Amazing Girl Bowfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

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Amazing Girl Spearfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

Amazing Girl Spearfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook, Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos ! Copyright Hunting in Real Life® channel Please Subscribe for more videos !

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Catch and Cook Catfish in Primitive Way

we find the river we will lok for something to eat this morning maybe we can find shrimp, fish shellfish or other let's find out I saw the fish there and I will come down to catch the fish to make it easier to catch fish, I will stem the flow of the river with rocks so that fish do not escape through this river flow river flow has been dammed with stones it is time for me to go down to the water to catch fish this is the easiest way to kill catfish cut the spine in the area behind the head the catfish will immediately stop moving we can see there are banana flowers we can use to complement of our food menu this morning we will cook in the ground by digging the soil and then using the leaves to protect the food so as not to be contaminated soil After that add vegetables, fish meat and other ingredients to be cooked then cover with leaves and soil then light a fire on it

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Catch & Cook Channel Catfish @ Bond Park in Cary, NC

hey everybody its bill your host from casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate it kick your shoes off sit back relax let's see if we can have some fun catching some fish today you bond park again with Russell today and boy that's an echo when I get up underneath there I'm what I forgot to show you guys last time we were here as this you know the signs and what's really cool is they even show you exactly what kind of fish are here in the lake but Oh yours let's keep yours alright we got a double how you like them apples they're bitin today folks this is gonna be fun woo hoo one catfish it go keep that one up I think I'm getting another bite folks yep I don't know I probably got my dragged kindly loose but he's a he's a shaken dude it's gonna be the day yes become a little don't care hey we didn't catch anything the other day so we're really excited this one's even though might be even a little bigger Russell thank you thank you all right so what do you think I'll keep the bigger one okay all right and another one number two for me lesson still got one you'll get another one here real soon it looks like these guys are are ready to bite today that is awesome like I said man I knew when I caught that white catfish yesterday I'm like this's might be a good sign for the cat's Martin to feed now I love that one yeah yep whoo this camera red light blinking there we go okay still trying to figure this GoPro out this is a number of four for us right yeah it's four for us this is a little bit smaller one so look back there a little fan aren't they almost makes me wonder if these were stalked cats recently this year little guy little channel cat this time he goes back oh there it is oh wait this is awesome action dude yeah just throw it straight toward them yellow bows paddleboats come a little bit quit spinning there you go fight me put that spin and stuff no channel care brought the net but we're not catching anything edible yet this is awesome action today once you get you a spot settled in you're gonna be good to go – oh I guess I should probably show you guys this bugger huh it's a little bit it's kind of in that middle range for what we're catching today go dude oh they are yeah probably show you guys this bugger hunt that we do know now whoa that was definitely a fight oh this is great accident well uh I wonder if you're just not quite getting far enough out you want do you want to grab one of those one ounce weights out of mine this is a little nicer one this is not quite as big as the one we got in the bucket already I think but it's not as little as that last couple I got how much weight have you got on there Oh Lord of mercy no wonder you can't ya get you medium-size eater Oh media meter bluegrass on I'm sorry about that to get it all right yes number two for Russell good yeah once I start rolling it's no fight anymore they're just rolling crazy I'd much rather they fight wouldn't you sorry y'all I'm trying to keep an eye on my line – and when I turn my head and look over there the key you know the camera obviously goes with me well now that wouldn't that might be the beginning of the day you'll have to let's check it and see it's pretty close nice one nice okay what we're doing here is as we talked about earlier and I don't know if y'all heard that part or not but we wanted to do a cast catch and cook boiled catfish that I learned from Bill Gowdy and mom and I tried it one time and it was delicious so that's what Russell and I are gonna give a shot today old catfish born more to clean the catfish cut it up into chunks and put it into the water here and it squeezed a little bit of lemon into the water good we got a little butter to dipper boiled catfish in this is bilko's dugout he calls this poor man's lobster he did it with bluegill first and I said you know what I better work good catfish and I tried it and I loved it so I guess this is more like a catch and cook and taste and run yeah we're not really gonna get a chance to enjoy it too much probably but we'll get to taste it and we'll give y'all our our opinion but I already know balled catfish is very good I think we're getting just about ready here to try it I'm ready well you're welcome to try it anytime you want I think I want I want to make sure it's good and done before I go get them into that I'm gonna peel that skin off if that's a piece of skin on and don't it broke right apart in my mouth like it was nobody's business Oh perfect okay alrighty then there's our catfish poteete that's good folks you need to try it sometime seriously good all right everybody so this is Bill signing off from dawn park with Russell that's right I forgot to introduce well everybody's seen Russell already but anyway we're signing off from Bunn Park after a great day of catching little channel catfishes and then to catch and cook with the boiled catfish at the end but thanks for coming with us today and we'll see you next time you

