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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and I'm here with Hank Parker with another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank, this week's question comes from Angie Dover from Enumclaw, Washington And she says, "Why do you consider fishing objects into the current or wind so important?" Hank: Why do I consider fishing objects, casting into the wind or fishing withthrowing my bait against the current and bring it with the current? Because fish always face the current

If you're not in a river system or a lake that is generating electricity or letting water out at the dam, the wind will dictate the direction of the current When you're fishing, bank fishing small ponds and reservoirs, that current is completely dictated by the wind So it's a lot easier to cast with the wind as far as convenience and getting further cast distance But the fish unfortunately are facing that wind so you must cast into that wind if you wanna bring your lure in the direction that the fish are facing So always remember, fish always face current

It's the only way they have to stabilize themselves I don't say they never swim downstream, but when they stop, they point that nose upstream because that is the way their fins work in order for them to stabilize So they're alwayswhen they're in an ambush position, they're in a fixed position in a river or a lake, they're facing the current So that's why you bring your lure with the current, and that's why you cast into the wind Glenn: Great question, Angie Thanks so much for submitting it, and I hope it answers your question For more tips and tricks, head on over to hankparker

com and check out all the tips and tricks and articles that are on there And if you wanna get notified the next time we post one of these tips, just subscribe to our YouTube channel Thanks again and have a great day

世界十大恐怖魚類《深海怪物 Deep sea monster 》 terrible marine fish Top 10 – 玩咖アニメ

The world's top ten terrible marine fish 10鮟鱇魚(Scientific name:Lophiiformes,English:Anglerfish, Monkfish) Also known as: Melanocetus johnsonii Is a Backbone Fish Living in the waters of 3 to 300 meters deep not good at swimming, often use dorsal fin crawling There are sharp and tilted teeth So that prey cannot escape Dorsal fins evolved into luminous fishing rods, and millions of luminous bacteria on the rod Female Anglerfish is a few hundred times that of men A female Anglerfish can let more than one male Anglerfish parasitic The male can be seen as Female body of the genitals Finally evolved into a female body of the mea This is a kind of abdominal prominence Looks like an ax fish Small size, group life Can jump out of the water with strong muscle strength Fast swing pectoral fins Can fly like a hummingbird Also known as sad fish Mainly in southeastern Australia, the depth of up to 800 meters deep sea areas Was chosen as the ugliest animal, so burst red Blobfish are gel-like and can grow to about 30 cm Body density is lower than seawater Can easily float from the sea In recent years due to deep sea fishing Blobfish threatens the threat of extinction Also known as: 水虎魚或比拉魚Growing in the Amazon basin of South America Usually eat other fish Hunger will attack the large animals around Often for groups of foraging A group of up to hundreds of pieces Often just a few minutes, the prey only surplus bones Mostly appear in the depth of 600 to 1000 meters Body length of about 1

5 meters, shaped like eel, there are water holes Pregnancy for up to 1 to 2 years Each child can only produce 8 to 12 small sharks The teeth are trident Mandibular opening and closing flexible Fish and other sharks are the main food Can prey swallow the whole, is a ferocious predator Also known as: 食人魔魚;Latin name:Anoplogaster World vote, one of the ugliest animals Live in 5000 meters deep tropical and cold temperate waters Can grow to about 15 cm Juvenile fish eat crustaceans Adult fish eat fish They are deep sea One of the deepest inhabitants Uranoscopidae family, eyes above the head Like to live in Coastal sandy mud or gravel beach Only exposed mouth and eyes, stop moving, waiting for hunting Once the prey, immediately swallowed the abdomen Mostly distributed in the tropics, brine and fresh water at the junction Size about 30 cm Like to hide in the seabed or rocky rock, disguised as a stone If someone stepped on them Its toxicity can cause severe pain and death Also known as:波紋鸚鯛、波紋唇魚、蘇眉魚、拿破崙魚、龍王鯛 Protected by "CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA" (CITES) Juveniles often habitat in the shallow water inside the reef plate Adult fish often appear in the deep sea area outside the reef area The crustaceans and molluscs as the main food 05 Is the highest level of fish in the food chain of tropical coral reefs Distributed in the Western Atlantic area, habitat depth of 1-50 meters Whole body is dark green to brown, body length up to 250 cm For benthic fish, living in coral reefs and mangrove waters Crustaceans and fish as food, but the body is huge and aggressive

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Top 5 Ugliest Fish

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them are pretty With over 200

