[music] welcome we're at Bartlett lake this morning and we're fishing that bass Junkyz so it's been a really interesting morning we've had a lot of boats turned away already probably close to 25 so they caped this thing at 100 boats so it should be interesting on this lake fishing with a hundred boats out there it's gonna be hard to find the spot but the trick is just keep moving around and you can catch fish just about anywhere on this lake so it's not not bad you know I want to do introduce you to a good friend of mine father-son fishing tournament you know Scooter Griffin with the Arizona fishing guides and his son Fisher and you guys were out here fishing today did you get to practice at all I did you know he had some other basketball obligations that he wasn't able to do but I came out one day in the middle of the week so do you some fishing there's nobody out here so right it'll be interesting to see how it pans out there's a couple spots that you know guys have waypoints on like myself like you yeah back in the day that we might be able to get on and maybe somebody doesn't know about it but who knows yeah that's what I'm banking on is know somebody that from 20 years ago the lakes drop down is 60% you know there's actually more water coming in than they're letting out right at this moment so he's got his good luck charm here the kid the kid is really good so a last time I caught the two biggest ones did he? I'll see we got I think we got sixteenth out last time it was here 99 boats as well or hundred as well and he caught the two biggest one so today I'm hoping that someday that scooter can't make the tournament I'm snag is boy with me I'm making real good friends with his son so that should be pretty good but we're gonna go in and register we don't even know what number we got yet now we ended up boat 15 oh 15? 15, 15 ha the last boat in the first flight nice oh yeah well see we got in early draw so we're gonna go up we're gonna get our number and hey hopefully we see out there in the lake we stop and shoot some film of you guys good luck Fisher nice to see you guys thanks guys let's run over to the table and let's enter and see what we drew this morning so here's the price family and other family and all the girls and all the helpers here I guess we're kind of late huh so I need to sign a waiver right I'm in the early draw so so when we come into the table here and we draw our number this is what we get we fill out our application we've signed waivers and everything so we drew boat number 31 and we're in the third flight so there's 31 to 45 we're doing at 3:30 pm so we're going to come in weigh our fish show you how to do that again and these guys will all be serving fabulous food and things like that so we'll have a good time so follow us out to the lake we'll go out and start catching some fish and show you what it's like again the fish this big tournament so what I'm doing is I'm getting ready for the tournament ahead of time so that way with a hundred boats we're going to try to find out where to fish it's going to be tough finding your favorite spot because we're both number 31 out and these really good spots are all were always taken so I'm starting up my graph right now so got the graph ready to go so you know as you can see I've got a lot of rods I've got one two three four five six seven seven rods on the deck so I'm gonna do some reaction starting off this morning and I've got everything from A rigs to crank baits spinner baits to two jigs just about everything we can but we're doing the National Anthem so we're going to break here for a minute National Anthem [cheering] well we just had the national anthem it play at every tournament here which is really great so they're given the time out 723 I've got 724 it's always important to wear a watch plus watch your depth finders for your GPS ratings on time so we're easing out right now we're boat number 31 so they're on number two so they call one boat at a time and they make sure it's safe that way that way a hundred boats don't take off and just go fishing so there goes number three so we're just going to scoot up here nice and easy and then they'll be getting closer to our boat when we do we'll cut the cameras and we'll go to our spot and start fishing hopefully we can get a popular spot that I know of and maybe catch some fish so it's going to be tough moving around with this many boats 27 boat 27 twenty-nine all right we ready devar let's take off nice and easy I'm going to our lucky spot there we go see if it's open all right got the net ready I always have keep a clean area taking off a life preserver we're gonna start fishing all right think I'm gonna start out deep right away just to see if there's fish out deep so what I'm doing is I'm throwing a Texas rig Yamamoto jig so they bite on these things pretty good a lot a lot of rocks here so we're gonna just see if there's any fish here position ourself off these rocks everybody's running up to the upper end but the river is at so got fish on the graph in 22 feet that's what I'm looking at so we'll see how it goes I'm just dragging this off this point here from 15 feet to 30 feet just to see if there's any fish here hitting the rocks banging rocks is what I'm doing got this tungsten on so you know in the winter time you got to slow down this fish just are not aggressive you know real early like this you know we're we're cold out here the wind's blowing So so so I worked it all the way back to the boat so I'm going to go ahead and just make another