Extreme abrasion resistance mas sepal superior not a advanced formula fade resistance best friction quiet through the guides Zero stretch maximum sensitivity, what is happening fish and friends welcome to another episode? My name is Devon from Debose fishing coming to you on behalf of casts King today I want to talk to you today about Some braid in particular the braid that I have switched to and been using over the past couple months Now prior to switching to this I was using the cast King super power braid it was great I loved it affordable But I wanted to try something new now prior to both of these I'd used a number of the other braids on the market out Of the big names out there some of my had really good experiences with some of them them awful experiences So I first saw it I was skeptical it's like is this getting back into the old DVDs the ab Wars the 5-minute day ABS Six-minute abs is better and 7-minute abs is even better than that no I think there is validity of the information on here And that's what I'm gonna go over so to do that We first have to go back a step and talk about braid basics 101 Why do anglers use braids well? It's more sensitive Braid is more sensitive because it has zero stretch Or you know pretty much no stretch Now the reason they're able to achieve that is through the materials that they use now a lot of the main Manufacturers you'll hear thrown out through other brands are Dyneema or spectra They're all the same ultra high molecular weight, polyethylene fiber a uhm WPF, which essentially means they take a polyethylene plastic Put it through an extrusion process and get really tiny little fibers Of this material now each company kind of uses their own proprietary Practice to join those fibers together and make a braid so kind of similar to the way a spider would make silk They would extrude it put that soak together and make a cord now with the super cast nine braid Casting uses a reverse spiral winding technology when you get it in your hands and run it through your fingers You can feel that It's you know more of a round feel so what does all that information mean for this super cast iron braid well to me It's so successful is because it falls in between The two main braids that I've used out there it takes the pros from both of those and is combine them into this line now For me I've used a couple type of braids out there This is an old braid off one of my reels from a few years ago This real limp no memory it almost feels like a cotton string type braid There's that kind of then on the other end of the spectrum I don't have any on me, but The braids out there that have a memory They're often coated in some sort of like fluorocarbon or other material Or there are composite where they combine different types of material and put it together in a braid But those braids you hold them out They'll literally stay stuck straight out So a little bit different than this now each of those types of braids have their pros and cons, so When you look at this real limp no memory braid it casts really well It doesn't have any memory It's just like a string so you can sling this stuff really far Also, because it's like a string it floats really well There's no other additives on it No other materials or plastics it it floats really well now when you jump over to this other end the real stiff stuff not not this but The other kind over here will say on the far, right It's smooth if it's one of those that has like a fluorocarbon coating or some other sort of material coating on it It comes through the guides really well It's a lot quieter It doesn't have that You know kind of rope sound when you drag it through there kind of mm-hmm it casts Extremely well, it doesn't knot up now that kind of starts to get into The cons of these now because these this type of braid over here on the far, right Usually has some sort of coating on it to me It's less likely to start to fray and become Susceptible to abrasion while it has that coating now No I say while it has that So when we start looking at the cons these two different types of braids? This type of braid is horrible when it comes to backlashes it knots up You cannot get the knots out if you try to pick it out It starts to unfree and come apart It's a nightmare it also means that when it does catch and knot up inside there when you cast This braid is a whole lot more susceptible to snap And you know what I'm talking about you set the hook real hard You know the braid digs in a little bit you throw a real hard cast after that and the braid breaks Braid has a real high tensile strength It's really strong stuff, but it has zero give it has no shock absorption so it's really likely to snap you know unlike a a mono or a copolymer that stretches when it comes to a Quick stop like that it's got give to it It can it can stretch braids not gonna do that that's why it's snaps in situations like that now to me this type of line is also a lot more susceptible to Abrasion and catching on things and ripping and breaking because it is more of like a you know a fibrous cloth II type line catches on things kind of like you know your your socks if it gets caught on velcro it kind of Tears that material apart, and you can even see kind of there's a piece where it's doing it Right there It's kind of coming apart And you can see those itsy-bitsy little strands right there those all start to come undone and that's where a phrasing comes apart now the negatives to that real heavy type of braid are Is that the coating is going to come off of it if it's coated in you know fluorocarbon or whatever that coating is gonna come Off and you're going to be left with you know basically just a type of braid like this Now you also get less casting distance with that real Heavy braid because it's got that coating so I think that's where the super cast 9 comes into play It's combined both those pros from both of those types of braids So when you're looking at it the smooth around or out cast other braids to me that 9 strand being put together? Gives you the fill of having a fluorocarbon coating without actually having a coating That's gonna come off It's got a good round feel now does it come through as completely smooth, and you know quiet as one of those no Maybe not but that coating is not going to come off This is gonna stay for the life of the braid extreme abrasion resistance I think that again comes into play that these nine strands wound together really tight You know looking like one round cord is going to be less likely to catch to fray to come apart You know like the claw feline that stuff catches and starts coming apart So that's where I think the abrasion resistance comes into play here Now more supple superior not tying it's not coated in anything So it is of course be more supple and the knots with this have been excellent I've not had really any problems with knots that might be more to the type of knot you're using with this you know real Limp braid or even the braid over here, that's coated I've not had not issues So that's not really been a problem for me on any of the braids I use less friction Quieter through the guides so it gives you that feel of having a coating because it is one round Strand it's going to come through there a little bit easier Zero stretch maximum sensitivity yeah, it is a braid it doesn't stretch, and it is really sensitive So I've had no complaints there now I've been fishing it on my speed demon this is my frogging or Real thick vegetation punching Set up 50-pound is what I've been running for this I try to go as light as I can in the surroundings if you go with the real heavy 65 pound braid you're not going to be able to cast it as far But if I'm using braids I want to make darn sure that I'm gonna be able to get whatever fish I have in there out with this That's the whole point of the braid it's strong It's tough You know if you're froggen or deep punch, and you're going to be coming through a bunch of muck I don't want to have any chances Now I don't really concern myself with I know one of the other good points on here was That it's an advanced formula It's that's fade resistance to me That's not an issue if you're worried about the the fish seeing your line To me you should be going over to a copolymer or a fluorocarbon anyway Which is what I do when I'm just running like a jigger at Texas rig I'm always gonna go straight fluorocarbon or copolymer now if you're just worried about you being able to see it You don't want it to fade I've been using this for a couple months and the color has held strong You know as opposed to something like this this was a moss green and the color wore off it pretty quick So I've been really happy with the color retention so far so overall those are my thoughts on this line Why I like it to me it plays the middle of the road between the two main types of grades out there I would certainly recommend giving this braid a try It's a little bit different than the other braids that I've used out there, and that's why I'm really liking it So let me know what's the most important feature you look for in a braid when your braids shopping? Let me know in the comments below again I'm Devin from Debose fishing if you have not already subscribed to the cast King channel I would highly recommend doing that for more informative videos like this one and until next time keep fishing fun