Wreck fishing for record cod

[Music] We have invited a few friends to join us swapping guns for rods on a sea water fishing trip We are heading out from Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour with Deep Blue Charters

Weíve chosen this particular vessel with Steve the skipper, because this is the boat is responsible for landing a record breaking cod The largest ever specimen caught by a rod in the English Channel Novice Chris Procter battled for half an hour to reel in the 43lb 9oz fishzilla We are of course expecting great things, but just in case, Steve suggests we bring along some experience as well as beauty Father and son team Adrian and Tim Colliver are on call to ensure a decent haul and to tell us all about their rotten bottoms

What I am doing here is Iím just setting up the rig for what we call gilling, so we drift over the wreck, we lie the tackle down and this is a shed and then we retrieve it by winding in and hopefully the fish will come up and grab it Itís got a lot of weight on it, you want it to go deep That is a weighted lure So itís got weights inside it? It has indeed, and that trace is probably 4 or 5 feet and when it is connected to a boom and a weight, the weight is attached to the boom, has a rotten bottom in case it catches in the wreck A rotten bottom? Yes, so if it catches in the wreck the line will break and hopefully we will retrieve the tackle

And gilling? Gilling is what I said, itís lowering the lure to the seabed over the wreck and retrieving it and hopefully the fish, bass, cod, pollock will take the lure, put a bend in the rod and there we go Bend in the rod The lure is all important, jelly worms and rhubarb custard are apparently irresistible to cod and pollock The pollock particularly like jelly worms pollock do? Yes, so it has to be something which has a bit of movement

Itís the action, thatís a rhubarb and custard and they are very good they work extremely well, catch a lot of fish these ones The weather is fantastic which is a good job as we have got more than an hour to get to the ship wrecks of plenty There has been plenty of talk about sea sickness too Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam vowed never to go sea fishing again after a stag do up north where he was told that beer and water donít mix boy Sporting Rifleís Tim Pilbeam recommends plenty of eating throughout the day

As for my old friend Keith Curtis, it is a bit of a busmanís holiday as he runs Brickfarm Lakes, a trout farm fishery in East Sussex Incredibly, however, Keith has never ever caught a fish With nausea at bay, we are out at sea when we reach our first wreck of the day The white Loch Ness monster style arc on the left of the hump is our fish We are told to drop our line until we hit the bottom and then reel in 20 turns

We hope our side winder lures will prove a tempting snack for cod and pollock Tim is the first to get a nibble, rhubarb and custard proving to be too tempting for this little pollock Next in is Dom with another pollock As much as we appreciate Adrian and Timís efforts no one else is getting a chance with rhubarb and custard which keeps delivering the fish for Colliver junior Just the size cod that dad, Adrian, likes to eat and kiss

Now hereís a moment to share, fish farmer Keith catches his first ever fish in his mid forties, a lovely looking cod He is dedicating it to his wife Sophie this is for you There is no stopping the man, heís struck again, but it is a pouting described by the more experienced anglers on board as the turkey twizzler of the ocean, so he puts it back to save our taste buds The weather might be bright, but the wind and the tide are coming from different directions

This part of the film does not contain flash photography, but a wobbly horizon as we chat with skipper, ex-british team clayshot, Steve Bradshaw Youíre known to the world as a shooter originally Yes And youíre in the middle of the sea How does that work? Iím not sure really how itís happened, Iíve always been involved with fishing and shooting, so mainly from small boats myself and fishing on weekends and progressed from there really

And this boat, you are out most of the year? Yes, every day Itís quite a commitment Most mornings, it can be And a cash commitment as well, itís an expensive piece of kit isnít it? Youíre looking, most charter boats, new charter boats now, a 40 foot decent boat, youíre looking at in excess of £150,000 So quite a big investment for a start, yes

And you are really going for it as one of the top boats in the country? Yes Weíre out an awfully long way? Weíre a long way from home, yes Yes, we are closer to France We are closer to France at the moment are we? Most boats donít go this far off shore? Some of the top boats will, yes I wouldnít say most of the top boats, but a lot of the top boats will certainly put the mileage in to get customers fish