of the cast out there working it right on back Boy look at all those boats my gosh just one after another they're all heading to the upper end of the lake too one of the most asked questions in my seminars are about jig fishing about getting stuck all the time the old-timers that are always getting stuck the young guys don't care they just go in get it or break it off but some of the guys in the group just just are frustrated with this you know so instead of using this football head and getting stuck a lot this is only a small one this is only 3/8 you know I use a lot of times 1/2 ounce so what I do and I'm going to make this simple for the guys that are having problems I'm using a 1/4 ounce tungsten right there a bobber stopper and a 2 ought hook So what I did was I threaded that jig on that's a hula grab Yamamoto hula grab I threaded that on quarter of an inch in slide that all the way up onto the keeper part of the hook like this all right now I'm just gonna stick this right between the the two tails of the Yamamoto grub just like that so it's Texas rigged it's weedless you can just bounce it over all these little rocks and stuff you'll still get stuck once in a while but not like you normally do with the football head seems like that football head with the open hook on it just likes to get jammed into these rocks you can see that 2 or 3 ought hook on there it's it's a killer it gets stuck easy one of the secrets my one of the secrets I like to use is spike it garlic so basically I just take this i use this basically on everything my brush hogs you guys watch the videos you know that our our that come to the Bass Pro Shop seminars so I'm just gonna stick that in there get a little bit of spike it on it and you don't have to put much so once you spike it so what the lake let it sit a second there you are so now you can see that it has green on there right so this is watermelon red we're using Texas rig jigs hula grubs let's give it a try we're up here in the dead of winter you know was 40 degrees this morning the wind is still blowing we had to come back in and hide this some of the coves back here because it's so windy out on the main Lake you know so hopefully we can you know I've caught fish in here on these rocky banks you can see these rocky banks over here are where the bass like to feed on crawdads and this is what I'm basically throwing you know I'm just I'm just using this as a crawdad to try to catch these fish so instead of me using this this big ol' half once hula jig You know I like using these but it doesn't bother me if I get stuck and just go up get it or break it off but so many guys are having problems so we're gonna we're gonna hopefully get some fish and show you that this works just as good all right so let me get up here and and this this is basically right I'm using Johnny Morris's you know platinum signature rod it's a medium this one's a medium action fast tip 7 foot 1 inch I mean then it's matching rod matching reel and I'll tell you xbs it you can't beat this thing it's so smooth these these handles these animals here are win handles for golfing they are so soft to hold I'll tell you they make it really nice so basically in the winter time you got to find where the fish are the fish are you know right now 16 to 25 feet so you know you don't have to cast right on the bank you can go 10 feet from the bank and you can see that that Bank is theirs on a 90 degree angle and that's what I like to fish in the wintertime I like fishing it in the dead of summer when it's hot and I like fishing it in the wintertime so 10 feet out 10 feet out from shore is going to be 10 to 12 feet deep I'm looking at my graph here and I'm only 15 feet so that you know and I'm half way back so so I'm just you know sometimes I hop it in the afternoon you can hop this and make this thing a little bit better and make it more active but sometimes they want that thing just pulled a little bit and then just just lets it we're just working this in slow you know this it's a slow slow venture I could tell you there's two types of bite they'll either bite it and jerk the rodes out of your hand or they'll just barely put it in their mouth and hold it you know but I just keep it moving you know if you feel something like a rock like there's a rock right there so I start reeling my rods loading up there's a fish well it took a while to get back out in deeper water yeah he's coming up there you go you notice that just like an open head jig those things get caught right in front of the mouth there so it's just it's so easy you just hold them for they're cold the water is 50-52 degrees so we're just gonna let this little guy go just like this alright there are some fish on the graph out there in 17 feet of water so I'm gonna rig this back just like a Texas rig I bet you could catch ten fish on that jig at least we'll see before I have to redo it if you're not catching your fish if you can't fill them or catch them you know start spraying this jig with bang or were your favorite spray doesn't matter they'll just hang on to it you know so just this start spraying it and then you know they'll once they taste that that garlic in there or when I when I tip the tail with garlic it's the same thing it's a real strong garlic so they can taste that so we're gonna just kind of once in a while I can just instead of pulling it and stuff I like to hold my rod down like this you know real real slow but during that time I reel remember you're imitating a crawdad crawdads don't come barreling