Top 5 Deep Sea Creature Caught on Tape

We all know that about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water This is a significant mass as compared to what we have under land

Of course this may have reduced due to the effects of global warming but the fact remains that a great percentage of the earth is under water This being the case, we have decided to try and dig the undersea to find out what type of creatures actually exist in there that we may not have seen or known about So here are 5 Sea Creatures You Won't Believe Actually Exist! Lets begin! 5 Sea Pig The sea pig actually just looks like a pig They are mainly found in the deep seas and have a pinkish appearance just like the pigs

They have 5 to 8 pairs of legs that inflate and deflate under the water to help them float or sink in water They also have pairs of tentacles on the head that help with its sensory functions and also for walking purposes And as you probably didnt know, the ring of feeding tentacles on its mouth help it to feed on mud from under sea 4 Black Swallower The Black Swallower was named as such due to its characteristic feeding style

It is mainly found in tropical and subtropical seas and loves to feed on bony fishes It is said that the black swallower has the capability of swallowing prey that is twice as big as its very own head This is made possible by the fact that its lower jaw can protrude past the upper jaw It attacks its prey by tail and swallows it whole before the prey has enough time to say “spare me” The structure of this unique creature is such that the stomach is its greatest characteristic

3 Pyura Chilensis The Pyura Chilensis is one of the strangest creatures ever found under water From its appearance, you can barely determine the head from the body It in fact looks like it is just a huge mass of organs that have been lamped together and all you have to do is get the organs out and eat it And yes, it is actually a favorite delicacy in several parts of this world

You will be amazed at the things people eat in this world By looking at this strange creature, one can easily confuse it to a rock The skin looks purely like a sea rock which is why it is sometimes referred to as a Living Rock 2 Colossal Squid The colossal squid is just as the name suggests

It is extremly huge Many of you might have heard of the giant squid but the colossal squid is bigger than the giant squid Actually, it could be the size of a bus It has huge arms and tentacles that are lined with teeth and are used to chew on prey The limbs have three pointed hooks that are definitely used as a weapon in cases of sudden emergency

The body of this creature is even bigger with a stout and strong appearance It is capable of even scarring the giant sperm whales So next time you think of venturing under sea, think of the colossal squid 1 Lamprey The lamprey is among the strangest under sea creature that will definitely surprise you

This is because of its unique characteristics that range from queer feeding habits to insane survival tactics For those of you who have watched “Dreamcatcher”, this animal could easily pass as the elder brother of the warm-like creature that killed Beaver The lamprey has no jaw and has a funnel-like mouth that has plenty of teeth around it It uses this to attack prey and suck blood off of it While plenty of these species have parasitic characteristics, they do not feed as adults but instead depend on the larvae that lives inside their bodies

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5 Reasons Why Quepos Costa Rica Is A Sport Fishing Paradise

hi everyone this has resulted from offshore trips and today in this video we are going to talk about a couple of reasons we're gonna give you five reasons why Quepos in Costa Rica is a sports fishing paralyzed so give us is one of those popular destinations in Costa Rica deaths every year welcomes many anglers and sport fishing and two she asks across the globe for its abundance of natural resources and of course the favorable weather though Warner onshore harvest vas quality and huge bill fishes rooster fishes Dorados why he and many more besides the spectacular picturesque beauty and natural abundance education or passionate to finish off shore usually choose among a wide area of Quepos fishing trips packages offered to buy a series of short trips if you are aspiring to have a never-before offshore fishing trip in the amazing gift was area are served with a fresh and hard reasons behind selecting this popular fishing destination is going to be reason number one which is also a little bit about Costa Rica in January applies they are applied to the tape was area Costa Rica is blessed with many beaches and among which there are a few places that can be called as fishing grounds hippos and its Manuel Antonio are those destinations that offer a wide area of boat offshore and inshore fishing all throughout the year thousands of people visit this Costa Rican destination during the annual germans and almost had during Hajj fishing seasons when you get to catch their favorite reach from new orders and wide variety officious was fishing trips from both offshore and inshore anglers off winning over 200 pounds of one who yo friend to now Dorado Pacific sailfish and many more so when you coming back you can experience the best of the ensure efficient to catch snapper mackerel rooster fish new cancer on there are chances to create a record for this size and weight of your cats should give your best efforts to grab the giant from those reasons on which room you can rent a charter charter boats now your budget and the convenience just you're seeking after trips can arrange the best boats that you can take out 24 h for one day and even one and a half days or two days per your preferences but make sure that the boat your chartering is armed with all the fancy oh this you want if you and the crew are taking it out on the ocean so we're going to regional more for in Campos there are plenty of fishing guides around and get advice from this will help you track the right spots to get the best catch you are looking for no matter one's gonna research from the local fishermen and the professional anglers from the collapse can be a great help before you set out to run anywhere around the 16 to 20 miles offshore to fish in a day reason under five if situation favors in the area you can expect schools of dolphins whales and sea turtles on your short trip to take the best naps of the spectacular sea animals along with a breathtaking views of nature during your off shore trips and vacations give us so this arrest us just say no we hope to see you and keep was soon and and I wish you a great day We hope to see you soon on a Quepos Costa Rica fishing charter