And what has this yielded, what sort of records have you pulled out? I currently hold one of the largest UK cod in the English Channel from this year, being a 43lb fish Was that the one that was in all the papers? Yes, Iíve had a good season, a good start to the season with lots of double figures well into 30lbs, lots of fish around 30 One previous to that 36 A lot of good fish And this is about getting people into fish for sure, into fishing

Yes, sure, yes definitely Itís one of the sports where you never know what is going to happen With shooting pretty much, in a field of shooters, your top ten shooters will always come out on top all the time, but with fishing you never know whatís going to happen While we have been chatting Dom has been catching Heís got a cod so heís stopped thinking about being sick

On a day like this, when itís sunny and warm and not too rough, but Iíve had some bad experiences, I wonít lie to you David, it can be pretty unpleasant and Iím pretty fearful I may vomit before the end of the day The other members of the party are fairing better even though not all are having the same success as Dom Iím just hoping for that lure to come up, but nothing is happening at the moment So whatís fun about it? Well, I think actually seeing the fish come out as previously is absolutely fascinating looking at them and the whole concept of dangling this thing down there and these fish just grabbing is just brilliant It really is good, so I just rather hope I can catch a fish in a minute thatís all

You own a trout fishery Keith and today you have just caught your first fish Thatís right How does that work? Iíve never had time to go fishing before Is it a very high powered, high intensity job running a fishery? Itís a busy time, itís a busy place to run I have to give all my attention to the fishery

Tim is now on fire, 3 fish in quick succession and Dad is starting to feel the pressure Caught by my boy, again, again Adrian is Jonah 6 or 7 now Dad isnít it [Laughter] We move to another couple of wrecks and get some attention from the gulls and low flying gannet as Adrian guts his or should I say Timís catch

We are making our way back to base and have one last spot to try Adrian is drinking at the last chance saloon, but manages to save face with a codling Got one after many hours of blanking There you go, thereís my tea for tonight Once we are back inside outer harbour a match debrief with our experts

So we had a pretty good day Yes, not bad, half a dozen or so You couldnít go wrong, every time Yes, just one of those things trying to ring the changes a little bit with the lures, mixture of I think a couple of pollock rest were cod I think, bit of a mixture You used different lures

Yes, started off with the rhubarb and custard, had the first 3 or so on that Probably lost it Yes, Heís not bitter you know, you can tell heís not bitter at all The fish came quite early, wrecks, how many wrecks, fished 3 wrecks today? Yes, 3 or 4 First wreck produced the majority of the fish quite early on

I donít know if they got spooked a little bit after we had been on there for a while Tried a couple of other wrecks and you pulled one out of the bag very last Yes, last knockings, at least I didnít blank completely Arenít you just glad you taught him so well? Yes, I think so It speaks for itself doesnít it

Like that, thereís a contour on the head here, just keep the knife in As we will all be having a fish supper tonight, Steve gives us a quick demo of fish filleting, so we donít make a hash of it later It really has been a great day, fish were caught and no one was ill Dom is probably more relieved than most that we are back at the jetty I did enjoy myself, I did feel queezy for a lot of the trip, but it is great fun and I do love fishing

For a group of mates to pay £40, £50 a head and have a day out together catching fish and being able to take home the catch at the end of the day for a barbecue or what ever, I think itís a great way for a day out doing something different There are fishing opportunities all around the UK, different species, different areas, so yes itís a good thing to do, support your local fishermen

Delicious Flathead Catch and Cook w Loads of Barramundi Jacks and Cod EP.415

It's Andy here I'm fishing with Andrew today we're up a creek and we've already put the crab pots in and caught a bunch of fish so it's a yeah bit bit overcast Andrew, Andrews Barramundi he's got one so yeah we've got a nice nice bunch of fish hope open for some crabs later on and yeah I'm sure see see, stop it now so yeah keep watchin there's some good fun today and he's fishing just went down I always go down with his tail nice big crocodile at all but he's going down there he is he's come back up that's yeah that's fairly big croc there you guys going under again the thing you can't see it you can't see the last 50 centimetres of him he's gone so here's a fun thing for me today I'm fishing the concept for which is left or right handed and then the Shimano which is the the other hand so I'm casting with with both hands a term here different times should there be a cot in there you watch there's something underneath that that branch there oh you could see that under there actually this isn't bad this con all Barra you just mr Barramundi yeah and he was right right where I said – yeah mr

