5 Reasons Why Quepos Costa Rica Is A Sport Fishing Paradise

hi everyone this has resulted from offshore trips and today in this video we are going to talk about a couple of reasons we're gonna give you five reasons why Quepos in Costa Rica is a sports fishing paralyzed so give us is one of those popular destinations in Costa Rica deaths every year welcomes many anglers and sport fishing and two she asks across the globe for its abundance of natural resources and of course the favorable weather though Warner onshore harvest vas quality and huge bill fishes rooster fishes Dorados why he and many more besides the spectacular picturesque beauty and natural abundance education or passionate to finish off shore usually choose among a wide area of Quepos fishing trips packages offered to buy a series of short trips if you are aspiring to have a never-before offshore fishing trip in the amazing gift was area are served with a fresh and hard reasons behind selecting this popular fishing destination is going to be reason number one which is also a little bit about Costa Rica in January applies they are applied to the tape was area Costa Rica is blessed with many beaches and among which there are a few places that can be called as fishing grounds hippos and its Manuel Antonio are those destinations that offer a wide area of boat offshore and inshore fishing all throughout the year thousands of people visit this Costa Rican destination during the annual germans and almost had during Hajj fishing seasons when you get to catch their favorite reach from new orders and wide variety officious was fishing trips from both offshore and inshore anglers off winning over 200 pounds of one who yo friend to now Dorado Pacific sailfish and many more so when you coming back you can experience the best of the ensure efficient to catch snapper mackerel rooster fish new cancer on there are chances to create a record for this size and weight of your cats should give your best efforts to grab the giant from those reasons on which room you can rent a charter charter boats now your budget and the convenience just you're seeking after trips can arrange the best boats that you can take out 24 h for one day and even one and a half days or two days per your preferences but make sure that the boat your chartering is armed with all the fancy oh this you want if you and the crew are taking it out on the ocean so we're going to regional more for in Campos there are plenty of fishing guides around and get advice from this will help you track the right spots to get the best catch you are looking for no matter one's gonna research from the local fishermen and the professional anglers from the collapse can be a great help before you set out to run anywhere around the 16 to 20 miles offshore to fish in a day reason under five if situation favors in the area you can expect schools of dolphins whales and sea turtles on your short trip to take the best naps of the spectacular sea animals along with a breathtaking views of nature during your off shore trips and vacations give us so this arrest us just say no we hope to see you and keep was soon and and I wish you a great day We hope to see you soon on a Quepos Costa Rica fishing charter

Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Prepping a Wrapped Loop for Fly Fishing

The wrapped loop is a little more complicated Here's what we're going to end up with, obviously this is just the end of the fly line that I've cut off, but you can see here, these are our thread wraps

And we need a couple of things to get that done One is a sharp knife, razor blade, something like that because we're going to actually shave the end of the fly line down so that it's got a taper so that when we fold it over, there's not a bump there where it meets the fly line The other thing that makes it easy, not absolutely necessary, is a thread and a bobbin This would be a bobbin that you would use for fly tying This just makes it a little bit more easier to deal with the thread

You don't have to hold the spool in your hand while you're spinning it, the bobbin holds it So that's basically all you need though, and maybe a, some glue or something to finish that off, to kind of protect the thread wraps You can use glue, or you could use like a clear fingernail polish or something like that So that's the prep for the wrap loop This makes a really strong loop, I mean this loop is actually stronger than the fly line itself

Like if I went to break this loop, the line would break back here before the loop would pull out of the thread, so it's a really strong way to make a connection

Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Fly Fishing Nail Knot for Leader

Okay, now we've got our fly line on our reel and we need to attach the liter to the fly line This is one of the more difficult connections that you'll have to make with your fly fishing equipment

And once again we're using the nail-knot tool This tool was made specifically for tying nail-knots You can find it at most fly shops Sometimes at, you know academy or something like that It's a pretty specific tool and it doesn't really do anything else

It comes in all different kinds of shapes and styles, sometimes it'll be in the shape of a fish or something like that This one has a pair of clippers attached to it But, here's what we're going to do Lay that fly line in the nail-knot tool again with the tip sticking out The end of the liter goes the opposite direction

That lays in there with the fly line Grab the end of the liter and we're just going to wrap it back over the whole thing, going this way once again Four wraps is all we need, so, one, two, three, four wraps And then we take the end and go back underneath the wraps we just made And now is the hard part, just keeping those wraps lined up while we tighten it up and slide it off the tool

Tuck it between our thumb and your forefinger, sort of pull the tool out and then, we'll pull it from the back end here, while keeping it tight on the other end Switch over to the other hand, pull the other side You have to be careful not to pull it off the end of the fly line too, that's also a problem When it's done, it looks something like that Give it a nice tug and we're finished

Do I need a saltwater or freshwater license?

