s parallel to them So one barrel is in one side of the jaws and the other barrel is in the other side of the jaws and just squeeze it tight, that’s it

And if you get it right, it will go 25, 28, maybe even 30lb Certainly stronger than a knot I’ll crimp a size 11 ring swivel onto the other end because I’m using a helicopter rig in this situation So I didn’t know what I was going to be casting onto A helicopter rig is so versatile because you can move that top bead up further away from the lead, so when you cast out it flies up and hits that bead and the lead can basically penetrate into the bottom or into the weed if there is any weed, and leaving the hooklink sitting on top

So the Boom material is only short I started off on this session with probably 4” Booms I’ve now gone down to 2” Booms, and since I’ve made that change, the hook holds have been absolutely banging So I’m basically opening up that quick change ring swivel with a really sharp knife and then sliding the hook on I’m using a size 4 Wide Gape, one of the Kaptors and I’m basically bending the eye inwards a little bit more to help it flip and catch hold even better

Basically I’m slipping a Kicker over the top of that to cover up the join between the two so you don’t need any shrink tube, don’t need to use the kettle or anything Cut a little bit off of that large kicker and slide it on the wrong way round so it goes on the thickest end first onto the hook and it just looks so neat when it’s on there Then the bait goes on I’m using a little, tiny micro ring swivel and I’m tying the bait onto that So a couple of bits of floss go through the ring swivel and then basically pull them through the bait and tie a series of granny knots around a hair stop and cut it nice and close

And then basically to stop all of that coming off the hook, I use a little tiny hook bead and my tip on that is to basically keep it on the sprue, put the point of the hook through the hook bead, get it so that it’s coming out the other side of the hook bead and then it will naturally break off the sprue and then you can slide it around onto the hook, and where it goes on the hook is really important I like to fish them up really high and I think what that does is makes the hook flip and turn and catch hold even faster than normal Now the whole thing is basically fished just off the bottom So basically the length of the hook off the bottom I put a bit of putty around that crimp that’s on the quick change ring swivel, and I like them to sink pretty fast

I don’t want them to be wafting up off the bottom So when the fish come in, they don’t move around and I think the fish are so close to them when they take them, you can get away with a really short hooklink and because the hook flips and catches hold so fast, you don’t need something that’s six, eight, ten inches long to absolutely nail them So if you want a really effective hooker of fish and one that you can cast absolutely anywhere, that is what I recommend for my spring fishing My bivvy of choice for this session, and pretty much every session, to be honest, is a Tempest V2 I’ve been using them since they came out three or four years ago and it just does everything that I want it to do

It’s very, very lightweight I never use the ground sheet even in the winter, just use a tensioning strap to give it its shape I keep the front on it most of the time In the summer that’s to keep the mozzies out In the winter obviously that’s to keep the elements out and it just goes up in seconds

I watched Darrell using them in Belgium a couple of years ago when we were fishing on Masterclass, and just the speed he was setting up and packing away was just phenomenal and I went over from a Trident bivvy, which is one of the pram hood styles, to the Tempest and I’ve never looked back, to be honest Having the vents in the back of it as well is a major edge in the summertime when it gets really hot That can reduce the temperature by up to ten degrees So if you’re looking for something that’s super versatile, you can fish with it anywhere in the world and it’s more than big enough for one man, it’s a Tempest V2 I’ve chosen my 12’, 3

75lb Infinity, the new X45 Didn’t really know what was going to be presented to us here I might have been fishing at 120 yards, might have been under our feet and those rods will do it all Coupled with them, you’ve got the Basia reels, my favourite reel of all time They’re loaded with 15lb Touchdown

That’s 040 diameter, so it’s quite a thick line Again, we didn’t know how many snags there would be out there and that has saved me a couple of times with fish charging down the margins I can cast that probably up to a 120 yards with accuracy and the whole lot is sitting on top of the single system, super sexy, super cool, but most importantly, really, really stable And we wanted to make a system that looked like single bank sticks but was much easier to get perfectly spaced and once it’s in the ground it’s super solid

That’s fished in conjunction with Delkim TXi’s I’ve used them probably the last 20-odd years and I can’t see myself using anything different So that’s the hardware I’m using on this session I’ve probably used it for 90% of my fishing For this session I’m using my Longbow X45s in 3

75 test curve I use these for 90% of my fishing They’re a very good rod for general purpose Nought to 120 yards A lot of people think that it’s a really heavy test curve to be using for general fishing, but I like to have that power in reserve

You don’t know if you’re going to be coming up against weed, snags, having to cast far – it’s just my general setup These are coupled with Daiwa Basia reels Extremely lightweight, excellent clutch and amazing line lay Speaking of the line, I’m using fluorocarbon, the Kontour in 12lb It sinks like a brick and it suits the naked chod perfectly

I think they’ve got quite predictable now, mate, don’t you? In the afternoons they are definitely out in front of here Yeah, mate, they’ve been properly having it – You’ve had quite a few, haven’t you? – Yeah, it’s been good I think putting that bait in, not fishing at night, putting the bait in, I’ve been lucky that the wind’s been coming in this way the whole time, so I’ve not really had to go anywhere else where you’ve had to bob up and down at either side of me to keep on them Yeah, standard spring tactics is to chase them around and fire bright pop-ups, but once you’ve established a bit of a pattern of what they’re doing, like you have, you’ve been able to put bait out and get them searching for you rather than chasing them like I’ve been

Yeah, that’s your standard spring tactic, chasing them around, you human dynamo I like chasing them but sometimes you can be a busy fool and you can make them come to you, obviously I might have caught a few more, but I think you’ve had the best two, brother Yeah, the couple of originals were absolute bangers Yeah, imagine when proper bait goes in here, they start whacking it on with all them stockies as well, it’s going to be some place, isn’t it? Certainly

All those stockies are like shiny pennies They’re covered in scales, they’re only five minutes old, they’ve only been in here a little while Give them five years, a little bit of age, a little bit of bait, they’re going to be really, really special Yeah, I can’t wait to see what it does, how long it will take to do its first 40 Not long by the look of those Harrows in the pictures that you showed me

– Not long at all – They’re going on the list then, yeah? Top of the list, obviously

Thinking Tackle Online Episode 2 – Official Trailer | Korda Carp Fishing 2018

Welcome to Thinking Tackle Wow! This fish is probably about as old as I am

It's just an amazing place to come and fish, to come and walk round Crikey! That's massive My God! It's not a little common I think I might have cut your head off on that one Yeah, that's just about right

Cut my head off, cut the fish's tail off I don't want to cut your head off too much Sabotaging my pictures

Korda Underwater 7 FULL DVD Part 1 | Carp Fishing

If I'm looking a little bit dishevelled, it's because I really am I've just gone through the most amazing experience of my angling career

Mother Nature has thrown everything she possibly could at us We've had Siberian weather even though it's the beginning of spring We're at the Linear Complex in Oxford We're fishing St John's Lake but there are lakes spread all around here with big fish in But St John's in particular has got some real characters and some monsters as well

We want to see those on the underwater cameras and we want to catch a few as well, so sit back and enjoy the ride What we're doing at the moment is adjusting so that both cameras are looking at exactly the right place on the bottom where the rig's going to be lying So for the wide camera we want it in one position The close camera that's going to zoom right in on the hook, we want it in a different position So these adjustments are very small but they make a big difference when it gets out there in the water, and once it does go into the lake, because we've got no horizon to look at, it doesn't really matter if the rig's lying that way or that way, as long as it's in the middle of both shots now, it's going to be in the middle of both shots when it goes out there

So little adjustments at the moment but you've got to get it right because it's going to sit on the bottom for two weeks So the effort now makes all the difference We've been here about eight or ten hours and we're finally going to cast in but not with a hook on Just a boilie on the end of that, a pop-up, a bright one, and all I'm doing now is marking the distance so when the fish do come in and start feeding I'm already clipped up at the distance so hopefully we can walk round there, chuck a little bit of bait in, scare them away and get the cast in almost first time And that is key in this situation – is getting the rod out first time as many times as we can