black spot cod and Andrew is gonna hopefully get better no good again no what is it going go yeah I'll have a go to the prawn here we go how she get Cod oh yes this is the one that Andrew missed and it's the cod I thought it might have been the barramundi no this guy's actually smaller undersized there that went all the way down yeah I think he actually ate it on the drop what is to go with you not making any noise yeah the net Andrews supposed to be making noise when he catches a fish and he's got a monster flathead it's huge you were supposed to yell again that's a that's a monster fish Andrew Andrew what did we measure it at 69 centimeters yeah and yeah minimum is 40 Maxim 75 but I think Andrew wants to let it go yeah yeah she should be fine all these big ones are girls and yeah just let them let them go alright guys off into the deep nice Lake Andrew oh he slimed me i slimed me they often do I just grab it and then they just sit there what going yes I mean that's another flathead, didn't know it Cod dropped it yeah yeah just sat there so I'll just show you the broad I'm using it's like a um I think this is it tsunami a live shrimp about three inches long and I just tuck the tuck the hook in there and it's completely weightless what I like is when you're going up here and there's like a big mud flat and one little tiny thing like a stick or a drain or something and you pull the jack off it that's what I like those spots that you don't expect fish or you do expect them but you just not sure if it's such a small little thing oh that was a nice stops honey yes Oh what do we got Cod another cod I am the Cod King today there's a black spot cod, not a bad one let's say still undersized but nice Cod mr Cod look at you look how handsome you are nice when you getting close to legal dang it off you go mister see he hit it and just sat there he didn't he didn't take off for anything I wasn't sure if I anymore yeah I almost caught that call that from Barramundi the way it hit well maybe I can do all that there's a flathead just took off then so dust yep another cod right no I don't want to be cod king anymore I don't want to be Cod king this is an estuary cod orange spots all over him oh these are according our four of these not counting as I must have fiddler crab over here we mean I've seen for ages is that fiddler crab we just spotted he's huge he's a nipper he's bigger than he's Body that's pretty wild maybe I stalk something else he was in writing it's shaky there I think that as a cool critter is the other one you're talking about up there a bigger one he's cool too look at that it's plenty around Oh was that big splash I just heard up there chase tell me tell me this is sort of spot we're looking for dirty water coming out of her Oh little bear oh this is really odd this rock yeah I'm good these undersized well I'm not used to using rod with the handle on this side that lures right up on the surface b-52 bomber we're just lifting in he's probably 55 maybe it's got a bit of weight on it what are you wrecking Andrew what's your guess 50 we got a little bit bigger maybe 50 yeah I said 55 yep 56 and he needs to be 58 so I mean I was gonna go anyway but yeah beautiful little fish Hey look Andrew I got a barramundi yeah nice little fish yeah all right let him go I say the little guys they're probably one of the most classic barramundi Lure is the b-52 who they made by Andrew Reedy's yeah Reidey's b-52 yeah so yeah I'm still doing the job been around maybe 20 years or something but still a great barra lure, of a guy what's your lick trick little guy nice one Andrew probably don't you want to measure that one do but we're getting a few fish it's um just starting to come down heavy rain and yeah the sand flies a bit nasty what do you think about the sand flies Andrew we'll get rid of this fish and then I'll show you some sand flies yep yeah Show us the back of your hand they're all sand flies little little dots there and they sting and carry on and just what's your rug there – lovely day we're having here but yeah we're catching fish so what's that I should have a go here there's a little toadfish just there this is a very odd fishing this way because I'm used to winding with this hand and it's it's the oddest feeling so I'm yeah really good looking we got a nice drain here with dirty water coming out and a stick if I go between them you know what's a little jelly prawns jumping around in there sometimes you just have to keep peppering a spot until you wake the fish up so quite cool at the moment raining overcast quite hungry I'm off to make some noodles so in the last type last time I went fishing with you a few a few of my fans thought I was being really mean to you a nasty he-hey yeah I have to be really nice to Anders to the we just like fishing I'm I'm almost gonna hit your spot there so I'm that nice that that's as close as I'm gonna get to that spot and Andrews going to catch a Barramundi out of it but the truth is Andrew and I fished together it a lot and we just muck around have fun so it's all in good fun you better cast in there otherwise I'm gonna cast him go go go a little bit to the right there between those two rocks perfect that's it yep hold the road to right right well I didn't bring much lunch today so I'm just cooking up some some noodles pretty easy very convenient this liked it very much city you can catch a fish bowl and put my lunch Andrew actually count how many costs you have that's two now to cast will see how many casts takes the boil is some that a cup and a half of water and then there's some rough is just around the corner here as well get into that snag nobody's that four or five I reckon you'll get ten cars before this is boiling maybe six or yep go date yeah you go deep to fill what is it hey cut 1 – 2 : cast number 6 oh hang on she's boiling hole nice look at the steam coming out uh seven cows are anything you got in there that's pretty crazy the crab up again no I Big mud crab I'm busy cooking the lunch open this up you that that is boil that's a huge crab waiting yo y'all night just on that how easy is this lunch on the guy probably not the most tasty thing I've ever cooked but nice put me off head on the water took seven casts, did you give me power can you miss team you miss deemed oh they guys Andrews crab dinner still got the mud crab bus to go and collect and I know missing out released at the bite oh there you go I just scared one yeah I'm pretty sure I just touched him on the back did you see that training we're gonna have to give me out, Barramundi he didn't even hit the lure, why is it going through his gills he might have gone