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Smoking Catfish Whole [ Ice Fishing Catch and Cook ]

just another little guy if that's all I get today that's okay cuz I'm gonna smoke these boys up they're hard to light though good morning fish and friends fishing buddies here in the ice shack so far this morning I've got one small channel cat action on mine by catching a decent number of them I'll go ahead and just dress them up oh and throw them in the smoker that makes for a nice catch and cook video wouldn't it that smoked catfish meat it's gonna come right off the bone little channel cat little summertime them I call these Fiddler's I think tonight I'm gonna call these dinner I'm gonna smoke up a stack of them assuming that is that I can catch a stack of them I'm fishing always be fishing maybe this is a good time for me to bring this up you're interested in catching catfish bass crappie bluegill I think my channel is a good channel for you to watch please consider subscribing by clicking the subscribe button down below along with the notification button which is that little bell that you see if you click that that way you won't miss anything just subscribing alone does not necessarily mean that you're gonna get notified when I put out a new video and me being the helpful and generous person that I am I'm trying to look out for you here I want to make sure you don't miss anything so hit that Bell back to fishing there we go a little channel hit the day of the Dinks day of the dance for the smoker bang another little one I know they look small at you guys but I'm telling you once these are dressed out hold on the bone every bit as much meat off of one of these as you will one little bluegill and I'm gonna throw these in the smoker and they're gonna be delicious little smoker cats I know what you're thinking I also know smoked catfish is delicious you may not know that but I know that I'm perfectly willing to teach it to you yet another reason for you to subscribe to this channel cold water young fish smoker cats hey he jumped out little baby alright don't smoke up nice smoked catfish tonight boy luckily these little cats they clean up fast easy I'll show you how I do it so stick around for that you're not gonna want to miss it think about six little smoker cats I'm gonna call them smoker cats it sounds better fiddler cats smoked fish is good you can eat it just as is you can make some fantastic like dips with it for crackers and whatnot and since we got some more friends in town this weekend we're talking about how to just kind of like the appetizer buffet night so I'm thinking maybe some smoked catfish did would be good first thing you notice is that these are some very small channel cats and I will agree with you these are some very small channel cats but I will also tell you small channel cats tastes the best we're not gonna play him I'm gonna dress these out hold all right I'm gonna put them on the smoker and then we're gonna turn these into some smoked catfish dip for crackers which is a great appetizer so I'm gonna run through these real quick I'll show you the first one kind of slow dress them hole get them ready and I should also mention that not only is this good for the smoker but these are great you know they'll be great pan size fryers too if as long as you don't mind picking the meat off the bones which I do not mind in the least as always session buddies we need to start off with a very sharp knife if you're not familiar with channel cat there's a few danger points here here and here you can get poked pretty easily by any of those but what I'll do is I'll take my knees are skinning pliers you know already familiar probably is regular pliers or channel locks or something like that but these are a good choice to get the job done I've got two two different pairs they both work great as long as you do a good job of making sure you keep the inside clean if they get full with scum from the little pieces of skin then you can't grab onto the skin and pull but pull the skin off just as a quick run down what I'm gonna do to get rid of this bin right here and then I'm gonna carve around it my carve a small line down below the belly right and down to these fence pass the penis and basically and then carve and I say car but I really just mean score his skin just get through the skin to get past those lines now I'm gonna skin this this be and I'm gonna cut through break it open I'm gonna pull it apart and the guts will all come with it and what I'm gonna be left with is a nice skinless bone in whole small channel cap now one thing I'll point out is that I do not keep the belly meat on a channel cat I almost never never do now on a flathead catfish that's a different story I'll definitely keep the belly meat because it's thick it's it's bleach white it's delicious etc but there's just not that much meat on the belly of a channel cat in my opinion it's just not that great of meat so I don't I don't bother keeping that one of the first things I want to do is get rid of this guy especially if there's a bigger channel cat just because it doesn't need to be there and there's a very good chance you get yourself poked on that then we're all do and this is very different than if you were going to clean or fillet a large channel cat this is just me dressing hole smaller channel cats this is a slightly different method than what you would typically see or do so I'm going to score down past there I've already kind of scored across the top I'm gonna make sure you get all the way through the skin especially up here because there's not much meat appears just bone so you got to get through the skin score down there all right and while the body is still attached to the head you want to get a hold of some of that skin with your skin and pliers and just start pulling see how that belly is already released and I'm just pulling the skin down so now I've got basically a gutta bull carcass I'm just going to cut the head off right here and this is all just clean meat of the entrails etc are gonna come off with the head you can do this with the play now if I'm gonna use it with my larger Wisthoff knife just because it's that much easier pull the head off I'm gonna go ahead and just stick my finger in there and get anything that's left often the what I assumed to be the liver heart I don't know what these organs are I'm gonna yank them out of there basically what we've got here there's a nice catfish hole dressed ready to smoke or pan fry so now I'm gonna run through the next few a bit faster all right as you can see it's getting a little dark out and what I'm using here is not necessarily a traditional smoker this is my weber kettle grill but I have this thing which is I think of like the smoked inator 1000 or something like that but basically it's a piece of sheet metal you put your hot coals behind it which leaves you with an indirect section heat over here which you can use to smoke you know fish pork turkeys whatever and I've been using this setup for years okay now these these channel cats are not gonna take long maybe the first thing I'm smoking tonight and the reason for that is because what we're gonna end up doing is making these make stripping the meat off the bones and making a nice fish dip out of it so once the once the meat is smoked you can hold for a while you know all right fishing family let's check take another look here over temperature has definitely increased let's take a look smoked cats here basically what I'm looking for as for this meat to be flaking off we're not there quite yet all right Fisher pray let's take a look okay these look nice okay yeah yeah that fish flake off break up chop up very nicely so I'm gonna go ahead and take these off bring them inside we will strip the fish off of the bones off of the skeletons and the wife can mix the smoked fish into her dip yeah they'll be very tasty ice fishing catfish smoked catfish dip these are the keys to making smoked catfish dip I don't know the recipe to the dip all right cream cheese cream cheese with any good cuz I have the cream cheese Mayo Mayo sour cream mm-hmm Worcester Shire workers you sure visit the Shire gets to take a visit to the shower take a road trip to the Shire whoosh with what's what's the sharor shar sob pepper and you're supposed to use old bay old bay not for me she doesn't care hold on stop talking woman don't worry honey I cut that part out she doesn't care for the old bay I will let her run with it but I do enjoy old bay for the record she chose not to include old bay that's on her we'll find out how that goes you could use a little bait I don't mind old bay a little bit a little bit here and there yeah and so I just make up my own onion powder garlic powder whatever you got around mix it all up whatever you got around smoked fish smoked fish if you don't have a smoked fish you can just use cooked fish and like liquid smoke hold on hold on hold hold on first of all this is a fishing channel what didn't cut out the fish part of it yeah but you're not gonna just take some cooked fish and add some liquid smoke this is a read this is this is the real deal we don't play around here she's trying to help you out but I think she's doing you a disservice you don't want to eat some crap you don't need some made-up pretend smoke you want to smoke some fish you can't smoke some fish don't make smoked fish dip or buy some smoked fish and put it in your fish dip or subscribe to my channel learn how to catch some fish and smoke them and then watch my wife teach you how to turn it into a smoked fish dip dang it alright continue please mix it up sorry got wound up it's done medium makes it for real she's mixing she's mixing smoked fish dip an important part of this nutritious supper dinner breakfast meal enjoy

