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North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters is private fishing charter that provides backwater, inshore, offshore, gulf stream, and deep sea fishing for up to six 6 anglers for each boat The services of North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters comprise of three offshore boats between 26 and 34 feet

The backwater and inshore boats of the company range from 22 to 24 feet bay boats North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters specializes in Light Tackle Fishing and only make use of the highest quality Penn reels and rods Includes fishing licenses, tackle, bait and ice for their clients In addition, the company operates their fishing charters out of Grand Stand and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina region North Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters invites the entire family to explore their services and have fun in their offered fishing charters from their home base located at the Snooky's Restaurant & Tiki Bar and Cricket Cove Marina 4495 Baker Street Little River, South Carolina

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Professional vs Amateur Charters

You know, unfortunately with the trying times in the economy, there are numerous boats out there that are called "charter boats" I've had a charter license for decades and here's the deal

The difference between somebody who's a professional and a non-professional is that they wait for fish to bite We take it to the fish Please don't be fooled by a fifty or hundred dollar less charter and then you're not catching fish We produce fish on EVERY TRIP That's our JOB

We do it on two vessels here on the Islander One and Islander Two, and we do it in Florida, while we're down in Florida in the wintertime There's a big difference between somebody that may be subsidizing their family boat and taking a few charters out

Big difference Don't be fooled

Women and Children Fish Like the Pros

There's a myth behind women and children I personally think they catch fish just as good as anyone else and sometimes even better than the professional fisherman that want to do with their way

They listen to our mates, they get in the chair they turn their tips and their rods and reels the correct way because there's a coach right there teaching you And let me tell you something Some of the women and children to come on board have cought some of the biggest fish and I'm not just saying that Looked at 58 pounder that was caught last year by a juvenile who was only 12 years old and some other women that have come on with 55 and 56 pound fish they listen and they do it right We have groups of women now that are literally chartering his boat because the way we catch fish – our professionalism and the cleanliness of the boat, these are all important factors to having a good catch and having good people realize what they're getting

Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing – Flamingo Drift Fishing Trips Charters in Fort Lauderdale

Hi, I'm Luke I'm a mate in the Flamingo

We are going to do a little bit of fishing If you want to come fishing with the Flamingo, we provide the tackle, the rod, the reels, the bait On Wednesday, thursday, Friday we do anchor trips which I also mate on We highly recommend those if you want to catch yellow tail snappers if you want to bass fish with If you want to come fishing with us you can do that in our drifts and we also have the bait and reels for that

Depends on the weather conditions, the winds,t he currents, what we do that day and what type of fish we are going for it's a lot of fun you should come and try it out

Meridian Charters – Your Guide To Fishing In Key West

With Meridian Charters, you gain access to some of the most memorable fishing spots in Key West Transparent, aquamarine waters allow you to view the exotic marine life for miles

Our services include partial and full-day charters as well as long-range excursions for a truly impressive deep-sea catch! Whether your adventure calls for wreck or reef fishing, snorkeling, or dolphin watching, Meridian Charters is able to accommodate you Book now

Fishing Charters New Orleans Louisiana with Charter Captain Jason Shilling

Fishing Charters New Orleans Hello, Capt Jason Shilling of “New Orleans Style Fishing Charters” here

As a local of Lafitte I’ve made a living on these waters all my life and continue to do so today As a full time fishing guide I take pride in my job and will show you the true meaning of fishing New Orleans Style with southern hospitality, good times and lots of action If this sounds like fun to you give me a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling I’ll take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget I am located in Lafitte, Louisiana which is just 30 minutes south of downtown New Orleans

We have some of the best Louisiana fishing to be offered down here in the south I catch everything from the hard fighting red fish to the paper mouth speckle trout Along with a variety of other fish such as flounder, sheep head, and black drum I fish the back water marshes, lakes, bayous and bays of South Louisiana New Orleans inshore fishing can have you fishing areas lined with Cypress and Oak trees

This back water marsh is where I grew up fishing and still do to this day This area is also home to many species of wildlife such as raccoons, otters, nutrias, bald eagles, alligators, and ducks to just name a few I fish out of a 22′ Frontier custom bay boat powered by a 200hp mercury optimax motor My boat is rigged and equipped to fish 4 customers and myself For larger groups advance notice is requested

I will take you and your party to my hot spots and have y’all catching fish in no time No Matter your fishing experience, I cater to all skill levels of fishermen Fishing Charters New Orleans