through his gills definitely met him I wanna get that little day that was wild cuz I saw the lure and it wasn't wasn't in his mouth got him hey guys thanks Andrew let's see where that lure ended up that was very strange posture the grip is it the back of his gills, no he did not even eat that lure that did not go in with me when he deserves to live this one let's see how big is 64 in a bit centimeters I don't want any I want to eat mud crabs later on Oh 60 when I say 64 nice bear oh hey if you go buddy you did not even eat the lure that was that was dessert ice to watch though look there he goes laughter what's a replay on that so same lure and that was the weirdest thing like I saw Barramundi have a hit at it then the lure was like six eight inches to one side and he I don't know I think I think the line got caught around around the side of his mouth and yeah it was it was very strange for me gee mama sorry ya know I didn't know when he hit the ground oh look at this Louise coming up here there's some serious timber up there and drain you fish that one it's some deep hole up there let's get out and walk that crazy idea I'll get one or two steps in Oh got him Barramundi, little guy I called it these trees had the hair fish on them and we're around here we're right up the top of this creek pretty much stops here for us a little guy this guy's around the 50 look Andrew another fish yeah and look how shallow we are that's um I could walk across there anyway this guy guy and yeah he came here right there in that tree I forget buddy yep he's good he's happy that's all fish in there yeah it's a larger fish no no no more I'm beyond you go the size of those are two fish monsters Barramundi Oh would you see that on mine oh I didn't even hit it I felt a touch of something that wasn't the one that I'd look at it now one that had a look at he was like silver about that long oh that's a touch going yes bear oh drop deep there you go oh there's a Barra see that little Jack oh I'm loving this spot he's not bad really colour little fish hey I think, slow your prawn down a bit oh oh yeah interesting fishing you can see that stick there huh yeah buddy buddy Oh God I think it's a cod yeah how's it cod yeah we missed all the Barramundi oh there he is quick release I mean let's go yeah – yeah little guy little planet you want to feed it's definitely I'm donating this flathead to Andrew well you did well you got you got that big one so I'm just gonna give you this little one just to talk about this snag a little bit you can see the snag here and that's where we saw a lot of Archer fish bait fish but the thing is they're actually down here the the trunk of the tree goes from this root ball down here and then the canopy is is in the water there so yeah interesting always learning learning something when you're out in the water here and we're gonna try and catch a couple more fish off that so it's good spot oh hey cool little Barramundi up there Andrew nice work Andrew yeah we just under 50 that one no no he's definitely actually no he's like 45 the Andrews Barra probably just under 50 yeah yeah we we persisted at that spot for four he'll on what 20 minutes good 20 minutes yeah it's got a little Jack Barramundi took cod got flathead and hey nicely done angry man drew fit light this is already jumped Oh straight away misty yes ah using the wrong hand didn't know what – OH straight away I think it's the Oh jack nice Mangrove Jack I could be a couple in there Andrea look your Barramundi there we go my jack which obviously looks bigger than it is Andrew Andrews nice Barra Jack's like a centimeter and a half under and I think yours is centimeter half 61 you Jack's gone back Andrews Eton Barra for dinner and I'm gonna probably eat the flathead nice work good day after all hey you guys Mangrove Jack yeah really really good day some the wind and the rain sort of stopped and plenty of these guys around middle of June July winter right you go left oh it straight away flathead, I had like messed up line in here and yeah he felt a whack I'm like iconic this team nice he's not a Barramundi but I've got one so I'll just let him go one fish a day is all I want and some mud crabs would be nice too here we go he did about very close to fifty maybe say 48 49 ah that wasn't the fish that I thought would come out of there but I did I cast it right up on the on the edge of the bank over there so yeah I was hoping for a Jack, barramundi yep and that was that little prawn again I've only used two lures it's the prawn and the gold bomber so that's all you need see are you gonna need all this jumping here I mean that last flathead that was the fastest hit I've ever had I didn't even click it into gear I thought this line hanging out everywhere oh there you go Barramundi oh that was a Mangrove Jack that was a nice Jack oh and the Jack just ate something else oh this is on this is on here is oh I just refused me just refused me oh that was so cool tea bagging Barramundi and the jack now well it was messing with ya I think we've missed those too that was a good Barramundi and a very like a big big Jack biggest jack was seen today that was so cool it was some little trevallies from around before oh you got him you got him you got him pull him out is he you he's in he's got yeah he's off he's off what do you got prawn he's off he's off and let him swim that was him Andrew got done by the bear oh that did him before you know it looks good X foot card you go buddy where'd you bury come out up in the middle hmm oh that's a good drop that's the Barra for the day Andrew just missed him got it he was 75 from even 18 that was close that was yeah pretty good fishing we had although wasn't it pretty good all right yep so we left we put the crab pots in it I think eight o'clock this morning it's now 3:00 so hopefully we'll get some mark but I'm definitely gonna eat that flathead and Andrew will eat his barramundi hopefully you get some crabs as well let's go on let's go reverse to very small crabs and some jellyfish I think he's undersized crab just say a little bit he's got tiny little claws yep full of jellyfish yeah last last of my pots I don't think I'm gonna be eating crab anytime soon ah so far it's been little ones and jellyfish almost fell over there Oh Ally that's a female yep that looks like a female Andrew does any better three feet four no three females a little male okay that's a little mile up there what's that one one little tiny male and a female and a nice stick you gotta stick in there Andrew is he big enough oh no that's a female two females yeah I'm not gonna hold my breath I could no I got all aggressive yeah