in I mean on a good day you know sometimes I've caught jig fish you know reeling in so okay let me look at that graph well there's more than two now there's about three or four let me just sometimes when I get over to top of them I'll just jiggle my rod like this and and you'll jiggle back there he is! keep them coming if you're gonna swing them these are nice little fish you know this is in the two pound cat category really cold I mean real cold look where I got him again right in the top of them of the mouth so catching them off the graph don't be afraid guys are always asking that question don't be afraid if you're in 12 feet 10 feet 15 feet look on the graph if they're on the graph swimming around drop down there and just just kind of drag it around you know okay that's that's too long that jig in it so I'm gonna put it back on the keeper hook you know the part that goes down on the hook I'm just using XPS hooks Pro Shop since then the Bass Pro for the Bass Pro Shops I used all their equipment their line I'm using XPS fluorocarbon alright I've never busted a fish of yet on this line of course I'm using 14 pound test but on all fluorocarbon stand I've used a lot of them if you're in rocks or you're in trees you got to keep filling to make sure that there's not a nick in there because they will they will they will break so so that's pretty good so let's let's see there's my target right over there so I'm just gonna throw that out well I gotta tell you that a cameraman Dave Jones has just told me all our fish are floating well they would be they came out of 27 to 32 feet this morning so I need to go back and Fizz the fish but I'm gonna have him come back and show you how to I do that to let the air out and we're gonna go down the mouth and let the air out that way alright so we've got to do is fizz these fish I got a needle a Fizzer we're gonna stick this right down in this crushers and I can hear the air coming out I just put them in there for the count of five blow your needle out each time stick it right there about an inch you'll hear it pop with it I know you don't want to let too much out because then you'll kill them blow the needleout stick it right in there there it is we got these fish at 30 feet deep so I'd rather I'd rather stick them two times to get the air out enough air instead of killing them kill your fish it's 025 a quarter of a pound to at weigh-in time so you these needles down the throat is much easier than going in the Side in the sides and you can buy these online or at tackle stores it looks like that right there it's called the benders bins bender so good tip tip to have and if I don't if I don't fizz those fish and that fish dies and I have to use that fish at weigh-in that's 025 quarter of a pound you know there's ten 100's of an ounce 10 100's equals one ounce so 1 to 100 is just a few drops of water or 1/100 is just a to three drops of water so you don't want to be turning in any dead fish so you want those babies just to go back and there they are again there's two or three of them down there now okay now my head rods just getting heavy so I start reeling like this just jerk it just jerk it and you'll get them on okay twist them around don't ever stop when you're coming into boat just come right in the boat like this it's a little easier when they're cold because they're not they're kind of lethargic but right there in the side of his the top of his mouth again that's a nice nice fat one winter fish fun to catch you know this size pound and a half pound three quarters is good so let's lift this little guy go and they just go right on down you know so so sometime your thing comes out of it keep your part of the hook like that all you got to do is just push that jig right back on the top make sure it's straight go between the tails hook it right back in there slide your bobber stopper down do that you're ready to go it's just so easy you're gonna start doing this jig fishing these are just remember this one's watermelon red it's a good color if you don't know what color to use watermelon red watermelon or green pumpkin they're all good colors on all the Arizona lakes We have 5 fish but they're small we lost one big one and now we've got to try to upgrade so I like to stick to these rocky, rocky banks here so the only way I'm going to upgrade probably is with a jig and I'm gonna just be bouncing that on the on the rocks so we have a lot of people fishing up here so this is a good way to to maybe upgrade and get some of those rid of those little ones but least we know that the little ones can be swim away when we let them go they won't be floating up in the surface so what I'm doing is just moving this real slow fishing right off these rocks here so we're just gonna I'm just gonna take the trolling motor just move along here with this jig and try it I'm just making a cast I'm not going right up on the bank because all our fish have been in 15 to 20 feet of water so I'm gonna try to eliminate that I'm in 30 feet now so I know that 10 feet off the bank is gonna be at least 10-12 feet deep so I'm just gonna go nice and easy and just scoot along this Bank well that felt like a fish the fish had been real sluggish today and it's been real tough we have a hundred boats and what everyone's been out here sticking the fish for three days and so they just have not turned on yet we got a little front coming in right now it's cloudy it was real windy on the lower end of the lake where we were now we're at the upper end and that's warmed up a lot so