We're only casting into an area that's probably three foot square Normally if you'd landed six foot from the float, you'd leave it, but in this situation that's too far away We've got about a three foot square we've got to cast into so getting it right now makes all the difference when the fish are in the swim Ali's obviously going to direct me to let me know where it is Okay, Al, it's going in now

I'm going to try and go past it and then draw it back in front of you The rod is in and it's well past the camera so I'm going to drag it back now Hopefully you should see it come through the shot Right, I'm going to clip this up and go and have a look Make sure it's where I want it

There's a bit of weed round it – Yeah, I see it – Beautiful – That will do, won't it? – Yeah We've got quite a lot of distance the other way as well

I'd guess at seven foot Maybe a tiny bit more Yeah, that seemed very close to the camera How far away do you reckon we are? Let's go down to the base plate That's the base plate, there

The clarity is amazing, isn't it? – Yeah, better than we expected – There's our pop-up Yeah, a lot better than we expected No carp in there, though, so if they come in and stir it up It will be fine – That will do, won't it? – Yeah Do you think I'll catch one on that? Yeah, you might need a hook on It depends how confident you're getting

Right, I'll clip it up I'm going to do a few more so it's dropping in that same position Really I want it out here But that's good for distance, near enough That tubing looks pretty good, doesn't it? Yeah, and the cog looks amazing

There is a bit of weed round it, though, isn't there? Yeah, I thought you'd picked that up on purpose – Good, okay – That's mega The camera's in so what we're doing now is preparing the bait for the spot Now after the last underwater DVD that was a success a few years back, people wanted to find out more about boilies

How do they react to just boilies on the spot? So that's exactly what we're going to do We're just going to be putting in boilies but we're going to vary it because there's more than one way to skin a cat So we've got whole baits that are going to go in here but the first thing I'm doing, I've got a mixture of 15mm cell and 15mm New Grange and I've just got them going through the cutter tool so I'm getting a few halved baits first And what that's doing is breaking the seal of the boilie so it's letting out more attraction, more leakage, so hopefully luring them fish down a lot quicker The first thing we want them to do is get confident around the camera because that's something totally different to the spot

They're not used to a camera rig on the bottom so we've got to get them coming in around it, feeding confidently and getting used to it So by making the baits a bit more attractive by cracking them open, that's going to have a better leakage rate and hopefully those fish are going to be enjoying it a lot quicker So I'm probably going to do maybe a kilo of halves It's so easy to do in this cutter – just push them out like that and you'll get a kilo done in no time Just keep them going through like that

Then I'm going to do some with the crusher as well because that's very important These are going to go down to a fine crumb So if fish come in throughout the night, it's going to keep them busy on the spot for a while They're going to be sieving away and 'shnuffling' on the spot, coming right along and that will keep them busy on that spot and hopefully keep them occupied long enough for us to hopefully get a visual of them feeding And even if they do clear out all the whole baits, again, you're going to have this sediment, it's going to sort of hold into the silt and the gravel on the bottom and it's going to keep them coming back for more and more

So even when they do clear you out, believe it or not, with a bit of crumb on the spot, it's amazing how long fish will stay there and it'll look like they're eating nothing but they are, the smell and everything that's in the swim will keep them coming back So that's an idea of what we're going to do I'm just going to add some whole baits You can see there, there's the New Grange and the cell, in they go Another big handful

And we're going to put this right around the camera but also up the tree line as well because I want it to be as natural as possible Where the fish are used to coming up and down, I want them grubbing around there If I give you a look at this now, there we go If I give you a handful now – halves, wholes, crumb, it's all in there All we've got to do now is introduce it to the spot and hopefully those carp won't be too far away and having a good old feed on this lot

So I'm just waiting for Mr Fairbrass to park himself in the seat inside the tent and radio to me when they're ready for me to start putting bait in This will be the first time that we're going to introduce some boilies, crumbed, chopped, halves and whole onto the spot at St John's and hopefully those fish won't be too far away But it's cooling down now and this is the shallow end so it could be through the night or by the morning, but I'm hoping in the next ten hours of darkness that they'll come and have a little mingle and party Right, here we go So there's the lovely chops that we've dampened down

So they should be leaking beautifully Right, it's going to go all over the base plate and where the camera is This is going to get them absolutely tearing it up, I hope Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful It's raining boilies

I love listening to him on the walkie-talkie when we're baiting up <i>That looks like loads already</i> <i>That looks like loads already</i> <i>I'd hang fire for a minute</i> I thought I was the new bait baron

I was going to load it up How much do you think you've put in now? Four handfuls, and you know my hands are pretty little <i>Yeah, we don't want</i> <i>any more than that in the swim</i> <i>You wouldn't believe how much bait</i> <i>that looks like on the bottom here</i> You just wouldn't believe it

It's totally carpeted So the rest of your bait wants to be spread, not the chops and stuff I'd just put the whole ones up and down the margin and off of camera Yeah, that's exactly what I'll do I'll spread the whole 15mlers along this tree line for about ten yards and down towards us for about ten yards so we've got a nice line of bait for them to come in on

<i>Bait the trail</i> <i>going out into the bay as well,</i> <i>just into the weeds and stuff</i> <i>so it spreads,</i> <i>say you were going to have two or</i> <i>three rods fishing out in that bay,</i> <i>bait up over all of those rods</i> Okay, yeah, I'll take a little line off the margin as well I'll throw it as far as I can get it but not a lot Okay, that's brilliant You wouldn't believe how much bait there is lying in the swim

The crumb is still just gently floating down <i>I reckon that crumb's going to be</i> <i>falling for the next ten minutes</i> It's properly smoked up from here You can really see it It's really coloured up the water

Come and have a look, mate Oh, yeah Does that look a lot of bait to you? That's looks like a mainline feast of boilie It looks a lot, doesn't it? For four handfuls, that's properly littered, isn't it? That crumb will keep them busy for a good time, as well Through the night they'll be coming back, hopefully, they'll be coming back time and time again

Yeah That's opened my eye straight away That's four handfuls Yeah, and that looks like too much to me I know it won't be because there's loads of fish in here but I reckon in the end we'll be putting half an handful in around the camera When I did the Thinking Tackle here, it was like the more bait you put in, the quicker the bite's got which is weird

It was almost like a small amount of bait they're not nervous of but they feed on and they disappear A load of bait, a load of them come in and just smash it to smithereens and you get a take We shall see Now it goes dark, that's the time They get used to the camera being there

It gets light tomorrow and hopefully we'll start seeing them Time for us to feed Yes It's the first full morning The camera's been in the water all night

We had some problems with the computers this morning but we finally solved them The weather is absolutely savage at the moment It's showing six degrees on the weather app that we're using This time last year it was 26 degrees on this very day So it shows you how much colder it is for the time of year

We're seeing odd fish just coming through and just having a look Some bait has been eaten, not very much at all, but we've thrown a little bit of extra bait in around the camera, just a few chops and stuff because the fish are definitely attracted by the sound as well as the smell Ali's put a few boilies up the margin either way just to draw fish back into the area but this is not the weather conditions for this swim at all We hoped it would be bright and sunny If it was flat clam and red hot, it would be full of fish

But the way it is now I'm guessing most of the fish are up the other end of the lake over the deeper water So we're going to carry on watching the cameras The weather's expected to break later on this afternoon With warmer temperatures hopefully there should be more carp in the area but we're going to watch intently for now You never know, they might start coming back in again

Treacherous down here And as you can tell, we didn't really want rain But that's exactly what we've been getting So, just to give you a little run down of why we're going to do what we're about to do, we've got the boilies down there and, to be fair, the carp should be coming in and eating them but we're only getting odd ones ghosting past So what we're going to do is just try to maybe accelerate the situation, just giving them something different

In fact, when we were testing the cameras at Kev Knight's house in his pond, we had pellets down there in front of the camera and then put some corn in and the fish started feeding As a result, they ended up mopping everything else that was around it So I've just emptied a tin of corn into here and then got some of that awesome Corn Twist Goo and just added that in And it gives that corn a little bit of extra substance Lovely taste, lovely aroma and a little bit of colour as well just to haze it up a little bit, not that we want to haze it up