all females today and nothing something hey something's been in there your baits half gone I reckon they've been checked as you can tell it's the next day I go into this nice little beach here and set up my kitchen just over here so we're just literally just on the on the beach and now here got my little cooker set up I've got the flat head and we're gonna do it fish and chips Andy style it's a little bit special because it's it's got an extra bit of flavor in there so I got inspired when I did the calamari the other day or the other squid yeah never never actually crumb fish properly like this so I thought it'd be nice to do a crumb like that but just an extra little twist on it and it should be really yummy so this you want to do before we even worry about the fish is get the potatoes cooking because they'll take the the longest time to get cooking we'll just cut them into nice big long potato chips just like that real simple nothing fancy for our chips because these will take quite a lot longer to cook than the fish the fish will be being nice and quick so we've got a pot in the pan I'll do the the chips in the pan and depending on how long they take we might do the fish in the pan or we might do the fish in the in the pot but yeah just put some rice bran oil in there this has a quite a high melting point sorry high smoking point so it's good and so I'm pointing out the last time I was cooking I had the gas bottle sitting like flat which is not recommended if it's a full gas bottle this one's very empty so hopefully we'll get the cooking done but yeah the liquid should not go through the hose anyway someone just pointed that out we just want these to cook nice and slow I don't want to snap there we go you have they gonna go I don't want these burning or anything like that so nice slow cook on these something I hadn't really thought about was the size of this flathead because that's only a 25 centimeter chopping board so I'm gonna have to do it on the plastic bag here now I've already gutted it because I caught it yesterday and yeah I didn't want it to spoil so if you want to keep it overnight you should definitely got it now the best way to remove a filler is to go under the pectoral fin there cut up in towards the head okay till you hit the spine and then cut down the spine nice and easy just go all the way down towards the tail nice fill it there and I'll do the other side as well yeah – nice nice fill it put this in the ocean and you never know we might get a shark come in and eat this before we finish the cook yeah we go those chips look what they could probably use a turn or yep yeah yeah they're probably halfway there that's good that is very good so to remove the skin we just cut down here so we've got something to hang on to and then run the knife I'll parallel to the cutting wood it's a little hard to get started but we'll get there there we go then you grab the skin and you slide the knife down the fish like so and there's usually a set of bones here they're called pin mind you feel them both by rubbing your handle on their finger oh we got an itch side of those and that should be all the bones taken out then what we want is some little fish fingers will do them about that size so there's three big juicy fish fingers out of each Phillip all right I'll just do the other one and then we're ready to show you this secret ingredient or tip and I've got so what we've got here we've got some plain flour and beaten egg and panko crumb now what makes it special is we're going to add some coriander seed ground or ground coriander seed quite a bit in now actually we want yeah that's about two two good teaspoons maybe a bit more and we've got some ground cumin seeds I want at least two two good teaspoons maybe maybe even three I like the spice and then some black pepper look at the bear yeah silly me forgot to bring cutlery because I thought I'm having fish and chips on the beach I don't need knives and forks but I need something to stir this this mixture and you can see there it's not white anymore it's got a got a nice colour in there and what this does is two folds when you when you're doing fish and chips the the flour drives the fish so that the egg will stick but because we've put in spices and now it's it's basically a dukkha mix so dukkha spices i did this episode in an overnight trip if you haven't seen it it's a really good episode dukkha crusted fish go on have a look at that but yeah it adds flavor to the fish and it's it's really simple you just coat the fish on both sides into the egg wash like that you get do fingers here that's it okay and then into the breadcrumb so the breadcrumb is actually a panko crumb which is breadcrumb so bread bread crumbs with that with no crust so there we go there's our first piece and yep those potatoes are almost done so we'll hurry up and the Sun is just about setting we should be able to finish this off just as the Sun it's going down below the horizon well coat the whole thing everything all around look at those fishing is there going to be delicious Dukka crusted fish and chips on the beach at sunset oh I quite like cooking at sunset because it's it's nice and cool it's it's so nice to be here it's um everything's just good about it okay those chips are ready will they're nice and nice and crispy actually let's get them out very nice and I love this light to the late afternoon Sun setting light is here really nice actually that heat will keep the chips form there we go nice all right let's drop the fish in three at a time you know you see the pink hair going going crispy Brown already and you don't need to have the pan full of oil this is this is actually enough like you do half half and a half and you know what to turn the fish when you can see down the side here and there's a white the the meat will cook and it'll turn white and you'll see it may be a bit less than half and that's when I turn it over because the heat that's in the outside of the fish will keep cooking the fish so you don't need to go all the way to half you can do just a bit less than half but oh look at that sunset that is spectacular ah nice and now probably these things these little fish fillets here maybe not even a minute maybe a minute on each side let's turn that one over look at that that might even be a little bit too Brown turn the heat down just a little bit always adjust your cooking as you going that's nice and brown here we go oh hey yummy mmm fish and chips I'm gonna try one of these chips mmm on the beach mmm crunchy chippy I'll finish now finish cooking on the plate look at these, fish fingers beautiful let's get the last ones

