Amazing Girl Bowfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

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Amazing Girl Spearfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

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Amazing Beautiful Girl Fishing in Cambodia, Fishing Catfish with Hand | Girl Fishing in Real Life

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Throwing a cast net for catfish bait in 4k.

hey everybody its bill your host from casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate it kick your shoes off sit back relax let's see if we can have some fun catching some fish today all right since I found me a new place to try fishing to try to catch me some blue cats or flathead cats I'm not gonna be going there today but I just wanted to get me some shed today try this is where I don't know if you remembered that time I said I was at a new spot and I caught the gar and the channel catfish and Travis took me and showed me that place well he also showed me this place to catch shad so that's why I'm down here today trying to catch some shad and have some in the freezer for this fall and winter well what's left in the fall I think it's pretty much winter already anyway don't laugh at me all right too much I hadn't thrown this cast net in forever and yeah I got these frog togs on to keep my clothes keep me from getting my clothes all soaking wet because uh if I feel like it when I get done here I'm gonna go down into Cape Fear where I was going earlier this this year in the summer kept getting skunked but it's fall so I'm hoping maybe something's fighting around here this time of year so I know laughs because I could probably go screw this up royally been a long time since I started here we go oh yeah there's a lot keep that one no two two sheds Anna I gotta throw that bluegill back but can't keep that that's a too bad to cuz it's a pretty woman and that would make great bait it's not allowed in North Carolina to keep game fish that you catch with a cast net to shad so far man a lot of sunfish down there those are all sunfish what the heck you doing down here where my shad supposed to be huh waiting y'all would all make great bait hey keep you though that stinks she half tempted to throw a little jig down there look at there's a crappie make that so don't catch it all kind of game fish that I can't keep in there all bluegills Oh keep up I can keep I call them on ejector I see something shared three shit yay three more they're not very big but they'll work sure you you you yeah yeah finally finally finally shit Wow this time there's some more shit eight or one from nice ah there's some more nice nice nice nice come on oops what's that I'm address battery's about to die on me I think that's plenty for you guys to see I'll probably catch a few bit a few more before I head out of here just to make sure I got plenty for the whole rest of the following winter so I'll see you when I get set up to start fishing we've got about an hour before I'm gonna head home don't want to be shad on a hook and see what happens they're not live anymore but that's okay I'm just gonna float it under a bobber see what happens I don't know how deep it is all right everybody here's what I ended up with today it was a hundred and twenty little shad so I got him in twelve little bags I got six in you know in these six little bags in each of these big bags and there's ten in each of the little bags so twelve trips hopefully that'll do me for this year the rest of the year until spring anyway that's it you

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Fly Fishing Equipment : Setting the Drag in Fly Fishing

Ok, there's a few things about the reel you need to know One is the drag

Usually you want to set this drag just tight enough so that when you grab the line and give it a nice jerk, you don't get a backlash You set it too much tighter than that and you have the problem of breaking the fish off The fish has to pull hard enough to pull that line off the reel If you set it too loose, then you have the opposite problem where the fish grabs your line and takes off and you get a backlash and now you've got a knotted up mess in your line, which is not good So, that's basically what you want to do with the reel drag is just set it tight enough that you can give it a good tug without having a backlash

Catch and Cook Catfish in Primitive Way

we find the river we will lok for something to eat this morning maybe we can find shrimp, fish shellfish or other let's find out I saw the fish there and I will come down to catch the fish to make it easier to catch fish, I will stem the flow of the river with rocks so that fish do not escape through this river flow river flow has been dammed with stones it is time for me to go down to the water to catch fish this is the easiest way to kill catfish cut the spine in the area behind the head the catfish will immediately stop moving we can see there are banana flowers we can use to complement of our food menu this morning we will cook in the ground by digging the soil and then using the leaves to protect the food so as not to be contaminated soil After that add vegetables, fish meat and other ingredients to be cooked then cover with leaves and soil then light a fire on it

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Here I tie a classic "loop to loop" to connect the strike indicator to the leader After that I take roughly 1m20/1m40 of leader Now we will choose what fly to use I'm going to use my variation of a classic Pheasant tail Nymph I told you this was a great water for Grayling! He's as fat as a pig! I know understand why they call this one of the best "No Kill" areas in Europe! She's not big But she's stunning!

