Hey everyone, welcome to FishAngler Quick Tips! Today we'll be going over the Tackle Box To access the Tackle Box, tap "More" on the navbar then tap "Tackle Box" The Tackle Box is a place where you can store and view your favorite baits and other fishing tools It's also so you can quickly tag your catch with what bait you use whenever you add a post or catch If we tap one of the items in the Tackle Box, it'll take us to a small profile page about that item If you want to remove from the Tackle Box, you can tap the bottom here or we can swipe left In my tackle box you can see that I have four natural baits and two rod-and-reel types To add items to your tackle box, simply tap "add item" at the bottom You'll be given six categories Today we'll go with "Lures" Let's go with Logic Lures, Plastics and we'll go with the top choice here, the Plastic Flutter Tail 4 To select, we can tap the empty circle next to the name, or for more info I can tap the name of the lure, I can add to the tackle box by tapping the bottom, and if we go back to our tackle box we can see that this new lure has been added No matter what category you're in, you can always add custom gear For example if you can't find a certain manufacturer in the catalog or let's say you make your own lure all you have to do is tap the plus sign in the top right hand corner be sure to save your custom entry after you add a photo and other model information