How to Tie the Clouser Minnow Fly – Saltwater and fresh water streamer fly

Today we are going to tie the Clouser minnow arguably one of the most popular and versatile streamer patterns ever made Originally created back in the 80's by Bob Clouser, a legendary fly tier, instructor and fisherman We will start by wrapping our thread halfway to the bend of the hook Prepare your hook for tying in a dumbbell eye Select the dumbbell size

Smaller dumbbells will allow the fly to sink slower, larger eyes will sink faster The choice is up to you Tie in your dumbbell For more detailed information on tying in dumbbells properly, click the video link above Now cut and prepare your buck-tail (for more information on preparing bucktail, click the video link above) The thickness of your buck tail will depend on how bushy or thin you want your fly I am using about a half of a pencil thickness To tie in your bucktail easily, make two loose wraps, then tighten the thread

Make sure the bucktail is sitting on top of the hook, and not covering the eye of the hook Make a few wraps to lock the bucktail in place Now pull your bucktail tight, and wrap behind the dumbbells and to about half way to the bend of the hook We will now be tying on the other side, so flip your fly over in the vice Measure another chunk of bucktail, and prepare it for tying in When tying in, make sure the bucktail is sitting on top of the hook Now we will tie in a bit of flash

I am going to use a chartreuse krystal flash I tie in the flash at the center of the bunch Then pull the other side over, and lock it into place Now we will tie in the back color bucktail after preparing it In this case I am using chartreuse It is important to prepare this clump properly or you will not get a nice tapered head on your fly Refer to my "preparing bucktail" video link at the top if you do not already know how to do this

We will want to build a nice tapered head on the fly, and cover all the bucktail tightly Now we can whip finish the fly While not 100% necessary, to finish this fly, I like to add a bit of Epoxy In this case I am using UV curing epoxy because its much easier than the mixing stuff Make sure that the threads are covered completely before curing You can also add a drop of super glue, or paint on some head cement But I find epoxy looks nicer, and is more durable

This fly is one of those flies that is almost always in my box They are great for fishing most saltwater, and fresh water fish It really is one of the most versatile streamer patterns ever created If you like this sorta thing, subscribe to my channel And leave your questions in the comment section below Now get off your butt and go catch some fish!

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Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Reel Parts

Ok, now here's the reel, I've removed it from the rod, so you can look a little bit closer at it The drag knob for tightening the drag and the other side, we've got the handle

And then this is the foot of the reel This is where it actually attaches to the rod Most reels you can remove the spool by some type of mechanism With this particular reel, there is a little lever there Just pull that back and then the reel comes off of the spool

Sometimes, you might want to have extra spools with different lines on it, so that's how you would remove them Usually, when you replace the spool, put it on the reel, push down and kind of turn and you'll usually hear it click back onto the reel

Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Prepping a Wrapped Loop for Fly Fishing

The wrapped loop is a little more complicated Here's what we're going to end up with, obviously this is just the end of the fly line that I've cut off, but you can see here, these are our thread wraps

And we need a couple of things to get that done One is a sharp knife, razor blade, something like that because we're going to actually shave the end of the fly line down so that it's got a taper so that when we fold it over, there's not a bump there where it meets the fly line The other thing that makes it easy, not absolutely necessary, is a thread and a bobbin This would be a bobbin that you would use for fly tying This just makes it a little bit more easier to deal with the thread

You don't have to hold the spool in your hand while you're spinning it, the bobbin holds it So that's basically all you need though, and maybe a, some glue or something to finish that off, to kind of protect the thread wraps You can use glue, or you could use like a clear fingernail polish or something like that So that's the prep for the wrap loop This makes a really strong loop, I mean this loop is actually stronger than the fly line itself

Like if I went to break this loop, the line would break back here before the loop would pull out of the thread, so it's a really strong way to make a connection

Amazing Girl Bowfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

Amazing Girl Bowfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook! Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos !