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Catch and Cook Overnight fishing trip Andy Fisher man EP.342

Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip

Hello everyone, it's Andy here This video will be a catch and cook as well as an overnight camping trip I am fishing with my Hearty Rise jigging rods As you can see it looks like rain, it is meant to be clear We will just go with what the weather gives us

I have a night light for some squid later too A patch of fish in the middle of nowhere About 35m deep I will use the Hearty Rise 120g rod first About 35m deep

I will use the Hearty Rise 120g rod first Using the Finnor reel and my last home made jigs Let it go all the way to the bottom We can contemplate life while it sinks Here are some Dolphins, coming right towards the boat

Look at that, how cool is that Dolphins so close is really cool I will show you my camping gear My sleeping gear is in the left and my fishing and camera gear is in the right I will stay over night

I am much closer to the islands now Only 8 meters deep here Oh, yes a good one, a Coral Trout A little under sized Legal size is 38cm in QLD now

I would like a bigger trout for my dinner Something just jumped over there Oh, yep, big Trevally This rod is better here Here he comes, yes, he's got it! Ate it right at the boat

A GT or trevally Small fish still fight hard We will try to catch bigger ones soon There we go, nice Just lift the fish in

Beautiful I don't eat these fish These fish grow to 100kg Release Mr GT or Giant Trevally There he goes

This is the popper I used A Lively Lures Surface Skipper I use a single hook for big GT And some wire for Mackerel I will put my sun gloves on

I like to cover up instead of using sunscreen I can still feel what's in my hands Two fish in the boat already Time for a Banana snack Some more slow jigging, but then some big jigging

Wind is up a little, but not too bad yet No rain yet either I am changing to a bought jig Also a longer leader too This is a good spot here

Many fish on the fish finder Yes, a fish Finally caught one It could be a reef fish Where is it? Oh, a Finger Mark, nice

I didn't expect to catch that here Caught him That's too big to cook tonight Snapper are very good eating A nice big fish

He is 53 centimeters long Also called Golden Snapper Let you have a look this fish I have already dispatched him I want a smaller fish for my dinner

Another fish straight away This one will test my line and rod Get out of the reef A much bigger fish Pump and wind, is how you do it

I see it's a Finny Scad with 3 Monster GT after it! Look at the 3 huge Giant Trevally chasing my fish I will try big jigging now Have a look at this fish The big GT's tried to eat my fish Almost torn him in half

That would have been the mouth I might eat this one for my dinner Keep the GT's hungry too I'll use the big Hearty Rise rod now Set the drag to very hard

It's about 35 meters deep All the way to the bottom Oh, that was 2 big GT's!! Oh, that was a Oh, another! 2 good hits there Come back It's 1

30pm and I am tired I lost my first big jig, so put one on that is more natural I will keep trying to catch the big fish I will fish here for a long time The day has turned very nice

I will try to find some fresh water later for a swim This is hard work many casts with nothing I am very tired now Yes, that is a good fish This is a good fish I had given up on that cast

He is a heavy fish I am wining now So much fun catching these fish It is a nice GT That could be a shark

I can just see it He is using the current This is a much smaller GT than the ones before Come on in fish Rod behind the head

He is a good 5 kilos This spot has fished well today A nice 65 cm GT I will release this fish There he goes

I really like exploring Mountains and water, great I love exploring I don't need to fish all day See what I can see

Find some fresh water for a swim Also find a nice camping spot for the night It will be a nice night It is very shallow in here I will try to catch squid tonight

Very shallow Tide is still falling for 2 more hours Here is a nice beach I have to be careful anchoring the boat Anchor on this big rock

Make a fire below the high water mark So the fire is very safe The I will sleep on the boat I have a rear line And a front line to hold the boat

Pull the line in to get on shore With fish in hand I will eat the attacked fish It has very red meat I like to explore where I am

Yes I am carrying the fish Almost fell over! The reward is always good A bit of jungle on the top I will leave the fish here Stay there fish