000 different species it’s only natural that some of them are hideous Here are the top 5 ugliest fish Number 5: The Lumpsucker/Henfish Found lurking at the bottom of the cool waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific ocean is the Lumpsucker Although lumpsuckers are cute as babies, they tend to grow up to look something like this Sometimes referred to as the Henfish, the Lumpsucker is typically 1-2 feet long with a asymmetrical, blob-like body with protruded eyes And while most fish have a narrow frame, the Lumpsucker tends to be more spherical They also have skin instead of scales along with a giant dorsal fin Although the lumpsucker may not be a great swimmer, they have impressive endurance and can travel up to 60 miles

Their diet consists mostly of smaller fish, crustaceans, worms, and jellyfish Fun fact: The male's stomach turns red during mating and the eggs of the female (aka roe) are a popular alternative to caviar Number 4: Snailfish Snailfish, sometimes referred to as Sea Snails, pretty much look like giant tadpoles They have a large head with small eyes and an elongated body, which resembles an eel Like the Lumpsucker, this fish also has skin instead of scales

Surprisingly little is known about the snailfish There are over 410 different species each being different from the rest Some live in shallow water, while others live in the deepest parts of the ocean Some are 2 inches long, while others are 30 inches long Some live in warm water, others live in cold

Some are smooth, some are prickly Some have a strict diet, others eat anything they can You get the idea… But all of them are but pretty ugly and they don’t taste great either, fisherman consider them pests Number 3: The Goblin Shark While it may sounds and look like something out of a bad science fiction novel, the Goblin Shark is in fact real and it certainly lives up to it’s name The image you are seeing is not photoshopped, the shark actually does look like the offspring of a goblin and a shark

It has a long protruded snout which contains over 50 creepy nail-like teeth and a jaw that extends outward when biting The skin is an unappealing pinkish white, almost as if it was never fully developed No only does the goblin shark look and sound creepy, but it acts creepy too! It’s a deep sea bottom dweller, meaning it is found in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean, 4200 feet below, in pitch black It’s also considered a “slow moving species”, which it basically means that it’s constantly lurking Like other sharks, it senses its prey using Electro sensitive organs and uses its extending jaw to snap out for a quick capture

This shark is unlike any other shark, it is a unique species with a lineage dating back 125 million years ago and it’s not related to the ones on earth today Overall very little is known about goblin shark, mostly because it’s a deep sea creature and humans rarely come in contact with them But we don’t even know how they mate, a pregnant goblin shark has never been discovered…for all we know it spawns! Number 2: The Gulper Eel Coming in at number 2 on our list is the gulper eel, aka pelican eel The fish is technically not an eel, but it’s about the closet thing that it resembles It can be found at depths over 9000 feet below sea level or almost 2 miles deep

Even for the deep sea, this is one of the oddest creatures that has ever been discovered The fish is dark black in color and can grow up to 31 inches long, but the most notable feature of the Gulper Eel is it’s unusually large mouth which acts as a net to capture prey The fish also has a stomach capable of stretching which allows for it to consume prey larger than itself The Gulper Eel is known to not be a very good swimmer, but a small luminous organ at the end of it’s tail acts as a light to help lure and capture prey Not much is known about this strange creature due to the depths of it’s habitat, but we’re pretty confident that it looks weird

Number 1: The Blobfish And finally, number 1 on our list: the Blobfish You’ve likely seen random photos online of this atrocity and may have dismissed them as being photoshopped, but the photos are real and the blob fish actually does look like this, but here’s the catch: it only looks like this out of water The truth is, we don’t actually know what blobfish looks like in it’s natural environment because the fish is extremely rare and lives at depths over 4000 feet below And water pressure at this depth is about 100 times stronger than that on land Because the fish has no skeletal structure, not even teeth, the blobfish becomes heavily, perhaps even morbidly, disfigured when brought to land

Although we’re not certain what the Blobfish actually looks like in the deep sea, it’s likely safe to assume from the pictures that it’s probably still pretty ugly Are you aware of any fish that are uglier than these top 5? If so, subscribe and let us know in the comments below

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Women and Children Fish Like the Pros

There's a myth behind women and children I personally think they catch fish just as good as anyone else and sometimes even better than the professional fisherman that want to do with their way

They listen to our mates, they get in the chair they turn their tips and their rods and reels the correct way because there's a coach right there teaching you And let me tell you something Some of the women and children to come on board have cought some of the biggest fish and I'm not just saying that Looked at 58 pounder that was caught last year by a juvenile who was only 12 years old and some other women that have come on with 55 and 56 pound fish they listen and they do it right We have groups of women now that are literally chartering his boat because the way we catch fish – our professionalism and the cleanliness of the boat, these are all important factors to having a good catch and having good people realize what they're getting

