Lafitte Fishing Charters with Capt Jason Shilling

Lafitte Fishing Charters Hello, Capt Jason Shilling of “New Orleans Style Fishing Charters” here

As a local of Lafitte I’ve made a living on these waters all my life and continue to do so today As a full time fishing guide I take pride in my job and will show you the true meaning of fishing New Orleans Style with southern hospitality, good times and lots of action If this sounds like fun to you give me a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling I’ll take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget I am located in Lafitte, Louisiana which is just 30 minutes south of downtown New Orleans

We have some of the best Louisiana fishing to be offered down here in the south I catch everything from the hard fighting red fish to the paper mouth speckle trout Along with a variety of other fish such as flounder, sheep head, and black drum I fish the back water marshes, lakes, bayous and bays of South Louisiana New Orleans inshore fishing can have you fishing areas lined with Cypress and Oak trees

This back water marsh is where I grew up fishing and still do to this day This area is also home to many species of wildlife such as raccoons, otters, nutrias, bald eagles, alligators, and ducks to just name a few I fish out of a 22′ Frontier custom bay boat powered by a 200hp mercury optimax motor My boat is rigged and equipped to fish 4 customers and myself For larger groups advance notice is requested

I will take you and your party to my hot spots and have y’all catching fish in no time No Matter your fishing experience, I cater to all skill levels of fishermen Lafitte Fishing Charters

TACO Marine Fishing Advice from Capt. Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Charters!

Now we're cutting some King Mackerel It's another really popular fish in South Florida

If you ice them well, they're actually really good fresh, cooked like Dolphin the same way that you would cook Mahi A lot of people smoke them, they're delicious smoked, of course But as you can see, it's really nice meat It's another one of the main really cool fish that we get to catch here in South Florida A lot of what makes a fish good to eat or not good to eat is how they're handled once you get them in the boat

We put all of our fish in cold water, ice them and bleed them alive So when you bleed them, you don't get any of the blood left on the meat when you go to fillet it And you see the meat is really firm and beautiful Shelf life has increased and the taste is definitely better

Mid-May Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

Hi folks, Capt Mike here

Today I'm with Capt Cullen Lundholm Got a bit of a late start this morning I think we put in at around 10AM There was an epic bite this morning in Buzzards Bay, but we decided with the late start to shift gears and see if we can't find some fish in the cooler water in Cape Cod Bay

Very early in the season, not many fish have been caught here yet We're just working these vertical jigs, I'm running a metal jig with an assist hook and Mike's running a Pro Tail We're working the baits in different methods – he's working it real slow and I'm working it fast We're having a little bit of success to start As the tide keeps running on, we should start to pile up the fish

We just marked that single fish there on the screen We're in 70 feet of water, we might get that fish to bite If we were up in that low 50s, high 40s depth, the fish might be piled up but it might be a little tricky to get them to eat Ideally we'd like to see big numbers of fish in deep water and you know you're going to have success Whether you're fishing off the Race or out at Chatham, you want to stay out of that 40s, 50s

You want to get into 60 to 80 feet of water ideally Maybe even 90 feet You're going to have a better rate of hook-ups with less fish on your screen These fish are super keyed in on these big plumes of sand eels We were marking them on the fish finder

They were a little slow to start but as the tides beginning to move — so Cullen and I have two different approaches to imitate these sand eels He has a 25oz metal sand eel jig and I took the softbait approach This is a 7" olive-colored Pro Tail from Hogy, but they did the trick We were marking some bigger fish on the finder

Some bigger ones came up with these guys We're going to get back down there to see if we can't get some of these bigger fish We're fishing two different retrieve speeds I'm slow slow slow with the softbait and again Cullen is super fast with the metal jig We're tied 1-1

I may or may not have a couple more bites but it seems like both techniques are working right now either way Sometimes the speed really does matter If you have fish with lockjaw on a slack tide and water like this I like to have two different retrieve speeds going Sometimes they'll hands down prefer one over the other

A few fish mid water column so we're going to work it up just a little Now I'm in the zone, you can either do a slow jig Or I call this the tickle I'm just twitching the jig just like that That's how I got that last fish

It's almost like you're just vibrating the bait Sort of just keeping it right in front of their faces They're not super aggressive They're suspended Plenty of bait to compete with on our end

You gotta get it just right to crack the code If you do everything right it will pay off Did we drift off the fish a little bit? There we go! That's a good fish You can see Mike's bait on the machine there There's sand eels 5 feet off the bottom layered on the ground there

You can kind of see that fish followed it from mid water all the way to the bottom and then that fish grabbed it 5 feet right off the bottom where he was working his bait Bottom line is early season it's important to be versatile with your techniques He's got a ton of sea lice on him I'm sure they're going to get bigger and bigger each day as they move into this area Good things to see

I think we're going to take this guy home for the table In my opinion, this is a perfect eating size fish

Striper Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Cullen Lundholm

We're out here in Cape Cod Bay and we got pretty unique feed going on We've got a lot of squid and a lot of nice big bass in the 40-inch range chasing squid all over the surface the last couple mornings here

It's mostly squid but we're moving to the west here, it looks like they're on mackerel so I switched over to the Pro Tail Been fishing a lot of Pro Tails When I really see the squid being penned up on the surface, I'm throwing unweighted 10-inch Hogy Originals in Bubblegum The fish right now are down a little bit We rolled up on them

We have some birds working up off our bow about a mile it looks like These fish were mid water column and what I did to work this Pro Tail was I just cast it out and let it sink for like a 20 count Let it get down there in the lower part of the water column and worked it up at varying speed Hey not a super long fish here but as you can see these things are just packed with squid They're eating mackerel as well off the surface

Big fat fish and they're all eating well Hopefully these bait can keep these fish here and we'll have some good fishing for a little bit I'll put this guy back in the water What I love about them is I can go multiple trips fishing the same bait I bet this has had other trips on it, it's probably caught 40 to 50 stripers

There's nothing at all structurally wrong with it You're going to get a ton of use out of it Durability is a huge factor with these Pro Tails We're marking some fish here They're spread out through the water column

I like to let that Pro Tail sink when they're not right up on top and then work it up through the water column at varying speeds Bigger fish like to grab it on the pause usually We'll see what we got here This one feels a little better We know what they're eating because they got big mackerel and big 10 to 12 inch long squid flying out of the water when these fish are up and feeding

When they're not feeding, if you can see my screen there, I'm just marking fish throughout the water column What I'm doign with this Pro Tail is I'm casting it out and giving it 20-count and then all I'm doing is working it up through the water column Varying my speed Another nice fish here That's maybe 40 inches, maybe a little better

It seems like we've been getting some better stuff in here the last couple days That's what we're here for this morning Classic Cape Cod Bay slob bass here Ton of phenomenal bait Giant squid, big mackerel holding these fish here

Hopefully this bite holds out for a couple weeks Great fishing We're gonna get this guy back in the water and try to get something a little bigger We switched over to this bubblegum 10-inch Original Twitched it a few times and got a bunch of fish on it

Hooked a nice one out of the bunch Rolled up on a great topwater feed Lot of big fish eating 12-inch squid off the surface Threw this bubblegum original in there and had a lot of big fish fighting to be the first one to eat it When we're fishing squid, we're throwing these unweighted Originals, and when they're keyed in on mackerel, we're fishing those blue Pro Tails