global fishing reportscom is a social media platform developed just for fishermen here's a quick introduction to how the site works this site is centered around posting fishing reports based on location to the fishing map all reports have fish icons that are added to the map to allow reports to be quickly searched based on location and fish type by hovering over the icons an information window appears showing the fish picture title and link to the full report see the tutorials on the home page for detailed instructions on how to post a fishing report the process starts by uploading a photo if metadata is attached to the photo the location date and time the photo was taken will be extracted and automatically input into the form for review if metadata is not available all form data can be entered manually just right click the map to drop the location icon and drag the icon to the exact location the questions asked provide the basic information needed for a good fishing report having this data for all reports will allow for convenient search filters to be created the social aspects of this site include adding friends following users private messaging and a user wall feed when a report is added it shows on your user wall as well all aspects of this site are responsive for phones and mobile friendly apps for this site will be coming soon this site will not be successful without your help we need a large number of users posting vision reports please watch the tutorials on the home page post reports and share this information with people you know that love to fish thank you very much and we look forward to seeing what you guys are catching

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