But I think the odd fish that are going over the top, one might just tilt down and fancy the corn instead of the boilies and as a result hopefully they'll start churning it So I'm going to radio in to the gaffer, let him know that we're about to put the bait in Dan, we're just about to throw a few handfuls of this corn in, so are you ready? <i>Yes, mate, recording now</i> Great stuff Right, so not a lot

Again, it's a tin of corn but probably won't put all of that in Get it in my left hand, my favoured hand So here we go, have a look See there just a bit of fleck of the colour on my hand I'm going to throw this in

Hopefully the wind won't blow it into me Can you see the little bit of Goo coming off them – looks amazing in that clear water <i>Dan, I've put two handfuls</i> <i>on the spot</i> <i>I've just put one to the left</i> <i>Are you all right with the amount</i> <i>or would you like a bit more?</i> I think we'd all like a bit more <i>but I'm happy</i> <i>with the amount of corn

</i> Great So we're just going to put another handful just to the right Just over there And if you think that's a tin of corn, we've probably put half a tin of corn out All that Goo on it, loads of taste now in the water and if any carp come ghosting past, it might just be a new dimension that could get one feeding, so let's see what happens

We've been hampered by the weather massively It's poured down with rain all day long which is the complete opposite of what we wanted for this part of the lake But in spite of that we've seen fish in there regularly pretty much all day Just fleeting glances sometimes, other times two or three fish will come in together There was a very interesting bit earlier on where there were two or three fish in the area

Oh, there's one coming in right now so I'm going to record that Right on cue That is the small common, I think, that we've had coming through

There's two in there now That is literally two or three minutes after Ali's put some more bait in A couple of fish have come in to investigate We're seeing them showing out in the bay Earlier on we had two or three fish round the camera and a mallard dived down and started picking up baits and we've had problems with the ducks all day long on this shallow spot picking up baits

It completely spooked the carp away, they hated it And it took quite a while for them to come back in and right on cue there are two back in now No, there's three back in now It's amazing how the swim can go dead for an hour, you throw a bit more bait in and the fish come in to investigate We've not seen anything feeding yet but this is very encouraging behaviour from the fish

We never really expect to be casting on day one We'd like to see them feeding and I'm sure that will happen in time There's lots of fish showing out in the bay so we're going to keep watching and hopefully tomorrow we should get a rig out there The wind has changed, there's less rain A little bit of rain during the night but not too much

We saw loads of fish in front of the camera last night just before it got dark We even saw the big plated, we think But the camera was so slow at that point because it was so dark, we couldn't tell 100% but there were a lot of fish around So we put a lot of bait in before it got dark all around the camera and all around the area as well Just like you'd bait up if you were fishing

This morning we've turned the camera on, no bait in the swim whatsoever They have eaten everything So there's obviously been numbers of fish feeding there in the dark We put some more bait back in first thing this morning and a few carp came in and just sort of looked around but nothing's actually fed So Ali's just been round there again a minute ago and put some more bait in over the top of the camera and either side of it as well to hopefully draw fish in

The sun's out now and that's what we need For that bay we need the sun to heat the water up and the fish will start drifting back in here again in numbers The afternoon we're expecting to be the best time of the day, so from one o'clock perhaps until it gets dark, hopefully we'll start to see some fish feeding Once they've fed confidently then we're going to put a rig in But for now it's just a waiting game so I'm going to join Mr Hamidi back in the bivvy and just keep watching them fish and hopefully as time goes on they'll start to feed properly

Well, it's the afternoon of day two and after a pretty frustrating day the fish have started to come in It's now just before 6 o'clock We think we may have seen the big plated, we're not 100% certain There's a duck just eating some more bait He's very excited

I am 50 hours these cameras have been in and when the first one tipped down it was like in slow motion as it came in and the minute its angle changed you knew that was it It was a beautiful moment Since 2007 we've been waiting to see one feed again on an underwater camera so I can't quite explain the relief that we've had You start thinking all sorts, like is there something wrong with the cameras? Is it giving out a feed? But really it's just a matter of them getting comfortable, isn't it, Dan? It's putting the camera in the right spot on the right lake at the right time of the year

There's the old duck again Daffy's having it It's just a case of patience now

We're going to let them carry on eating this food They're coming in in greater numbers now which is really important and fish have started to feed in front of the camera with the camera turned on in the daylight which is really important So we're just going to let them have this food today, put some more grub in later on and, hopefully, tomorrow morning conditions will remain the same and the fish will come back in again It seems to be afternoons and evenings is best in here at the moment But you never know – it's all very encouraging

We're going to put more bait in tonight Absolutely Well, things are really hotting up out there now There are numbers of fish coming through and that's the important thing We've got groups of fish we haven't seen before

The bay is clearly filling up with fish As more anglers turn up around the lake, it's helping to push fish in here It's still not the most ideal conditions but the fish don't know that They're coming in now and they're taking more and more bait It was an absolute revelation to see them feeding in front of the camera for the first time

We were worried there was something wrong with the camera and it was stopping the fish feeding That's absolutely not the case Ali's trickled a little bit more bait in in the last hour or so and the fish have just kept coming back, kept coming back We're seeing new ones all the time Some real characters, some beautiful linears, some big long ones, some dark commons

There's loads of fish out there now feeding So we're going to carry on putting more bait in, loads is going to go on the spot and a lot all the way round it, just like we were fishing, and hopefully we're going to keep the fish there overnight because last night the fish completely cleaned us out, there was no bait there in the morning and there was no fish there either So a lot more is going to go in and then hopefully tomorrow morning we'll be able to put a rig in Well, many developments since last night We absolutely leathered the bait in last night all over the spot and all round it, they've eaten virtually all of it

There was still a little bit left which is what we wanted and then most importantly there were fish here this morning There's lots of fish drifting around We've seen one just dip down and have a little bit of a feed So we're going to get a rig out there but what we want to do first is actually scare them away before we cast a rig out So Ali's creeping round there now

He's going to show Tom who's just turned up where to put the bait in because we're going to have Ali in here watching the screen as I cast, Tom round there chucking the bait in to scare the fish away and then me hopefully getting one on the spot So I'm going to start recording on this so we can see that bait falling in And let's give Ali some instruction Al, are you ready to drop the bait in? <i>Yeah, mate I'm ready to put it in

</i> <i>Hang on one sec while I turn</i> <i>the volume down on this thing</i> Got to be as stealthy as possible out there so he's turning the volume down Loads of anglers turning up It's Friday morning so it's getting busier and busier <i>I'm ready if you want us</i> <i>to walk down to the water's edge

</i> Yes, please If you bait up now, we're recording now There's lots of anglers turning up and that's going to help us because we've got four swims that no-one can fish in this bay and the lack of lines is probably going to help push them in That's lovely That's going out just beyond the spot into the gloom, those first couple of bits

<i>This second lot should be good</i> <i>and I'll put another few</i> <i>just a bit closer if you want</i> The second lot were perfect If you spread it left and right now of shot, that same sort of range from the camera but left and right so it's not just a line directly in front of the camera It's well off to the left and well off to the right Actually not to the right because that's where the line's going to go, but off to the left, down the shallower bit there, a little bit on that, please

<i>Yeah, that's what I was going to do</i> <i>I won't put anything to the right</i> <i>Do you want me to do what I was doing</i> <i>and just scatter a few in a line</i> <i>up that margin as well?</i> <i>Give them a little trail</i> Absolutely, mate, a bit of a vapour trail Are you just putting chops in the swim or are you putting whole ones? <i>Just whole

Just whole baits at the</i> <i>moment, that's all I've taken round</i> Okay, just a few up the margin, that would be great What we're trying to do is create a bit of a trail into the spot but not from where the line's going to be From the other end of the bay so the fish come in and hopefully the first thing they encounter is the rig and not the line and that's really important in your own fishing to not bait over the top of a line because you've got fish feeding right on top of the line, they're touching the line, that's going to spook them, you start getting line bites, not ideal You want them coming in so the first thing they come in contact with is the hook bait, not the line and the rig system