Rare ‘Faceless’ Fish Caught Off Australia

There may be nameless creatures lurking in the deepest parts of the Earth and maybe a few faceless ones, too Like this fish recently found in the depths of an abyss off Australia

Scientists with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and Museums Victoria caught the creature about two and a half miles below the surface Water that deep reaches near-freezing temperatures and is pitch black When looked at from the side, the fish not only appears to be missing eyes, but also gills, a mouth and a nose But it does have a mouth — it's just hiding on the bottom of its head The animal actually isn't a new species

Scientists think it's something called a "faceless cusk" Only one other has ever been caught — nearly 150 years ago off Papua New Guinea Researchers say finds like this faceless fish will help us better understand and protect deep-sea habitats For United News International, I'm Cambrie Caldwell

Rare ‘Faceless’ Fish Caught Off Australia

There may be nameless creatures lurking in the deepest parts of the Earth and maybe a few faceless ones, too Like this fish recently found in the depths of an abyss off Australia

Scientists with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and Museums Victoria caught the creature about two and a half miles below the surface Water that deep reaches near-freezing temperatures and is pitch black When looked at from the side, the fish not only appears to be missing eyes, but also gills, a mouth and a nose But it does have a mouth — it's just hiding on the bottom of its head The animal actually isn't a new species

Scientists think it's something called a "faceless cusk" Only one other has ever been caught — nearly 150 years ago off Papua New Guinea Researchers say finds like this faceless fish will help us better understand and protect deep-sea habitats For United News International, I'm Cambrie Caldwell

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Fish Bites | Carolina Ooutdoor Journal | UNC-TV | Season 32 Ep. 6

(gentle orchestral fanfare) – Took us a little while to get a bite here, everybody was hookin' up, finally we got a bite here Sometimes, you just gotta wait 'em out

He really doesn't know he's hooked much yet – Alright, that's what we're after there Tore Now for a minimal fee, I'll show you how I did that – Will ya? – Yeah – I think it's beginner's luck, that's what I'd say (laughing) – [Voiceover] The production of Carolina Outdoor Journal is made possible in part by the 2017 GMC Sierra

Visit your GMC dealer today We are professional grade And by Grady-White Boats, exceptional attention to detail, and a leader in marine fisheries conservation And with additional support from these fine companies ♪ And from contributions from UNC-TV viewers like you

♪ – Hello, and welcome to the Carolina Outdoor Journal Well, today's program is about those days you go fishing and you don't catch exactly what you went fishing for, but you do catch fish, and Joe, that's pretty much it in a nutshell – Well, that's exactly what we're going to show you today, and I get asked quite often, "do we always get what we come after?" whether it's fishing on the coast, mid-state, or in the mountains And the answer is "most of the time we do, but not all the time" And so today we're gonna show you two examples of not quite getting enough fish for the show, but good footage none-the-less

The first one's off the beach for king mackerel The second show segment is fishing trout on the Nantahala River up in the mountains Two good segments, but not quite enough for a show – Now speaking of good segments, Donna has got a great recipe today with some pasta – She does

She's teaming up pasta salad with tile fish, that's a fish that's caught off our coast, real tasty fish, and real good from her today – Alright, let's see what we're gonna go catching today on the Carolina Outdoor Journal – Warren here, we are going out of the Morehead City turning basin, getting ready to go out Beaufort Inlet You couldn't ask for a better day, it's beautiful, no wind, very comfortable for mid-November Y'know Captain Warren Marshall comes down and fishes with us for the fall's albacore every year

He's from Massachusetts, but we're gonna take him out and do something different today We're gonna try and catch you a king mackerel on the fly rod, how 'bout that? – That sounds good, Joe, I've never caught one on the fly I've caught 'em down on the Keys before, but I'm ready to do it – Well, good, we've got a beautiful day The fish have been bitin' pretty good

We caught 'em real good the other day on fly It's an excellent fish to catch on fly They're real aggressive, take a lot of line We're gonna see if we can't catch you one today – Very good, very good

I'm ready to do it, I just need a few instructions on how to strip the fly and it's a little bit different for me, but I'm sure we'll find 'em – No problem We're gonna go out here and see if we can't catch a few – Beautiful, that's great – Okay, Warren, we're out here on the grounds, it's a beautiful day

People all around us are hooked up We're gonna see if we can get lucky and catch one, but we've got a little disadvantage We're fly fishin' instead of live bait fishin' but these are the flies that I tie that work real well for the king mackerel it's chartreuse and pink, they've got a lot of flash on 'em Got a little shot of wire leader on here to keep them from bitin' off, and what we're gonna do, we're gonna cast 'em out with these full sinkin' lines, they're gonna get down to about 30 or 40 feet, and then we're gonna strip 'em back just as fast as we can, in a fast, erratic motion, and see if we can't get a mackerel to eat one – Okay, you're talking like a double handed strip, Joe? – You can do a double handed strip, I still do a single handed strip, but I strip it about three feet at a time and grab at the front guide and strip it all the way back