now I'm not gonna wait for those to finish because I'm hungry get some nice tomato sauce oh you can't have fish and chips without tomato sauce fish and chips let's try this golden one try it without tomato sauce I always always like to try things without extra sources mmm mmm nice nice took a flavor in there tomato sauce mmm-hmm to shame I couldn't do this yesterday but we we got home really late at night mmm okay it's almost been a minute and these guys are ready to turn beautiful very nice that one I like a little longer he's a little bit on the thicker side mmm there goes the Sun bye bye Sun mmm just while I'm thinking about it one of my fans sent a message fishy going off here should have a fishing rod and I one of my fans sent a message his daughter is only two years old and apparently she's my biggest fan I'm pretty sure she's my youngest fan I found that rather funny mmm I didn't think people as young as two were watching my videos but it's really cool I do try and make family content so for everybody mmm and hopefully everybody likes these hookups I'll just show you a quick little little snapshot of when I finish cooking it all look at that it's delicious yum-yum there we go that's the whole lot finished all cooked up mmm very nice beautiful afternoon people ask me what's in this it's grape juice mmm special grape juice mmm like it always always goes well with fish thanks for watching everyone please subscribe and click the notification bell so you get notified of my new videos I do them every week if you want to see more right now click the links above catch you next time

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Flounder VS Cod in Water Wolf video – Dock/shore – Mete Skrubba/plattfisk