So this is the rig that's going out there What I think is going to suit the spot first of all So we've got a size 6 Kaptor Kurv there in brown to match the gravel One of my all-time favourite banoffee hook baits fished on a D rig That's 15lb IQ2 fluorocarbon with a little tiny bit of putty wrapped around a small sinker just to hold it flat on the bottom

And then the all-important lead system I've got a 3oz flat pear cog lead So the fish is picking the lead up from the heaviest point, again, in brown, and then a brown lead clip as well And then the gravelly colour, Dark Matter rig tube and I've flecked that up with a brown marker pen just to break up the straight line And when we chucked that out there originally to mark the distance it blended in fairly well

You can see it but we've got to start somewhere so this is what I'm going to cast out first of all I'm going to wrap a little bit of foam round there When it drops into the spot, Ali's hopefully going to be able to see the foam and if I've overcast it a bit, I can drag it back to get it into position I think from the sound in the bivvy that might be bang on Is the foam still on? Right, perfect

Okay Right, I'm going to let the line sink under its own weight We're using 12lb Kontour fluorocarbon which is very heavy and very hard to see We've found if you just let it sink under its own weight and not actually tighten it up, it lays better on the bottom We can do that at the moment because there's no wind in this bay

If we had a big crosswind I'd have to be putting the tip of the rod under the water and letting it sink that way Yes, mate? Right, I'll come and have a look As bad luck would have it, the only stick in the swim and, look, they're coming in big style now, and we think the hook has gone round the stick It took me three goes to get it out there bang on, and we're not going to muck about with it because it is black with them out there at the moment They're all charging around getting all turned on so we're just going to see

If this gets picked up and it doesn't hook the fish, then it's one of them situations where you're sitting behind a rod thinking you should be catching and you're not and something like this has happened that you could never know So we're going to leave it for a little while and see what happens If it gets picked up and it won't hook a fish because of that stick then we will redo it

But that is fishing at the end of the day Right, let's just turn that down We've just seen what we think is the Box Common in the swim which is over 40lbs We've been discussing the lay of the rig and the fact that the hook looks like it's round the only twig out there So what we're going to try and do is something you couldn't do in your normal fishing but because we can see the rig we can do it

I'm going to try and tweak the rig back ever so slightly and just see if I can get it past that twig Because it looks like the hook's right over the top of it If it looks like it's snarled up on it we're going to wind it back in and cast it out again For now, the way to pull it back seems to be point the rod at it – Ali? – Yes, mate

I'm just tightening up now I've zoomed out as well on the tight Talk to me and tell me when it starts to move – Okay – Stop

– Are we safe? – We're safe, mate, yeah Come and have a look at it I'm just going to recheck the bobbin So just that tiny tweak has moved the lead, pulled the hook away from the twig, hopefully I'm just going to have a look in a minute but reset that first

Just in case it goes off Turn that back on so we hear it There we go Right, let's have a look in the bivvy Right, we're cooking on gas now, aren't we? That was worth doing

Well done, Tom Good suggestion We're seeing loads and loads of fish in front of the camera now Big groups of them coming through and the debate is on as to what we do next Personally I want to hang fire

You want to do what? Put some more boilies out Not in shot, just up and down the bank to get them feeding off of there That's what I'd do in a normal situation – Right How many would you put in? – A kilo

A kilo of boilies is quite a lot That's 500 baits at the size we're using He's turning Go for the banoffee, son Look at that big old black belly on him

Black Belly, that's what we'll call him They're properly circling now And it's edge of your seat stuff at the moment Hamidi? Just unbelievable, mate Yeah, but what are you going to do? What would you do now? Well, we've had a couple of heated debates about it because I think when you're on a longish session you're willing to wait

But I think if you're on a day session and you can see the spot like we can here I would be inclined to put a different type of bait in because when we first got them feeding we had the boilies in, we had some corn in, we had some pellet in and obviously some crumb When they came in yesterday evening, they started feeding The difference is now, from the morning we've got loads and loads of fish going at it and I don't believe they're still not ravenous enough for the amount of fish that are in the swim So it's a decision process that we all have to go through and that's why it's brilliant that we've got three different opinions I'm not opposed to putting more bait in

But I don't want to put pellet in, I don't want to put sweetcorn in I wouldn't do that in a session I would wean them off it But we're on a 14-day session, Ali We're on a 14-day session

We're not just fishing today If you wanted to get a bite off of that spot today, the best thing would have been to have not put any bait in and just have one hook bait sitting out there Then that's the only thing that can get taken I think they love the bait, though They love the sound of the bait

Would you put out pellet if No, in this situation if I was building it, what I'm talking about is Look, they're coming in all the time now and picking baits up I think an hour looking at this, as well, is a long hour It's brilliant, mate We're seeing everything that's going on

You'll look as old as me by the end of this I'm not talking about putting in a bucket of pellets I'm talking about putting in a handful of pellets, just something to put a different scent or taste in the swim, that's all

– But – Line up Did we see that move or not? – Did you see the line move? – No, I haven't

No Oh no, tench! Go away, Satan! Dean Macey, Dean Macey! Where are you? Where are you when we need you? Oh, leave it out It's got a really beady red eye You haven't caught a tench since the very first one, have you, Dan? The tench is like the scourge of the Underwater They love a banoffee as well

It is epic, though That is why I love it when you sit here and you've got three experienced anglers Well, two and one

Have a slap But it is interesting because I think we would all tweak it But I think the neutral one which we'd both probably agree with a bit, just at some point putting in more to maybe build that

With all these fish in the swim would you now spray bait all over the area when there's so many fish swimming around in the area? I would have been putting bait out constantly anyway so putting a bit more bait out What are you saying about Oh! He looked like he was going to go We've just had a fish very close to it and amazingly we had ducks diving in the swim and I just cast a spod out there with a little bit of water in it to give it some weight and put it too far and put it in the tree, flicked it back out and it landed almost on top of the camera, scared the ducks away but the sound of that happening has actually brought the fish back into the swim and there's another one going down

That's another one that we've had feeding before He's about six inches from the bait No less than that His head's there He was two inches away

Amazing how the sound of a cast or a spod or whatever has actually brought them back into the area Just that The dinner bell on top of the spod Unbelievable They've all just come back in

I think there's two things One, the ducks are scaring them away When they're diving they're spooking away And also the sound of the spod going in which you'd think would scare the carp, is actually scaring the ducks and bringing the carp in So we used that to good effect

But we're also considering putting some more bait into the swim just to try and turn the fish on because if we were fishing out here normally we wouldn't just have bait in a very small area, we'd be baiting all up and down the margins and out into the lake like we have been at night So we were going to put some more bait in the swim to try to turn them on a bit but it looks like the spod has turned them on They've just come back in the swim and fed There's more fish feeding now than there was an hour ago Absolutely

There's one coming in We're now getting a feeder like every couple of minutes They're properly feeding, they're hovering Some of them you've seen are not actually eating anything They go down and then they go off

But these now are stopping, aren't they? And I think it's That was the sound, a million percent that was the sound Yeah

That is typical of these day-ticket lakes It's the sort of thing where nothing's happening in your swim, one spodful back over the top or a few boilies back out there can be enough Even the ducks going in there might scare them off straight away but I think after, when they come back then it sort of Look, they're properly coming in now The rig's now been out in the water for a couple of hours There have been fish moving around all over the top of it We've managed to pull it away from that twig so the hook's all sitting perfect and fish have fed around the spot but nothing's really fed with any gusto and the general consensus is we need more bait out there So not necessarily on our spot but all up and down the margins

Ali and Tom have fished here for the Thinking Tackle show, they've had loads of fish by putting lots of bait in So what we're going to do now is wind the rig in I'm going to try and position it slightly further away from camera because we've noticed fish feeding on the edges of the spot rather than right in the middle of it So by dropping it a couple of feet further away the fish are clearly not scared of the cast going out there because when I'm scaring the ducks with the spod it's actually attracting the fish into the swim So I'm going to get it clipped up, get it repositioned and then spread some bait up and down and see if we can really get the fish feeding I've clipped up before I've done that so I can't cast too far

I'm going to check the point of the hook to make sure it's sharp before I put it back out So, rig all perfect What I'm going to do, just holding my thumb there, that's digging into my thumb instantly so the hook is still nice and sharp Another bit of foam's going to go on and we're going to get it back out there The general consensus is the rig is in the wrong position