Climb up here A bad foot hold, but we are up I can see some fish past my feet Fish feeding in the shallows They look like Parrot fish

I thought I saw a shark out further too He wants that! How nice is this scenery What is that there? Probably a shark A nice big wave Yes, it is a Black Tip Shark

Black Tip Reef Shark in the shallows Shark out in the open Lets get some fire wood A nice hard piece We only burn what we need

These will make good kindling That burns really well Some kindling and we have a fire I need some more wood This water is a bit strange here

That is nice fresh water Lets see if there is more here No water here Must be the last of it down there Just a bit of good water

I can have a small shower Very dry up there, but some clean water down here Not much but enough to shower This is so nice, to get clean

You don't ned to see me naked see you later! That little wash is so nice Feels so good

No rain and fire is just about right I will fillet the fish And cook it over the fire The fire is good now Clean the knife a bit

This is where he was almost eaten A little scratch here Scad have very hard Tail flukes Very wide And very hard

Not my favorite fish at all The fluke is very hard There is an easy way and a hard way Nice fillet of fish Skin it and cook it

We will use natures cutting board, this tree Do half a fillet at a time I ate a sand fly! We might cut the red stuff off The crabs can eat that Wash him in a clean puddle

I found a tree fork And soaked it in water Then cook it like that I don't recommend eating sand flies The sun is almost down and my fish is ready

Tastes a lot like tuna Like canned smokey lemon tuna! That fish is very nice I will use the fly rod tomorrow I will also try the big jigging tomorrow too I have to rescue the boat soon

The tide is down a meter I under estimated that fish Maybe a camp fire and a nice spot Tasty, ok, lets go Boat is still floating, lets get out of here Somewhere away from the sand flies Maybe I will see you tonight It is 9pm, but I didn't get any squid

They were too small My bed is all set up ready for sleeping Pillow, mattress, and sheet Two anchors out to hold the boat A very nice night tonight

No sand flies out here, good night Sun is about to rise I'm not having a banana for breakfast I am having 2 banana's for breakfast I lost 2 jigs yesterday

We will keep trying Lets get into fishing First drop of the day and a new Jig It is getting expensive losing jigs this trip The sounder isn't showing much fish

We will try anyway I will try the fly rod with a prawn fly The big GT are not here today Out of my range there Did he eat it

yes, it's a Tuna Yes, a bluefin tuna

I have 200m of backing That is 100m of line out already I heard him splash behind me Ok, we will chase him He has slowed down No, still going

Probably an 8kg fish That is 150m of line, and still swimming Oh, he is coming at me Did I lose him? Bugger, I lost him Here is the fly line

Maybe the hook fell out or he snapped the line Bugger! Try that again I need to go home early I need to edit this video Yes, got him

Only the second cast after the last fish There he goes I think a Scad fish Yes, a Finny Scad We will bleed this fish very well

On the surface and in the net We will bleed this fish This fish can grunt A nice looking fish Cut his blood vessel here Cut at the base of the gills

He will bleed out now His heart will pump the blood out That might attract sharks, the blood Here are 2 sharks, hello! What are you guys doing? That is it for me today I used big jig and small jig

I need to go home and edit this for tonight I will see you on the water

Using Technology To Catch BIG Bass! | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and I'm sitting here with Hank Parker in his boat with another episode of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank, this week's question, it comes from Susan from Austin, Texas, and she wants to know, "How do you use the ever-increasing technology, like Google Earth, 2-D and 3-D bird's eye views from Bing Maps, and all those types of new technologies on your computer to help you with your fishing?" Hank: I tell you, that technology is just incredible, and I am going to be honest as I know how to be I don't utilize it nearly as much as I should, and to be completely honest, I'm somewhat intimidated, as an old man, to all this new technology But it is, Google Earth is just unbelievable You can look there where you're fishing, and drop a pin and zoom in, and see all this incredible detail So there is so much value there

And the new chip and map technology that are on the Humminbirds today are just mind-boggling And so, I'm learning a little at a time I'm taking baby steps But you're so much ahead of me, I'm sure, but I will acknowledge and readily admit, that is an area that I need to get better at, and be less intimidated and more aggressive to taking advantage of all that technical data that's out there to support me and help me I'm really big into the maps

If you look now, I have two units And in the old days, before LakeMaster maps, I would go back and forth over a hump or take a paper map, and I'd find me an underwater island and I'd try to locate the point of that, and I would go back and forth and I'd use my electronics Today, I don't do that These LakeMaster maps are so precise I just run me a little icon there and make me a wait point, and go to that wait point and cast, and it's exactly what the map shows

So I use all the technology on my boat, just not quite so much with the PC, but I'm working on it Glenn: Thanks, Susan, so much for the question For more tips and tricks, head on over to HankParkercom, where you'll find a whole bunch more information, a library's worth You can spend the whole weekend there and not read the same thing twice, I promise you that

And if you wanna be notified of more videos when we post them, just subscribe to our channel Thanks so much for watching, and have a great day

FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!