– Cod? I'll be damned! – Thought it was sea trout! – So tiny Looks nice! Don't think you can use the rod – Done! Bye-bye! Great! Now we know there are fish down there Congrats buddy! – Thanks! – Aha! Aha! Back! I just love these guys!

Mid-May Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

Hi folks, Capt Mike here

Today I'm with Capt Cullen Lundholm Got a bit of a late start this morning I think we put in at around 10AM There was an epic bite this morning in Buzzards Bay, but we decided with the late start to shift gears and see if we can't find some fish in the cooler water in Cape Cod Bay

Very early in the season, not many fish have been caught here yet We're just working these vertical jigs, I'm running a metal jig with an assist hook and Mike's running a Pro Tail We're working the baits in different methods – he's working it real slow and I'm working it fast We're having a little bit of success to start As the tide keeps running on, we should start to pile up the fish

We just marked that single fish there on the screen We're in 70 feet of water, we might get that fish to bite If we were up in that low 50s, high 40s depth, the fish might be piled up but it might be a little tricky to get them to eat Ideally we'd like to see big numbers of fish in deep water and you know you're going to have success Whether you're fishing off the Race or out at Chatham, you want to stay out of that 40s, 50s

You want to get into 60 to 80 feet of water ideally Maybe even 90 feet You're going to have a better rate of hook-ups with less fish on your screen These fish are super keyed in on these big plumes of sand eels We were marking them on the fish finder

They were a little slow to start but as the tides beginning to move — so Cullen and I have two different approaches to imitate these sand eels He has a 25oz metal sand eel jig and I took the softbait approach This is a 7" olive-colored Pro Tail from Hogy, but they did the trick We were marking some bigger fish on the finder

Some bigger ones came up with these guys We're going to get back down there to see if we can't get some of these bigger fish We're fishing two different retrieve speeds I'm slow slow slow with the softbait and again Cullen is super fast with the metal jig We're tied 1-1

I may or may not have a couple more bites but it seems like both techniques are working right now either way Sometimes the speed really does matter If you have fish with lockjaw on a slack tide and water like this I like to have two different retrieve speeds going Sometimes they'll hands down prefer one over the other

A few fish mid water column so we're going to work it up just a little Now I'm in the zone, you can either do a slow jig Or I call this the tickle I'm just twitching the jig just like that That's how I got that last fish

It's almost like you're just vibrating the bait Sort of just keeping it right in front of their faces They're not super aggressive They're suspended Plenty of bait to compete with on our end

You gotta get it just right to crack the code If you do everything right it will pay off Did we drift off the fish a little bit? There we go! That's a good fish You can see Mike's bait on the machine there There's sand eels 5 feet off the bottom layered on the ground there

You can kind of see that fish followed it from mid water all the way to the bottom and then that fish grabbed it 5 feet right off the bottom where he was working his bait Bottom line is early season it's important to be versatile with your techniques He's got a ton of sea lice on him I'm sure they're going to get bigger and bigger each day as they move into this area Good things to see

I think we're going to take this guy home for the table In my opinion, this is a perfect eating size fish