What’s in my tackle box

hey there youtuber this is jon h outdoors and the reason why I'm doing this and not talking to the video cuz i had of audio malfunction by the way this is a smallie strike cup holder it's pretty cool and yeah It wasn't really working so good like I just doing this after pre recording after recording that is why I thought hey let's just do a audio cuz it wasn't working so yeah tried everything does not know I don't know how to fix it so we're gonna let you on so here figure our tackle bag classic tackle bag you know and inside is four boxes of what my lures are so today I'm going to show you all my top 5 popular lures no all my lures how about that so let's see you inside whoo okay we've got some bobbers and there's a blind bobbers and a little spinner bait let's see you show you guys these spinner baits and stuff in here so quasi barbarous for little kids I bet him I just bring them along with me cuz I have number one so it's the times I do use them for getting bait fish for bluegill and also I have a little slip bobber right here little slip bobber and yeah instead of others that bobber is these ones have strings for sub barbers they don't have strings that's brains they have these little holes you put string you put your line through and yeah you can get some good crappie on them I've caught in a real nice I caught and I use a slip bobber to catch a flat head not flat bull head sorry bullet om this is a spinner bait right here green green blue spinner bait think yellow agree everyone call it and there's some water there yeah so that's the one box covered now let's get into the fun parts the jigs I'm all stated in I really thought I was gonna stay in so let's open up and see what's inside ooh we got some look at these look at these jigs this is a really classic jig right here he's there's a lot I caught a nice drum on this one these never caught any on yet but they're pretty cool colors I say they might work I work with all jigs yes see a Widow's it's so interesting swimming open mind this is a swim bait yeah this is a destiny interesting Sunday right here look at that little swim bait so cool yeah somebody's enrolled but this is a kind of newer one I wash these up a little bit but these yeah these these are the cool ones these are the one that he's bought today so let's see yeah so yeah look at this look it is cool little swim bait a best friend babies little Oh Christine craw then Kristi crew oh yeah yeah became a little hooks in this slide around really weird when he just come on the box back is we just live right now I just open him up turn him over and he slid right out it's funny they move weird look here Rosie I'm moving look at that so cool little slippery little newer yep this is a bigger jig peer comparison to the other ones this one's obviously a lot more bigger clearly bigger and it's a pretty constant catch some nice smoke ball mountain those good large about to probably this is a different color though it's just a black and green jig and yeah the watching us realize that having so much but okay I won't ever stuff which is urgings the old time it's what stills these are the jigs ah this is cool using cool other little floater right there nazar offices a little foam folders we need to focus your core work I just felt so whoever so yeah that's how it works okay on to the next one so let's see what we got into the other one where you said that sorry had to go trace I stopped them in there ooh what's in here I think we got some hooks and weights yes we do and a little special stuff in here some hooks and sinkers please why do these hooks I got the wrong ones I think what these ones look the same they're the exact same size then we date so they should do a little jig there's a new one I got I got a bunch of them so I should be good for a while in the oh okay oh look at that what did you see when I got those are bastards the best wait sorry bats wait some was fire waiting this is a little walleye raid my dad got he says pre interesting I tried it out and it was alright never caught anything on it though but everyone ever used it they were perfect eggs yeah we got some big weights for some nice fly hey wanna go fly-fishing I use these all the time before as they were perfect like what my dad does because I'm young I'm like ah why did you go off topic but I did and these are some good little circle hooks if you want cut some little channels go on ahead use those he just got real amend up the hook him at all these are for bigger fish you wanted some nice flat foot points he's a bigger fish one gets a flat head on them on them boys just put one of them on you get them yeah I think these are better right yeah he's a way bigger so some big ol hooks one get some catfish on yeah it's a nice cute flag this is good wait for rivers don't mean whoever gets them on there and these see here these are little jig spinners good for a little jig just put one on yeah I don't know about walleye have a good crappie yep I'm once again sorry for the audio malfunction price on his stuff I'm saying it might be bloopers most of it so guys it's kind of a think thank you here's the cool stop right here since pools and some plastics let's open her up and see what's inside well it's the best one of the year so this I had not quite official but there is a different version this is black and I have it in my garage and on my right now but this one caught my biggest ain't no my second big it's small mounds of my life yeah this one I never called it on but I plan to use it later on I think I got some bites on it though so can't say I never got ants anything like nothing likes it sorry about the stutter what about stuttering problem me but here we have the one I caught the biggest one on with my life on and this is a very special one too because I kept it's my tackle box cuz it was just looks cool and I want to break it so yeah this it's a pretty interesting bait I just suggest not putting a spool a seat a clip thing on it you know there's a little