Wow! Brendon, the striped fish just came up to the surface Do you see them?! Oh my Goodness! This week we are at South Point Pier in Miami Florida and we're attempting to catch that many species of fish is possible And a little bit of sunshine

Some people spend their entire lives chasing monster fish, but when you're in a new area it is hard to catch those big trophies This episode is about catching what's the over quality This week I want to share my way to quickly and easily figure out what kind of fish are biting an area and, catch a lot of fish in a short amount of time I will be putting my recommendation in the description below "My go to rig

Very easy-to-useGuaranteed fish almost every time" This is a Sabiki Rig It is a line with 3-6 hooks and a bunch of tiny flies attached to the Sabiki rig is an excellent fish finder It is really easy to use and it comes in a variety of hook sizes All you really have to do is Bait up the hook, drop the rig down and wait for a tug! If there are fish around, the Sabiki Rig Will catch them

I'm using cut shrimp because I've heard Florida Fish love shrimp, but you can use whatever kind of bait you like I told Erin to use a sabiki, because it's really easy and it's really fun to use and ultimately she had a really great time "Okay you are tangled immediately

" "How did you mess that up already??" "What did you do?" "Oh! I did it!" "I just pulled it right out!" "Oop, nope you got one" "Oooo thats the first one!" "Caught a little fish, what kind of fish is this?" "No idea" My family caught a bunch of different fish that day, but i love it when you guys tell me what they're called If you could share your knowledge with us us please comment below

This fish had a really weird mouth, maybe with some kind of bottom feeder? My dad caught a fish with a big black spot on his tail, does anyone have any guesses as to what kind of fish this is? "Caught right at the rocks Another species that spot on the tail" "What was it?What did you get?" "I dont know! I just like it when they pull It makes me excited!" "Got a bite?" Yup! "Get it!" "EEK! ITS A NEEDLEFISH! " "Oh you snagged it tho, did you snag it?" "Dont touch it, dont touch it, its gonna bite you" "Ok what do I do Brendon!?" "Alright put it down

" "This is a tiny one" "Its weird tho, its cute!" "Yeah It has a lot of teeth on the inside" "Oh wow, its like a baby, so cute!" "Alright so we've caught four species now within like 10 minutes something like that?" "It is so easy" "I see Needle Fish in there!" Don't catch another one! they're not fun to catch They are so big! "They are like a foot long

" "Whats that??" "Over there" "AHHH!" *Shrieks "BRENDON" "I diddled the line" "Give it a cast out there!" "I thought I caught the fish of my life!" "YEA RIGHT Cast it over there" "Brendon Brendon!" "WOW, Brendon! Go Go!" Now Im not exactly sure what kind of fish this is maybe you guys to tell me

"Whoa! Oh this is a Parrot Fish "Look its changing colors "It's changing colors

See it? Its turning from blue to red oh no its turning blue "Am I seeing things?" "Wow Ok I'm going to throw the rig right by the rocks and see if there's anything hiding in there" "Got one already??" "Another species, this is like species number6" "Look at this one" "Thats beautiful Species number 6" "We were here for probably 15 to 20 minutes" "We caught like seven different species of fish Just goes to show why I really like the Sabiki rig Again it's not it's not a very challenging ring I mean it's very easy casual kind of fishing rig but I catch the whole bunch of different kinds of fish and its really great at catching bait fish and it's so fun

It is so fun and it's so easyThis is the kind of fishing that I love where you just go and you just catch bunch and it's over and this was like so much fun I'm so happy Now the hardcore fisherman would argue that is very boring kind of fishing but this is not for everybody who ever wants to chill out, catch a bunch of fish, kick back and relax, the sabiki rig is for you"

Delicious Flathead Catch and Cook w Loads of Barramundi Jacks and Cod EP.415

It's Andy here I'm fishing with Andrew today we're up a creek and we've already put the crab pots in and caught a bunch of fish so it's a yeah bit bit overcast Andrew, Andrews Barramundi he's got one so yeah we've got a nice nice bunch of fish hope open for some crabs later on and yeah I'm sure see see, stop it now so yeah keep watchin there's some good fun today and he's fishing just went down I always go down with his tail nice big crocodile at all but he's going down there he is he's come back up that's yeah that's fairly big croc there you guys going under again the thing you can't see it you can't see the last 50 centimetres of him he's gone so here's a fun thing for me today I'm fishing the concept for which is left or right handed and then the Shimano which is the the other hand so I'm casting with with both hands a term here different times should there be a cot in there you watch there's something underneath that that branch there oh you could see that under there actually this isn't bad this con all Barra you just mr Barramundi yeah and he was right right where I said – yeah mr

