How to Tie the Clouser Minnow Fly – Saltwater and fresh water streamer fly

Today we are going to tie the Clouser minnow arguably one of the most popular and versatile streamer patterns ever made Originally created back in the 80's by Bob Clouser, a legendary fly tier, instructor and fisherman We will start by wrapping our thread halfway to the bend of the hook Prepare your hook for tying in a dumbbell eye Select the dumbbell size

Smaller dumbbells will allow the fly to sink slower, larger eyes will sink faster The choice is up to you Tie in your dumbbell For more detailed information on tying in dumbbells properly, click the video link above Now cut and prepare your buck-tail (for more information on preparing bucktail, click the video link above) The thickness of your buck tail will depend on how bushy or thin you want your fly I am using about a half of a pencil thickness To tie in your bucktail easily, make two loose wraps, then tighten the thread

Make sure the bucktail is sitting on top of the hook, and not covering the eye of the hook Make a few wraps to lock the bucktail in place Now pull your bucktail tight, and wrap behind the dumbbells and to about half way to the bend of the hook We will now be tying on the other side, so flip your fly over in the vice Measure another chunk of bucktail, and prepare it for tying in When tying in, make sure the bucktail is sitting on top of the hook Now we will tie in a bit of flash

I am going to use a chartreuse krystal flash I tie in the flash at the center of the bunch Then pull the other side over, and lock it into place Now we will tie in the back color bucktail after preparing it In this case I am using chartreuse It is important to prepare this clump properly or you will not get a nice tapered head on your fly Refer to my "preparing bucktail" video link at the top if you do not already know how to do this

We will want to build a nice tapered head on the fly, and cover all the bucktail tightly Now we can whip finish the fly While not 100% necessary, to finish this fly, I like to add a bit of Epoxy In this case I am using UV curing epoxy because its much easier than the mixing stuff Make sure that the threads are covered completely before curing You can also add a drop of super glue, or paint on some head cement But I find epoxy looks nicer, and is more durable

This fly is one of those flies that is almost always in my box They are great for fishing most saltwater, and fresh water fish It really is one of the most versatile streamer patterns ever created If you like this sorta thing, subscribe to my channel And leave your questions in the comment section below Now get off your butt and go catch some fish!

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Amazing Girl Bowfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

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Amazing Girl Spearfishing Catfish, Catch and Cook | Bikini Girl Fishing in Real Life

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How to Effectively Fish Current and Wind | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResourcecom, and I'm here with Hank Parker with another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank, this week's question comes from Angie Dover from Enumclaw, Washington And she says, "Why do you consider fishing objects into the current or wind so important?" Hank: Why do I consider fishing objects, casting into the wind or fishing withthrowing my bait against the current and bring it with the current? Because fish always face the current

If you're not in a river system or a lake that is generating electricity or letting water out at the dam, the wind will dictate the direction of the current When you're fishing, bank fishing small ponds and reservoirs, that current is completely dictated by the wind So it's a lot easier to cast with the wind as far as convenience and getting further cast distance But the fish unfortunately are facing that wind so you must cast into that wind if you wanna bring your lure in the direction that the fish are facing So always remember, fish always face current

It's the only way they have to stabilize themselves I don't say they never swim downstream, but when they stop, they point that nose upstream because that is the way their fins work in order for them to stabilize So they're alwayswhen they're in an ambush position, they're in a fixed position in a river or a lake, they're facing the current So that's why you bring your lure with the current, and that's why you cast into the wind Glenn: Great question, Angie Thanks so much for submitting it, and I hope it answers your question For more tips and tricks, head on over to hankparker

com and check out all the tips and tricks and articles that are on there And if you wanna get notified the next time we post one of these tips, just subscribe to our YouTube channel Thanks again and have a great day

Winter Crappie and Bass Fishing and New Baitcaster Practice (Fail)

I just got this baitcaster for Christmas it's really nice I've never used a baitcaster before so I've just been doing a lot of practice throwing it around that's the first challenge is just learning how to use it and then the big challenge is gonna be catching our first fish on the bait caster, so that's what I'm trying to do today hopefully it'll go well, if not no big deal

