Women and Children Fish Like the Pros

There's a myth behind women and children I personally think they catch fish just as good as anyone else and sometimes even better than the professional fisherman that want to do with their way

They listen to our mates, they get in the chair they turn their tips and their rods and reels the correct way because there's a coach right there teaching you And let me tell you something Some of the women and children to come on board have cought some of the biggest fish and I'm not just saying that Looked at 58 pounder that was caught last year by a juvenile who was only 12 years old and some other women that have come on with 55 and 56 pound fish they listen and they do it right We have groups of women now that are literally chartering his boat because the way we catch fish – our professionalism and the cleanliness of the boat, these are all important factors to having a good catch and having good people realize what they're getting