It's a little bit too far away from the camera and although it looks really good for a bite we're not going to see a lot It's so clouded up out there at the moment plus a combination of things – the fish are feeding in the weed on the bait that we've chucked around the spot but not on it They're obviously feeding on the spot as well but there's a load of water pumping in from a pipe that's coming from the lake next door and that's obviously stirring it up so brilliant feeding conditions but very difficult viewing conditions So when they started to heavily feed yesterday at about 5 o'clock we figure it's better to reposition now, get it absolutely bang on the money and then we can just leave it for the evening and hopefully then it will generate a bite and we'll be able to really see it I'm going to get the rig out – it's no mean feat

I'm getting severely stressed out doing it but we'll have another go and see if we can get it bang on the money How's that? Close to the camera, mate Hang on Too close? It's landed in a right old a right old heap Hang on Yeah, it's a bit too close, Dan I'd say you're about a foot and a half away from the camera

Is it on the right line, though? It's a little bit to the right of the spot but it only took me one flick on the pan and tilt to get to it Right, okay It's so difficult doing this, getting it bang on the money We're trying to drop it in a two foot square to get it bang on the money All of the casts that I'm putting out there in a normal fishing situation would be right but because of the cameras, they're not

So I've just got to keep my cool and carry on doing it Dan, you couldn't have hand-placed it better I don't know if you can hear from the bivvy but that means I've got it bang on A bit of a jammy one but it's out there, that's the main thing Right, let's get the line sunk and go and see what it looks like

Dan, why didn't you place one right in the centre of the screen? Oh, you just did! What we're doing is Ali has gone round to the camera again and he's just chucking in a few chops all over the spot The witching hour is close by Probably an hour away before they really started feeding yesterday obviously without a line in the water How is that, Dan? Yeah, that's good, mate It's an incredible amount of flow pushing it to the right

I think you need to throw it even further left than that because every bit is coming down right-hand side of screen But it's a good spread That's quite a lot of chop that I've just put down so I think that's plenty Okay, we'll leave it at that There's fish coming in to investigate already so we'll leave it at that and see how we get on

It's the end of day three, the first proper day of angling and we're pretty stumped as to why it hasn't happened today It all looked so good this morning but the wind changed round halfway through the day today to a north-easterly and it's gone very cold Personally I think that's got more to do with the way the fish have been this afternoon than anything else Gentlemen? I'm inclined to agree that the conditions have changed through the day and that's put them off a little bit but I think we've stuck to our guns with the type of bait we've put in We've had loads of debates with that and I felt that maybe if we just introduce some different baits, maybe some corn, some pellets, even some hemp, just to give them something different, that's what I think

When they're not having it, there's always something that might just lure one down to start feeding and then others might follow And later in the day we've put some pellets in Didn't really make that much difference, did it? It did make a little difference but

I will admit I was against it and I think it did, in the long term, provoke more of a feeding response but because it's so gloomy out there you can't see if they're just eating the pellets or if they're eating the boilies Maybe the light was dropping and that caused them to feed It's the first day, we can't forget that

There's a million and one reasons We've never caught carp on the first day before either – We've come close-ish – We've come close-ish today So because the fish haven't picked the rig up we can't really say the rig's not working at all

So the same rig can go out tomorrow probably with a different type of hook bait on and then we'll have a talk in the morning as to what bait we're going to put in We're going to leather the boilie in again tonight all over this bay because there are definitely carp still in the bay and showing and everything More bait on the spot as well and then you can join us in the morning and we'll let you know how it's gone A frustrating day but there's always tomorrow As you can see from the bedraggled look of myself and Mr Hamidi here, we're well into day four – it's all sort of blending into one at the moment – but when we turned the cameras on this morning there was very little bait left in the swim and we had leathered it in last night in spite of the fact that it had gone cold

We wanted to keep the fish in the area if we could which obviously worked There were fish drifting around over the bait and having just a little bit of a feed this morning So we then decided to put some more crumb in the swim, which we did Only crumb, no whole boilies And it didn't really elicit any response at all, to be honest

Odd fish drifting around but no real feeding So then the middle of the morning we put some pellets in We've got some mixed pellets and they've got some of the Goo put over the top of them – Raspberry Plume over the top There's one just coming into the swim now actually And within a few minutes of that going in, we started to get a feeding response and the fish started to come back in and that built and built and built and in the end we had four or five fish in the gloom That's the most we've ever had There were five of them on the boundary of the spot coming in Just coming out of the gloom and you just see them on the edge of the spot and a couple were getting more and more confident and you were starting to see them much closer to the camera

But we've still not put a rig in because if the fish are not feeding in full view and we can really see what they're doing, there's no point having a rig there because if we have to have a rig right on the edge of the spot, you won't see anything, we won't see anything, and it's a bit pointless So we want the fish feeding confidently, really close to the camera So that feeding went on for probably an hour and a half, and it was going really well and then as usual the ducks turned up and started diving and that spooked the carp away and they never really came back So probably an hour after nothing happening we mixed up another mix of everything now So we've got hemp, corn, chopped boilie, more pellets, Goo into it as well, really mixed it up

So a real pungent thing that's going to form a cloud and everything Put that into the swim to try and create some more feeding and they've started to come back in and have a bit of a pick at it We got excited because one went over the top and went right across and then went straight down and we'd not seen one do that Almost put the brakes on and start feeding So you get excited but the last couple of days you just think you might have cracked it with them but then the conditions, I think, are what are killing us along with that camera

That's the thing we're forgetting is that it does take time for them to get confident in front of the camera and we've only had them in there feeding for an evening and a morning and then the rig was in In hindsight that was probably a mistake We should have let them feed all day yesterday and get confident in front of it but as soon as we saw them feeding we put a rig out which is probably what anybody would have done But now today we've had no line in the water whatsoever and the fish are still being very cagey around the spot They're building in confidence but then they're going

It's a north-easterly wind, it's like eight degrees, it's the end of April, it should be 20 degrees now nearly I'm sure that's what's having the effect on how the fish are feeding So we're going to leave the line out completely today, keep watching what's happening now and then play it by ear from there But until we get prolonged feeding close to the camera personally I think it's a mistake to put the rig in Yeah, I agree with you

I think that spot, like I said to you yesterday, if you fished exactly how you did without a camera in the number of fish that went past, you'd have caught five carp there yesterday I'll take your word for that because I've never fished down that side But the way you fish and those baits and everything you've done you would have caught five carp From your experiences on Thinking Tackle and everything else Yes, seeing that spot The number of fish that are coming in, but the camera is where your rig would normally be and it's right in the middle of that spot and that's an alien object that wasn't there a few days ago So it's about building them and getting them confident and that's the side we never see We deal with those frustrations but it'll be worth it in the end

There's a fish feeding just I can just see his tail on the right of the spot He's flanking

He's coming in to shot now He's eating, he's eating Dan, they're looking confident This weather has made such a difference It is like the switch has gone on

The water temperature must have gone up half a degree and they're now getting involved They're not feeding four or five at a time but it's just the numbers of fish coming to the spot and feeding has just gone through the roof Roof! Yeah Oh, here it comes, another biggie across the lens Bosh, bosh, bosh

About to feed on the kill zone Three feeding in the kill zone, Dan This is the best it has ever been in the middle of the day when it's supposed to be rubbish Quality Quality, quality, quality

This is what we were waiting for A bit of good weather and it's like a transformation in the lake You've got the biggest fish in the lake just off the side of the screen I keep seeing the back of it come back in, having a feed We've got four, five, six fish constantly feeding I think the Big Plated is about to enter the building Is that you? Is that your head? No, I don't think that's you

It's just another big fish It's unbelievable now The water temperature must have gone up now We've had, from about 8 o'clock this morning, it's now 1249, and the water temperature has had a chance to warm up with that sunshine coming through

The rain the previous few days has totally killed the spot We were only having one or two fish come in and feed And obviously it's getting better and better as the day progresses But now it's starting to be what we expected We're in the lap of the gods with the weather and we're doing all we can from a fishing perspective – putting the bait in, giving them what they want in and out of the day