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MN Traditions – BASS College Fishing

(upbeat guitar music) (energetic drumming) (rock music) – We're here for our Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship, 61 institutions from all over the country, 89 two-person teams and 180 anglers competing for this national championship Three day event here on the Bemidji chain of lakes, Lake Bemidji and then they can go into Stump Lake, Irving Lake, Lake Marquette and Carr, and the Mississippi River that connects all of those different lakes, so that's what's happening

It's a three day event, the full field fishes the first two days, and then we cut it down to the top 12 after day number 2, and then those top 12 will battle it out for the National Championship on that final day – Lake Bemidji is really at the heart of what Bemidji State's all about This is our DNA, we're one of the few lakeside campuses in the country actually, so we try to leverage our waterways whenever possible So they have been wanting to hold an event like this at one of the northern universities BSU jumped right on it as a great opportunity for the school and the community in general to host an event like this

– It's been huge, it's, you know, gave a lot of publicity to the team and the school, being able to fish the college series, it's a lot of fun, you get to travel all over the country, learn new techniques, fish in different water and everything, it'll definitely be my highlight of my college career – We fish from Minnesota down to Alabama, we fish Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, we fish a little bit of everywhere It's nice because you get to experience and travel, see different bodies of water, you get ledge fish, fish deep, you can come up here and fish in the grass, you can do all kinds of different things, it just makes you a lot better as an angler, being able to experience all these different lakes – We fish all over the world, so we get all different kinds of stuff thrown at us, clear water, fishing deep, shallow, wood, so this is all new to us up here, I don't think any of us have fished up north, and it's completely different, so we had to learn it pretty quick, with the days we had to practice – It's the mighty Mississippi behind me, it's a whole lot different than Tennessee River, its– the water's definitely a little clearer, and got a ton of them pike and musky out there with the biggest thing between here and home, and that's, man you can't keep them pike and stuff off your bait

I'd love to come up here and just fish for the pike I'd definitely love to have some of those at home – One of the things we learn, especially from traveling all over the country, is when you go into different states, they have inspection points when you cross into those state lines, so I mean that clean, drain, dry, that's the main three things you need to do In your livewells, in your battery compartments is what I always tell our guys, places where water can gather in your boats, but one of the things we did here is we had a full decontamination process that happened before these boats even put in right here on Lake Bemidji and this whole chain of lakes that we're fishing – That was one of the first items that we had to address, and it was the first thing we wanted to address, so that included full decontamination stations for all of the boats coming in to the area, that's the very first thing they did as they rolled into town

– One thing that I think is really cool that Minnesota prides itself in is having people at each ramp, DNR checking boats, I mean that's the only way to prevent it, 'cause once they get into a lake they really do change it Water clarity, the whole ecosystem – So what we just did, we took the boat out of the water, you pull the plug, you empty your livewells to get all the crap out of there, and you lower your motor to get all the water out of your prop and everything It's a really simple process, and it's something that really needs to be done so we don't spread these invasive species, 'cause some of 'em can really do a lot of harm, and there's stuff that gets in your boat that you wouldn't even think about, especially in the livewell, these fish puke up all this stuff and it's– you don't even think about it but it's something that needs to be done – Invasive species are bad

We see 'em in a lot of other lakes, like Kentucky Lake, they have Asian carp, I mean we see zebra mussels in almost every lake we go to now, it seems like So it's nice to go to a lake that doesn't have 'em – With Bass, and Bassmaster, you know we strive, conservation is at the forefront of our organization, we try to set the standard for how fishing tournaments are supposed to run, and how we're supposed to protect not only the species, but our waterways, so other species can thrive and we can just have a better planet to live on (upbeat guitar music)