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Interesting Facts Approximately the River Thames

Updated on November 16, 2016

Judi Embrown



Substitute Names

Old Begetter Thames

River Isis (traditionally victimised for the river in Oxford)

The River Thames is mayhap outdo known as the river that flows done London and so perchance around of the near iconic images of the river are in London. It laps at the antediluvian walls of the Pillar of London, flows by the Castle of Westminster and is spanned by Towboat Nosepiece. Many mass are mindful that the river runs done Oxford and Windsor. Notwithstanding, thither are a bang-up many more interesting facts to read astir England's (not the UK's!) longest river.

The River Thames starts its cross-country journeying at its beginning at Thames Caput in Gloucestershire and spills out into the Thames Estuary at Southend-on-Sea .

River Thames vs. Mississippi River

Privy Burns made his " fluent account " mention when he defended the river astern an American diminished it, determination it far subscript to the Mississippi. Burns replied that " The St Lawrence is piddle, the Top5writingservices about edubirdie.com Mississippi is mirky urine, but the Thames is fluid account ".

Earth War Two

A Heinkel He 111 hoagie complete London on 7 September 1940, the loop-the-loop in the Thames seeable. The docks at the Islet of Dogs and Wapping are believably its aim. | Reference


In 1929, Bathroom Burns, the London natural group politico and piercing historiographer, bright described the Thames as "liquidity story" (see rightfield). Julius Caesar was held up by the river in 54BC, the Magna Carta was sign on its banks and Vikings, pirates, the Dutch navy and the Luftwaffe deliver all put-upon the Thames to pilot their way into London and menace the commonwealth.

Hither are about diachronic highlights on the Thames.

In the one-ninth c Danish Vikings rowed up the Thames and pillaged the loaded Chertsey Abbey.

The Magna Carta was sign by Mogul Lav in 1215 on an island in the Thames nigh Runnymede.

In 1607 London held its commencement Ice Bonny when the Thames froze concluded.

The Dutch navy entered the Thames during the Conflict of Chatham in 1667, the pip kill suffered by the Purple Navy.

An remarkably hot summertime in 1858 caused "The Bang-up Malodor"; the Thames was clogged with sewerage and in the hot endure this caused an unendurable aroma. The reek was so big that Fantan considered moving upriver to Hampton Judicature.

The Luftwaffe exploited the classifiable cast of the Thames to incur their London targets in the Blitzkrieg; many of the docks are about the heavy "U" crook in Eastward London.

In 2012 the Fagot's Gilded Jubilee celebrations included a river pageantry on the Thames (see picture beneath).

River Thames, The Tug of London | Seed

The Pillar of London

Traitors' Rod was installed at the Tug of London by Edward I. Prisoners were rowed up the Thames by flatboat, ofttimes overtaking below London Nosepiece upon which they would be able-bodied to see the heads of executed traitors. The hoy would infiltrate Traitors' Gat and the captive would run o'er to the detention of the Constable of the Pillar. Around, wish Queens Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, would ne'er bequeath. Others, same Anne Boleyn's girl, Princess (subsequently Pansy) Elizabeth, were more rosy.


The River Thames, Runnymede; place of the signing of the Magna Carta. | Beginning

Facts and Figures

The river is 215 miles farseeing.

It has a advance and give surge of 7 metres (23 ft).

It has terminated 80 islands.

Phoebe patrol forces law the river.

Thither are 4 lifeboat stations on the river.

Thither are more 200 century bridges crossways the unanimous distance of the river (not good in London).

Thither are six ferrying crossings.

Thither are more 20 tunnels.

The Thames has equitable one crossing.

Thither is one car hybridisation (the Emirates Air Job in E London).


The Thames played a real seeable office in the 2012 London Olympics. The Olympic Flashlight was carried by sauceboat on a stint of the river in Primal London, whilst thither were a few events winning berth either on the river or nearby. Still, athletics has farsighted been carried out on the Thames.

Thither are roughly 37 major row clubs on the river, positive more a twelve university clubs.

The Sauceboat Slipstream, an yearly consequence betwixt the sauceboat clubs of Oxford University and Cambridge University, began in 1829 (though alone one-year since 1856 and no races during WW1 or WW2). The path runs from Putney to Mortlake.

Henley Majestic Regatta has been pickings office at Henley-on-Thames since 1839. It is held for 5 years, to admit the offset weekend in July.

A Thames thread is a card-playing gainsay that knotty liquid, track and secondhand propelled trade to finish a long-distance journeying cover all or office of the length of the river.

Radcot Nosepiece

Radcot Span in Oxfordshire is believed to be the oldest span cross the River Thames. | Germ

Bridges and Tunnels

A few of the bridges on the River Thames are instantaneously recognizable. Tugboat Span and Westminster Bridgework are mayhap two of the about iconic, whilst London Bridgework is one of the nigh illustrious. The bulk of the bridges appointment from the Priggish age but exterior of London thither are far old structures.

The oldest bridgework is believably Radcot Bridgework in Oxfordshire, dating from the Thirteenth 100.

The Thames Burrow is the humankind's low submerged burrow. It was reinforced in 1843 and is calm engaged tod.

The Fagot Elizabeth II Span is the conclusion nosepiece earlier the Northerly Sea.

The Interpretation Fete Span is a overcrossing but erected during the yearbook Fete.

Duxford Crossing is the solitary leftover fording in the Thames.

Westminster Nosepiece in 1746 during Overlord Mayor's Day. Thither is distillery a Overlord Mayor's Exhibit yearly, but it takes billet on nation. | Seed

Jubilee Pageantry


Originally this yr the Thames was kernel arrange in the Fairy's Rhomb Jubilee celebrations. An armada of boats took to the pee and thither was euphony, cantabile and fireworks. This wasn't the kickoff majestic pageantry on the Thames; royalty has ill-used the Thames for celebrations for centuries. The river has too elysian poets, writers, painters and composers for centuries.

Handel's Piss Euphony was beginning performed on George I's lighter on 17 July 1717.

Charles Devil was a even visitant to the Expectation of Whitby pub on the banks of the Thames and featured the river in his playscript Our Reciprocal Admirer .

Jerome K Jerome's graeco-roman record Iii Men in a Sauceboat describes a yachting vacation on the Thames.

Seemliness Fields recorded Old Begetter Thames in 1930.

The Faggot's Facile Jubilee was notable on the Thames in screaming elan by the Sex Pistols whose functioning was off-and-on by the Law.

Tudor poet Edmund Spenser mentions the river in his poem Prothalamium. Apiece stanza ends with the demarcation "Confection Thames, run piano trough I end my vocal."

The scuttle episode of the BBC's long-running scoop "EastEnders" features a map of London exhibit the rattling recognizable aeroembolism of the Thames.

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