I think, though, if we get a rig in we could have a very good chance It's there again in the back of the spot It's there again! It's there again The Big Plated is in the building and having it I just radioed through to Dan and he's said he's just pulled out the sharpest Kaptor in the packet ready to nail it

It is right in the centre of our screen What a difference a day makes Yesterday it looked like the world was going to end We took the water temperature, it had dropped by two degrees It was like mid-March water temperature

I've just got Mark Palmer, our runner, to check the temperature and it's gone up to 125 degrees And in a few hours you can really see the difference that's made That is like a switch has come on The carp are feeding, the water's coloured up and you've got the biggest fish in the lake, the one everyone wants us to catch, bang in the centre of frame

His head is right in front of me Look at that! That is unbelievable I think I've wet myself I have, actually I'm sorry

It's just absolutely legendary I've got his scales filling the screen This is TV gold And, I'll tell you what, you don't see the trials and tribulations Yesterday we wanted to hang ourselves laying in here because it was cold, we were stuck inside the tent the whole day, but now I wouldn't swap this position for anywhere

Loving it, loving it Absolutely loving it You've got the biggest fish in the lake You've got the Box Common floating around as well We need to get a rig in

Good times Talk about pressure There's about five or six people here all in the background watching Ali's got the two cameras underwater We've got three other cameras rolling on the bank and I'm supposed to be dropping this out there in a crosswind, first time, right next to the camera

They're having it big style out there The Big Plated's in there When you're tying a rig and it's going to be in front of everybody and you've got them big fish out there, I was shaking just tying a rig up But that is the fella that I'm casting out there So we've got an IQ2 in 20lb to 25lb Supernatural combi rig, a little bit of Dark Matter putty round the join in the two which is just coming out the end of that stick there

A size 6 Kaptor Kurv shank in the brown with one grain of the slow-sinking pink maize which is flavoured with squid, octopus and a few fruit flavours as well That's in the new plastics range Then moving down to the lead system, we've got a 3oz cog lead there, so you see I'm picking the lead up from the heaviest point first onto a lead clip that's hopefully going to dump that lead as the fish charges off and then some of the Dark Matter rig tube just to hold it all down I've just flecked that with a pen to try and break up the straight line on the gravel So that's what we're going to start with

We were going to fish boilies but the fish seen in the daytime are really preoccupied on the small items That's why I've got a bag on and one grain of plastic maize Hopefully we'll be able to use boilies at some point in the future but we're a week into it now and this is the best day we've had The wind's calmed down a little bit now, most importantly, it's not raining and the water's gone up by two degrees today So that's made a massive difference to how confidently the fish are feeding

So I'm going to get this one out there If it doesn't go right first time I've got a load of other sticks tied and I'm just going to keep doing it until it's bang on the money – I'm up here, Al – Yeah, do it now, Dan Oh, yeah! It's close

Slightly It's very good Come and have a look at it

It's your call He says it's close so I'm going to go and have a look and see what he thinks Mate, you won't believe what just happened – Your rig's landed – Oh, it's there! Your rig has landed, it's all perfect and within seconds the Big Plated has come in It came down, it had a shnuffle Look how many there are in the shot It had a shnuffle to the right of the rig as you look from here and then it's had a chew up off the deck and then he's gone left, and to come that close already It looks good, that bit of pink maize

It's small, a slightly different colour Yeah, not blatant Not yellow If we get one on that I think I'll be putting a little pink boilie out This is just too nerve-racking

Oh, Common really close Really close Feeding right on top of the rig Right on top of the rig – That was close, wasn't it? – Yeah

That was really close What will be interesting as well is now you've got something pink There's a shnuffler

That's Big Plated! Oh my God! Now you see why I've been wetting myself for the last Look at it, look at the size of it It's like a bus going through the swim

Words can't describe it That Common's obviously like his fall guy, isn't he? Plated is sending him in The Plated looked like the fall guy for a while earlier, the little ones were sending him in Sparky the Trojan was in there eating I'm starting to name all the carp because they've all got real characteristics Like one sits on the spot and chews and chews and chews and we named him after one of our mates Well, he's the Trojan, he's the party Trojan, he's the catalyst for everything to happen And he sat on the spot and he was like a fish magnet

He's the life and soul of the party, isn't he, Sparky? So they were in feeding and feeding around him So, let's see – Oh no – That is the Big Plated again He's coming in from the right angle, isn't he? He's just going over the top of the tubing now

That is a sight to behold that, isn't it? – He ain't even bothered – He's not bothered, no He's eating the boilies Can you believe it, he's eating the boilies Look at that

That is an impressive carp You can tell they're massive because they waddle, don't they? – He's eating the boilies now – Where's the cakes? Can you believe it? If I'd had a banoffee out there I might have caught him then I think for a bite, what you've got out is a very safe option at the moment Well, them two boilies in there were closer to us than the rig

But what I was going to say was it will be interesting with what you've got out whether it acts as a magnet for them to keep coming back to that same area Because that's what I've seen before Once you've got something, they're not put off by that pink It's not like a yellow that they might think is dangerous But they see a fish repeatedly coming to this area where they've been feeding all dotted around, and it might just be catching their eye

Big old A Team coming now Big old A Team Make a note of that, mate Dan, get ready, mate Get ready

Oh, he spat it out! Spat the rig out What happened? I was trying to get rid of the ducks Basically Tatty Tail has just come from The fully scaled? No, it was a bit of an old warrior I don't know if it was that old warrior, it came in that way and I was keeping an eye, and it went there, shnuffle, shnuffle, took the rig in, shook his head and it just came straight back out then it swam off Welcome to day-ticket carp fishing Welcome to underwater carp fishing Well, it's not unusual for your best thing to get totally rejected

– Here's a nice one – He's a big Common, mate I think that's the Box That's the Box Common, 40+ Common He likes a little bit of pink, I'm sure

Go on, the Box Common Everything happens for a reason Oh, mate, that's massive That is massive He's circling

We've just had the Box and Big Plated today, yeah? – Yeah, that'll do – Two bites That'll do to start off with The rig's been taken and rejected, let's repo the rig and get a boilie on This is a good day, isn't it? We may not have weather like this again for a while

Exactly You're dangling, mate, your call I'm open-minded with it You do what you think you want to do and then we'll suck it and see from there I'm going to put just a bottom bait on on that same rig and put it out there and I'll try and drop it a couple of foot closer and see what happens

Are you putting a single dingle on or are you putting a bag on again? I'll put a little stick on as well just for extra weight It seems to be easier to cast with a little stick on And at least it's masking the point of the hook as well at the start, and the leaves a little bit around it But exactly that same rig I'll just put a bottom bait cell on

Dan, don't wind it in Dan, get ready, mate Get ready! Oh, he spat it out again That was Sparky – What happened, mate? – Sparky has done us, hasn't he? Definitely in his mouth? Totally in his mouth

Totally, totally in his mouth Buried, and he just shook his head and it came straight back out The cog has stayed still, they're not hitting the weight of the lead which is just typical of particles down on the spot, isn't it? He had it in him, he was moving as well, but he's moved towards the lead rather than away from the lead But you'd still think with a lovely sharp hook on and everything, it just shows you how many times that happens before you catch one I've been here before and I've seen when I've put some particles to try to get them feeding, just how hard it can get

– On that very spot – Where your rig is now, mine was and I sat there for a whole day pulling my hair out while Tom was hauling on boilies but we had to put that bait in to get him confident around the cameras It's achieved that but all along we said we don't want to fish over them And you can see exactly why, mate – Look at him

He's lovely – He's a Trojan What a beautiful fish that is But the hook bait's working I've got a boilie with almost identical attractors in it and the identical colour which is obviously where that plastic has been derived from is our top, top boilies recipes

I'm feeling that I'll put the pink squid with a fruit boilie on on the IQ D rig and we'll see if our fortunes change I think the great thing about that D rig is it all drops and there's a lot of separation in the nation Worrying that you can have a very stiff hook link, 20lb IQ2, the exposed braid I reckon is about 3ml long, just so the hook can lift Your sharpest Kaptor with a cog lead as well