swivel Clips but snap swivel yeah I've evolved don't put those on it because I started sneak sink slowly just use just whole wine it's good for like it's good for little stuff for a little crappie plus we have so okay so we have this flicker shad right here um yeah just the flip your shad some old-fashioned one it's a pretty cool jad I just putted it for the dolls I put your shad and I just wanted to flicker it around this is a tiger up I can't never was called sorry but yeah what does the one I found a river pretty interesting old rusty one and yeah okay so what else we got in here ooh what's this oh these are the tiny crankbaits right here this is a tiny string Billy half of my tackle box right now never I don't want this but I'm not gonna touch it but this is a crappie crankbait yep when it's one little hook really funny so what else we got this is a classic fall crank bait I use it during the fall summer time pretty good pretty good I got some nice bite on it but I never we custom create bait because smallmouth like on one crank bait I lost it though he's out there in the river still probably hopefully he's all right possible plus me I had drink a soda pop this is a good one for a river small some creeks smallmouth and Sam it is one we're here with you give a creek small easy but looks pretty interesting and yeah um just showing you one more time because I'm tired you to show you guys in the camera but yeah good piece of always a good critter hot birth he's another one good crease Wally's and ignore me trying to get this out yeah so here we got also this popper my ear it's pretty interesting and it's kind of rusted up cuz I was drinking its little out of it and it was pretty bad I had to cut that part out so yeah kind of cuts to open with scissors they couldn't stop recording because it could pause the video but here we got this is a new stuff a guy here this is a smaller version that it's caught a really nice phone at the river okay we're going to next one looks pretty interesting I don't know what this can catch but it looks like you got some apparently this is a longer one and one the next one okay this is a time you know this is just a good tiniest one yeah I'm going same with D cuz I just wanna no no this one this one's I can cut some good trout cuz yeah it looks like good but the best warning here I have to say okay some trout but this so the best one out of all those has to be this one cuz look at it I mean look at the colors on that it has a little shine on it to follow them anew but just wanted some interesting sign and that's it good for a 13 year old and here's gonna be really awkward so yeah it's good for a 13 year old tackle but yep we still got the footage in so you're gonna watch me say nothing so I'm gonna talk to you guys about stuff so we're gonna get dumped I was gonna wrap it up but yep we're gonna see what's over you so I gotta get all that on my tackle box first of all and get all that in there and took forever and ever and ever took me in like 30 minutes to do that you sit in my bed all day just getting all that oh yeah by the way that bag is really cool he's go check it out clean it off it's free interesting bag came with all that stuff too so yeah the double body box is a game of it all mm-hmm showing my socks guys you're pretty anything so let's see messy and miss we're just cleaning we had to move stuff so oh yeah I want to show you this cool part I've never got me for Christmas I think it's really cool Chevy yeah there's a little shovel a shovel that I can't move enough silhouette or Chevrolet never called call it Chevrolet but I didn't focus I could show you these and you could pause the video and look at them all but yeah there's those surfing sticker on there and the license and stuff I mean it's a pretty interesting car in a bag same kit same stickers on the side door a gripper collect these car is he got me one for Christmas he cooks a bunch of on the cleaning lady though she she called she keep this clean ever had a cleaning lady and she came over and she gave him one this really cool car and thought it was black but apparently was a dark purple and this I had for a while and the other ones I don't know happen of those I need to want to cause it but I got this one off because this is the coolest one here it's missing a couple pieces but either way it's an old car and I like it and was almost and that is gonna be it this is Johnny two doors sign off

Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Wrapped Loops in Fly Fishing

First thing we need to do is shave that fly line down a little bit so that we get a nice taper, so basically just trap it there and just pull it It doesn't have to be anything exact, you just want to get a little taper there so when you fold those things together you don't get a big loop

Okay, so there's that And just fold it over and you can make it as, you know, as big a loop as you want About like that, maybe half an inch of overlap is usually good Okay, we take our thread, we just kind of get it started here Nice and tight, you want to make these wraps pretty tight, a few tight ones

Now here's the trick to this The best way to get it really tight, especially if you're using the bobbin, and it's really easy, is just kind of spin the bobbin, I'm going to just spin the bobbin and wrap it back this way over that connection, so, here goes, just got to get it going Spin that thing, that'll make it a lot tighter then if I just did it by hand Pull out a little bit of extra, spin it back a little more, spin it back in the direction we started Then you could just go over it a couple of times, maybe back and forth a couple of times

Okay, that's good Then you can do a couple of overhead knots and that thread just to finish it off Clip everything off nice and close And the only other thing you need to do with this now is coat that, like I said, with a head cement with your fly tying equipment or maybe clear finger nail polish and that just protects the threads But that loop there is ready to go