I got a lot of useful tips on how to use a baitcaster from YouTube so if you're also a beginner I'll leave a link to those videos that I watched somewhere over there and yeah let me know if you have any comments or tips on the baitcaster well no luck with the bass or bluegill at this pond but Easter is coming soon and I want to make an Easter basket full of fishing stuff for my sister's boyfriend Terrence and we're gonna go fishing together later too, so I wanna make a cool fishing themed Easter basket for Terrence so we're gonna go to Scheel's and then Walmart and pick up the stuff we need and then I'm gonna make a full video about the Easter basket that you'll see on Friday The goal is to make this Easter basket less than ten dollars total because this is a budget show and ten dollars is a lot for me right now Scheel' s has a lot of really good cheap stuff sometimes so let's go see what we can find I hope you're enjoying the footage of catching crappie and shad that was cool the lighting was really bad so I didn't film an outro yesterday I'm actually filming this outro the next day I'm trying to pretend like it's the same day but I doubt that I'm fooling anybody

anyway just go along – just go along with it Still haven't been able to catch bass so that is definitely what's on our mind going forward So the video of the Easter gift basket will be out this week and then next week hopefully there will be some bass fishing hopefully we're successful so subscribe if you haven't And I'll see you then, thanks bye!

Proven Spring Bass Fishing Lures and Tactics | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey, folks Glenn May here with BassResource

com, and welcome to another week of Hank Parker's Tips We've been out fishing on Hank Parker Outdoor Show, taking a little break here and we're gonna answer some of your questions Hank, this week's question comes from Mark Olive from Tennessee, and he wants to know what is your fishing strategy in the spring, particularly from pre-spawn through the spawn? Hank: Pre-spawn through the spawn, I'm looking for fish I have got my Solar Bat Sunglasses pulled down my hat, down tight on my head, and I am looking, I'm covering water If I can't see the fish, then I'm looking for the bait in the shallows

If it's pre-spawn, those fish a lot of times will feed up before they go on the beds and before they spawn But I'm really trying to find out where those fish are with my visual eyes rather than my electronic equipment And so, I cover a lot of water in flat areas I like to get away from the tapered banks and the flat areas is what I'm looking for, sandy or rocky And I've got my polarized Solar Bats looking visually

Glenn: What's your favorite lure during that time? Hank: There are so many variations with water temperature, with water clarity, with whether the wind's blowing But if it's pre-spawn and I've got some off-colored water, I like to pull out a spinnerbait Glenn: Oh, yeah Hank: But if it's flat and, you know, you don't have any wind and your water's pretty clear, then I'm gonna be throwing something like a Pit Boss or swimming a little jig I love the swimming jig in flat water instead of a spinnerbait

I fish it just like a spinnerbait, but I found when that water is clear and there's no wind, I can be more productive swimming that jig So, sinking worms, I like to use those a lot and it cover some water when it's flat It just really depends, and if it's early, early pre-spawn, then I like a suspending jerkbait Glenn: Mm-hmm Perfect

Great Well, thanks, Hank Mark, I hope that answers your question For more tips and tricks, be sure to visit Hank Parker Outdoors And if you wanna be notified the next time we post some of Hank’s tips, please subscribe to our channel

Until then, have a great day

Catch and Cook Catfish in Primitive Way

we find the river we will lok for something to eat this morning maybe we can find shrimp, fish shellfish or other let's find out I saw the fish there and I will come down to catch the fish to make it easier to catch fish, I will stem the flow of the river with rocks so that fish do not escape through this river flow river flow has been dammed with stones it is time for me to go down to the water to catch fish this is the easiest way to kill catfish cut the spine in the area behind the head the catfish will immediately stop moving we can see there are banana flowers we can use to complement of our food menu this morning we will cook in the ground by digging the soil and then using the leaves to protect the food so as not to be contaminated soil After that add vegetables, fish meat and other ingredients to be cooked then cover with leaves and soil then light a fire on it

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Women and Children Fish Like the Pros

There's a myth behind women and children I personally think they catch fish just as good as anyone else and sometimes even better than the professional fisherman that want to do with their way

They listen to our mates, they get in the chair they turn their tips and their rods and reels the correct way because there's a coach right there teaching you And let me tell you something Some of the women and children to come on board have cought some of the biggest fish and I'm not just saying that Looked at 58 pounder that was caught last year by a juvenile who was only 12 years old and some other women that have come on with 55 and 56 pound fish they listen and they do it right We have groups of women now that are literally chartering his boat because the way we catch fish – our professionalism and the cleanliness of the boat, these are all important factors to having a good catch and having good people realize what they're getting