You want to hang on to your fly line good, because when they grab ahold of it, sometimes they go pretty good, and just make sure you're not standing on your line – Okey doke I think we can handle that We'll get 'em in the water and see what happens – Let's see if we can put one on the hook

– Okay, very good How deep is the bottom and where is the location of the bait? – We're in 70 feet of water, Warren The bait's down on the bottom, all the way up to 60 feet and I'm marking some scattered marks up top around 20 to 30, so we're right over 'em right now, so let's see if we can't get a bite – Okay, let it get down there – There he is! There he is, c'mon! C'mon now, he doesn't know he's hooked yet

He hasn't exactly run anywhere He'll figure it out here in a minute Huh? – Good goin' – Well, it's about time He'll figure out he's hung here directly, he's just kinda – Certainly work hard enough for it

– Hanging there, he left quick enough and then he stopped It took us a little while to get a bite here Everybody was hookin' up Finally, we got a bite here Sometimes you just gotta wait 'em out

He really doesn't know he's hooked much yet He hadn't made that blisterin' run they normally do But that's alright Sometimes they will Oh, there he goes

There he goes (laughs) He knows he's hooked now – You finally got us some fish, Joe – Finally got a little, oh! There he goes He figured it out He figured it out What I did a little while ago, I had a full sinkin' line on one rod and reel, or one reel that wasn't quite gettin' down deep as I thought it should

Now whether it made any difference or not, I don't know But I switched to a old full sinkin' striper line I had that I know was a full sinkin' line and it gets down a lot deeper Now whether that made any difference or not, I don't have a clue, but we got a bite That's all I can say – Which fly did you have on, Joe? – I went back to the original chartreuse and pink, the one I say I always catch 'em on

– Okay – That's what we went back to, so I got plenty of 'em in here, if you wanna switch back Boy, I'll tell ya, when he hit it, he caught me off guard I was stripped up about halfway – There he goes

– I was stripped up about halfway on my strip, and he definitely took off – Good Now how many strips did you? – I been doin' 30 long strips that'll get me off to the top and I was at about 14 or 15 when he hit it, so I was probably about 20 feet under the surface when he hit it – Okay, that's good – I'm a dollar ahead of you right now, Warren

I've got the first, I don't know if it's gonna be the biggest, but I haven't gotten him in the boat yet We're back on the fly line anyway So he's only 100 feet out there I don't like to talk about him too much, y'know what I mean? – Yeah, I know I know what happens then

– Yeah We're bein' real careful with him 'cause the hook slipped out of his mouth and got him in the side King mackerel have real soft skin, and they pull out real easily, so we're taking our time with this one He's not a great big fish, he's in the mid teens somewhere But I can see that fly on his side, so I'm bein' very careful with him

Gonna wear him out so Warren can tail him here – Well, uh-oh Uh-oh I don't wanna – I'm just takin' my time so he'll be worn, if he gets off, if he gets off

We got him here, we're takin' our time with him I don't have much drag on him – Okay – I'm tryin', wanna get him back so we, we're not gonna keep him, we're gonna let him go – Yep

He's not a bad fish, Joe – No he's a nice fish And he can swing back I'm gonna back up Warren, and see if you can just tail, I'll kinda drag him – Okay There ya go, there ya go

– Alright, gotcha Gonna take that out Alright, Warren, we got our first one on the boat We got the stink outta the boat Not a big one, about 10, 12 pounds

We're gonna throw him back and see if we can't catch a big one, how 'bout that? – Sounds good to me Sounds good to me The only thing wrong with it is that you got him and I didn't – Ah, well, hey, you owe me a dollar, okay? Throw him down head first like an albacore – Okey dokey, you're all set? – Yep

– Here we go – Alright – Good job, Joe Congratulations – Congratulations, sir

We got the first one We're gonna go get us another one – Yes, sir (guitar strumming) – Well, Tore, here it is the first of November We're out here in beautiful western North Carolina

The colors are changing finally, and we're gonna do a little trap fishing today – It looks like a beautiful day, and thank goodness we have somebody along to help us – Yep Roger, we really appreciate you havin' us out today, and we're looking forward to fishing on the river here, and hope we're gonna catch some good rainbows, maybe a brown or two, maybe even a brook trout from what I understand (water rushing) – This is one nice spot here for dry fly fishing