black spot cod and Andrew is gonna hopefully get better no good again no what is it going go yeah I'll have a go to the prawn here we go how she get Cod oh yes this is the one that Andrew missed and it's the cod I thought it might have been the barramundi no this guy's actually smaller undersized there that went all the way down yeah I think he actually ate it on the drop what is to go with you not making any noise yeah the net Andrews supposed to be making noise when he catches a fish and he's got a monster flathead it's huge you were supposed to yell again that's a that's a monster fish Andrew Andrew what did we measure it at 69 centimeters yeah and yeah minimum is 40 Maxim 75 but I think Andrew wants to let it go yeah yeah she should be fine all these big ones are girls and yeah just let them let them go alright guys off into the deep nice Lake Andrew oh he slimed me i slimed me they often do I just grab it and then they just sit there what going yes I mean that's another flathead, didn't know it Cod dropped it yeah yeah just sat there so I'll just show you the broad I'm using it's like a um I think this is it tsunami a live shrimp about three inches long and I just tuck the tuck the hook in there and it's completely weightless what I like is when you're going up here and there's like a big mud flat and one little tiny thing like a stick or a drain or something and you pull the jack off it that's what I like those spots that you don't expect fish or you do expect them but you just not sure if it's such a small little thing oh that was a nice stops honey yes Oh what do we got Cod another cod I am the Cod King today there's a black spot cod, not a bad one let's say still undersized but nice Cod mr Cod look at you look how handsome you are nice when you getting close to legal dang it off you go mister see he hit it and just sat there he didn't he didn't take off for anything I wasn't sure if I anymore yeah I almost caught that call that from Barramundi the way it hit well maybe I can do all that there's a flathead just took off then so dust yep another cod right no I don't want to be cod king anymore I don't want to be Cod king this is an estuary cod orange spots all over him oh these are according our four of these not counting as I must have fiddler crab over here we mean I've seen for ages is that fiddler crab we just spotted he's huge he's a nipper he's bigger than he's Body that's pretty wild maybe I stalk something else he was in writing it's shaky there I think that as a cool critter is the other one you're talking about up there a bigger one he's cool too look at that it's plenty around Oh was that big splash I just heard up there chase tell me tell me this is sort of spot we're looking for dirty water coming out of her Oh little bear oh this is really odd this rock yeah I'm good these undersized well I'm not used to using rod with the handle on this side that lures right up on the surface b-52 bomber we're just lifting in he's probably 55 maybe it's got a bit of weight on it what are you wrecking Andrew what's your guess 50 we got a little bit bigger maybe 50 yeah I said 55 yep 56 and he needs to be 58 so I mean I was gonna go anyway but yeah beautiful little fish Hey look Andrew I got a barramundi yeah nice little fish yeah all right let him go I say the little guys they're probably one of the most classic barramundi Lure is the b-52 who they made by Andrew Reedy's yeah Reidey's b-52 yeah so yeah I'm still doing the job been around maybe 20 years or something but still a great barra lure, of a guy what's your lick trick little guy nice one Andrew probably don't you want to measure that one do but we're getting a few fish it's um just starting to come down heavy rain and yeah the sand flies a bit nasty what do you think about the sand flies Andrew we'll get rid of this fish and then I'll show you some sand flies yep yeah Show us the back of your hand they're all sand flies little little dots there and they sting and carry on and just what's your rug there – lovely day we're having here but yeah we're catching fish so what's that I should have a go here there's a little toadfish just there this is a very odd fishing this way because I'm used to winding with this hand and it's it's the oddest feeling so I'm yeah really good looking we got a nice drain here with dirty water coming out and a stick if I go between them you know what's a little jelly prawns jumping around in there sometimes you just have to keep peppering a spot until you wake the fish up so quite cool at the moment raining overcast quite hungry I'm off to make some noodles so in the last type last time I went fishing with you a few a few of my fans thought I was being really mean to you a nasty he-hey yeah I have to be really nice to Anders to the we just like fishing I'm I'm almost gonna hit your spot there so I'm that nice that that's as close as I'm gonna get to that spot and Andrews going to catch a Barramundi out of it but the truth is Andrew and I fished together it a lot and we just muck around have fun so it's all in good fun you better cast in there otherwise I'm gonna cast him go go go a little bit to the right there between those two rocks perfect that's it yep hold the road to right right well I didn't bring much lunch today so I'm just cooking up some some noodles pretty easy very convenient this liked it very much city you can catch a fish bowl and put my lunch Andrew actually count how many costs you have that's two now to cast will see how many casts takes the boil is some that a cup and a half of water and then there's some rough is just around the corner here as well get into that snag nobody's that four or five I reckon you'll get ten cars before this is boiling maybe six or yep go date yeah you go deep to fill what is it hey cut 1 – 2 : cast number 6 oh hang on she's boiling hole nice look at the steam coming out uh seven cows are anything you got in there that's pretty crazy the crab up again no I Big mud crab I'm busy cooking the lunch open this up you that that is boil that's a huge crab waiting yo y'all night just on that how easy is this lunch on the guy probably not the most tasty thing I've ever cooked but nice put me off head on the water took seven casts, did you give me power can you miss team you miss deemed oh they guys Andrews crab dinner still got the mud crab bus to go and collect and I know missing out released at the bite oh there you go I just scared one yeah I'm pretty sure I just touched him on the back did you see that training we're gonna have to give me out, Barramundi he didn't even hit the lure, why is it going through his gills he might have gone through his gills definitely met him I wanna get that little day that was wild cuz I saw the lure and it wasn't wasn't in his mouth got him hey guys thanks Andrew let's see where that lure ended up that was very strange posture the grip is it the back of his gills, no he did not even eat that lure that did not go in with me when he deserves to live this one let's see how big is 64 in a bit centimeters I don't want any I want to eat mud crabs later on Oh 60 when I say 64 nice bear oh hey if you go buddy you did not even eat the lure