Welcome to the CTFishingChartersorg video series, answering your questions about fishing Long Island Sound on a charter boat Today, Captain Doug Parker of the Good Company II, New London, CT, answers the question: How do I choose a Captain? Well, choosing a Captain is an important decision to make One is you want to make sure that the Captain has experience and a concern safety To me that would be the most important thing Other than that you want your group to have fun So you want a Captain that who is going to allow and encourage you to have the best time possible You also want a Captain who has the skills and ability to find and help you catch fish Well, we hope you found this video informative, and it helps with your decision to charter a CT fishing boat If you would like more tips like this one, you can find them at: CT-Fishing-Chartersorgor, if you have immediate questions, please feel free to contact Captain Doug directly at: 860-430-4463

Source: Youtube