we were able to take our jackets off I'm gonna be shedding this thing to pretty quick I'm just gonna move along these rocky banks you see all along here and just steadily move along there and kind of power fish this all the way down and to hope for a bite you know I got to upgrade those smaller fish those we're not going to do nothing unless we can get us some bigger fish so we started out this morning and drop-shotting throwing a jig and brush hogging and we've caught fish on that we've got some short ones under 12 inches now we have our five and but we don't we do not have any big ones you know probably a pound and a quarter pound and 3/4 is the biggest other than that they're they're smaller so I'm just gonna move this slow but we've left the lower end of the lake we came to the upper end I'm I fished these rocky banks like this before this side and then the other side of going into the river and I'm just gonna fish this out I'm looking at the graph in 35 feet and there's this here so we're just going to fish this down and hope that you know maybe we can catch a couple some twos or two and a half pounder three pounders so that's the way we're doing it right now it's it's 12:25 we're due in at 3:30 so the afternoon bite up here usually is really good if the sun's out but the sun's not out so in reaction bite we have not done nothing we've thrown crank baits up throwing Alabama rigs you know I've thrown it just about everything so the fish are just so cold they're just laying on the bottom and if you drag this by and they think it's a crawdad they're gonna eat it so that's basically what we're doing right now it's just moving slow and hoping that we catch a fish they like this rocky banks like this they do I'll tell you they so I'm just gonna keep on the trolling motor real slow bring it down fish it back 30 feet of water now today I'm basically fishing a jig with an open open hook like this I'm just using a 5/8 ounce sinker Yamamoto jig and I got one rigged Texas rig too so if I get in bigger rock I can I can go ahead and and you know throw that Texas rig in there not get stuck but I haven't been getting stuck very much today I've only lost one setup so but I haven't been fishing real heavy rock like at the dam I've just been fishing you know nice little boulders like this so we're just gonna make our way down fishing like I said fishing is really slow you know I'm just going for that big bite that's all I'm fishing for now I got five fish in the live well I just need I just need a couple of those bigger fish those 3 pounders just to place in the money and you could you could pull up on any one of these given little shorelines here and there could be two or three of them there and you can make two casts and pop out two two of those big fish so that's what I'm hoping for right now hey we just got back into the weigh-in now and we pulled into the parking lot here we're gonna haven't got our fish out yet but immediately all these helpers came over here from the Phoenix Junior bass masters and started wiping my boat down didn't ask for any money gave them some but they started doing this turn around guys on all of you in the Phoenix junior bass masters look at this what a handsome she will be pretty soon huh well you guys do a good job I started that Club in 1994 so that was a long time ago that I first started the junior Bassmaster so good job guys thank you for helping us all right good luck on your next tournament well folks I got good news for you and I got bad news for you got a limit of fish but small ones so but we're gonna weigh them in anyway and you just never know you never know you should always weigh your fish in just in case but they were all just little ones fun to catch but we're going to after this go on down and weight these fishing and see what we got and then they always serve some really, really good food so that's always a treat to go into so I'm going to jump down here and we're going to carry our bag and we're going to head down to the weigh-in so just follow me and we'll head on down 5 fish five alive weighing total weight how about some of that did you have a good day out there today No we did not ether we caught small fish we caught a lot it was fun bt just could not get the big bite this guy my camera guy he caught three pounder but couldn't handle the camera and catch the fish at the same time so we lost a fish can you imagine that!! he lost our only good fish today just because he has to carry around a 50 pound camera fishing with a camera in one hand and a fishing pole in the other yeah the next angler stepping to the scales is going to be Gary Senft Gary how was your day out on the water today you know we we had a good day we we just didn't catch any big ones I have to tell you a little story about my cameraman you'll see him pulling a 50 pound camera here yeah well he was old his camera and a fishing pole he got a 3 pounder on and I don't know why he lost that fish but you know he trying to reel that in holding camera at the same time so it was pretty amusing I should have grabed the pole out of this hand that oh well we had a good time out there looks like we had another great turnout you know with 100 boats and they turned away how many boats? 