Beautiful I don't think the water could be any better as far as the color goes What about the temperature, kinda for this time of year is especially warm I think But I hope it's gonna bring some fish up anyway today Tore, how you doin' down there? – Well, I just had one come up and somehow missed my fly

– Man, I tell ya, I can't believe it Might be just a tad early Hey! Hey Tore, looky here! First fish of the day, not a whopper, but he's a pretty good fish – One squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile – There we go, alright

There we go, there we go Broke the ice There we go, Tore Hey, Tore, did you see that? – Normally when they start hittin' – Did you see how I did that? – That's a nice color on him

– Boy, I'll say Looky there – Not a big fish, but boy, won't you look at how pretty he is – That must be the dumbest fish in the river – That's what they look like, Tore

– That might be the dumbest fish in the river – That's what we're lookin' for right there, except maybe a little bit bigger – Got some right here – I believe I can get it out Yeah, there we go

Oh! He wanted to get back in in a hurry, didn't he? – Atta boy! – Ah, good deal Thank you, Roger Let's see if we can't do that again – There's more – Tell you what, Tore, this is a great time to be on the river out trout fishin'

Clouds are gone, don't have to worry about runnin' into other fisherman – We have the whole river to ourself Also, today with no wind makes it much easier to control where you want your fly to go Normally, that works in to catchin' some fish – No question about it, we got ideal conditions for fly fishin' today

Let's just hope the fish cooperate Tore, this looks like an ideal brown trout stretch here – I agree with ya It looks mighty good – Well, how 'bout catchin' one? – I'm tryin' to entice one off that bank to come out and hit it

– It's about time you pulled your weight Get that brown trout – It's a long worm that has no turn (laughs) – Uh-oh, I'm out I'm out

That's gotta be a fish right over there against that bank Yeah, here we go – Atta boy! – Ain't no while hang him, he's fish – Gotta start with somethin' – Okay, here we go

He ain't exactly a wild lion, but a pretty fish, a pretty little old fish Looks like they bred good in this stream this year Oops! There's my main man, Tore Always gotta get into the show, don't ya bud? – Had to get in there somewhere – One way or the other

– One way or the other – Let's let him go Go back and grow about 20 inches Ah, Tore, get your mess off of there There goes another caddis right there on the water

Yeah, look at this, Tore, this is the kinda fish we've been lookin' for today – That's a nice fish, it really is – Yeah, he's a pretty good fish Well, they got some pretty color on them, too Nice fish

Good gracious, what a red strip on that thing What a red stripe, whew! There we go, oh man! – Wanna get him up here and take him off? – Yeah, boy I'll tell ya, won't you look what a pretty fish Good gracious It almost looks like a golden trout, doesn't it, with all the gold on him? – That's a pretty color – Let's see if I can get him up here without hurting him too bad, boy I just barely got him

– Barely got him There we go, man, he's There ya go See what you can do with him – I don't think it'll take long to catch one a little bit bigger than that, thought

– You reckon not? – I don't think it'll take that long – Look at that, Tore – Pretty fish – That's what we're after Boy isn't that a pretty fish? – Nice fish

– Lovely, lovely There ya go Let him go Let him grow about another 15 inches We'll come back and get him next year

Alright, that's what we're after there, Tore (laughs) Now for a minimal fee, I'll show you how I did that – Will ya? – Yeah – I think it's beginner's luck, that's what I'd say I have a hard time lookin' at the colors

Look at that big fish tryin' to hit my fly! Jeez! – We're both gonna have to pay a little bit more attention, I think, of what's goin' on Oh, man, it is a pretty run right there, oh! Oh! Here we go! Alright, another good fish! Here we go, oooh! – That's the one I just missed Are you the luckiest guy in the world? – That's skill and you know it – Well, I mean I can't believe that – He might not be the catch of the day, but he's a pretty good fish

Yeah, c'mon in here, buddy We'll take him Get to talkin' about the color, and oop! He decided he wanted to fight a little bit – That got him heated up, didn't it? Talkin' 'bout the colors? Shoot, that's a nice fish – Nice fish there, Tore, looky here

Aren't they pretty, that red streak in him Let's let him go back – I think that was the same fish, don't you – Grow up to be bigger, ooh! Alright! That's what I come for Good job, good job, God

– Nice catch – Right there, missed that one – Alright, good job, Tore You finally got that hook set right that time, didn't ya? – Well, it's down in the last two minutes – Down to a two minute warning

– Down to the final minutes of the final quarter Good job Well, you gonna play with him all day? Or are you gonna get him in the net? – Well, it's hard to bring him around this way – Boy, that's a pretty good fish – I'm runnin' out of lane