You've got your best clothes on, haven't you? I've got my best clothes on, I'm on the dance floor with my best kit on – And you can't pull – Can't pull Busting all my best moves out, lunges, the lot, everything

This is number two Pink boilie flavoured with squid and fruit A home-made one that I made for Gigantica for last year Then an IQ2 hook link, 15lb, same style of hook, a size 6 Kaptor Kurv shank, a little bit of putty on the hook link to hold it all flat We hope that having that D on and having IQ all the way down to the hook with that hook bait is going to help and is actually going to turn a pickup into a bite

So that is rig number two I'm going to put a stick on it as well just to mask the hook from the gravel when I cast in, give it a little bit more attraction And we'll see what happens when this one goes out there Hang on, mate We're right of shot, Dan, but I'll tell you what

That is it, isn't it? Hang on I'm going to pan right The tension is unbelievable

Yeah, Dan, that's shy of the edge of the spot but I like it there That's looking good He says it's looking good but I'm going to go and have a look Where is it, mate? Oh, yeah – Have you gone right a bit? – I have

Basically, before, you were there right in the centre of the shot but think of the previous frame where we were, you landed right of the shot and I've panned the camera right So you're on the edge of our baited area That looks good, though, doesn't it? – Absolutely perfect – That slow sinker is just nice, it's just slightly lighter than everything else Not blatant

That's a nice colour We'll take that I'm going to set the bobbin and everything Oh, here comes another one, here comes another one He's on the right line, definitely

He's on the right line Happy as Larry And here's the Ghostie, every inch a 34-pounder Has he eaten? I haven't seen him eat a single thing yet They've properly come back here now, though

There's one in the gloom now That is just perfect positioning, that rig Nice Common, that That's got a big patch on the end of its tail Oh, he's in the right position

He's in the right orientation Going through He's on the right line, definitely He's eating something Go on, go on! You're having a laugh

Do you know anyone who wants to buy any fishing gear? They're all over us now Look how many What's that one? That's the Big Plated

No, that's the Little Plated! – It's alive – It's 41lb It's not been out for two years This is just amazing, isn't it? Oh, man I can't believe you made me do this

– Is that the first time – That's the first time we've seen It hasn't been caught for 18 months Chris said it hasn't been seen at all or anything Well, it's still alive anyway – That is it

– Apparently it does disappear A million percent – He's going for it – Yes, he's got it – Oh no! – That's terrible

I'm just distraught – You've got to smile, though – That's my best two – Yeah, but your hook bait's good – That's my best two

I ain't got anything else in the locker, that's it Welcome to day-ticket fishing Cog lead, super duper sharp hook, nylon all the way through, D rig, slow-sinking bait with extra attractors in it, done Yeah, but they like the hook bait You can't mug the hook bait off, they like that

– The particles are killing us there – It's not, mate I think 99 times out of 100 when you go fishing, that is happening numerous times before you actually catch one That's the rig that's caught all those big carp out of Gigantica Pressured fish nailed like they were never going to come off

It was around for so long, it wasn't in and out – Three pickups – Here we go, here we go! Oh, it's the Big Plated He turned away Mate, pink is the colour

If you were just sitting here and we had that cast out, and you'd known Big Plated was that far away from taking your hook bait You wouldn't be able to go fishing Couldn't have fish every day

They're now really mixing it up and really feeding hard in there The colour's definitely right There's no doubt about that Three pickups in one hour 20 Really? Right, okay

Stato here giving you the correct stats for the situation So we're going to fish on through with this rig If it gets picked up a few more times I've got an idea of what I'm going to do next But I think this is what we're all encountering When we get it right and the spot is right and the baiting situation's right and the hook bait's right, this, I think, is what's happening to pretty much all of us

Because those hooks, I could not pick a sharper hook It's on a very short, very aggressive hook link that's going to turn and catch hold really quickly The one that's out there now before the lead's even really felt, that should be springing about in their mouth and yet still they've got away with it He's a nice scaly one That's the one that just missed your hook bait earlier

He's going to take it And his face fell there the last time as well That is a lovely, lovely carp

This is so exciting I hope you can get that from our commentary The fish in here, some of them are absolutely stunning and they're monstrously big carp as well Here we go – It's Big Plated

– Go on! – Go on! – He's taken it – Move, Dan! You've got him! – No way! No way! We know for a fact we're hooked into the king of the lake on our very first take Three pickups this morning, all blow-outs and then the biggest fish in the lake, the one we came for, the one we dreamt of hooking is on the end And as you can tell by the gaffer – It's rolling on the line – This is just a joke Well, it doesn't matter if his best rig got blown out by others because the best fish in the lake has picked it up and got nailed – Let's just pray it's out there

– Just pray Everybody, just pray Mama, pray for me Just to put into words what's going on here – the pinnacle to get an English 40-pounder on camera is pretty amazing, but to catch one underwater will just be the greatest icing on any cake There it is

Calm, boys Nice one, lads Oh, man, this is just a joke It's rolling on the line so much! Tommy, get me my shades – Oh, God! – Stay calm, bruv

It's just rolling on the line all the time – He's not ready yet – That's fine I'm just He's not ready yet There he is There he is Get in the net, get in the net! Yes! I can't believe it! Come on, son! Oh, my life! I can't believe it

It's the biggest one in the I just can't It's the biggest one in the lake You've been swimming round Mate, I just can't believe it I love you, Infinity Unbelievable, mate – Put one on there, bruv – High five! Yes! Don't ever make me do these again

That is the most amazing experience of my entire fishing life I was absolutely crapping myself that was going to come off It was meant to be, mate What did you say? This shoot is cursed? – Let's have another one – That's a good curse

Even though you saw the fish take the bait underneath the water you still say, 'Is it it? I don't think it is' Right, Dan's already zeroed the scales but before we get this marvellous creature out of the water it's important to just go through the key principles of actually getting them onto the bank Now the first thing, a lot of people try to unhook them in the net, in most instances that wouldn't be a bad thing but with such a big fish we're going to try to get this line into here and leave the hook in and try to transfer it that way So I'm going to leave loads of slack line so when we do lift it out, there's no tension on the hook point and there's no chance of tearing the mouth So once I've done that, I'm just going to fold this net and just roll it up

Just like that And you can see those beautiful big plated scales I'm just going to bring the sling under it making sure all the pecs are flat That's the most important thing, that the fins are flat against the body and I don't actually need to lift it, get your arms wet It's more important you look after the fish than keep yourself dry

Everything's in there Pecs are flat and I'm just going to drop this in there and I'm going to lift the fish up, checking everything's flat It's such an amazing creature, you've got to make sure it goes back in in as good a condition as it came out That's everything's good there Checking this side

And another important tip even when you're carrying them out in a sling, just try to support the body a little bit so it's not pushing right against the sling itself and that just takes a bit of that pressure against their sensitive lower That's all good Here we go That is a very big carp Look at that

We've been seeing him all morning Unfortunately he's lost a scale but I'm told they will grow back That's been like that since before we caught it That's one of the reasons we recognised it coming back in – Has it come out? – No, it's still there

Take that hook out Cheers, mate Right, just zip these up carefully Just make sure his tail's not anywhere near where the zip is It's a big old long fish, this one

Okay Cheers, bruv Right, you read it and I'll hoist it Just check his fin's flat underneath the fish – Yeah? – Yeah, good

Feels heavy – 4412 – 4412, get in! – Amazing, mate

– Amazing, yeah Right, can you take those? Don't be scared of them Just cradle them If they're off the ground like this, they can't do themselves any harm Too late now, fella

It's all happened And there he is, look at that Absolutely unbelievable There are just no words What an amazing, amazing carp

And I have to say thank you, I know it's a bit corny, to me old mate Hamidi because I really didn't want to do this Five or six times we've been to France, five or six times it's failed, and it was only his enthusiasm and persistence that made us come here He picked the spot and everything else so this one is dedicated to him It's the most amazing capture of my life Awesome