So a common question that FWC gets asked is when to use a saltwater fishing license or a freshwater fishing license So if you are fishing in brackish water, for example, and you catch a freshwater species, you would need a freshwater fishing license to keep that fish

You may catch red drum in brackish water for instance, which is considered saltwater so therefore you would need a saltwater fishing license For more information or for clarification you can visit MyFWCcom/Fishing

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Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : About Fly Fishing Reels

Okay, in this series, we're going to be doing a knot, and knots that will apply specifically to you fly casting equipment And basically what we're going to do is we're going to go from the reel all the way out to the liter

And I'm going to show you all the knots you need to do to attach your backing to your reel and then to attach the backing to the fly line, and then to attach the fly line to the liter, and the liter to the tidbit And there's a few basic knots you can do that with and then I'll show you a few, kind of alternative knots that you can use to attach all those together There's a couple of knots that are a little bit difficult, and there's a couple of knots that require a couple special tools, and then there's a couple of tricks that you can do to make tying a couple of these difficult knots a little bit easier And I'll show you all that stuff There's nothing, none of the tools are really out of the ordinary, a lot of stuff is stuff you can find around the house and stuff you might not have thought about using for tying your knots

So, we're going to show you how to do all that and hopefully make it a lot easier

Do I need a saltwater or freshwater license?

So a common question that FWC gets asked is when to use a saltwater fishing license or a freshwater fishing license So if you are fishing in brackish water, for example, and you catch a freshwater species, you would need a freshwater fishing license to keep that fish

You may catch red drum in brackish water for instance, which is considered saltwater so therefore you would need a saltwater fishing license For more information or for clarification you can visit MyFWCcom/Fishing

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Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Fly Fishing Perfection Loop

The next loop we're going to do is a perfection loop It's a little bit harder to tie but it's a nicer loop and it comes out a lot smoother when you're finished with it

What you want to do is start off, you make one loop like so, then you make another loop behind that loop, then you take your tag in between the two loops Okay, so then you're going to pull the second loop through the first loop and it ends out like that Looks a lot nicer when I'm not on film but that's a good way to get an illustration of it A little bit trickier but once you get it done that first time, pretty easy to do it Let's try that again

See, we're making the first loop, the second loop behind it, pull the tag between the two loops, pull the second loop through the first loop, perfection

Setting Up a Fly Fishing Reel : Fly Fishing Arbor Knot

Alright, the first knot we need to do is the arbor knot, and that's to attach the backing to the reel, the spool of the reel This is what we call the arbor, here

This will also work for spinning tackle, or bait casting tackle, anyway, you need to attach the line to the spool of a reel So the first thing we're going to do is take the backing and just go completely around the arbor like so Then I'm going to take this tag end I got here, and the standing end of the line and we're just going to make another loop like so Okay, then we'll take the tag end and we're going to go thorough that loop four times so, one, two, three, four, until we have something that looks like that Okay, and then we're just going to pull that tight there

Okay, we got a nice snug knot there And then you just grab the spool and just kind of pull it and it'll tighten up on your arbor So then what you do is you just clip off the little tag there And we've got our arbor knot, nice and tight

Throwing a cast net for catfish bait in 4k.

hey everybody its bill your host from casual carolina fishing thanks for stopping by today I really do appreciate it kick your shoes off sit back relax let's see if we can have some fun catching some fish today all right since I found me a new place to try fishing to try to catch me some blue cats or flathead cats I'm not gonna be going there today but I just wanted to get me some shed today try this is where I don't know if you remembered that time I said I was at a new spot and I caught the gar and the channel catfish and Travis took me and showed me that place well he also showed me this place to catch shad so that's why I'm down here today trying to catch some shad and have some in the freezer for this fall and winter well what's left in the fall I think it's pretty much winter already anyway don't laugh at me all right too much I hadn't thrown this cast net in forever and yeah I got these frog togs on to keep my clothes keep me from getting my clothes all soaking wet because uh if I feel like it when I get done here I'm gonna go down into Cape Fear where I was going earlier this this year in the summer kept getting skunked but it's fall so I'm hoping maybe something's fighting around here this time of year so I know laughs because I could probably go screw this up royally been a long time since I started here we go oh yeah there's a lot keep that one no two two sheds Anna I gotta throw that bluegill back but can't keep that that's a too bad to cuz it's a pretty woman and that would make great bait it's not allowed in North Carolina to keep game fish that you catch with a cast net to shad so far man a lot of sunfish down there those are all sunfish what the heck you doing down here where my shad supposed to be huh waiting y'all would all make great bait hey keep you though that stinks she half tempted to throw a little jig down there look at there's a crappie make that so don't catch it all kind of game fish that I can't keep in there all bluegills Oh keep up I can keep I call them on ejector I see something shared three shit yay three more they're not very big but they'll work sure you you you yeah yeah finally finally finally shit Wow this time there's some more shit eight or one from nice ah there's some more nice nice nice nice come on oops what's that I'm address battery's about to die on me I think that's plenty for you guys to see I'll probably catch a few bit a few more before I head out of here just to make sure I got plenty for the whole rest of the following winter so I'll see you when I get set up to start fishing we've got about an hour before I'm gonna head home don't want to be shad on a hook and see what happens they're not live anymore but that's okay I'm just gonna float it under a bobber see what happens I don't know how deep it is all right everybody here's what I ended up with today it was a hundred and twenty little shad so I got him in twelve little bags I got six in you know in these six little bags in each of these big bags and there's ten in each of the little bags so twelve trips hopefully that'll do me for this year the rest of the year until spring anyway that's it you

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