23 23 boats couldn't make it so congratulations looks like everybody caught a lot of fish today and had a good time I heard a lot of good reports coming in so that's good all right Gary up to the scale boat 31 there it is my buddy how are you partner good small Linit do you want to weigh big Fish? no no Ok Tim Price is the owner of this and Greg he's the weigh master he does all the final decisions on weighing in the fish 5 fish, five alive weighing total weight only 6 pounds just didn't have a great day today just had fun catching fish but no big ones and that happens in tournaments a lot weighing total weight 629 Yeah! [laughter] we had somebody clapping for us uh-huh nice Gary do you want to get a picture yeah we will get a picture 5 fish Five alive weighing big fish got it all right now we just weighed our fish we're gonna take them over here to the boat this is the weigh in boat 229 here they come all these woppers thank you so much you're a good helper yeah hey we're over here at the weigh-in at Bass Junkyz with Matt Shura and Lon Armel 999 which is pretty good so how'd you guys catch your fish you know uh kind of tough you know we tried some different things we're looking for the big bite on a spinnerbait slow rolling that spinnerbait we only caught one fish on that and the rest of we're on Jigs we stuck to the jigs through the drop shot very little because last time we were here we just couldn't get any big ones on the drop shot yep stuck to the jig we had four decent fish and just couldn't get rid of that last one we needed a one kicker so yeah jigs and jigs mainly we stuck with jigs all day two and I caught some six and seven inches on the jig believe it or not yeah you didn't though your brush hog? I through that do but they didn't want to eat that yeah! so congratulations you guys are right up there so yeah appreciate good to see you guys yeah thanks buddy thank you hey this is a good friend of mine Tom Wonderland's on the Nitro team with us and Tom just went in 1094 weighed in and he's way up there's an eighth place so far out of a hundred boats that's pretty darn good so we saw you on the lake and up throwing jigs all day basically all day all day long Wow nice that was a slow grind you know so we did the same thing and except I got these small ones on jigs but not big ones but that happens so we just moved around had a good time so it's good seeing you up here and now who's your partner you fish with Rick Bream good clean cool yeah but yeah so we started out good we got four probably by almost 8 o'clock Wow and we didn't get our fifth one until 10 nice yeah we were talking about yep that's what we got to to get anymore after we saw you on the water no no yeah I know and then doing three more boats just showed up yeah that point got beat up today bad so well as you can see a congratulation I hope you get a check Thanks yeah I hope so to we are holding our breath oh we just moved down to 9th This is Jeff Maybury and Dan Nichols? Nicholson ya Nicholson so they had what did you have 10 something 1038 something like that yeah close to 10 and a half so do you guys have a good day did you catch a lot of fish today? ya have fun! yeah we caught a lot of fish did ya! did you fish jigs all day long? all day long yeah jig, jig, jig we did too of course we didn't end up with that but I'm thinking that with the Sun not coming out late in the day and staying out that it didn't make the fish come up out of the deep under the edges as much yep in the tournament I think so too and a hundred boats yeah a hundred boats here and for the last few days everyone have something to do with some of our spots oh yeah I do too I like the Sun when I'm up here too a big bigger fish will move up in the afternoon so I always get that good bite you know so I just don't think they wanted to move as quite as much today Wow and boat traffic is part of it oh yeah hundred boats today and plus the pleasure boaters plus there's been guys camped up here for three days so 50 boats on the water each day hooking fish so it's it made a little bit more tougher normal 1020 you guys have a good day today or? yeah we caught a bunch of fish did you it started out good for us it did get tougher as the day went on there you know yeah we caught them all deep today and we stayed with the jig all day hoping for a bigger bite but so we did culed by ounces you know what I mean yeah it was fun yeah I thought I was gonna pick up in the afternoon like it usually does but it didn't for us well I think it has to do with the Sun we didn't pick up for us so I mean we caught fish all day but and jigged all day long but I just didn't havejust couldn't get that big bite I was saying the sun the Sun may have been a big factor at this lake huge so if it would have came out then we would have seen some bigger weights but you guys still had a good bag you know I don't know if you made the 10 spot I think we were just out of the money yeah so you might get a booby prize yeah you know so it'll be good anyway good to see you What did you think about 100 boats today it good to see it turn around now oh yeah alright you just want to thank you guys for coming out today and watching our shows and and being with us today as we fish this tournament you can learn a lot by just coming to the weigh-ins and stuff even if you don't fish and find out what's happening but a lot of good weights today we we didn't make it we had a lot of fun today Dave and I was fishing and we caught fish and we tried we jigged all day long and through brush hogs and and other baits drop shot so it was good we just didn't get that big bite we had one big one on lost it has you all here in the show it came off so again thank you for being with us and tight lines to all of you and we look forward to doing a lot more shows in the future [Music] you