that was that was dessert ice to watch though look there he goes laughter what's a replay on that so same lure and that was the weirdest thing like I saw Barramundi have a hit at it then the lure was like six eight inches to one side and he I don't know I think I think the line got caught around around the side of his mouth and yeah it was it was very strange for me gee mama sorry ya know I didn't know when he hit the ground oh look at this Louise coming up here there's some serious timber up there and drain you fish that one it's some deep hole up there let's get out and walk that crazy idea I'll get one or two steps in Oh got him Barramundi, little guy I called it these trees had the hair fish on them and we're around here we're right up the top of this creek pretty much stops here for us a little guy this guy's around the 50 look Andrew another fish yeah and look how shallow we are that's um I could walk across there anyway this guy guy and yeah he came here right there in that tree I forget buddy yep he's good he's happy that's all fish in there yeah it's a larger fish no no no more I'm beyond you go the size of those are two fish monsters Barramundi Oh would you see that on mine oh I didn't even hit it I felt a touch of something that wasn't the one that I'd look at it now one that had a look at he was like silver about that long oh that's a touch going yes bear oh drop deep there you go oh there's a Barra see that little Jack oh I'm loving this spot he's not bad really colour little fish hey I think, slow your prawn down a bit oh oh yeah interesting fishing you can see that stick there huh yeah buddy buddy Oh God I think it's a cod yeah how's it cod yeah we missed all the Barramundi oh there he is quick release I mean let's go yeah – yeah little guy little planet you want to feed it's definitely I'm donating this flathead to Andrew well you did well you got you got that big one so I'm just gonna give you this little one just to talk about this snag a little bit you can see the snag here and that's where we saw a lot of Archer fish bait fish but the thing is they're actually down here the the trunk of the tree goes from this root ball down here and then the canopy is is in the water there so yeah interesting always learning learning something when you're out in the water here and we're gonna try and catch a couple more fish off that so it's good spot oh hey cool little Barramundi up there Andrew nice work Andrew yeah we just under 50 that one no no he's definitely actually no he's like 45 the Andrews Barra probably just under 50 yeah yeah we we persisted at that spot for four he'll on what 20 minutes good 20 minutes yeah it's got a little Jack Barramundi took cod got flathead and hey nicely done angry man drew fit light this is already jumped Oh straight away misty yes ah using the wrong hand didn't know what – OH straight away I think it's the Oh jack nice Mangrove Jack I could be a couple in there Andrea look your Barramundi there we go my jack which obviously looks bigger than it is Andrew Andrews nice Barra Jack's like a centimeter and a half under and I think yours is centimeter half 61 you Jack's gone back Andrews Eton Barra for dinner and I'm gonna probably eat the flathead nice work good day after all hey you guys Mangrove Jack yeah really really good day some the wind and the rain sort of stopped and plenty of these guys around middle of June July winter right you go left oh it straight away flathead, I had like messed up line in here and yeah he felt a whack I'm like iconic this team nice he's not a Barramundi but I've got one so I'll just let him go one fish a day is all I want and some mud crabs would be nice too here we go he did about very close to fifty maybe say 48 49 ah that wasn't the fish that I thought would come out of there but I did I cast it right up on the on the edge of the bank over there so yeah I was hoping for a Jack, barramundi yep and that was that little prawn again I've only used two lures it's the prawn and the gold bomber so that's all you need see are you gonna need all this jumping here I mean that last flathead that was the fastest hit I've ever had I didn't even click it into gear I thought this line hanging out everywhere oh there you go Barramundi oh that was a Mangrove Jack that was a nice Jack oh and the Jack just ate something else oh this is on this is on here is oh I just refused me just refused me oh that was so cool tea bagging Barramundi and the jack now well it was messing with ya I think we've missed those too that was a good Barramundi and a very like a big big Jack biggest jack was seen today that was so cool it was some little trevallies from around before oh you got him you got him you got him pull him out is he you he's in he's got yeah he's off he's off what do you got prawn he's off he's off and let him swim that was him Andrew got done by the bear oh that did him before you know it looks good X foot card you go buddy where'd you bury come out up in the middle hmm oh that's a good drop that's the Barra for the day Andrew just missed him got it he was 75 from even 18 that was close that was yeah pretty good fishing we had although wasn't it pretty good all right yep so we left we put the crab pots in it I think eight o'clock this morning it's now 3:00 so hopefully we'll get some mark but I'm definitely gonna eat that flathead and Andrew will eat his barramundi hopefully you get some crabs as well let's go on let's go reverse to very small crabs and some jellyfish I think he's undersized crab just say a little bit he's got tiny little claws yep full of jellyfish yeah last last of my pots I don't think I'm gonna be eating crab anytime soon ah so far it's been little ones and jellyfish almost fell over there Oh Ally that's a female yep that looks like a female Andrew does any better three feet four no three females a little male okay that's a little mile up there what's that one one little tiny male and a female and a nice stick you gotta stick in there Andrew is he big enough oh no that's a female two females yeah I'm not gonna hold my breath I could no I got all aggressive yeah all females today and nothing something hey something's been in there your baits half gone I reckon they've been checked as you can tell it's the next day I go into this nice little beach here and set up my kitchen just over here so we're just literally just on the on the beach and now here got my little cooker set up I've got the flat head and we're gonna do it fish and chips Andy style it's a little bit special because it's it's got an extra bit of flavor in there so I got inspired when I did the calamari the other day or the other squid yeah never never actually crumb fish properly like this so I thought it'd be nice to do a crumb like that but just an extra little twist on it and it should be really yummy so this you want to do before we even worry about the fish is get the potatoes cooking because they'll take the the longest time to get cooking we'll just cut them into nice big long potato chips just like that real simple nothing fancy for our chips because these will take quite a lot longer to cook than the fish the fish will be being nice and quick