– Good job These are the prettiest rainbows I've ever seen on any stream Look at the fins on those things See those white tips on there? I mean, you see that in only the really colored stream bred fish, y'know? That's beautiful Alright, Tore, do it again

– Joe Fisherman's luck, it worked that day – Well, yeah, the king mackerel, we didn't need but a couple of fish 'cause we were trying to catch, and we did catch, one king mackerel as you saw on a fly rod Which is the first time we've ever filmed that As you saw, the guys were surrounded by boats trolling and catching king mackerel on live bait, it really was amazing how many king mackerel were caught that day, but catching them on a fly rod was a little different situation, as most people who fly fish will tell you But Joe's got it dialed in out there the day just didn't work out, but we wanted to show you that footage

And then the Nantahala trip was one that I was really, I knew about the river, it has class four and five rapids in it, and to say the least it was a pretty unnerving trip for me with the camera, but we did catch a few rainbow trout that day, but just not quite enough for a show – Alright, speaking of good stuff, let's catch up with Donna She's in the kitchen, she's got a recipe today using pasta (guitar strumming) – Hi, today in the kitchen, we're making a pasta salad with a lime tile fish Great recipe, one of those summer recipes that goes together quick and easy

And you can reap the benefits of all the summer fruits and vegetables that you have And if you don't, if it's not in season, go ahead and buy some frozen, they work just as great as well So we're going to take our tile fish, and what I've done here, mine is already baked You can grill this if you like, or you can bake it, whatever works for you, but I brushed mine with this lime vinaigrette and then I just roasted it in the oven or broiled it So it'll give it some nice, great flavor, but it's quick and easy to do

So we've that going on, then we're going to make our pasta salad So I have some bow tie pasta in my bowl that's already chilling down, and if you don't want to use bow tie, you can use corkscrew pasta, you can use elbow, you can use a mixture if you like That kinda freaks my kids out when I do a mixture of pasta, but you know, sometimes just have little bits and pieces left, and you wanna use it, so that's what you do So I've got that in here, I've also got some zucchini and some squash that I have sliced really thinly with my mandolin You can use a knife as well, or you could buy it off the salad bar if you really wanna go quick and easy

I've got some red bell peppers in here, because I think it needs some color, more color, and we're gonna put that there Then we're gonna slice our nectarines You can use nectarines, you can use peaches Whatever is in season and whatever your family likes The nectarines are a little bit nice 'cause they're skin, you can still use your skin

You get that pretty color, but it's not as fuzzy as a peach So then we're gonna toss that together, and then we're going to make a vinaigrette So we're gonna make this vinaigrette, and I already have my lime juice and my white balsamic vinegar in here We're gonna use some Cajun mustard, 'cause it's got some nice, great mustard seeds in there, it's gonna give it a little flavor We're gonna put in some honey and some salt and pepper

You can put some olive oil in here if you'd like and just give this a great shake til it's thoroughly mixed And this is what it'll look like It's the same that we used to baste our fish with We're just going to add that to it We're gonna give it a toss and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this in a bowl, and we're gonna top it with some toasted almonds

And to toast your almonds, I by them already sliced or slivered, and then I just put them underneath my broiler for like, two minutes and just give them a shake, and you'll get this nice golden brown, and it'll add some great flavor and some great crunch to your recipe So this is what it looks like when it's done I just put it in a great little bowl, I kind of broke up my tile fish And it's just quick and easy You can just chill it down and it's just a wonderful dinner or a side dish as well

So I hope you enjoy the tile fish and I look forward to seeing you next time here on Simple Cooking – Thanks Donna for that recipe, and you can find that recipe and a whole lot more in our cookbook Joe, good days of fishin', some days you just go and it's fisherman's luck – Well, that's it and some days you catch enough for a show and sometimes you don't And in this case, that's what we had, but some good footage of really some good fishing, just not quite enough for what we needed

– Alright, for Joe Albea, I'm John Moore Thanks for joining us today on the Carolina Outdoor Journal – [Voiceover] Make sure to visit our website for more information and a link to our online store, Angler's Bay (guitar strumming) The production of Carolina Outdoor Journal is made possible in part by the 2017 GMC Sierra Visit your GMC dealer today

