says they've noticed a growing trend in fishing especially a lot more people fishing at night First News reporter Nate Lehota looked into WHY more people are out there in the dark He joins us live in studio with what he found out Molly, Last Weekend I was driving home across 2-24 a little after midnight and noticed a family fishing off the bridge into Berlin Lake I pulled over and talked to them to find out if it's legal, and why they PREFER fishing at night [B10]20180624 VALLEY NIGHT FISHING-PK NATE LEHOTA: Daniel Genet and his family are some of the thousands of anglers who enjoy fishing at night in Ohio DANIEL GENET / NORTH CANTON - "I LOVE TAKING MY FAMILY OUT THEY ALL LIKE FISHING GIVES US SOMETHING TO DO AND USUALLY WE'RE KINDA' LIKE NIGHT OWLS SO THIS IS THE BEST TIME FOR US TO GO OUT " NATE LEHOTA: Daniel who is a roofer says the other reason he likes to fish after the sun has set is because he works during the day in the heat AUNALYN GENET / NORTH CANTON - "WE CAN CATCH A LOT MORE FISH AND WE CAN GET MORE BAIT TO CATCH A LOT OF CRAPPIE" NATE LEHOTA: To find out if it's safe to fish like this I went to the ODNR'S office near Akron to ask the manager for fisheries in our area NATHAN LEHOTA / REPORTER - IS IT SAFE? CURTIS WAGNER / ODNR - FISHERIES MANAGEMENT SUPERVISOR - "SO SURE LIKE ANYTHING THERE CAN BE DANGERS, BUT NIGHT FISHING IS JUST AS SAFE AS DAY FISHING " NATE LEHOTA: Although the only thing you need as an adult is a fishing license and a pole There are a few things people should do while fishing in the dark CURTIS WAGNER / ODNR - FISHERIES MANAGEMENT SUPERVISOR - "THERE ARE DIFFERENT THINGS TO CONSIDER IF YOU'RE FISHING FROM SHORE, I WOULD LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING MAYBE GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE IF YOU'RE FISHING FROM A BOAT MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES DIVISION OF PARKS AND WATERCRAFT RULES AND HAVE YOUR BOAT SAFE SO MARKER LIGHTS AND THE OTHER RULES NATE LEHOTA: So it's safe and it's legal Why else would people fish at night? How about bigger fish CURTIS WAGNER / ODNR - FISHERIES MANAGEMENT SUPERVISOR - "SO THE PREDATOR FISH MOST EFFICIENTLY AT NIGHT SO YOUR CATFISH, YOUR WALLEYE, YOUR BASS, THEY CERTAINLY WIL BE ACTIVE AT NIGHT AND PROVIDE FOR SOME GOOD FISHING ACTION NATE LEHOTA: Although the Genets had to throw their catch back because of size They say they'll be back AUNALYN GENET / NORTH CANTON - "I WANNA CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH " Over Berlin Lake, Nathan Lehota WKBN 27 FIRST NEWS Curtis did tell me there are three state-owned areas you can't fish at night One of them is at the base of Berlin Dam So if you plan to fish there make sure the sun is up Live in the studio Nathan Lehota, WKBN 27 FIRST NEWS