so we've got a pot in the pan I'll do the the chips in the pan and depending on how long they take we might do the fish in the pan or we might do the fish in the in the pot but yeah just put some rice bran oil in there this has a quite a high melting point sorry high smoking point so it's good and so I'm pointing out the last time I was cooking I had the gas bottle sitting like flat which is not recommended if it's a full gas bottle this one's very empty so hopefully we'll get the cooking done but yeah the liquid should not go through the hose anyway someone just pointed that out we just want these to cook nice and slow I don't want to snap there we go you have they gonna go I don't want these burning or anything like that so nice slow cook on these something I hadn't really thought about was the size of this flathead because that's only a 25 centimeter chopping board so I'm gonna have to do it on the plastic bag here now I've already gutted it because I caught it yesterday and yeah I didn't want it to spoil so if you want to keep it overnight you should definitely got it now the best way to remove a filler is to go under the pectoral fin there cut up in towards the head okay till you hit the spine and then cut down the spine nice and easy just go all the way down towards the tail nice fill it there and I'll do the other side as well yeah – nice nice fill it put this in the ocean and you never know we might get a shark come in and eat this before we finish the cook yeah we go those chips look what they could probably use a turn or yep yeah yeah they're probably halfway there that's good that is very good so to remove the skin we just cut down here so we've got something to hang on to and then run the knife I'll parallel to the cutting wood it's a little hard to get started but we'll get there there we go then you grab the skin and you slide the knife down the fish like so and there's usually a set of bones here they're called pin mind you feel them both by rubbing your handle on their finger oh we got an itch side of those and that should be all the bones taken out then what we want is some little fish fingers will do them about that size so there's three big juicy fish fingers out of each Phillip all right I'll just do the other one and then we're ready to show you this secret ingredient or tip and I've got so what we've got here we've got some plain flour and beaten egg and panko crumb now what makes it special is we're going to add some coriander seed ground or ground coriander seed quite a bit in now actually we want yeah that's about two two good teaspoons maybe a bit more and we've got some ground cumin seeds I want at least two two good teaspoons maybe maybe even three I like the spice and then some black pepper look at the bear yeah silly me forgot to bring cutlery because I thought I'm having fish and chips on the beach I don't need knives and forks but I need something to stir this this mixture and you can see there it's not white anymore it's got a got a nice colour in there and what this does is two folds when you when you're doing fish and chips the the flour drives the fish so that the egg will stick but because we've put in spices and now it's it's basically a dukkha mix so dukkha spices i did this episode in an overnight trip if you haven't seen it it's a really good episode dukkha crusted fish go on have a look at that but yeah it adds flavor to the fish and it's it's really simple you just coat the fish on both sides into the egg wash like that you get do fingers here that's it okay and then into the breadcrumb so the breadcrumb is actually a panko crumb which is breadcrumb so bread bread crumbs with that with no crust so there we go there's our first piece and yep those potatoes are almost done so we'll hurry up and the Sun is just about setting we should be able to finish this off just as the Sun it's going down below the horizon well coat the whole thing everything all around look at those fishing is there going to be delicious Dukka crusted fish and chips on the beach at sunset oh I quite like cooking at sunset because it's it's nice and cool it's it's so nice to be here it's um everything's just good about it okay those chips are ready will they're nice and nice and crispy actually let's get them out very nice and I love this light to the late afternoon Sun setting light is here really nice actually that heat will keep the chips form there we go nice all right let's drop the fish in three at a time you know you see the pink hair going going crispy Brown already and you don't need to have the pan full of oil this is this is actually enough like you do half half and a half and you know what to turn the fish when you can see down the side here and there's a white the the meat will cook and it'll turn white and you'll see it may be a bit less than half and that's when I turn it over because the heat that's in the outside of the fish will keep cooking the fish so you don't need to go all the way to half you can do just a bit less than half but oh look at that sunset that is spectacular ah nice and now probably these things these little fish fillets here maybe not even a minute maybe a minute on each side let's turn that one over look at that that might even be a little bit too Brown turn the heat down just a little bit always adjust your cooking as you going that's nice and brown here we go oh hey yummy mmm fish and chips I'm gonna try one of these chips mmm on the beach mmm crunchy chippy I'll finish now finish cooking on the plate look at these, fish fingers beautiful let's get the last ones

now I'm not gonna wait for those to finish because I'm hungry get some nice tomato sauce oh you can't have fish and chips without tomato sauce fish and chips let's try this golden one try it without tomato sauce I always always like to try things without extra sources mmm mmm nice nice took a flavor in there tomato sauce mmm-hmm to shame I couldn't do this yesterday but we we got home really late at night mmm okay it's almost been a minute and these guys are ready to turn beautiful very nice that one I like a little longer he's a little bit on the thicker side mmm there goes the Sun bye bye Sun mmm just while I'm thinking about it one of my fans sent a message fishy going off here should have a fishing rod and I one of my fans sent a message his daughter is only two years old and apparently she's my biggest fan I'm pretty sure she's my youngest fan I found that rather funny mmm I didn't think people as young as two were watching my videos but it's really cool I do try and make family content so for everybody mmm and hopefully everybody likes these hookups I'll just show you a quick little little snapshot of when I finish cooking it all look at that it's delicious yum-yum there we go that's the whole lot finished all cooked up mmm very nice beautiful afternoon people ask me what's in this it's grape juice mmm special grape juice mmm like it always always goes well with fish thanks for watching everyone please subscribe and click the notification bell so you get notified of my new videos I do them every week if you want to see more right now click the links above catch you next time