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Crazy DANGERS Of Deep Sea Fishing # MAN PULLED In BY FISH Chew On This

fishing television with Man pulled in by fish Hey, I'm captain finches and welcome to the steps [doesn't] you on that saltwater fishing ship? We're somewhere [cool] today We're at the penguin exhibit at Seaworld, but you know what we have our own seaworld and you saw the previews So if the amazing happens and we save our clients Into what I think I think you still get just a giant fish you want to see this episode is awesome Okay, this is what it looks like on the side [of] [her] boat right now and There's all the giant fish Look see that huge one with a huge goliath is a huge goliath I'm in loan a giant fish everywhere And that's what it looks like on our head and hummingbird [onix] with all the big station [underneath] this an old big fish So hummingbird on it eight fish and Giant fish Enjoy it right down there little pig once again That's what it looks like with all this huge fish and all the bait [ever] they are an giant fish Giant Goliath Faint fish [tank] much [greater] [need] symposium turn the camera sideways So you guys can see it's underneath our bows missile system all right, we gotta said Bonita

Hook up I? Got a feeling it's not going to make it this is their first shot here, and this is their first Bonita at this spot and She doesn't know what's about to happen to us You better get to running You better get to running a u-turn concerns when we come down [return] heater and pull back pull back boy [oh] [now] real full foam down Down down for now [he] [looks] client glad try to eat it Go faster faster faster, not impossible all kinds of sunshine Ain't it [oh] she's on the test He's on the gun We get to turn it Got turn It look look you got turn it you got a really [out] you guys keep reeling down you guys aren't really now videos I'm Gonna try to use [this] You have to drop your Rod tip and reel that bull sharks about a kitchen hole I was like sorry oh That was good, and it was [absolutely] terrible and it was terrible Now it's your turn Get hooked up [once] already slit You got to get warmed up for the big day That was incredible, right? There we go We got the whole gang looking walking on everybody's ready everybody's ready All right, I'm ask you one more time

You ready ready as were ever gonna be [ableto], okay? All right start pulling me line out with your hands pull it out like that Pull out reel up a little bit reload time start reeling start reeling start reeling start reeling start reeling real Alex I can is your shirt like a new shirt fast I think you just got eaten you just said even you can do anything [you] [gotta] go Litter up Oh My God hold it hold forth you [got] to push the side so don't get on the motor Yes, keep it push It aside So don't get on the motor I'm pushing are you [what] right right up right now right now, you [gotta] drop the Rod and reel now stop That's not lift right down You gotta get you push to the side I'm trying to keep going yeah, yep, you gotta keep off the motor okay down down down down down Good good Good good good [thing], so Right you gotta go around see those things that are in the back of the motor you got no ready to come to me Yeah, go around the swim platform gosh

There you go, okay Hey guys cooper guys go [closer] [to] [the] balls are closer Yeah, really Well I guess you gotta do better only real down to do better Everybody watches [it's] Crazy I guess one two three down Do you like you like you [like] you like this up I gotta get off the most fun You gotta get off the boat you gotta get off that sound our real? Gotta get around this plate here [go] now We're down up Down all right all right now

You got it Just [watchin] now just watch your lane fight it any fight Watch [you] just watch yeah, I see coward I see color which I don't know what just watching I just watched I can see some color clarity dirty, sir I look at that concern the foam is internal – left little [guy] sir we got calamity we got activism And from Heaven I'm having a hard time breathing because he's sucking all the acoa from Doing a good job of it nice

Fish here We come Come out here with her baby That's for swinging that bow up Awesome on the boat don't Run [Psycho] Yeah, there you go Water dripping off his nose for some reason I can't add Yeah again the author only further just raised it ah whatever, [you] keep on be followed, Airfield ah Girls, where's our cheering squad hey you left them speechless

You're speechless feel like they Way helps guys enjoy the best food so far I Don't know what you would think something crazy like that [happening] You've been awesome anyway, so your [sisters] right here is [new] [world] and [on] the way down [for] excellent down [leave] [it] Hey, make sure you hold on your head got it Well if you look over there My hat lancers [tick] summit exercise ball [like] [that] [I] guess better get another one Anyway this week last week litter for the chillness I guess for how many inches of snow quad is a 100 I will see 128 inches and you look like crazy animal ugly [animal] deep stretch lakers for example Then to set your information there to on this TV and we be judged to be rough like shirt So we're finishing up this too on this charter [I] got my boy John back

You know [loose] and Ryan's fish behind me but anyways I almost forgot to do a contest for this [roof] so I want you guys think guess what you think the total flight time is For the firemen they got pulled overboard including the pull overboard and the lot and land and everything Tell me what you think the total flight time is and you guys know whoever wins Whoever get closest to the estimated time Will win themselves [called] life shirt or salt my product so be sure to put your comments below Subscribe ring that bell We love you guys watching the show Thank you very much I Was kind [of] cool Huh? You're probably gonna happy to help [participant] I helped repel [pounds] your help Yep, so you [got] to turn the [rods] you got [to] [turn] [arad]? It's cutting yeah, I turn a rod for I Was like oh, yeah Okay, you're but now keep your butt on the Rod [A] Real real world and that Rod back in your hip like I showed you yep, there you go Let me keep it up hold on here [it's] down turn to ride back Ready nothing up nothing up that matter when it's running