Cod Fishing Portsmouth – Pully Rig And Fish

hello fishing along southsea castle come along with aron and gavin have a little fish and hopeing for a big bass a nice double be my first double show you what im baiting up with im using squid whole squid and mackreal this is how i use squid i dont tend to take the backbone out i dont think fish have michalin star food so i put the first hook through pull it straight through the body and out the tail of the squid pull it back around and put the hook straight through his eye there and pull the line tight then get the 2nd hook and i pull that hook down and just wrap wrap around along like that and make sur the hook point is in opersit directions i got one hook at the bottom and one hook at the top then what i do is get a bit of elastic dont want to mummyfy it on there just a little bit around so it stays on during casting and presents well just as simple as that i just do a loop pull it tight and snap that sits straight into the lead link we ha earlyier pulls in and thats the rig baited up thats how i bait up a whole squid the other bait what im using is mackreal this is what i do with a mackreal its quite easy i make a cut straight through the body through his head, can you see that take that and you got the guts there , thats one bait then i snip the tail off and i slice straight down the body and have too fillets show you how i bait up with the head just snip him straight through the nose there and pull ooo pull that back through and turn the hook backwards and pull the hook up so its there pull that tight so the hook is facing away so that the hook point is clear and pull and then i slide the other hook down imjust going to wrap with the line and do the exactly the same as i did with the squid straight through the mackreals nose and oy thats how i tend to fish a mackreal same again littl bit of bait elastic just pull him along make sure the hook points are clear thats how i fish a mackreal head and guts show you with the fillet in a bit when i got a rig spare just had this pout on this mackream bait cracking little pout really

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Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

We're out here in Cape Cod Bay and we got pretty unique feed going on We've got a lot of squid and a lot of nice big bass in the 40-inch range chasing squid all over the surface the last couple mornings here

It's mostly squid but we're moving to the west here, it looks like they're on mackerel so I switched over to the Pro Tail Been fishing a lot of Pro Tails When I really see the squid being penned up on the surface, I'm throwing unweighted 10-inch Hogy Originals in Bubblegum The fish right now are down a little bit We rolled up on them

We have some birds working up off our bow about a mile it looks like These fish were mid water column and what I did to work this Pro Tail was I just cast it out and let it sink for like a 20 count Let it get down there in the lower part of the water column and worked it up at varying speed Hey not a super long fish here but as you can see these things are just packed with squid They're eating mackerel as well off the surface

Big fat fish and they're all eating well Hopefully these bait can keep these fish here and we'll have some good fishing for a little bit I'll put this guy back in the water What I love about them is I can go multiple trips fishing the same bait I bet this has had other trips on it, it's probably caught 40 to 50 stripers

There's nothing at all structurally wrong with it You're going to get a ton of use out of it Durability is a huge factor with these Pro Tails We're marking some fish here They're spread out through the water column

I like to let that Pro Tail sink when they're not right up on top and then work it up through the water column at varying speeds Bigger fish like to grab it on the pause usually We'll see what we got here This one feels a little better We know what they're eating because they got big mackerel and big 10 to 12 inch long squid flying out of the water when these fish are up and feeding

When they're not feeding, if you can see my screen there, I'm just marking fish throughout the water column What I'm doign with this Pro Tail is I'm casting it out and giving it 20-count and then all I'm doing is working it up through the water column Varying my speed Another nice fish here That's maybe 40 inches, maybe a little better

It seems like we've been getting some better stuff in here the last couple days That's what we're here for this morning Classic Cape Cod Bay slob bass here Ton of phenomenal bait Giant squid, big mackerel holding these fish here

Hopefully this bite holds out for a couple weeks Great fishing We're gonna get this guy back in the water and try to get something a little bigger We switched over to this bubblegum 10-inch Original Twitched it a few times and got a bunch of fish on it

Hooked a nice one out of the bunch Rolled up on a great topwater feed Lot of big fish eating 12-inch squid off the surface Threw this bubblegum original in there and had a lot of big fish fighting to be the first one to eat it When we're fishing squid, we're throwing these unweighted Originals, and when they're keyed in on mackerel, we're fishing those blue Pro Tails