Okay, before we return this stunning creature, I'm just going to roll him over Where he's lost that scale or she's lost that scale, I'm just going to dab it dry for a second and then just apply a bit of the Carp Care just where that is It's just like an antiseptic that will help it to heal better That scale will eventually grow back It certainly won't look like that for very much longer

Then while I'm doing it, if I roll the fish back towards me again, there's just a bit of redness on his mouth there I'll just dab that, just apply a bit more Look at that How about that for a day-ticket carp that anybody can fish for? Wicked, absolutely wicked Off you go, my love

Am I clear to cast, Ali? Yeah, you're clear in a second, mate It's landed in the same spot as last time Hang on, I'm just going to pan over now Probably about a foot and a half away from the camera You'll get a bite there

That's a really nice scaly one behind him Big Common, that's the Box, isn't it? That's the Box How about that for two bites in a row? How about that for two bites in a row? Leave one for us, Dan That's not Gums, that's – That's the Warrior – He's going to get caught The Warrior's going to get caught by someone Did you put the bag on for attraction? I am actually finding it easier to cast with a bag on

That's a big fish, look That's long, isn't it? That is long, that one That's 47

05, Al We've had a big fish over the top of the hook bait three times now and three times it's pulled away or looked down and then pulled away from it and that hook bait is only millimetres from the bottom Looking at it now, there's two coming into shot Two real nice ones That's high up like that tester we put out yesterday, it's sitting slightly prouder

Yeah, there's probably a bit more buoyancy in the bait and it's just sitting, rather than the hook laying flat, and plus it's the way it's ended up resting on the bottom, rather than sitting totally flat it's just sitting up a little bit and they seem to be spooking off it and we all reckon – no-one ever does it – a bright bottom bait, no buoyancy to it whatsoever so it's just sitting with all the other ones but it's got that colour to it It doesn't have to be brighter, just different Different, yeah Like that pink is a good colour Cream, white, pink, that real dull yellow you were talking about, not the real fluoro colours but just enough different

Reds, pink, those less used colours that You like that That's the Box Common That is the Box Common, a million percent

Turn around It's this way Greed is good Forget stains, trust pink I'm surprised that is sitting up as far as that because it's quite a small bait and you've got a micro rig swivel up inside it plus the size 6 hook so it's almost like having two hooks attached to it for the amount of metal there and it's

It's sat on top of the bag If a fish takes that in, the hook's sat really proud, isn't it? It's going to really nail them, I think It's cocked I'll make a prediction that as the light drops I bet we get a bite on that

Right on the death of when we can't film any more I reckon that will go And if we left it out there tonight, 100% that would go It is a magnet, that colour They are investigating that area I'd much rather have a hook bait on that they keep going towards than one that's just a needle in a haystack

Absolutely, yeah When the Big Plated took it, he took just that, didn't he? He went straight for that It's like there's a couple of men there with rope just pulling the carp towards it They do favour going towards that And they did it with that pink bit of corn and they've done it with that

Oh, fish coming, Dan, fish coming It's going for it, Dan It's got it, Dan! You got a take, you got a take! That is epic Well, we've got a complete washing line of weed here Ali thinks it's a fish we've nicknamed Gummy

Did you hear me radio through to you? – No, I didn't hear that – You couldn't hear me? No, no, I did actually, I did That line's all properly I can't wind any more No, I can, I can It's all right Tom's there Talk about team effort

Don't lose that That's Big Plated hook bait Well done, lads Should be putting a few more of these pink ones on What an awesome colour

It's got to be good if Spooner's catching on them Only joking, Spooner We love you It's rucking, this one Nailed

Get in my net, get in my net Yes, come on! Two in a day Get in! Don't leave me hanging Right, same procedure as always This time we've taken the hook out in the water, smaller fish, little bit easier to control

It was actually nailed in the top lip but really nailed It wasn't ever coming off Dan would probably have played it for the rest of the week So, just rolling it up, checking the fins Everything's flat against the body, really, really important

That's what I hate seeing on day-ticket lakes, people not treating carp like they should be So I'm going to lift this out now and take it to its captor Just off the mat How big is he? 40 No Just hold it still – 2312, mate

– Nice How about that for a torpedo of a carp? Beautiful, beautiful colours Almost his winter colours still Lovely and dark A perfect end to a perfect day

Beautiful St John's Mirror Absolutely stunning Torpedo by name, torpedo by nature See you in the morning

Thinking Tackle Online Episode 3 – Official Trailer | Korda Carp Fishing 2018

It’s going to be a windy week There’s likely to be some gales at times

That rain coming on this deepening area of low pressure, it’s one to watch tomorrow night It’s absolutely pouring with rain Yes! First one from this beautiful new lake In places it’s nearly 50 feet deep So bait-wise I’ve gone with boilies, loads of liquid, hopefully loads and loads of attraction in and around the swim

Get in there! Well done – Look at that – That’s a proper fish Does that mean the bottle of wine’s mine? No, not quite, not exactly I think I said first fish from Yorkshire

Korda Carp Fishing | Danny Fairbrass CANCER scare & Charity support

These are two new products in the Korda clothing range They're under the Kool banner, because that's what they're designed to do, is keep you cool and protect you from the sun

Basically, the reason I came up with this, last year, in January, I got diagnosed with skin cancer, and anyone will tell you, when you get diagnosed with any form of cancer, you think that's the end, you're going to die, and it was a very worrying time for a couple of months Fortunately, I got the all-clear in March, and they took a melanoma off my arm, and took some more skin after that, as well, and there's no evidence of any more melanoma in that skin, which is brilliant news for me And normally, when you have an illness like that, you like to keep it private, you know? It's something very personal But I thought, "How can I turn a negative into a positive?" Basically, the reason you get melanoma is for overexposure to the sun, so basically, I burned, in my late teens and my twenties, probably repeatedly, because back then, going red was the precursor to going brown, and I can remember burning really badly on holiday Now we know that there's so much danger from the sun, basically, we need to keep more covered up, and that's what this clothing does

As you can see, very long sleeves on it, I've got a buff as well round my neck, and that's basically to protect my neck, so I haven't got to put suntan lotion all over my neck as well, because we all know when we're out fishing for the day, if they're feeding on top like they are today, you know, you forget about the sun completely, and you end up getting burned on the back of your neck, because you're so intent on looking at the water So I know it doesn't look very cool, but it certainly does keep you cool, and keeps you covered up, as well, and that's the important thing I still put lotion on all the time, and what I recommend you use is a factor 50, a sport-type lotion that's waterproof, and now I even use the kids' roll-on lotions, because you know where you've put them, you can feel that roller on you, then you rub it in afterwards, and get nice protection Now, there's nothing wrong with the sun We shouldn't be scared of it

We need the sun for healthy life, we need the vitamin D that it gives us, but overexposure, basically burning, that's the thing that lies dormant in you, and just like happened to me, 20, 30 years later, it comes out as a melanoma, and thank God my wife told me to go to the doctor and get it checked out It had only gone a couple of mm down into my skin, and after more operations, I found out it wasn't in my bloodstream, and the whole point of this is to stop people getting the same news as I got in 20, 30 years' time So, this clothing in the Kool range doesn't have an SPF rating It's not like suntan lotion, but it definitely blocks out the sun I wore it all last summer to test it

You know, when it's red hot, the last thing you want to do is have a long-sleeved top on, and a buff around your neck, but even in 28, 30 degrees, it was still comfortable for me, and I definitely didn't burn underneath it I didn't tan underneath it at all, so we definitely know that it works There's also going to be a bucket hat, or a boonie hat, as we call them It is not to look carpy, I promise you I do not look carpy in that hat whatsoever, but again, having a wider rim on it, and keeping the sun off you that little bit more is just added protection

In order to do as much good as possible with these clothes, we're going to give all the profit that we make from them to the Lennox Children's Cancer Fund, and basically, what they do is they give positive support to families who've got children who've been diagnosed with cancer, and that can be practical support, emotional support, even financial support They're based in Romford, so they're really close to where I grew up They're a fantastic charity that work closely with Great Ormond Street Hospital They refer children and their families to them, and they make a massive difference to the children and their families at times when it really is tough So hopefully, my bit of bad news can be turned into a massive positive

Be aware of the sun, but still enjoy your fishing