She can't do that Only when it stops you guys [turning] Okay, real real arm over and over up Reel reel reel reel reel reel one two three Reel reel reel reel reel reel I'm sorry seaming of your program go go go go go go see mary You're spotting Yes spotting She's fine Just keep it [respond] Yes, I Go come on reel better

It's your job now Holder the piyo, huh, it's kind of like having a baby She didn't get how many credit for having a baby Did you so you need to take credit for getting your fish make it up for [Sandra] Just in case in detail Yeah? Yeah, you're doing a [knockout] for each other you [know] yeah, whenever you're ready to reel you just tell your drum work Okay G mark we got it This is the water version of [South] water I Miss you really I remember you guys

Can't talk to each other you got to drop it When you raise your real down she's good, okay, wait a good justice when I grab it now She's already serving everybody Because you guys don't give me put it Already that's what I would presumably Now fish you're not viewing I don't see color yet [way] [to] awesome job There you go People today I stay close to the edges you thought so too get off the boat get off the boat come on All right, go ahead

They told her you gotta get closer to Eddie devote doing great doing great No, no spending your final just going to pit road during [Rod] And [we're] alice respond You guys didn't suck if we got to drop the Rod faster, so she can real good [thank] you [suck] You're gonna do good Oh You gotta put me back in the workforce you forget about them use your arms straight Great boys, we don't mind is quite now Enjoy [Gonna] let you Go go Go go go go go go

[I] can't let the whole send us [two] plus one to make everyone back down another [Teamwork] girls I Feel [an] early lunch today Coming from the girl that [pitch] she's not aggressive earlier She's doing a great job for not being aggressive push that off the [lower] [one] Whoo we almost lost keep it in the back wrap She almost fell in on assistance Look at that technique She's got that technique down Wow, yeah, we did A awesome you get really good keeping here putting gear It is [the] [electromagnetic] [Stockton] [Jenner] there she goes You doing a good job now come on birthday girl See that good teamwork right there [alright] now Let's be tried muscling You tried muscle in that fishes now [get] here put your hip room there you go there you go fellas over here Tell me when you're ready It's in it then There you go good job You don't think you're doing good? Yeah Not really remember any [time] to get [smarts] quick stop really just keep your hand on the handle don't Really new to around the same pattern would you rescue the things? That [agree] [here] hand on the handle [get] when it starts turning the rock the real sideways push it, so it is attorney exactly He's not ready We're not Olivia's not aggressive

Yeah here's probably these drop like that, don't you We dropped in we did never hold Yoga just holds what you got don't even try to hurt [him] pretty good there you go That's a good teamwork right [there] Already dropped [oh] [gotcha] good job dude Okay, you got him you got a good fish here, and you're out Tell me when you're ready oh Hey, girl Forget your away Yum-yum hold on don't bring over a thousand item if you thank you oh I See that one is awesome Then you came around to hear me talking they're fighting in the back the girls are filming I'm filming we got all kind of cool stuff going on By the way, I'm [copy] [of] this camera right here, and it needs everybody at one time So if you're like thinking your nose in the product both of [you], [Lenovo], you're good You got it Let's that's the motor now for come on guys get it got to move around the motor moving around the motor Now can we go home now

God no sobbing there you go good job? Are you guys catching a fish are you dancing? You can't dance in their shoes You done a good job of it all right Linda You just watch That was one good run I mean [I] crept off now – Rafi Yeah, he's not running his mouth is you saying much either? – Look at the Big Boy over there still trying [breathing] hey you guys look the big dude over there Keiki shown on [PP] Saw him a left look at it I'm so [lonely] on that place No

I might have a bonito on here see I think you got a shark doll We just both you guys did a good job here you go? You dismiss me he just let go oh Wow, oh what he just got finished I can get [turnt] [overboard] held onto the Rod We're pulling back in and he caught it What's this [boss] [our]? superstar I'm going to make it out That was awesome a [scuffle] favorite one Okay I hope you guys [do] Leaving out pulled over more and on the process of it We called him Sporty back in it was Amazing above the pond secretary said the captain of both [office] day of my life

You [know], it's all beaten I think you could save your client from going down to Davy Jones locker Yeah, that's my fire some Caribbean reference Anyways, [you] see that big fish you pick out that day for the artificial or live bait toss it out the filament you feel them chew on the Godspeed see guys next week by the way if you wanna See more chew on neck the videos that are [coming] up at the end Click on little check it with me last week show or one of our best shows thanks a lot you